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  1. 'Demolish a Christian-majority slum "to protect the beauty of Islam"' in Islamabad
  2. I wouldn't have sought Indian citizenship if there was intolerance in the country: Adnan Sami
  3. Sushma Swaraj 's full statement on recent developments with Pakistan
  4. In Bradford, 33,000 children are living in poverty and at risk of going hungry
  5. Pakistan diplomat's links with terror groups revealed (in Bangladesh)
  6. Elon Musk launches $1bn fund to save world from destruction by artificial intelligence
  7. Why is Canada among the top liveable countries?
  8. What Is Considered A Good/Great Salary (Taking Into Account One's Country, Age, Career Trajectory)
  9. What a Week of Anti-Muslim Discrimination Looks Like
  10. More gender equality in Pakistan than India, Afghanistan : United Nations Report
  11. India is Second most Ignorant nation of the world : Survey
  12. French teacher faked "Islamic state " attack
  13. Iran recruits Pakistani Shias for combat in Syria
  14. Muslim Nations including Pakistan Form Coalition To Fight Terror
  15. [VIDEO] Mujhe Dushman ke Bachon ko Parhana Hai | ISPR New Song | APS Peshawar
  16. The Petr Cech appreciation thread!
  17. Roman Empire: Roman Reigns
  18. What's going wrong at Chelsea this season?
  19. Pakistan's embassy in India is Liaquat Ali Khan's old house
  20. 16th December 2014 - Our Darkest Hour [APS Tribute Video]
  21. Hollywood Movie: Dune Messiah [Mahdi]
  22. Gandhi - What was he after?
  23. What price should Leicester City sell Riyad Mahrez for?
  24. JK Rowlings: Fantastic beasts and where to find them | Harry Potter spin-off
  25. Why US Congress Must Question US Counter terrorism Policies in Pakistan
  26. Shop owner held for putting up ‘hate notice’
  27. India willing to join fight against IS under UN flag
  28. 'Momentous feat': ISRO launches six Singaporean satellites with single PSLV rocket
