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  1. KP buys medicines at prices lower than Punjab [50pc to 800pc]
  2. Where are we PPers all from?
  3. Labourer dies as Indian forces resort to firing on LOC again
  4. Jeremy Corbyn stuns Theresa May with secret texts 'exposing special deal' for Tory council
  5. POTW (Timepass) : SandyB
  6. Super Bowl winner Martellus Bennett snubs celebration with Donald Trump
  7. 9/11 mastermind blasts 'head of snake, Barack Obama' in letter
  8. SC halts operations of three Sharif family sugar mills
  9. US report identifies discrimination against minorities in India
  10. Railways spent 97% of funds on Punjab stations, 71% in Lahore division
  11. Trump's angry tweet to Judges: "I'LL SEE YOU IN COURT", after he's lost in court!
  12. When did extremism/hyper-conservatism in Pakistan go from being the state's project to society's?
  13. Does the legal system in India end up reflecting the prejudices of it's society?
  14. PMLN's House of Cards built on borrowed money beginning to crumble?
  15. Why are UK Hindus against a caste law?
  16. Boris Johnson urged UK to continue Saudi arms sales after funeral bombing
  17. Anybody been to Beirut?
  18. Your views on our educational system?
  19. From 77.6 kgs to 73 kgs before the 6th of March - Possible?
  20. Pakistan's senate boycotts UN event over US visa delay
  21. UKIP Immigration Spokesman retweets "If you want a Jihadi for a neighbour, Vote Labour"
  22. 'Modi likes peeping into people's bathrooms' : Congress leader Rahul Gandhi
  23. Solar Powered Products in Pakistan
  24. At least 10 killed, several injured in Lahore blast
  25. Three killed, nine wounded as bomb explodes on Quetta's Sariab Road
  26. Captured 'Pakistani Spy' Pigeon Escapes Police Custody, Returns To Pakistan
  27. Hitler lookalike arrested in Austria
  28. Have you ever cheated in your life?
  29. Pakistan bans Valentine's Day for being unIslamic
  30. If Rangers can conduct an operation in Karachi then why not in Punjab, asks Imran Khan
  31. America's Child Marriage Problem
  32. [VIDEO] Shahid Afridi meets Shaukat Khanum Cancer Hospital patients during PSL 2017
  33. Pakistani cricketers fixing again! - A reflection of society?
  34. Kim Jong-un's half-brother 'assassinated by two female agents using poisoned needles' in Malaysia
  35. Best academic career paths in Pakistan?
  36. Powerful blast reported near PDA office Phase 5 Hayatabad, Peshawar 2 injured
  37. Predictions on PP that actually came true
  38. ‘Terrorism increasing because children are not taught Arabic’ - PML-N MNA
  39. At least 70 dead as bomb rips through Lal Shahbaz shrine in Sehwan, Sindh
  40. Should Pakistan strike against terrorists inside Afghanistan?
  41. Punjab Police Constable Exposing Goverment Grills CM Shehbaz Sharif
  42. Easy Money: Not Nigerian Princesses, but "American Soldiers in Afghanistan with $132M oil money"
  43. Following Pakistan's lead - now Indians seek to curb lavish weddings
  44. J&K stone-pelters will be treated as jihadis’ aides: Army chief
  45. Over 100 militants killed in nationwide security crackdown following Sehwan blast
  46. Pakistan Army reportedly attacked militant hideouts in Afghanistan
  47. Where to stay in London for a week in July?
  48. POTW (Timepass) : Markhor
  49. The Great Wall
  50. Dutch far-right leader Geert Wilders tells supporters he wants to make country ‘ours again’
  51. Shoot-on-sight orders over illegal entry from Afghanistan
  52. Forcing Hijab is equally bad
  53. America is Crumbling
  54. 220 sleeper cells of terrorists in 18 districts of Punjab but still no operation?
