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  1. Harbhajan ki Shaadi [Reception Pictures]
  2. Jus Reign vs ZaidAliT
  3. [VIDEO] A beautiful short film about India-Pakistan friendship
  4. How many of you can pronounce this 58-letter place name like the Weatherman in video?
  5. Wyoming NewSouthWales
  6. Egypt President Abdel Fattah el-Sisi
  7. Malik Ishaq (Lashkar-e-Jhangvi) was set to join ISIS before his death, says official
  8. Pakistan Cricket League (PCL) - New Sign Ups & Information (Season 3)
  9. "There’s extreme intolerance in India" : Shah Rukh Khan
  10. At least 10 injured as plane makes emergency landing in Lahore
  11. Will this cyber crime bill be able to protect interest of internet users?
  12. "Non-implementation of UNSC resolutions on Kashmir travesty of law and morality" : Maleeha Lodhi
  13. Was the 1st phase of local bodies Elections fair or not?
  14. Ban imposed on NGOs and INGOs working without NOC?
  15. Will behead CM if he eats beef in Shivamogga: BJP leader
  16. Article in RSS monthly: ‘Deendayal Upadhyaya was against Hindu-Muslim unity’
  17. Thank you Pakistan for calling us a terror organisation: Shiv Sena
  18. Shiv Sena declares SRK as a Pakistani agent
  19. Mr Prime Minister, please do not peddle lies to pit the poor against the poor
  20. Desi beats: Giving Indian aunties a pop art twist
  21. Bahar Mustafa Speaks to VICE After the Police Drop '#KillAllWhiteMen' Charges
  22. Inspiration Series
  23. Blasphemy and the death penalty : Misconceptions explained
  24. Share the name of your mobile
  25. The Costs of Hindu Extremism : The New York Times Editorial
  26. 18 Delicious Indian foods which aren't Curry
  27. Narendra Modi ranks 9th in Forbes' list of World's Most Powerful People in 2015
  28. Punjabi now third language in Canadian Parliament
  29. What if Sardar Patel was chosen as the first prime minister of India?
  30. Should making fun of Sikhs be banned? BBC article
  31. 71 journalists killed in Pakistan since 2001: report
  32. #MillionMaskMarch - 5th November
  33. Will the Third World War ever happen?
  34. Is another partition of India possible?
  35. Writer Arundhati Roy Returns National Award
  36. Two Indians in Ohio charged with providing support to al-Qaeda
  37. caption this Picture. ( Funny thread)