  29. Arrested sleeper cell from Delhi attended meeting on 'Al Qaeda Indian Subcontinent' in Waziristan
  30. Qatar hunters abducted in Iraq desert by gunmen
  31. China says senior Uygur official killed during raid in Xinjiang
  32. Visiting New zealand (South island , 8 days) over New year
  33. Pakistani vs Indian Music
  34. Indian occupied Kashmir's new-age militants-young, educated and tech savvy
  35. What kind of car do you like (Year/Make/Model) and why?
  36. Baroness Warsi: UK Mosques could be designed without minarets to look like English places of worship
  37. Pakistan Air Force Fire Power Demonstration 2015 [Video]
  38. The bastion of democracy - but where the hereditory Head of State, current & future, still decides
  39. Discussing politics like gentlemen.
  40. Javed Ghamdi sets the record straight
  41. Michael Moore - #WeAreAllMuslim
  42. It's legal for US citizens to carry loaded semi-automatic weapons in airports in Georgia & Arizona
  43. Cover of Use Somebody (by Kings of Leon)
  44. Head of al-Qaeda in Indian Subcontinent is from Uttar Pradesh
  45. Bangladesh fumes as Pakistan denies genocide, war crimes in 1971
  46. GOP debate winners: Indian Muslims
  47. Concerned about Pakistan’s nuclear arsenal, missiles: US
  48. Saudi man divorces wife for kissing newborn camel
  49. Jose Mourinho sacked as Chelsea manager
  50. Use of Hindi words in Bollwood songs and movies.
  51. Would Sindh have been a Hindu majority state if the Arabs didn't invade?
  52. US Lawmakers Lash Out At Pakistan For Terrorist Safe Havens
  53. "Will come to Pakistan if threatened by extremism in India" : Om Puri
  54. Google to invest more in India
  55. FIFA 16 on PC
  56. How many of you have pets?
  57. Are the Chelsea owners right to sack Jose Mourinho?
  58. R.I.P. "Allan"
  59. Tottenham Hotspur 2015-16
  60. Dorm Rooms!
  61. Best Hotel/Motel for a party in Toronto
  62. The Brand New Afghanistan Parliament | To be inaugurated by PM Modi
  63. Dead woman cures man's deadly brain disease
  64. Afghanistan Government
  65. Boycott US companies for showing wrong India map: BJP MP
  66. Sky Poll: 30% Support Trump's Muslim Ban Call
  67. Capt Saurabh Kalia's parents oppose India-Pakistan match; threatens to go on hunger strike
  68. Juvenile convict in Delhi Nirbhaya case to walk free on Sunday
  69. Pakistan is a safe and hospitable country: Indian award-winning cueist Pankaj Advani
  70. India Is Building a Nuclear City to Produce Thermonuclear Weapons
  71. Pakistan Army returns Indian national as goodwill gesture
  72. Pakistan's 'war on terror' failing in fight against extremism: activists
  73. Military still plays a bloated role in Pakistan's politics: Hina Rabbani Khar
  74. Virginia schools shut in Islam calligraphy row
  75. Pakistan suspends mobile, internet for security reasons
  76. UK: Young White men viewed as 'Worst group', Pakistanis viewed as least honest
  77. Former FM Hina Rabbani Khar on Al Jazeera H2H: "Pakistan has been scapegoated fantastically"
  78. Britain rejecting Pakistani visa applicants in droves
  79. My mother won't stop watching Pakistani TV shows | How do i get her back?
  80. PTI chief firm on keeping party funds a secret
  81. ‘Ban Muslim’ remark benefits Trump, leads popularity charts at 39%
  82. Don’t speak against India, Pakistan PM Nawaz Sharif tells ministers
  83. Former Match of the Day presenter Jimmy Hill passes away
  84. One In Four Back Aladdin Kingdom Attack: US Poll
  85. How is the weather where you live?
  86. WCW in North Korea
  87. Superhumans - extreme beast master
  88. The Force Awakens
  89. Bangladesh's existential threat
  90. "My academy to provide champions to Pakistan" : Amir Khan
  91. Air France flight makes emergency landing in Kenya after a BOMB was found in toilet
  92. Is it game over for Imran Khan and PTI?
  93. Hate crimes against Muslims rise in U.K.
  94. India, Russia likely to sign pact on Kudankulam during PM Modi’s visit
  95. Afghanistans Helmand province close to falling to Taliban: Official
  96. Amazing and beautiful Northern Lights in Oslo, Norway.
  97. Where will Leicester city finish this season?
  98. The Dilwale thread [MERGED]
  99. FIR against 3-yr-old boy in Pakistan for land grabbing
  100. Fake currency route: From Shalimar Gate, Lahore to West Bengal
  101. Baba Guru Nanak birthday celebrated under govt patronage in KP
  102. ‘Dilwale’, ‘Bajirao Mastani’ face protests in Maharashtra, MP, Gujarat
  103. Sharia-style Malaysian airline launched
  104. Muslims shield Christians in Mandera bus attack
  105. Crown slips as Miss Universe 2015 host names the wrong woman as winner
  106. Makes me want to move to New Zealand!
  107. Musk vs Bezos: The space race is on!
  108. Graduate School Thread
  109. NA-154 Lodhran Elections [PTI Won, PMLN Lost]
  110. Health worker allegedly gang raped for administering polio drops
  111. Miss Puerto Rico suspended after anti-Muslim tweets
  112. Brunei cancels Christmas: Sultan warns those celebrating could face up to five years in jail
  113. Bomb attacks kill three, injure two in NW Pakistan: Oficials
  114. Pakistan Withdraw From SAFF Cup Football in Kerala due to internal legal issues
  115. Imran Khan threatens villagers to give up their land either by hook or crook
  116. Why isn't Shaukat Khanum Peshawar being build on Peshawar Govt. money, why asking for donations?
  117. Punjabi or Urdu word for " annoying "
  118. Baby girl dies after being 'denied entry' at Civil Hospital during Bilawal visit
  119. British Muslim family denied entry on US-bound flight to Disneyland trip
  120. False accusation of blasphemy?
  121. 39 Truths Every British-Born Pakistani Person Will Understand
  122. 15 Infants died in Lahore due lack of availability of ventilators.
