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  1. AFC U16 Championship in India starting from tomorrow (15th Sept 2016)
  2. International probe into Kashmir killings imperative now: UN rights chief
  3. On Eid al-Adha, questioning Muslims’ passion for meat
  4. [PICTURES] Shahid Afridi donates Rs. 2.5 million to Dar-ul-Sukoon on Eid
  5. Simon Collis becomes first British Ambassador to perform Hajj
  6. Britain's Libya intervention flawed, Cameron to blame: lawmakers
  7. The Parable of CM Punk and his Journey to the UFC
  8. Fatalities and injuries in train crash near Multan, Pakistan
  9. As my acting career developed, I was no longer cast as a radical Muslim......Riz Ahmed
  10. How Halal Food Became a $20 Billion Hit in America
  11. Implementation of Articles 62 and 63 of the Constitution of Pakistan?
  12. Justice the Philippines President way the way to go?
  13. The low standard petrol used by the majority in Pakistan - only comparable to Somalia!
  14. Pakistan's top entrepreneurs?
  15. UEFA Europa League | 2016-17 season
  16. 1,000 MW Power Projects Soon to Be Part of The National Grid
  17. Hindi Urdu words
  18. Mohammad Irfan's father passes away
  19. Davis Cup : New Zealand lead Pakistan in Davis Cup tie
  20. Shaniera Akram slams the cleanliness of Karachi and Karachi Beach
  21. Pakistani movie Actor in Law earns 6 crores in 3 days (In Pakistan)
  22. Shakib Al Hasan and wife narrowly escape helicopter crash
  23. India jump eleven places to 137th in latest FIFA rankings
  24. [VIDEO] South Asian cities - a comparison
  25. How many of you guys have any of your loved ones who live away from you?
  26. [VIDEO] Unrest in Kashmir Thread
  27. Kirdaar Television series directed by Gulzar , how Standards of Indian television have fallen since
  28. NY, NJ bombings: Suspect in custody after shootout with police, sources say [update #19]
  29. How much do you sleep?
  30. There is little hard proof to link the Uri attack to a specific jihadist group in Pakistan: NIA
  31. Minnesota stabbing: Eight injured, suspect shot dead
  32. Afghanistan heading for separation?
  33. Gautam Gambhir and Vijender Singh want a war against Pakistan
  34. A Pakistani shares his experience after visiting Tehran
  35. Man City all the way
  36. [VIDEO] Indian Media : War with Pakistan is only option
  37. Electric vs manual shaver
  38. Eastern Europe
  39. Jonny Brownlee: Alistair helps brother over finish line in dramatic World Series finale
  40. Pakistani boy, seven, becomes world’s youngest computer programmer
  41. England's Forgotten Muslim History: The Muslim world helped create the England we know today
  42. The Chinese bubble and its global implications!
  43. KP assembly passes Whistle blower Act 2016 - Earn monetary reward for exposing corruption
  44. PTF should learn from PCB, says Aqeel Khan
  45. POTW (Timepass) : shaz619
  46. Is another war inevitable due to the Kashmir conflict?
  47. Terence Crutcher, black man shot by Tulsa police, was unarmed
  48. "My father’s killers continue to serve at the highest levels" : Fatima Bhutto
  49. "Who created Mujahideen?" - in the words of Hillary Clinton
  50. "One Belt One Road" and Pakistan
  51. Joey Barton: Investigation into betting claim about Rangers midfielder
  52. How much do cricketers pay in taxes?
  53. Jalal Uddin murder: Why did a Muslim student help kill an imam?
  54. Brangelina no more: Angelina Jolie files for divorce from Brad Pitt
  55. Could turmeric really boost your health?
  56. " Corruption Free Pakistan " an Appeal by Young Zeeshan.
