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  1. Secular India? Muslim youth died after torture by police over beef photo
  2. “People are being fooled in the name of democracy,” Chief Justice shows his anger for the PMLN Govt
  3. Whose Two-Nation Theory is it, anyway? (Nadeem F. Paracha)
  4. Pakistan bans Christian TV stations in 'attack on religious freedom'
  5. IMF distances itself from Ishaq Dar's 'Finance Minister of the Year' award
  6. If Trump is not elected today, another Trump will be elected tomorrow....
  7. Chinese premier Xi Jinping arrives in Bangladesh with deals worth $40 billion on the table
  8. 3 Arrested in Alleged Bomb Plot Targeting Somalis in Kansas
  9. India, China sign MoU for theatre version of 'Awara'
  10. Great White shark breaks into a diving cage with a diver inside it
  11. Background and the Case for Education.
  12. Where Is the Government in Pakistan?
  13. Defusing the Population Explosion
  14. Kashmir unrest enters its 100th day. What has been going on, what might be on the cards
  15. White man repeatedly interrupts Asian/Desi comedian (Satire)
  16. How different would Pakistan and India be today had the Mughals focused more on education?
  17. Saudi Arabia, where even milk depends on oil, struggles to remake its economy
  18. Horoscopes
  19. What to do when online order never arrives?
  20. US sprinter Tyson Gay's daughter, 15, shot dead in Kentucky
  21. What will be the result of the Liverpool versus Manchester United match?
  22. Allah Hafiz or Khuda Hafiz?
  23. Pakistani Music
  24. Enron scandal or collapse of Lehman Brothers - which was worse in terms of poor business practices
  25. Uber launches rickshaw service in Pakistan
  26. Most Punjabis from West Punjab not only look down upon their own language but even deride it
  27. Modi, Xi differ over Terrorism at BRICS summit, Putin doesn’t mention it at all
  28. Help needed
  29. Kairana and the politics of exclusion
  30. IMF warns of looming CPEC bill
  31. How Pakistan won a skirmish with India over climate change funds
  32. What will be the result of the Barcelona versus Manchester City match in the Champions League?
  33. CPEC could become another East India Company
  34. Pakistanis in Bahrain
  35. Rahim Pardesi - Any fans?
  36. Democracy in India vs Communism in China
  37. Anyone here watch RTNews?
  38. Pakistan's Gwadar port is now operational as first Chinese ship docks at Gwadar
  39. Blue-eyed 'chaiwala' Arshad Khan quits showbiz [Update#248]
  40. Things you are not proud of...
  41. Swedish court allows the flying of ISIS flag
  42. The North Remembers
  43. Saudi Arabia executes Prince accused of murder
  44. Orya Jaan Maqbool's shocking views about Punjabis and Sir Syed Ahmed Khan
  45. India's Richest Cities: Nasty surprise for Keralites
  46. Teen couple convicted of double murder 'youngest ever'
  47. Information Minister Pervaiz Rashid resigns from office [update#10]
  48. Proof of surgical strikes - Finally
  49. Bengaluru FC first Indian club to reach AFC Cup final
  50. Sania Mirza shuts Sanjay Manjrekar on Twitter; accuses him of not having 'common sense'
  51. What will be the result of the Chelsea versus Manchester United match in the Premier League?
  52. Eminem announces new album and releases song with Trump diss
  53. Video of Hizbul Mujahideen militants, greeting and hugging, appears on social media
  54. In 3 years, Pakistan has taken on $25b in fresh foreign loans & Rs3.1 trillion from domestic market
  55. Asian Men's Champions Trophy 2016
  56. [PICTURES] Beards - Identifying religious sects by the type and style of beard of their followers