  123. What makes Presidents, leaders of countries?
  124. Truck Poetry Complilation
  125. The end of passwords?
  126. India closing in on Westinghouse deal to build 6 nuclear reactors
  127. Animal testing in Pharma industry : WIll we ever get rid of this cruelity?
  128. My naked and unambiguous threat was taken out of context, says Imran Khan
  129. Bajirao Mastani wins nine awards at Guild Awards:Ranveer Singh wins Best Actor, Deepika Best Actres
  130. 22 Pieces of evidence that confirm 'we're living in the future'
  131. Cold War: Documents Show US Planned ‘Systematic Destruction’ of Cities After World War II
  132. Happy Birthday Quaid-e-Azam!
  133. John Arne Riise hails British Pakistani Adil Nabi
  134. Narendra Modi visits Lahore
  135. No traffic stoppage even if prime minister comes to KP, announces ban on VIP Protocol: Imran Khan
  136. JI rejects Nawaz-Modi friendship at the expense of Kashmiris’ blood: Siraj
  137. Ajit Doval – The great Indian spy who spent 7 years in Pakistan as a Muslim
  138. Earthquake hits Pakistan (6.2)
  139. Happy Birthday to Our Quaid-e-Azam Mohammad Ali Jinnah
  140. Happy Birthday Nawaz Sharif!
  141. Thinking about moving back to Pakistan and starting an acting career there
  142. When Was Ramayana Compiled?
  143. Is the informal Modi-Shareef meet at Lahore the nicest thing to have happened between us?
  144. Modi without visa? Tauba! | Pakistani reporter video goes viral
  145. France: Protesters ransack Muslim prayer hall on Christmas Day
  146. Jarryd Hayne recalled to San Francisco 49ers' 53-man squad
  147. Moving to Pakistan - how to settle to a new place?
  148. Remembering Dec 27: Benazir Bhutto’s 8th death anniversary today
  149. Jindal In Lahore On Same Day As PM Modi: The Inside Story
  150. Former CJ Iftikhar Chaudhry launched his political party "Pakistan Justice Democratic Critic Party"
  151. Pakistani man on 'dream vacation' to NYC arrested after describing suitcase as 'bomb'
  152. Islamic University Islamabad: My education in a Saudi funded university
  153. Kerala: Studio set on fire after owner’s comments against use of purdah by Muslim women
  154. Pakistan Hockey has a new head coach - Ex Olympian Qamar Ibrahim
  155. Iglesias show's organisers 'should be whipped': Sri Lanka leader
  156. X-Men: Apocalypse offends Hindu leaders with comparisons between villain and Lord Krishna
  157. Trolling goes corporate as Ufone recreates infamous Nargis Fakhri ad
  158. Muslim family touched after stranger pays dinner tab&wishes them ‘Merry Christmas, beautiful family'
  159. Mötörhead's Lemmy dead at 70
  160. Shaukat Khanum Memorial Cancer Hospital inaugurated in Peshawar
  161. Pakistan suicide bombing kills 'at least 22' in Mardan
  162. Walking the Himalayas
  163. ‘Father of PTV’ Aslam Azhar passes away
  164. What's your favourite Christmas song?
  165. Ferry service: Another transport project in Punjab – this time waterways
  166. Nandipur inquiry found Rs 133 billion loss, says Khawaja Asif
  167. Hot line contact between Pakistan, Afghanistan established : ISPR
  168. Want to buy a good tv tuner card, Which one is good?
  169. Mehdi Hasan vs Ram Madhav Al-Jazeera Head to Head
  170. Fascinating video ex-MI5 officer reveals dirty little secrets of UK Spy agencies
  171. Is dishonesty regarding house rental really that rampant in Pakistan?
  172. Bangladesh orders its high commissioner to Pakistan to come home
  173. Childhood bullying
  174. So how are you spending the new years eve?
  175. 3 Engineers among 6 killed in Bihar in Last than a week, ‘Jungle Raj’ back, says Paswan
