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Former Pakistan pace bowler Mohammad Zahid expressed his anger and frustration at what he believes is the long running divide in Pakistan cricket.



Former Pakistan pace bowler Mohammad Zahid expressed his anger and frustration at what he believes is the long running divide in Pakistan cricket.

Speaking to Zahid who is widely regarded as one of the fastest bowlers of all time stated "the Lahore and Karachi divide was there in my time and it's there today. Nothing has changed and nothing has been done to get rid if this problem".

Zahid who currently resides in England and has been playing League cricket in the UK on a regular basis feels that the divide is hurting both domestic cricket and the international team. "In some departmental teams if you are from Karachi, your salary is higher than if you are from other parts of Pakistan and vice versa in other departmental teams. I would urge the Board and those in power to do their utmost to resolve these issues and to ensure that there is equality amongst players, irrespective of where they are based and who the respective departmental teams are being run by and where those individuals are from in Pakistan".

Zahid who played only 16 international matches for Pakistan before injuries played havoc with his career feels that the current Pakistan team is also suffering due to differences between the players from Lahore and Karachi. "I'm still very close to Pakistan cricket and keep in regular touch with the boys who are playing for both domestic teams and the international team and I know for a fact that there are differences and they are affecting the team in a negative way. This atmosphere of suspicion and mistrust has to go if Pakistan is to once again become a force in the world of cricket".

Zahid who missed out on a County contract at Nottinghamshire due to a stress fracture of the back continued "Only Imran Khan eradicated this divide and made sure that the Lahore/Karachi issues did not surface on a regular basis when he was captain. When he came across the issue, he dealt with it an a firm and calculated manner and made sure that whilst he was in charge, the issue did not snowball. Other than Imran, I don't think any captain has been able to handle the issue that well".

33 year old Zahid who was widely acclaimed by Brian Lara and Carl Hooper after their first encounter with him continued "I feel that modern day Pakistani cricketers should play for their country and play as a unit, rather than forming cliques and groups within themselves. As far as I am concerned they should remember they are playing for Pakistan and not Karachi or Lahore".

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