  57. LHC orders Nawaz Sharif, journalist Cyril Almeida to appear in treason case [UPDATE#32]
  58. Cristiano Ronaldo accused of offending Buddhists with 'disrespectful' Instagram post
  59. Dangal (2016) - Movie about Mahavir Singh Phogat and his two wrestler Daughters
  60. On the job market... Any tips?
  61. No more Indian Movies / Channels on cable in Pakistan?
  62. Post your weight loss stories
  63. 'Schizophrenia not a mental illness': Pakistan Supreme Court
  64. Sadiq Khan tops list of most powerful British Asians
  65. How common is alcohol or drug use among the upper-income in Pakistan?
  66. An Architect Is Designing Mosques To Be More British
  67. Underground bomb plot : Teenager suspect arrested
  68. Are people blaming their educational failures on the education system?
  69. Case against manhandled reporter amid media debate
  70. The aghas of Harams
  71. Every producer who has cast Pakistani artist must pay Rs 5 crore to Army relief fund: Raj Thackeray
  72. Piers Morgan decides to have a go at Virender Sehwag on Twitter
  73. India vs Pakistan hockey match tomorrow yet no protests from MNS and celebrities?
  74. PTI protest : Will Imran Khan succeed on 2nd November, 2016?
  75. 'Comedians and their Comedy' thread!
  76. One killed, several hurt in suspected Japan suicide blast
  77. India's 'surgical strikes' in Kashmir: Truth or illusion?
  78. Who will win the US Presidential elections?
  79. What do you hate the most about your country?
  80. Supreme Court takes back 'voluntary return' powers from NAB
  81. Heading footballs 'affects memory'
  82. Where will Chelsea finish in the Premier League this season?
  83. Al Jazeera news report on the education situation in district Hunza
  84. To fellow Pakistanis : What is the attraction of watching Indian Movies?
  85. An open letter to the IMF by three independent economists of Pakistan
  86. Why is there stigma associated with divorce in Asian societies?
  87. Most overrated players in the English Premier League
  88. 63 killed in twin suicide attacks as terrorists storm police training college in Quetta [Update #19]
  89. Anyone been playing Battlefield 1?
  90. Before his coma he spoke English - after waking up he's fluent in Spanish
  91. Norway integration minister to Muslims: "Here we eat pork, drink alcohol and show our face"
  92. Gigi Hadid slammed for getting Zayn Malik's ethnicity wrong
  93. Aer Lingus removes man 'abusing' Muslim passengers from flight
  94. Why doesn't the Pakistan Government arrest Imran Khan and PTI leaders if they have the evidence?
  95. Shoaib Akhtar's latest bouncer on Twitter
  96. Frankie Boyle's American Autopsy
  97. Disabled person assaulted in an Indian cinema for not standing up for National Anthem
  98. Why is Foreign Policy Establishment Spoiling for More War?
  99. India falls short in female literacy
  100. Jayalalitha: The photograph 'ruling' an Indian state
  101. Imran claims India trying to derail his ‘reform movement’
  102. Can Peshawar Zalmi succeed in uniting Pathans across the Pak-Afghan border where Govt has failed?
  103. British Spies Controlling the Past, Present and Future - Abby Martin Interview with Annie Machon
  104. Don Bradman Cricket 17
  105. ‘Living here doesn't make you one of us’ Danish Queen tells Muslims to adopt West's values
  106. Suroosh Alvi and Vice News
  107. UK set for HEAVIEST SNOWFALL in years: Long-range forecast warns of Winter 2016 BIG FREEZE
  108. Cold War Two
  109. Why should immigrants and refugees assimilate with the local "culture"?
  110. Liverpool: Sir Alex Ferguson says Jurgen Klopp's side are serious title contenders
  111. PML-N’s MNA escapes after LHC awards life sentence [Awarded NA ticket by PML-N in 2018 - Update#49]
  112. Police arrest scores of PTI workers at youth convention, Imran calls for countrywide protests
  113. When you lie once, that makes the second and third times easier
  114. What would be your feeling if Pakistan had a coup today?
  115. Donald Trump : "Ab Ki Baar Trump Sarkaar"
  116. India Kashmir: The teenager blinded by pellets
  117. 60 percent of global wildlife species wiped out
  118. Who will win the 2016 Ballon d'Or?
  119. FBI to reopen Hillary Clinton email investigation
  120. Lal Masjid declares Imran's actions illegal and unconstitutional
  121. [PICTURES] Wasim Akram (Sports Icon) and Shahid Afridi (Sports Personality) win Hum Style awards
