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  1. Kim Kardashian West robbery: 16 people arrested in France
  2. Pakistan's 2nd Strike Capability: Successfully Tested Babur-3 Cruise Missile launch from Submarine
  3. Indian Border Security Force Jawaan shares his Pain from the Border
  4. Air India, third worst airline in the world!
  5. The Best FIFA Football Awards 2016
  6. [VIDEO] Mohd Faiz Subri wins Puskas Award for stunning free-kick
  7. The man who cycled from India to Europe for love
  8. Is democracy a curse for India?
  9. FIFA confirm plans to expand World Cup to 48 teams as of 2026
  10. Triple talaq: India criminalises Muslim 'instant divorce' [Update Post #54]
  11. Question for non-believers - Would you ever convert for a partner?
  12. [VIDEO] One million people watch 500ft snooker trick shot
  13. Anyone here likes Rick and Morty?
  14. Swiss Muslim girls must learn to swim with boys, court rules
  15. "Karachi will be the cleanest city in Asia" : Farooq Sattar
  16. Sen. John McCain dossier > FBI - Russian intelligence has personally compromising material on Trump
  17. With the new, expanded 48 team FIFA WC, is India's qualification inevitable?
  18. Barack Obama's nostalgic goodbye (Farewell speech)
  19. Pakistan sets execution date for mentally ill man
  20. POTW (Timepass) : Yossarian
  21. PM Sharif speaks out strongly against religious persecution
  22. Volkswagen pleads guilty to emissions cheating
  23. The Killing (Netflix)
  24. Sushma Swaraj warns Amazon after e-commerce firm sells doormats with Indian flag
  25. Will Trump try to bring white-collar jobs back to the US as well as blue-collar jobs?
  26. Nutella maker Ferrero fights back over cancer risk fears after palm oil study
  27. Morocco said to ban sale of burqas, citing security concerns
  28. What's your favorite colour?
  29. Can deleted files be recovered from the internal memory of Android phones?
  30. Graham Taylor: Ex-England, Watford & Aston Villa manager dies aged 72
  31. State crackdown on dissent feared as four secularist activists 'disappear' in Pakistan
  32. Is it fair of Dimitri Payet to refuse to play for West Ham United?
  33. Strangest Insurance Policies - Including one to reduce your punishment if you end up in Hell
  34. Hell in Different Religions...
  35. Snow/ice cripples life in Europe/UK - Are you also affected?
  36. U-19 cricketer Majid Khan donates kidney to elder brother, sacrificing career
  37. Incorrect tweet implies that Shahid Afridi was nominated as Governor of Sindh
  38. Senator Shahi Syed suggests death penalty for Politicians who consume Alcohol
  39. Should Humanism replace Religion?
  40. Merseyside v Manchester
  41. Sharif family owns Park Lane flats since 1990s and there has been no change of ownership: BBC Report
  42. UN Blackmailed By Arab States... Is the UN Anti-Israel?
  43. Republicans begin repealing Obamacare - millions to lose health insurance
  44. How monotonous is your life?
  45. How do you view Barack Obama's presidency?
  46. Ghazi Movie!
  47. Aamir Liaquat Hussain
  48. Saudi Grand Mufti says cinemas, song concerts harmful
  49. Places you would like to visit
  50. Pep Guardiola - Overrated?
  51. Australian Open 2017 [Roger Federer clinches his 18th Grand Slam title]
  52. Who will win the 2017 Australian Open?
  53. Going to Dubai for three days to watch the PSL
  54. Cowboys knocked out by Packers 31-34! End phenomenal seasons!
  55. Gary Younge : Obama paved the way for Trump
