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  1. Gilad Atzmon's (-who's Jewish) gig cancelled. North West Friends of Israel say he's anti-Semitic!
  2. The habit of being hesitant or shy of meeting (new) people
  3. PTI denies all the news related to Shahid Afridi
  4. Reports- actor Harrison Ford seriously injured
  5. Last Pakistani Jew standing
  6. NYC overcomes 9/11 scar to announce Eid holiday for schools; Hindus dismayed at Diwali exclusion
  7. Sweden Statistically Has A Higher Rate of Rape Than India...Why are Statistics Misleading?...
  8. Happy Holi to all PPers
  9. Iran Asks US to Stop Racist, Inhumane Crackdown on Blacks
  10. Outrage as ISIS bulldozes historic Iraqi site
  11. Are peaceful muslims in denial about their religion?
  12. Deene islam hai kia
  13. Sky Bet Championship Thread (2015)
  14. The Davis Cup Thread (2015)
  15. European Indoor Championships (6th-8th March, 2015)
  16. Differing Islamic Views on Free Will & Predestination...
  17. PML-N Politician visited players lounge after the match
  18. Need help
  19. How to get used to this site
  20. Papiss Cissé handed seven-match ban, Jonny Evans gets six-game suspension for spitting
  21. Give Leo an Oscar
  22. Scotland and Wales unhappy about a unified Great Britain football team for Rio Olympics
  23. Chile to ban beer, banners and drums for 2015 Copa America
  24. tehreeke pakistan islam ko asli shakal main pesh karne ki aik koshish thi
  25. Molana Street Fighter
  26. Cricket stokes Indo-Pak rivalry among children, shows study
  27. Twitter just got banned in my Office; Any other way I can use it on Pc?
  28. My all indian and pakistan friends please watch this sweet video.
  29. Prior to BD vs NZ game we will see starsports ad with Pakistan boy wearing Bangladesh jersey.
  30. [PICTURES] Perfectly Timed Photos
  31. Is cheating in exams really students right?
  32. German university denies Indian an internship citing ‘rape problem’
  33. Cricket DRS in Real Life
  34. Stranded Pakistanis in Bangladesh - Do you know about them?
  35. Louis van Gaal: No excuses for Di Maria sending off
  36. Three French sports personalities die in Argentina helicopter crash
  37. Love Has No Labels Video...
  38. Fawad Khan to play Virat Kohli in Dhoni biopic
  39. WWE JBL can't resist a dig at England when commentating on English wrestler Bad News Barret
  40. Pakistan surspasses India's nuke count: report
  41. Former girlfriend 'forgives' Bangladesh hero Rubel in rape case
  42. White Male Harvard Professor Calls for Genocide of White Males...
  43. Leading by example: PIA chairman takes last seat on a plane
  44. Feral Cat could be REINTRODUCED to parts of UK
  45. Best Diver at Manchester United? - Young? Di Maria? Januzaj?
  46. The Biggest Single Mass Murder in History...
  47. Jadoo tv is it good?
  48. A Female Arab TV presenter put a rude male guest in his place. So what? Nesrine Malik
  49. The Suicide Experiment
  50. Shahbaz wanted to cut deal with TTP as long they didn't conduct operations in Punjab: report
  51. British PM shunned by Doctor for Violating Hospital Rules.
  52. One dead, several injured as Ranger Raid MQM headquarters in Karachi
  53. Gandhi was a British spy claims one of India's top judges
  54. How good was Pakistan steel Mill and what was the whole story about PRIVATIZATION?
  55. Pakistani cricket star Shahid Afridi rejects Indian dance reality show
  56. "Mourinho's teams win but aren't loved"