  122. Compulsary hijab rule makes Heena Sidhu pull out of Asian Airgun championship in Iran
  123. Army officer killed after falling off road along blocked motorway
  124. Teacher to Muslim Refugee Student: I Can’t Wait Until Donald Trump Deports All You Muslims
  125. Boy born with half a heart had the benefits he needed to provide 24-hour care TAKEN AWAY on 8th bday
  126. More Sectarian Violence in Pakistan
  127. Hillary Clinton could win the election but be indicted and/or found guilty before the inauguration
  128. India defeated Pakistan 3-2 in the final to win the 2016 Asian Hockey Champions Trophy
  129. Tesla unveils Solar Roof!
  130. The Random Talk thread [Read ground rules in post #1]
  131. Work on 7,000MW coal-based power plants likely to be abandoned
  132. Tragic boxer Mike Towell's family files NHS complaint
  133. Getting tired of US media bias towards Hillary Clinton
  134. Are Pakistanis less creative than other nations?
  135. Terrorists attack ​school in Pakistan, students safe: Report
  136. Condolences to Moin Khan on the sad demise of his father
  137. Amnesty International Demands Pakistan Govt to End Crackdown on Opposition Protests
  138. Man dressed as Freddy Krueger shoots 5 people at Texas party
  139. Sialkot : How a small Pakistani city became a world-class manufacturing hub
  140. Zakir Naik fails to turn up for father’s funeral in Mumbai over fears of arrest
  141. The Exorcist (TV Series)
  142. Mosul battle: Iraqi PM Abadi urges IS to surrender
  143. 7 civilians shot dead by army in J&K.
  144. The Glassworker (شیشہ گر) - Pakistan's first hand drawn animation movie trailer
  145. Is South Korea the only country where dictatorship worked well for the country?
  146. Nawaz Sharif sentenced to 10 years, Maryam Nawaz sentenced to 7 years imprisonment in Avenfield case
  147. Sikunder Burnes - Master of the Great Game
  148. S7 Edge or Pixel XL
  149. Why Christianity’s holiest shrine is guarded by two Muslim families
  150. The Virtual Reality Thread
  151. Car park space sells for $619,000 in Hong Kong
  152. Favorite Type of Phone?
  153. Arnab Goswami quits Times Now
  154. What would you do if you were the Prime Minister of Pakistan?
  155. Richmond Park by-election
  156. Jahangir Khan: Squash legend's 555-match winning run 'could be lower'
  157. What is the Future of PPP?
  158. The Ali Baba/Ali Express E-Shopping Experience..
  159. 17 killed as trains collide near Karachi's Landhi Railway Station
  160. Revolutions don't happen without the sacrifices of people
  161. Ch Nisar defends permission given to Difa-i-Pakistan Council for Islamabad event despite Section 144
  162. What does your avatar say about you as a poster?
  163. FIFA being unreasonable on the "poppy" issue?
  164. For ASWJ, capital was open for rally
  165. Why doesn't the mainstream call out Nawaz Sharif for his support of terrorist outfits?
  166. میاں جی کی مشہور چنے کی دال کی کہانی
  167. If you could travel anywhere, where would you go and why?
  168. Brexit - The ignorance being shown by Leavers: "Britain voted to leave. Why haven't we left yet!"
  169. SAS role in Indian army crackdown on Sikhs? Golden Temple 1984
  170. Islamic girls' school tops UK government's new ranking
  171. Your Favorite Video Game Soundtracks/Themes?
  172. Hillary Clinton had asked about Amitabh Bachchan, leaked emails show
  173. For US dwellers : How will your life change if Donald Trump becomes president?
  174. Why no football in Pakistan?
  175. Hockey: India beat China 2-1 to win Women's Asian Champions Trophy
  176. Andy Murray: Plans to retire after Wimbledon & Australian Open could be last tournament [Post #32]
  177. India to demand MORE immigration as part of post-Brexit trade deal
  178. Extended Essay Project
  179. What's your favorite Rocky movie?
  180. FO reveals details of eight Indian 'undercover agents'
  181. Personality Test
  182. England v Scotland 11th November World Cup Qualifier
  183. [PICTURES] Travel Diaries
  184. After the success of the chaiwalla from Pakistan....comes the sabzeewalli from Nepal
  185. Panama Papers in Supreme Court - Will Pakistan Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif be cleared or charged?