  56. Use of nuclear weapons can't be ruled out: Joe Biden
  57. Regrets
  58. What are peoples' memories of Karachi in the 1990s?
  59. World's eight richest people have same wealth as poorest 50%
  60. Airbus to test flying cars in 2017
  61. WEF report: Pakistan leaves India behind in IDI
  62. Alexis Sanchez faces possible ‘prison’ sentence after admitting tax fraud
  63. Gigantic gator spotted at Florida Nature Center
  64. Hundreds of Indian Muslim girls in UP being forced into converting to Hinduism
  65. President Obama commutes Chelsea Manning's sentence - will be released in 5 months
  66. Boxer Anthony Joshua receives wave of abuse after posting photo in a mosque
  67. Definition Of Civilian In Conflict In Relation To Israel/Palestine Conflict...
  68. Earthquake Watch (2017)
  69. President Donald Trump will not be unfriendly towards Pakistan, says aide
  70. [VIDEO] REWIND - Pakistan's War on Terror
  71. How the Prophet Mohammad (PBUH) Consistently Rose Above Enmity and Insult
  72. Green Day releases new anti-Trump song!
  73. Muslim Schools: FIRST & SECOND in England
  74. Pakistan singer Atif Aslam stops show to rescue harassed girl
  75. Jamjar Golliwogs, and The Black & White Ministrel Show
  76. The moment Donald Trump becomes President.....
  77. Saudi Arabia road crash kills six Britons including baby
  78. Manchester United named world's leading revenue-generating club
  79. CPEC and the 21st century convergence of civilizations
  80. Why did Navjot Sidhu leave BJP?
  81. Steven Gerrard to return to Liverpool as academy coach
  82. Why hasn't Pakistan taken in any Syrian refugees and should it?
  83. Bomb blast kill 7, wounds over 60 in northwest Pakistan
  84. [PICTURES] Pakistan players attend ‘Emergency Services Mega Bash’ charity event
  85. The Kennedy Curse..
  86. Women around the world protest against Trump's presidency
  87. London university admits to monitoring student emails under pressure Govt anti-terror programme
  88. Does it bother you that some immigrants living for years in the UK still cannot speak English?
  89. Those who live outside Pakistan - Would you move back there if you could?
  90. King Abdullah and The War of 1948...
  91. PMLN Govt spent more than Rs 11bn for marketing & advertisement of its projects in 3 Years
  92. President Trump listens to Quran at Inauguration Ceremony
  93. 32 killed in latest India rail disaster
  94. Hull City's Ryan Mason, 26, retires after heeding specialist medical advice over fractured skull
  95. Kindness for the sake of it OR to gain religious rewards?
  96. Dutch PM Rutte: 'If you don't like it here, then leave'
  97. Maryam Safdar named in Panama Papers as beneficiary
  98. Panamagate casts shadows on all issues
  99. Visiting the UK - Help needed
  100. Dasht-e-Tanhai by Meesha Shafi
  101. KSE-100 crosses 50,000 points, touches record high
  102. A 16 year old schoolboy rejects £5 million for a website he created
  103. Pakistan conducts successful test of SSM ABABEEL 1 (2200 Km) with MIRV technology
  104. Real game-changer: Panama, not CPEC
  105. [PICTURES] Shahid Afridi frees 30 Pakistanis from Dubai prisons [update#18]
  106. Lashkar-e-Jhangvi is a more lethal outfit than TTP : Former ISI chief Zaheer ul Islam
  107. Pakistan’s misguided obsession with infrastructure
  108. Ugandans invent 'smart jacket' to diagnose pneumonia
  109. Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif forbidden from making speech in Davos due to corruption investigation