  38. Polygamy in Muslim personal law misinterpretated, says Gujarat HC
  39. Uzair Baloch admits sending the shooter who shot Benazir Bhutto
  40. Woman dies in Multan after being set on fire for 'rejecting proposal'
  41. Sharmeen Obaid Chinoy’s film joins Oscar race
  42. Ghulam Ali to face worse fate than Sudheendra Kulkarni: Shiv Sena
  43. "War with India not an option" : Nawaz Sharif
  44. 'Sound Of Explosion' On Russian Jet's Black Box
  45. PM Modi announces Rs 80,000 crore package for Jammu and Kashmir in Srinagar
  46. Charlie Hebdo at it again. Now making fun of the mass murder of innocent tourists.
  47. BJP makes the strongest ever presence in Kerala
  48. Will help India fight Dawood, want justice from govt, says Chota Rajan
  49. Iqbal day not a public holiday anymore
  50. Tamil Nadu to appoint India's first transgender police officer
  51. India: Sikhs, Christians more likely to be jailed than Hindus, Muslims
  52. BJP facing big defeat in Bihar
  53. Novak Djokovic beats Andy Murray 6-2, 6-4 to win the Paris Masters!
  54. [Video] Pakistani Student wins 2nd Prize at NASA Contest
  55. Lie to me (game)
  56. Asaduddin Owaisi - Indian Muslim politician
  57. Salman Khan vs Shahrukh Khan - Who is the real king?
  58. Bihar election result: Bihar becomes 'top Twitter trend' in Pakistan
  59. Children of atheist parents 'kinder and more tolerant' than Christians or Muslims- Study
  60. Warcraft Movie coming in 2016
  61. Islamia Jamiat Talaba (ITJ) beats up student girls for playing cricket with boys
  62. Britain rejects latest Indian demands to return the Crown Jewels
  63. Nepal footballers in treason hearing over match-fixing [Treason allegation fit the crime]
  64. London Olympics 'Sabotaged' By Russian Cheats
  65. British Indians project Modi image onto UK House of parliament
  66. Wealthy Indian Americans Could Give More To Home Country
  67. Patriot or Tyrant? The Controversy Born Over Tipu Sultan's Birth Anniversary
  68. Does freedom of speech means/include right to insult?
  69. India is the world’s most attractive market for investment
  70. Visa free travel between India and Pakistan by road
  71. Movie ABC's [Game]
  72. Happy Diwali to all members
  73. Comparison of cost: Lahore MetroBus v Amritsar MetroBus
  74. View poll result shows user names if you haven't vote yet!
  75. Can Arsenal win the Premier League title this season?
  76. GE, Alstom land $5.6 billion deals to supply Indian railway
  77. Possibility of ISIS Coming to Pakistan?
  78. Is India's smart cities project feasible or just another political gimmick?
  79. Time Conversion between this world and afterlife
  80. Proposal: A nationality exchange program between India & Pakistan
  81. Federal agents bust plot by Virginia white supremacists to shoot up black churches to start race war
  82. Brahumdagh Bugti expected to end nine-year exile soon [Reports]
  83. ISPR's latest press release result of dead lock between government and army?
  84. Professor Sheryar Khan @ LUMS Quarterly debate regarding India-Pakistan |Images|
  85. In 5 minutes he lets the blind see - the Nepalese doctor who saved 100,000 eyes
  86. Narendra Modi not welcome image on UK Parliament photoshopped
  87. Will stand by you against injustice, PM tells Hindu community
  88. Petition Parliament to Debate Genocide of Rohingya
  89. How One Muslim Woman is Using Twitter Trolls For Good
  90. India seeks Predator drones from the US
  91. De-notify Shujaat Azeem or explain appointment of a convicted person : Supreme Court
  92. Shisha Smokers Thread
  93. Pakistan's largest airport ever in Gawadar.
  94. 9 Billion Pounds of Trading deal agreed between Britain and India as PM Modi's historic visit in UK
  95. Thoughts on Western Military Intervention? Afghanistan, Iraq, Libya and Syria better of?
  96. 'India now matters to US interests in virtually every field'
  97. Fawad Khan: Never faced any issues in India
  98. India is being ruled by a Hindu Taliban
  99. Yuvraj gets engaged to Hazel Keech
  100. Is it right for Indian Kashmiri's to support the Pakistan cricket team?
  101. Russian woman severely injured after acid attack in Varanasi, India
  102. High degree of certainty US airstrike killed Jihadi John, sources say.
  103. Lahore Disneyland-like facility to cost Rs36 billion
  104. Pakistan to install Russian engines in JF-17 fighter jet
  105. Punjab government plans Disney land like facility in Lahore
  106. Fo​ur months after suicide, failed student declared passed
  107. The golden age of Islam reinterpreted (on Ghazali and science)
  108. Shootings in central Paris
  109. The British Holocaust Industry
  110. Russian woman comes under acid attack in India
  111. Shaheen Air in crisis
  112. Fish, Fish and Fish....and lots of Fish
  113. Cricket or Football; which sport do you prefer?
  114. What is the way forward to deal with Extremists?
  115. Paris Attack is part of the “piecemeal Third World War" : Pope Francis
  116. Gulf nations policy of not taking Syrian refugees vindicated?
  117. 9 Billion worth of trade deals ? Really ?
  118. What is the best order to watch the Star Wars series?
  119. "How Britain and America Made the Third Reich" (on the Paris terror attacks)