  186. So, Clintons are apparently tied with "Spirit Cooking".
  187. Israel/Palestine Pre-1948...A Few Issues For Discussion...
  188. Hillary Clinton blames election defeat on FBI director James Comey [update#19]
  189. 2016 ATP World Tour Finals | Discussion Thread
  190. Plane spotting while landing or taking off at airports
  191. Mumbai temple performs 'yagna' for Trump's win
  192. Are most Hindu Indian Americans supporting Trump?
  193. Shoaib Akhtar blessed with a baby boy!
  194. Will Liverpool win the Premier League Title 2016/2017?
  195. FBI questioned American Muslims in 8 states over weekend about possible pre-election terrorism
  196. Uber under pressure in Pakistan as Careem speeds ahead
  197. Counter-Strike: Global Offensive - Discussion/Clans 2016/2017
  198. Cristiano Ronaldo: Real Madrid forward 'has 10 years' left
  199. At what age does man get old?
  200. Modi takes out ₹500 and ₹1000 rupee notes from circulation tonight!
  201. The 2000 IR Nano GPS tracked note - It's a Hoax!
  202. Prince Harry lambasts press over coverage of girlfriend Meghan Markle
  203. U.S. Presidential Election 2016 underway - Donald Trump v Hillary Clinton
  204. POTW (Timepass) : Mamoon
  205. US Military improve brains of soldiers with electrical pulses - Try it on Trump/Clinton?
  206. [VIDEO] One of the greatest ever scenes captured in a nature doco? | Planet Earth II
  207. [VIDEO] Giant sinkhole swallows Japanese street
  208. [VIDEO] Giant one ton 17-foot crocodile found in Sri Lanka
  209. [VIDEO] Before the Flood - Climate Change | National Geographic
  210. How will the world react if Donald Trump wins the US Presidential Election?
  211. Donald Trump - President of the USA - Discussion Thread
  212. Will Donald Trump honor his pre-election pledges?
  213. Dubai to Abu Dhabi in 12 minutes: Hyperloop One signs agreement with Dubai
  214. Do you wear glasses? For how long? What is your prescription?
  215. Indian Army used Artillery for first time on LOC since Kargil
  216. I see sudden flashes of light in the corner of my eyes. Can anyone explain this?
  217. Mass protests against Trump on college campuses nationwide
  218. The acne & skin care thread
  219. Any accountability for the media for false reporting during the US elections?
  220. Trump stated that he wanted to bring jobs back to America, jobs which have been farmed out abroad
  221. Donald Trump - Good or Bad for Pakistan?
  222. Trump campaign staff redirects, then restores, mention of Muslim ban from website [update#26]
  223. What makes the US President termed as the leader of the free world?
  224. 2018 FIFA World Cup Qualification | Discussion Thread
  225. Effects of Donald Trump on India!
  226. Trump - which policies will he ditch, and who has most to fear after his victory?
  227. In Asia’s biggest promotion: Pakistan unleash their Wolverine
  228. Donald Trump victory 'adds layer' to USA-Mexico World Cup qualifier
  229. Pakistan's Greatest ever singer?
  230. World Bank projects 5.4 per cent growth rate for Pakistan in 2018
  231. Indian Woman Commits Suicide Over Rupee Bank Note Ban
  232. Depression
  233. President-elect Donald Trump: "I love Pakistan"
  234. [VIDEO] The Simpsons Predicted Donald Trump's Presidential Win 16 Years Ago!
  235. US elections: Telugu man who designed Donald Trump’s Arizona win
  236. EU, Pakistan to sign 5-year strategic partnership
  237. If a movie was to be made on your life, what would you call it?
  238. Muslim student fabricated story of anti-muslim attack
  239. A government run by politicians or military dictators or now... CEO
  240. After India, Pakistan calls for demonetisation to check corruption
  241. PanamaGate: PMLN seeks refuge from Supreme Court heat in Populist Projects to win Public Sympathy!
  242. Council of Islamic Ideology (CII) to discuss men's rights, protection from domestic abuse
  243. 4 Muslims playing cricket for England but.....
  244. At least 30 killed in huge blast in Lasbella’s Shah Noorani shrine
  245. Should Muslims around the world be afraid of Trump's term as president of the USA?
  246. Pakistan’s first Internet Exchange Point is now up and running
  247. [PICTURES] Pakistani builds his own Batmobile to prove he is the biggest Batman fan
  248. Iranian, Turkish movies to replace Bollywood films in Pakistani cinemas
  249. Sasti Roti scheme loan Punjab Govt still paying millions in mark-up to banks
  250. Musharraf ready to become joint president of MQM, PSP