  110. Why Did The United Arab Republic Fail?...Nassers Failure At Nation Building...
  111. What's your favorite car?
  112. Justin Timberlake's Best Song!
  113. Mr McMahon's wife gets appointed to a cabinet position by Trump; Triple H rallies for her!
  114. Which would you prefer - a male child or a female child?
  115. Burj Khalifa to illuminate in Indian National flag colours
  116. Usain Bolt loses one Olympic gold medal as Nesta Carter tests positive
  117. Government threatening the Supreme Court?
  118. Rahul Dravid Declines Honorary Doctorate, Says Will Earn One Through Research
  119. Who is Faisal Tiwana?
  120. Trump bans Syrian refugees and orders to build Great wall on Mexican border! (Excecutive Order!)
  121. Muslims - Do you agree with cousin marriages?
  122. How Does Pakistan Deal With Its War Veterans?...
  123. Serene Air to launch with flights to seven Pakistani cities
  124. PEMRA bans Amir Liaquat over hate speech
  125. Ruckus in National Assembly as govt, PTI lawmakers slap each other
  126. What do you think of Dr. Shahid Masood?
  127. Royal Rumble 2017 Prediction Thread
  128. [PICTURES] Shahid Afridi giving away Peshawar Zalmi kits to APS students in Peshawar
  129. More documents linking Maryam to London flats released
  130. Pak-origin UK woman tracks ‘deserter’ Indian husband to Kerala, gets alimony
  131. General Bajwa approves deployment of 200,000 troops for census
  132. PTI launches campaign in favor of Daniyal Aziz to make him a Minister #JusticeForDaniyalAziz
  133. What do the people of Pakistan think of overseas Pakistanis?
  134. Scientists create human-pig hybrid via experiment
  135. Pakistan NICOP ID online applications photographs : Help Required
  136. Three people you would invite for dinner
  137. Shah Rukh Khan - Films in decline?
  138. Raees
  139. If Trump includes Pakistan in banning visitors and refugees from the US, how it will affect you?
  140. India does not allow dual nationality. Shouldn't Pakistan do the same?
  141. Tehran to ban Americans from entering Iran in retaliatory move
  142. Canadians will Welcome you, Regardless of your Faith, Diversity is our Strength : Justin Trudeau
  143. Should I develop a software start up instead of going into employment?
  144. Which Country Takes The Most Asylum Seekers and What Did The US Do Last Year?
  145. Victoria mosque destroyed in early-morning blaze; cause unknown
  146. Three killed after row breaks out over cricket match in Nowshera
  147. The Mind of Donald Trump - A Psychologist analyzes
  148. Theresa May 'does not agree' with Trump's refugee ban
  149. Man kicks Muslim woman at JFK airport, says 'Trump is here now'
  150. "I pray that Trump bans Pakistani visas so that we can focus on fixing our country" : Imran Khan
  151. FA Cup being devalued?
  152. Can Europe or the UK also ban Muslims?
  153. Describe your typical day at work
  154. Alexandre Bissonnette sentenced to life in prison for killing 6 in Quebec mosque [Update#86]
  155. News is spreading that Bashar al-Assad has ‘suffered a stroke’
  156. Pakistani soldier injured in cross border attack succumbs to injuries: ISPR
  157. Anti-Trump petition to stop UK state visit passes 1m signatures
  158. How To Fight Populism?...
  159. Pakistan places alleged mastermind of 2008 Mumbai attacks under house arrest
  160. Sanjay Leela Bhansali attacked on Padmavati set
  161. Shahid Afridi to support Karachi University’s mass communications department
  162. Donald Trump sacks defiant acting attorney general
  163. SEAL, 8-year-old American girl killed in first Trump-era U.S. military raid
  164. Austria to ban full-face veil in public places
  165. Pakistanis would support banning Afghans from entering Pakistan, so why do they find offense here?
  166. The Chinese man trapped in India for half a century
  167. World Leaders of the 2010s
  168. Saudi prince buys airplane seats to transport 80 falcons
  169. A very British witch hunt: The truth behind the Muslim charities extremism scandal
  170. Two Indian athletes from Kashmir denied US visa
  171. The Myth That The Gulf Doesn't Help Syrian Refugees
  172. How long will Donald Trump remain President of the USA?
  173. Trump targets H1bs, new policy hurts Indian immigrants
  174. Marco Verratti of PSG
  175. Man who claimed mom died in Iraq after Trump's ban lied, Imam confirms [update#2]
  176. Waqar Zaka subjected to physical and verbal abuse
  177. Coldest/Warmest place on Earth today
  178. Pakistan Cricket Team vs WWE
  179. 'Kuwait lifts visa restrictions on Pakistanis after six years' [update#44]
  180. PM Nawaz Sharif gifts horse to Emir of Qatar
  181. 8-10 million Iranians died over Great Famine caused by the British in late 1910s, documents reveal