  120. Ronda Rousey loses to Holly Holms!
  121. Sehwag sings 'Tu jaane na' and hits a six
  122. Adding teachers and bosses on facebook
  123. French bomb Raqqa soon after attacks.....
  124. Difference between Ronda's arrogance and Ali's cockiness?
  125. Indian man crashes car into Wagah-Attari border gate
  126. Army lashes civilians in Bandipora (Kashmir) as they resist detention
  127. Wikileaks releases audiotapes allegedly showing fraud in Obama and Bush administrations
  128. The worse feeling - When someone you love is getting married to someone else!
  129. Harvard Evacuates Buildings After Unconfirmed Bomb Threat
  130. The uncensored history of The Undertaker’s locker room group: The Bone Street Krew
  131. Desis embarrassing themselves on Western entertainment shows
  132. [Pictures] England vs France - Friendly (Tuesday, 17th Nov)
  133. Meet the Muslim restaurant worker who saved two women during Paris attacks
  134. Warrants issued against Israeli PM in Spain
  135. Russian plane crash a terrorist attack - Russian Security Service
  136. Internet confuses Sikh man with Paris terrorist after photoshopped image goes viral
  137. NFL player hits out at fan who yelled ‘Muslims suck!’
  138. 'Dangerously high' antibiotic resistance levels worldwide: WHO
  139. Charlie Sheen confirms he is HIV positive
  140. German football stadium evacuated over security alert and Germany-Netherlands match cancelled
  141. Muslim woman attacked outside of her children’s school in Toronto
  142. CNN anchors berate innocent Paris Muslim because he won’t ‘accept responsibility’ for attack
  143. Blast at market in northeastern Nigeria's Yola kills 32
  144. All Blacks legend Jonah Lomu has passed away aged 40
  145. Why this heartfelt message to Paris from Pakistani comedians has gone crazy viral
  146. IS posts audio message in Bengali
  147. Paris Attack, Apathy for WORLD suffering, and Political Propaganda
  148. Part of funding for 9/11 came from India : Neeraj Kumar
  149. Do you ever feel discriminated against by Desis because of how you sound??
  150. Richie McCaw retires from professional rugby
  151. Afghans less optimistic of their country's future in a decade; 40% want to leave Afghanistan
  152. What does your username mean?
  153. Bangladesh SC upholds death penalty for six-time MP Salahuddin Quader Chowdhury for war crimes
  154. [VIDEO] Try not to cry during watching this ad
  155. Has the world overreacted to the Paris attacks?
  156. Video showing 'London Muslims celebrating terror attacks' is fake.
  157. Is Neymar better than Messi and Ronaldo?
  158. Why are Pakistanis so pro-Iran?
  159. Trump doesn't rule out national database for U.S. Muslims
  160. Mehdi Hasan In Heated BBC Question Time Argument With Anna Soubry About Isis
  161. Usain Bolt announces he wants to trial at Manchester United!
  162. The Mandela Effect
  163. Trending Music
  164. Will you forgive your friend e.t.c after any mistake or betrayal?
  165. Mali hotel attack: '170 hostages seized' in Bamako
  166. US Senators laud Pakistan's anti-terrorism efforts
  167. Saudi court sentences poet to death for renouncing Islam
  168. Majority of Muslims 'have met an extremist', says Sadiq Khan
  169. El Clasico : Real Madrid vs Barcelona
  170. How many of the people here play Farmville 2?
  171. Are Space and Time an illusion?
  172. R.I.P Makhdoom Amin Fahim
  173. ATP World Tour Finals : Novak Djokovic vs Rafael Nadal & Federer vs Stan Wawrinka
  174. Rajiv Gandhi justifying the mass killings of Sikhs in 1984
  175. Dead bodies of 22 Pakistani militants returned to Pakistan
  176. Rapid growth of Britain's Haredi Jewish community could cause 'Social unrest'
  177. Given a chance, which place(s) would you like to visit in India and Pakistan
  178. Live Traffic Feature on Google Maps is Finally Enabled for Pakistan
  179. Double standard how under Sharia Law Apostasy=death, but we are encouraged to spread our religion?
  180. Most ethnically diverse city in Pakistan?
  181. The incredible moment a river is REBORN in the Israel desert March 19, 2014
  182. I relate to Indian culture the most: Malala Yousafzai
  183. Pakistan's tax dodgers - Their tax dodging comes back to bite them in their backsides!
  184. Why do Pakistani's hate Imran Khan the Politician?
  185. The FBI is Reportedly Investigating an ISIS Threat Towards the WWE Survivor Series