  57. Favourite kebab
  58. Who said accountants were boring?
  59. Pakistan Grows a Baseball Team From Its Home Soil
  60. China's Tiangong-1 space station 'out of control' and will crash to Earth
  61. [VIDEO] Nawaz Sharif hails Burhan Wani as ‘young leader’ at UNGA
  62. 'Bullying' £113m fraudsters spent money on fast cars and hotels
  63. Is there such a thing as liberal extremism?
  64. Most dangerous snake species discovered in Rawalpindi!
  65. What is your opinion of General Rani?
  66. Largest Cyber breach in history - 500 million Yahoo accounts breached
  67. United subcontinent
  68. Pakistan warns India against giving asylum to Baloch leader Brahamdagh Bugti
  69. Why do Indians think that playing cricket with them is a cornerstone of Pakistan's policy?
  70. Afghanistan pardons "Butcher of Kabul" in peace deal
  71. Some interesting developments after Uri attack
  72. Russian forces arrive in Pakistan for first-ever joint military exercise
  73. Obama has vetoed a bill that would allow family members of 9/11 victims to sue Saudi Arabia
  74. Police: Lone gunman kills 4 females at Washington state mall
  75. 50pc Indians disapprove of Modi's Pakistan policies, PEW survey finds
  76. What does India want to achieve by "isolating" Pakistan?
  77. Khalistan movement's head wants Pakistan to support their cause like they support the Kashmir cause
  78. Politicricketal Satire: Azhar Sharif vs Sarfraz Khan
  79. US Senator John McCain assures the bill against Pakistan will not succeed
  80. Petition filed in Pak court seeking ban on Indian movies 'to express solidarity with Kashmiris'
  81. British-Pakistani actor apologises for racist tweets against Indians [update #37]
  82. Rich Pakistanis love London, NYC, and Dubai more than Karachi
  83. Why is the Pak Govt so afraid of a single Movie? (Now filed an appeal in Supreme Court for a Ban)
  84. Which watch to buy: GShock Rangeman or GShock Frogman
  85. Modi set to review Indus Waters Treaty
  86. World Cup of Ice Hockey 2016
  87. Had West Pakistan separated from rest of Pakistan in 1971, how would its relations be with India?
  88. Giant 400kg anaconda discovered on Brazilian building site
  89. Sam Allardyce using role as England boss to advise businessmen how to ‘get around’ FA rules
  90. CSS exam
  91. What would India have talked about at the UN had the Uri attack not happened?
  92. Modi set to review Most Favoured Nation status to Pakistan
  93. Good movie and TV shows suggestions?
  94. Europe tour in winter
  95. JF-17 plane from the No.2 squadron goes missing over Arabian Sea
  96. A baby with 3 biological parents was born using a new technique
  97. Which country is ‘Namak Haram’, Google gives a hilarious answer
  98. Nissan’s autonomous chair is your line waiting buddy
  99. What is the end game to deficit spending?
  100. Bangladesh and Afghanistan to join India in boycotting SAARC in Islamabad; Shocking or Expected?
  101. Facebook restores Jamaat-e-Islami's official page [update #19]
  102. Tips for giving presentations - feel very nervous!
  103. Does China have an ulterior motive in Pakistan?
  104. Boy, 11, is found dead in his bedroom after telling his mother he was being bullied
  105. Slavery in India and Pakistan
  106. Designated Survivor - TV Show
  107. Modi ji's curious Pakistan policy
  108. India-Pakistan counterclaims of attack by Indian Army access line of control
  109. Implementation pact for $1.9bn Karot power project signed
  110. This Indian guy tells us why MNS wants Fawad Khan banned, Ban art to bring Peace!
  111. [Reports] Pakistan captures one Indian soldier at LoC, several others killed
  112. Indian celebrities : Showing patriotism or fuelling flames of war?
  113. Going off football
  114. Funeral prayers held of soldier martyred in Indian firing
  115. What are the etiquettes of a Whatsapp invitation?
  116. India bans Pakistani artists, Pakistan bans Indian movies
  117. "I had to give a message to Nawaz Sharif, but tomorrow I will send a message to Modi too" Imran Khan
  118. With a new Chinese loan, CPEC is now worth $51.5bn - upgrade for railway line from Khi to Peshawar
  119. Modi has become a prisoner of his own image
  120. Indian media : The real sultan of spin
  121. My pet dog is taking its last breaths
  122. Pakistan beat India to enter Asian Snooker final in Al Fujairah, United Arab Emirates
  123. Raiwind March 2016!
  124. “Narendra Modi proved that he is a prejudiced Indian and not a statesman” : Imran Khan