  176. Punjab Election Commission proved its loyalty to PML-N: Imran Khan
  177. Any fullstack computer web developer here?
  178. Fed up and fearful, Christians are leaving the Middle East
  179. 2016 is upon us brothers | Let us pledge to make it special! #HappyNewYear
  180. Fire in a hotel in Dubai
  181. How would you rate your 2015?
  182. Is Whatsapp down?
  183. Goldie awarded the MBE for 2016 New Year's Honours List
  184. Happy New Year everyone!
  185. Is the UK the most historically 'evil' country?
  186. Prabhu comes to ailing child’s aid after receiving train passenger’s tweet
  187. Should India be a Hindu Nation?
  188. Terror Attack In Belgium Foiled
  189. Who is using PTCL's High Speed Broadband Packages?
  190. The Gregorian calendar (Christian Calendar) has the most illogical time of the year as its new year?
  191. Ansar Burney takes Sindh govt to court on VIP culture
  192. Moving to Sydney
  193. 16 intriguing world flags
  194. PM Nawaz allow taxpayers to legalize their black money by paying a nominal 1% tax
  195. Energy diplomacy coup for Narendra Modi: Qatar halves gas price, waives India’s Rs 12,000cr Bill
  196. Will Iraq and Syria ever be whole again?
  197. Will the Pakistan culture tolerate PSL cheerleaders?
  198. What to do with such messages....
  199. Petition filed in Lahore HC against PM Modi's Pakistan visit
  200. Somalia's al-Shabaab militants use Donald Trump in recruiting film
  201. US company fires 200 Muslim employees over prayer dispute
  202. Why is St.George such a big deal to England? he's even more pouplar then King Alfred The Great
  203. Why is Anathema so underrated?
  204. Sheikh Nimr al-Nimr: Anger at execution of top Shia cleric
  205. Iranian protesters set Saudi embassy on fire!
  206. Far-right extremists “Occupies” Federal Wildlife Refuge Headquarters in Oregon
  207. PPP demands Imran Khan’s arrest
  208. Donald Trump defends Muslim ban call after al-Shabab film
  209. Ilkay Gundogan
  210. Best area in Birmingham for living?
  211. Underrated Actors
  212. KKK 7-Fear Factor
  213. Breaking: Saudi Arabia severs all diplomatic ties with Iran
  214. Life as a British Pakistani in the 1970s
  215. 6.8 quake rocks India near Myanmar border – USGS
  216. Elements which don't want peace between India-Pakistan
  217. Ozil vs Kaka - Who Is Better?
  218. PTI worker launches 'Sleeping Beauty' campaign to highlight 'misgovernance' in Karachi #FixIt
  219. People of Karachi surround a VIP and take law into their own hands
  220. POTW (Timepass) : freelance_cricketer
  221. British Indian ex-Hindu speculated to be 'new Jihadi John'
  222. Donald Trump's first TV ad is a greatest hits of his campaign's most controversial ideas
  223. Pakistan’s National Health Insurance Program
  224. United Nations of London
  225. Rafael Benítez sacked by Real Madrid with Zinedine Zidane taking over
  226. Asian pickpocketing gang in London jailed
  227. 'The league is so poor!'
  228. Coachella 2016 lineup
  229. Afghan provincial governor wields gun to save Indian mission
  230. Indian Headmaster Beaten, Banned from School for Asking Pupils to Sing National Anthem.
  231. Turkey limits defense sales to India to appease Pakistan
  232. Mawlid debate between Imam Asim and Dawah Man escalates.
  233. UK Pakistanis and the change of Islamic Views...
  234. Pathankot attack: Sharif calls up Modi, promises prompt decisive action
  235. Muslim clerics in Malaysia and Indonesia declare poaching haram
  236. Should India strive to make hydrogen bomb
  237. North Korea claims 'successful' hydrogen bomb test
  238. 16 children die after outbreak of disease in drought-hit Thar; 100 hospitalised
  239. Malda (West Bengal) protest turns violent: Mob attacks police station, sets ablaze BSF vehicle
  240. Sportsmanship. Tennis players advises opponent to challenge an 'out' call becuase the ball was in
  241. Pakistan incomplete without Kashmir,says President Hussain,urges India to stop human right violation
  242. KIDS React to An Old Computer
  243. Netflix is arriving in India
  244. Pakistan's ISI is behind Pathankot air base attack: Bruce Riedel, former top White House official
  245. Pakistanian
  246. Sam Harris
  247. J&K CM Mufti Sayeed passes away due to multiple organ failure
  248. Kashmiri Mujahideen’s squad carried out airbase attack : UJC
  249. Television giant Netflix comes to Pakistan
  250. Pakistan expels senior Bangladesh diplomat as 'spy' row escalates