  57. Thierry Henry - the TV pundit?
  58. Premier League - as good as some think?
  59. Can you see any team other than Chelsea, City or Utd winning the Premiership in the coming years?
  60. The Pirahã: People Who Define Happiness Without God
  61. Zlatan Ibrahimovic: Chelsea players acted like "babies"
  62. Zimbabwe expelled from 2018 World Cup qualifying
  63. What is your favorite opreating system?
  64. Any reasons behind Premiership teams struggling in Europe this season?
  65. CM Shahbaz wanted to cut deal with TTP as long they didn't conduct operations in Punjab: report
  66. Steven Gerrard picks his best ever Liverpool XI
  67. Arsenal Fans pick their dream team! See if you agree
  68. Which Football team to do you support?
  69. Would you like the idea of allowing bowlers to bowl 3 bouncers an over instead of 2?
  70. Nigel Farage would axe 'much of' race discrimination law...
  71. RSS Hindu Terrorists disrupting Prayers at the Haji Ali Dargh in Mumbai.
  72. Groom flunks math test, goes brideless
  73. Liverpool FC Muslim fans labelled 'disgrace' for praying at Anfield thank fans for their support
  74. Televangelist launches appeal to buy $65 million private plane
  75. [VIDEO] Ecuador goalkeeper pretends to faint to try avoid getting sent off! Brilliant effort!. Like?
  76. 2018 World Cup - FIFA looking to stamp out racism in Russia - But is this achievable?
  77. Pakistan successfully tests first combat drone
  78. British girls were helped into Syria by spy from U.S.-led coalition
  79. Official ICC World Cup 2015 Game [PC/iOS/Andriod]
  80. Can Man Utd be the force they once were or are those days gone?
  81. "I dream of playing in one of the European leagues" : Kaleemullah
  82. Manchester United can finish second, says Louis van Gaal
  83. Man Utd to sign Dutch International Memphis [Rumors]
  84. Violin -- Best Musical Instrument Ever !
  85. MQM killed 259 people in baldia factory, admits party worker
  86. Serena Williams ends 14-year Indian Wells boycott with win
  87. Shamima Begum: IS bride 'given legal aid' for citizenship fight [Update Post #174]
  88. Visiting India as a British Pakistani - getting a visa
  89. ASF arrests model Ayyan Ali for smuggling US$ 506,800
  90. Marvel's Daredevil - Netflix Original Series
  91. Most Popular sports teams in the World!
  92. Statue of Mahatma Gandhi unveiled in Parliament Square
  93. Lahore Church Blasts
  94. Villagers in Haryana's Hisar allege conversions, miscreants raze church
  95. Pakistani bodybuilder wins title at Arnold Classic Australia
  96. Elderly Indian nun gang-raped in convent school attack
  97. Angry mob burns alive two suspects in Lahore; desecrates bodies [Post#32 Update]
  98. Is Fabregas struggling at Chelsea?
  99. #Sunderland sack Gus Poyet!
  100. Formula 1: Red Bull threaten to quit F1 unless regulations are changed
  101. Man, I miss those FTA boxes (Viewsat and etc.)
  102. Mysterious ring reveals Vikings' reach: Historic Purple stone is inscribed 'for Allah'
  103. Zlatan Ibrahimovic told to leave France by Front National leader Marine Le Pen
  104. Sweden Withdraw Arms Contract With Saudi Arabia Because of Saudi's Human Rights Record...
  105. New Zealand X Factor Judges despicable rant.
  106. Liverpool can beat Man City to second place - Brendan Rodgers
  107. Front-man of the popular rock band ‘Aaroh’, Farooq now lives in Scranton and runs 1$ Store
  108. United and Chelsea chase Paul Pogba
  109. Predict the order of this season TOP 5 for end of the season.
  110. How do you get yourself out of a slump?
  111. Israel treating al-Qaida fighters wounded in Syria civil war
  112. Bombs, Protests, Blackouts Fail to Cripple Pakistan Economy
  113. Hillsborough inquests: David Duckenfield admits causing 96 deaths
  114. El Clasico - 22nd March. Who will win?
  115. My Pound for Pound Top 10...What's Yours?...
  116. ‘United Kingdom’s Daughters’ shows rape is not just an Indian problem!