  125. Shimon Peres, 1923-2016 - Israel's last modern peacenik?
  126. Surgical Strikes Analysis...
  127. Phantom 2: Worldwide release?
  128. Is the US Trying to Sabotage the China-Pakistan Economic Corridor?
  129. Backtracking: India says no helicopters used in 'surgical strikes'
  130. Salman Khan needs to be taught a lesson, He should migrate to Pakistan: Shiv Sena
  131. United Nations unable to function in held Kashmir due to India's non-cooperation
  132. Who should be England's next manager?
  133. Where will Arsenal finish in the Premier League this season?
  134. China blocks tributary of Brahmaputra in Tibet to build dam
  135. Hockey: India defeat Pakistan 3-1 to reach U18 Asia Cup final
  136. Hero ISL 2016 discussion
  137. DG ISPR Press Briefing today – India's Surgical Strike Claim exposed
  138. Definition of Nationalism in India according to an Eloquent Indian
  139. UN mission finds no proof of Indian 'surgical strike' claims
  140. Pick Arsene Wenger's greatest Arsenal XI
  141. Punjab govt moves to ban Careem and Uber [Update#75]
  142. 2016-2017 NBA season | Discussion Thread
  143. Richard Nixon's dislike for Indira Gandhi...
  144. Are US Airports really like the ones found in 3rd World countries?
  145. US airline passenger told to switch seats as Pakistani men 'did not want to sit next to woman'
  146. Declassified files reveal how Polish secret services tried to recruit a Pakistani hero as a spy
  147. Rafael Nadal stops match so distraught mother can find her lost child
  148. Army Camp comes under attack in Indian Occupied Kashmir's Baramulla, Gun Battle On
  149. Pakistan isolated internationally due to its government’s wrong policies: Pervez Musharaf
  150. Hindu community protests in support of Pakistan Army
  151. Daylight - Maroon 5
  152. Prove Pakistan is lying and that strikes took place, Arvind Kejriwal urges PM Modi
  153. Pentagon Paid PR Firm $540 Million to Make Fake Al-Qaeda Videos
  154. #MysteriousSurgicalStrike : Can any photographic or video evidence from India/Pak ever be trusted?