  186. Aston Villa’s Easah Suliman hopes to set standard for England’s Asian footballers
  187. Earthquake Watch
  188. Funny Clips from Pakistan
  189. Marvel's Jessica Jones - Netflix Original Series
  190. Communities you are intrigued by?
  191. If you could, who would you vote for in the upcoming US Presidential Election
  192. Are ISIS the Second Coming of Khawarij?
  193. Anthony Crolla Champion after suffering career threatening injuries trying to help neighbours
  194. Ultimate Pace Secrets
  195. R.I.P Jamiluddin Aali
  196. Prayers needed.
  197. Pakistan, ISI "biggest threat" to India & Bangladesh: Bangladesh diplomat
  198. StrongLifts 5x5 - for the guys (or girls?) who have actually done it. Thoughts?
  199. Imran Khan requested Bangladesh PM to stay hangings, Plea for forgiveness
  200. Turkey shoots down Russian military plane on Syria border
  201. Hate crimes against UK Muslims jump 300% after Paris attacks
  202. Pfizer-Allergan merger | Pfizer to leave America for Ireland?
  203. [PICTURES] 2015 FIA World Endurance Championship [BAHRAIN]
  204. EPL : January 2016 Transfer Window : Who will stay & Who will leave?
  205. Female pilot dies as PAF trainer jet crashes near Mianwali
  206. Hostage situation in French town of Roubiax - BBC Reports
  207. Is it safe to travel to Istanbul, Turkey?
  208. Pakistani student jailed in US for 40 years over failed al - Qaeda plots
  209. Li-Fi has just been tested in the real world,and it's 100 times faster than Wi-Fi
  210. URGENT: Help on Math Question
  211. How to play Don Bradman Cricket 14 with the keyboard?
  212. Good hotels in Murree Area
  213. What the backlash against Bollywood's Aamir Khan tells us about India
  214. Anti-Islam group publishes addresses of Muslims and 'Muslim sympathisers' in the US
  215. Why doesn't Afghanistan drive on the left, and should they switch to left hand traffic?
  216. Muslim Forced Off From United Airlines Flight
  217. "The elegance of his batting …I have never seen anything quite like that" - Naseeruddin Shah on Inzi
  218. Intolerance : AR Rahman expresses solidarity with Aamir Khan, says he too faced similar situation..
  219. [PICTURES] Formula one grand Prix practice [Dubai]
  220. British Indian terrorist killed in Syria
  221. LeJ founding member, three others killed in police encounter in Lahore
  222. Top twitter trends in India today - #NoCricketWithPakistan
  223. Sickening moment New York postal worker is caught on camera spitting on two Muslim mothers in hijab
  224. Mobilink completes acquisition of Warid Telecom
  225. When you knowingly got fooled
  226. General Raheel Sharif becomes first Asian to receive Brazil's coveted 'Order of Merit' award
  227. Man jailed for 44 years reacts to today's technology
  228. TTP commander allegedly killed by Drone Strike in Afghanistan
  229. Nawaz Sharif under attrack for making Pakistan Liberal democratic nation
  230. I will not apologize!
  231. "I hope BCCI calls off the series against Pakistan": Narinder Batra
  232. Pakistan’s first all-girl boxing club
  233. ISIS: Muslim-majority countries across the world overwhelmingly detest terrorist group
  234. Bihar, a state of over 100 million Indians, to ban sale of Alcohol
  235. Schoolchildren in India 'made to wear colour-coded wristbands to show caste'
  236. Colorado Planned Parenthood shooting: 3 dead, suspect captured
  237. RSS India's number 1 terror group: Former Mumbai police officer
  238. 'Go to Pakistan rhetoric' could lead India to radicalization, warns Mehbooba
  239. Walls that 'pee back' tackle people who urinate in public
  240. University of Ottawa has banned free Yoga classes because of "cultural appropriation"
  241. Davis Cup final : Andy Murray confident for crucial doubles
  242. Pakistan Outmuscle India 8-2 in the 2nd Indo Pak Armwrestling Championship.
  243. How many support Pakistan becoming a secular democracy?
  244. Any one here who loves waffles?
  245. HBO Comedy 'The Brink' Sparks Fury in U.S. Ally Pakistan
  246. Pakistan's Punjab province issues ISIS alert
  247. Pakistan govt a terrorist supporter/breeder?
  248. Well done Jamie Vardy - Scoring 11 Premier League games in a row
  249. No cricket with Pakistan till border situation becomes normal, says Anupam Kher
  250. What name did you give your teddy bear?