  117. Assailants hurl hand grenade at school in Karachi
  118. Bombs, protests, blackouts fail to cripple Pakistan's economy
  119. Jews rocked by pork only menu in secular French schools
  120. Dallas Police shoot dead mentally disabled man wielding a screwdriver.
  121. Shafqat who was 14 when sentenced, scheduled to be hanged on Thursday [Postponed for 72 Hours]
  122. Driving Instructors from HELL
  123. Possibility of Man City not making top four and next season's Champions League?
  124. Pakistan really destroyed 1992 WC Theme Song
  125. Alleged target killer Saulat Mirza's confession video released just before execution
  126. "Only player we have who is special is Sergio Aguero" : Manuel Pellegrini
  127. TV Shows suggestions
  128. Cristiano Ronaldo to join MLS in 2018?
  129. Wayne Odesnik banned by the ATF for 15 years for performance enhancing substance abuse
  130. Zakir Naik on why Polygamy is permitted...
  131. Cricket at the airport and Marrakesh
  132. Arsene Wenger: Arsenal boss wants away goals rule changed
  133. Man’s girlfriend and ex-partner jump into river to see who he’ll rescue
  134. 22/03/2015 - Liverpool vs Manchester United | 1.30pm KO
  135. Pakistan nine more convicted hanged !!
  136. Your favourite type of music??
  137. 137 killed, 345 injured in suicide attacks on Yemen mosques
  138. How rampant is cheating in India?
  139. £100,000 Bribery & corruption. The one bribed is convicted, those making the payments are aquitted.