  155. Colombia's peace deal in limbo after shock referendum - 50.2% voting against peace deal
  156. Muree vs Nathiagali
  157. Om Puri insulted Indian army on national television, supports Pakistani artists
  158. Being a freshie is (not) cool: stigma and disgust in British Pakistani stereotypes of new migrants
  159. Westworld (TV Series)
  160. SRK, Salman Khan, Aamir Khan Should go to Pakistan: VHP Leader Sadhvi Prachi
  161. Poverty eradication uphill task for Pakistan, India: World Bank
  162. Indian police detain pigeon carrying note that threatened Narendra Modi
  163. Israeli Minister : "Anti-Semitism is a trick, we always use it"
  164. Military might of India & Pakistan - Only on paper?
  165. Best books on Pakistan political history?
  166. Baramulla: Terrorist attack or Panic attack?
  167. Hurricane Watch Thread
  168. Indian foreign minister's touching response to Pakistani girl breaks the Internet
  169. Why has marriage become so difficult nowadays?
  170. Javed Miandad asks Indians to throw out “rotten egg Modi”; calls for all-out war against India
  171. [VIDEO] 5 year old tells Theresa May off for homelessness and wars
  172. Music, latest weapon in Pak arsenal
  173. POTW (Timepass) : DHONI183
  174. Red Arrows Oct 3 Far East tour stopover in Karachi [PICTURES]
  175. Those seeking proof of surgical strike should take Pakistan citizenship: Union Minister Uma Bharti
  176. Why do so many Indian politicians still look at Indian Muslims with suspicion?
  177. Who does the conflict in South Asia and East Asia benefit?
  178. Attack on Shias in Quetta
  179. Faryad : A wail from Kashmir
  180. Amazing Ads From Around The World
  181. Dyatlov Pass incident: Real life unsolved mystery
  182. Bengaluru's Ishan Pandita becomes the first Indian to sign up for a La Liga club
  183. Became a father yesterday
  184. Damien Martyn in Karachi
  185. Army recording fake exercises as evidence for PoK surgical strikes: J&K MLA Sheikh Abdul Rashid
  186. How long will it take for Taliban to regain Afghanistan once US troops leave?
  187. Pakistan barred from Kabaddi World Cup in India
  188. Police in India detain 750 over US call centre scam
  189. Indian army to release video 'evidence' of alleged surgical strikes, reports Indian media
  190. Act against militants or face international isolation, civilians tell military
  191. Pakistan bars flights over Karachi and Lahore
  192. Afghan exodus from Pakistan could be 'catastrophic' without urgent aid
  193. US State Dept criticises Israel
  194. Europe Makes Deal to Send Afghans Home
  195. OMG: India is holding a political prisoner Kashmiri for 24 years
  196. Pakistan or India: Who should take credit for Adnan Sami's achievements?
  197. Sven-Goran Eriksson to sue ‘Fake Sheik’ Mazher Mahmood over sting that saw him fired as England boss
  198. Brussels donor conference: Ghani commends Pakistan’s $500m aid pledge
  199. Pakistanis/Indians can never be good at football
  200. Never called 'patriotic' PM Nawaz a traitor, says Bilawal
  201. French media report on Pakistani public school textbooks
  202. Pierce Brosnan’s paan masala ad sends virtual world into a tizzy
  203. IT Discussion Thread
  204. World’s Highest Paid Football Managers in 2016
  205. True Humility - a global context
  206. Police break up fight in Mosque after row breaks out between worshippers
  207. Curfew In Srinagar After 12-Year-Old Dies In Pellet Firing By Forces
  208. You get to do one thing as the PM of your country, what would you do?
  209. Morocco boycotts Umrah trips due to Saudi fees
  210. Importing Vehicles into Pakistan
  211. Netflix Originals, TV shows and Movies
  212. US does not back moves to declare Pakistan terrorist state: State Department
  213. NDTV Censors News that ‘Compromises National Security’
  214. [VIDEO] Robert De Niro Rips into Donald Trump: He's a Pig, I would like to punch him in the face!
  215. Out of the norm things you like to do that make you happy
  216. Is music haram?
  217. Over 140 dead, 525 injured as Saudi strike hits funeral ceremony in Yemen
  218. Iraqi Sunni families to flee Mosul before Shia-led offensive
  219. Hindu son can divorce wife if she tries to separate him from aged parents - Supreme Court
  220. Is there anyone left who still doesn't think climate change is a threat to our existence ?
  221. Why are Indian Celebrities Silent on the Kashmir issue?
  222. Georgia Visit for Pakistanis
  223. Punjab police seek KP-like powers for their chief
  224. Good News: Pakistan declared best country for infrastructure development in South Asia
  225. Wayne Rooney being booed - harsh or fair?
  226. Hit twice this year, gunfight erupts at Pampore complex [UPDATE #6]
  227. Govt dismisses 'fabricated' news story in Dawn News about military-led intelligence agencies
  228. Body vs the Soul [Philosophy]
  229. Dawn's columnist Cyril Almeida put on Exit Control List for 'misleading' story on national security
  230. Why does Pakistan bring up the UN resolution w.r.t Kashmir?
  231. ATP rankings: Rafael Nadal and Roger Federer both out of world's top four
  232. Syria conflict: France wants Russia on war crimes charges
  233. Earth From Space 24/7 Live Stream via The International Space Station
  234. China’s other Muslims
  235. China’s straight talk leaves India reeling
  236. Mehdi Hasan owns Adnan Sami
  237. Mastermind of Sri Lanka team attack killed in Afghanistan
  238. 'Learn Your Manners,' A White Man Wrote To His Black Neighbor
  239. Juventus sign 10-year-old Palestinian wonderkid after he went viral on YouTube
  240. I'm petrified of crazy killer clowns
  241. India expresses disappointment over Pakistan-Russia military cooperation
  242. Radio Pakistan mortgaged for securing more loans
  243. Asia bibi leaves for Canada after Supreme Court acquittal
  244. Nick Kyrgios critical of fans after being booed off court at Shanghai Masters
  245. Tyson Fury vacates WBO and WBA heavyweight titles
  246. Pakistan has 'serious' hunger level: Survey
  247. First grade Pakistani boy beaten on US school bus for 'being Muslim'
  248. Pakistani footballer Shahlyla Baloch passes away in Karachi car accident
  249. Former head of students at best Uni in US on what makes successful parents
  250. Enfield Horror (The Conjuring 2) Reality Or Hoax?