  182. Think of any famous person in your mind and click this link
  183. Reuters to pay damages to mosque in London over false 'terrorism' allegation
  184. Punjab govt directs libraries to purchase PM Nawaz's biography
  185. Ramiz Raja casts Sanjay Dutt as he forays into filmmaking
  186. Thursday Morning Briefing: Trump takes on Islam, Iran and Australia
  187. Trump: "We’re taken advantage of by EVERY nation in the world"
  188. Sarfraz Ahmed blessed with a baby boy!
  189. Can "decriminalizing" corruption work in Pakistan as they tried to do in Romania?
  190. Frank Lampard: Former Chelsea & England midfielder retires
  191. Best ever Liverpool forward?
  192. Chinese, Pakistani businesses build ties as Beijing splurges on 'Silk Road'
  193. Machete-wielding man shot outside Louvre Museum in Paris
  194. Renowned scholar Pir Mohammad Alauddin Siddiqui passes away
  195. ARY Network channels shut in UK
  196. Trump's Chief Strategist Steve Bannon: 'We're going to war in the South China Sea ... no doubt'
  197. Renowned author Bano Qudsia passes away at 88
  198. Why do Indians and Pakistanis love liberals from each other's countries and hate their own?
  199. China tests Intercontinental missile with 10 warheads
  200. Trump travel ban: Pakistanis fear they're next
  201. Malam Jabba (Swat) International Alpine Ski Cup [Pics & Videos]
  202. Donald Trump’s immigration ban forces Pakistan-born cricketer to quit tournament
  203. "The opinion of this so-called judge is ridiculous and will be overturned": Donald Trump
  204. Should Arsenal sack Arsene Wenger at the end of the 2016-2017 season?
  205. "High time Kashmir issue is resolved" : Shahid Afridi
  206. Pakistani Civilian Deaths By Drones...Why Tracking Organisations Aren't Reliable...
  207. Envoy says Qatar not involved in Panamagate
  208. Gabriel Jesus: Rising Star
  209. White Sikh woman argues with Sikhs in Gurdwara
  210. Aguero to leave Manchester City?
  211. ISIS & Al Qaeda have already won. By succeeding in forcing change in our societies and everday lives
  212. Trump: Blame the Judge, who blocked his order, for the next terror attack that takes place
  213. [VIDEO] The National Anthem of Pakistan On Santoor & Rabab
  214. Imran Khan responds to Shahid Afridi's criticism
  215. Pakistan should hold vote on merger with India, mocks Indian Home Minister Rajnath Singh
  216. Is It Easier To Get A Job As Adam Or Mohamed?
  217. BBC: EU Referendum voting patterns: Brexit voters generally less educated than those voting Remain
  218. If you could change one thing in History?
  219. Split (2017)
  220. Renowned Economist Tyler Cowan picks Pakistan as the most underrated economy in the world
  221. The confessions of St Isaac
  222. Tens of thousands of Saudis tweeting in Trump's support
  223. How do Israel’s tech firms do business in Saudi Arabia? Very quietly
  224. Any Graphic Novel/Comic Readers Here?
  225. Severe damage after tornadoes batter Louisiana
  226. How will Roger Federer fare for the remainder of the season?
  227. Bayern Munich's Philipp Lahm and Xabi Alonso to retire after this season
  228. Lady Gaga's performance at the Super Bowl during half time, your thoughts?
  229. KP buys medicines at prices lower than Punjab [50pc to 800pc]
  230. Where are we PPers all from?
  231. Labourer dies as Indian forces resort to firing on LOC again
  232. Jeremy Corbyn stuns Theresa May with secret texts 'exposing special deal' for Tory council
  233. POTW (Timepass) : SandyB
  234. Super Bowl winner Martellus Bennett snubs celebration with Donald Trump
  235. 9/11 mastermind blasts 'head of snake, Barack Obama' in letter
  236. SC halts operations of three Sharif family sugar mills
  237. US report identifies discrimination against minorities in India
  238. Railways spent 97% of funds on Punjab stations, 71% in Lahore division
  239. Trump's angry tweet to Judges: "I'LL SEE YOU IN COURT", after he's lost in court!
  240. When did extremism/hyper-conservatism in Pakistan go from being the state's project to society's?
  241. Does the legal system in India end up reflecting the prejudices of it's society?
  242. PMLN's House of Cards built on borrowed money beginning to crumble?
  243. Why are UK Hindus against a caste law?
  244. Boris Johnson urged UK to continue Saudi arms sales after funeral bombing
  245. Anybody been to Beirut?
  246. Your views on our educational system?
  247. From 77.6 kgs to 73 kgs before the 6th of March - Possible?
  248. Pakistan's senate boycotts UN event over US visa delay
  249. UKIP Immigration Spokesman retweets "If you want a Jihadi for a neighbour, Vote Labour"
  250. 'Modi likes peeping into people's bathrooms' : Congress leader Rahul Gandhi