  140. Green Party in Germany Advocated Pedophilia in the 80s...was Saville just a product of his time?...
  141. [VIDEO] Pathan guy destroying TV during Pakistan vs Australia Quarterfinal
  142. El Clasico - 22/03/15
  143. Syria fears prompt travel ban on five teenage girls
  144. M Wasim interview with Wahab-- Asks abt the possibility of Rahat dropping a catch off his bouncer
  145. Cricket Player Stats generator!
  146. Al Aqsa Sheikh Rebukes Pakistan For Not Using Its Nukes To Help Caliphate...
  147. Mexican wrestler Perro Aguayo Jr. dies after match vs. Rey Mysterio
  148. If Martin Guptill Was An Indian, Guess What Would His Parents Say About His ODI Double Hundred?
  149. ATP Indian Wells 2015
  150. Is Cultural Relativism the New Fascism?...Why the Left's Defence of Islam is Dangerous...
  151. Is There a Universal Age of Consent or at Least a Benchmark?...
  152. Lyari gangster Uzair Baloch accuses Zardari, others of ordering ‘hits’
  153. Tory candidate plotted with race thugs to stage fake EDL demo
  154. Lionel Messi better than Cristiano Ronaldo, says Pele
  155. 22/03/2015 - Hull v Chelsea, QPR v Everton
  156. Dhoni Vs Kohli rap battle
  157. Mission: Impossible Rogue Nation Official Teaser Trailer (2015)
  158. TTP Head Mullah Fazlullah aka Mullah "Radio" Taken OFF-AIR.
  159. Fun Trivia Questions!
  160. Where is Mubashar Lucman nowadays?
  161. Arsene Wenger insists Olivier Giroud is the Premier League's best striker
  162. 2 UFO's observed during the Pakistan Day celeberation Flying past K8
  163. Boeing Patents explosion shockwave shield technology
  164. Imagine if Twitter or Social Media was available in Past!
  165. Internationals : England V Lithuania & Italy [Lallana Injury]
  166. Should the Premier League have a winter break?
  167. Liverpool's Martin Skrtel charged over 'stamp' on David De Gea
  168. [Go Pro Video] Air chief marshal flies on Pakistan Day parade
  169. Has anyone ever been to Old Trafford?
  170. This is why Pakistani Team Lost against Australia in World Cup
  171. Mubashir Luqman show Inside Footage Of Nine Zero Raid
  172. Far Cry 5
  173. Legalise shooting gay people in the head, US lawyer proposes in new bill...
  174. Punjab police register FIR against 7-year-old for kidnapping
  175. Passenger plane crashes in the French Alps en route from Spain to Germany
  176. Mission Impossible 5: Rogue Nation Trailer | Tom Cruise
  177. The English Premier League,OR The Best Foreign Players Money Can buy League!?
  178. Dark days of football hooliganism coming back? Platini thinks so
  179. Pupils at London primary school banned from looking at solar eclipse for 'religious reasons'
  180. Pakistan Air Chief !!!
  181. Teaching of Chinese to be made compulsory in all schools of Sindh
  182. A Cricket Quiz
  183. Hashimpura Massacre: 'Did no one kill the 42 men?' A question after a court verdict
  184. Manchester United transfers: Keep or sell?
  185. Indian supreme Court Strikes Down 66 A : Freedom Of Speech 'Online' now in India !
  186. Finland schools...Subjects scrapped and replaced with 'topics'...Reforms its education system...
  187. Georgia ‘patriot’ reportedly planted pipe bombs in park to sow fear of Muslims
  188. One Direction confirm Zayn Malik has left the group
  189. Arsene Wenger brands Leonardo Jardim a LIAR !
  190. Politically incorrect but...Some sports not meant for Asians!
  191. Pakistan’s Identity Problem
  192. Martin Skrtel: Liverpool defender to serve three-game ban
  193. Saudi-led airstrikes targeting rebel military bases in Yemen
  194. Does shaving your head reduce hair thinning?
  195. Who is the best goalkeeper in the Premier League?
  196. Possible Next Mauka Ads...by Pakistani Fan!
  197. Premier League fans to protest over ticket prices
  198. Stop blaming Anushka for Virat Kohli and Team India's World Cup failure
  199. Nawaz Sharif ''any threat to Saudi Arabia would "evoke a strong response" from Pakistan''
  200. Next Goal Wins
  201. Muslim driver brutally beaten by Hindu extremists
  202. Game of Thrones Indian Remake?
  203. Imran Khan - Arif Alvi Phone Conversation
  204. India Times Now Cricket Show
  205. [PICTURES] Bahrain vs Colombia Friendly
  206. Worst lyrics in a song?
  207. Gane Wala Song(Ishq wala Love parody)
  208. Pakistani girl who lost a leg in 2005 earthquake competes in ski race
  209. Demonstrations back Saudi Arabia
  210. [VIDEO] Outcry over celebrations in Kashmir over India's World Cup defeat
  211. Euro 2016 Qualifiers
  212. Doctors' group says 1.3 million killed in U.S. 'War on Terror' in Iraq, Afghanistan and Pakistan
  213. Hundreds turn out to support Muslim Youth Festival
  214. Police shoot and kill black man after traffic stop
  215. Father dead, he bats to save Delhi
  216. Daundre Barnaby: Canada athlete dies aged 24 in swimming accident
  217. Bogus asylum seekers abusing the system thereby creating obstacles for genuine asylum seekers.
  218. Slim and Fit Physique or Big and Blocky Physique??
  219. PTI won Mirpur, Azad Kashmir seat
  220. Chinese court jails a Muslim man for 6 years for growing beard
  221. Russia will fight for the right of Palestinians to their own state: Putin
  222. US' war on terror kills over 80,000 people in Pak: report
  223. Is PPP still a Big Political Party?
  224. Tory MP Enoch Powell investigated as alleged member of Westminster paedophile network
  225. Costa del Sol: Last Brits Standing
  226. Wrestlemania 31
  227. How to spot a terrorist, according to US airport security
  228. FIFA 15: I'm confused... Please help me
  229. Councillor Max Khan passes away...
  230. "Women's Football is still in its initial stages in Pakistan" : Raheela Zarmeen
  231. The Apartheid State of Pakistan
  232. NRL fines Atlanta Falcons $350k for using fake crowd noise to disrupt opposition playcalling
  233. MQM Leaders Celebrating Altaf Hussain Birthday with "Saulat Mirza" In Jail
  234. Pakistan eighth most dangerous country in the world: report
  235. Pakistan Day Parade, 23rd March 2015 [Pictures]
  236. How many players in Italy team are actually Italians?
  237. A man takes his girlfriend to shopping and turns it into basketball highlight reel
  238. Christian footballer kicking down barriers in Pakistan
  239. NBA Playoffs 2015 Thread
  240. Concept of Blood Money in Islam - How does it make any sense
  241. The police in Maharashtra's want to take mugshots of every cow and bull in town
  242. Nach Baliye 7': Pakistani Cricketer Shoaib Akhtar and Wife to Participate in Reality Dance Show?
  243. "It's never been about money" : Raheem Sterling
  244. NCAA March Madness: Final Four!
  245. Will Raheem Sterling be a Liverpool player next season?
  246. Indian media vs. Pakistani media
  247. Sim Bhullar set to become the 1st player of Indian descent to play in the NBA
  248. Sandstorm in Bahrain
  249. ARY News falls for an Indian newspaper´s April Fools´ prank (reports Tendulkar as India´s new coach)
  250. Kenya's Garissa University College under attack --- Several casualties