  55. Activities/Classes for Young Children
  56. Love at first sight - A Myth or Reality?
  57. Using Careem and Uber in Pakistan
  58. The Sharifs are exposed again in the 1.2 BN Hudabiya Mills scam
  59. Judges stopped her because they couldn't believe it's her real voice!
  60. Planning on starting to watch Football as a Second Sport - Need Advice
  61. Neuro Linguistic Programming Demonstration
  62. Seven killed, 21 injured in terrorist attack on Charssada court
  63. Why do the Pakistani and Indian military have such contrasting approaches to politics?
  64. After Indian soldier, Pakistani soldier also has a message for the social media
  65. Lindsay Lohan: 'I was asked to remove headscarf and racially profiled at Heathrow Airport'
  66. British Muslim schoolteacher denied entry to US
  67. Modi cash crisis sparks surge in wife battering
  68. Pakistani cash in Swiss banks pulled out?
  69. US Muslim community campaigns to repair Jewish cemetery
  70. Need advise regarding hi-fi music system
  71. Terrorists killed, sanctuaries destroyed in Pak-Afghan border air blitz
  72. Income rules for foreign spouses upheld
  73. The History of South Asia: Every Year
  74. After Zarb-e-Azb, Pak Army launches "Radul Fasad" Operation
  75. [VIDEO] Passengers cheer as racist man kicked off flight for harassing Pakistanis
  77. Why did the USSR collapse whilst other communist nations like Cuba and China still remain intact?
  78. Lahore DHA blast was an 'accident' caused by cylinder explosion: Rana Sanaullah [Update Post #30]
  79. How the Communist Party Guided China to Success
  80. Did trying to host the PSL final in Pakistan do more harm than good?
  81. British man avoids jail after spitting in baby's face in racially aggravated assault
  82. [Satire] Tired of fighting Taliban at home, PM Nawaz Sharif flies to Turkey to fight Islamic State
  83. Were Leicester City right to sack Claudio Ranieri?
  84. German police arrest far-right extremists suspected of planning attacks
  85. Pope Francis: Better to be an atheist than a hypocritical Catholic
  86. 2 Indian Engineers Shot in Kansas, with one dead - FBI investigating it as being racially motivated
  87. POTW (Timepass) : KB
  88. Muhammad Ali Jr (son of Muhammad Ali) detained at US airport because of Muslim name
  89. Punjab police, traders accused of racial profiling
  90. Beard growth/maintenance products
  91. Sikhs, Kashmiris among new categories considered for UK census
  92. Want a pay rise? Offer prayers regularly!
  93. Rangoon!
  94. White House blocks CNN, BBC, New York Times, LA Times from media briefing
  95. How British Muslim Drug Dealers Square Their Job with Their Faith
  96. The Psyops tactics refined in Pakistan that have taken the White House
  97. Pakistan airline admits taking extra passengers in aisle
  98. [PICTURE] Nokia 3310 mobile phone resurrected at MWC 2017
  99. RIP Gerald Kaufman MP
  100. How much would you spend on a cricket related e-book?
  101. PSL background theme name?
  102. Would you fight against Pakistan?
  103. Hijab worn at Italian catwalk
  104. Oscars 2017: Moonlight wins best picture after La La Land mix-up
  105. Mahershala Ali is first ever Muslim actor to win an Academy Award
  106. Which song reminds you of your first love?
  107. Virender Sehwag in eye of Twitter storm after appearing to troll daughter of soldier slain in Kargil
  108. G.W. Bush says media crucial to "hold people like me to account," warns power is "very addictive"
  109. Google honors Abdul Sattar Edhi
  110. Do you believe that the Non-Muslim world wants to destroy Muslim countries?
  111. Earthquake shakes northern areas of Pakistan
  112. Freedom in the west as long as you are...
  113. Five presidents, three PMs to participate in ECO summit Islamabad
  114. I Received Threats For Calling Out ABVP, Says Kargil Martyr's Daughter
  115. Pakistan to repay $6.5b debt over the next 15 months
  116. Muslims should be cremated, there's no space to bury 20 cr people: BJP MP Sakshi Maharaj
  117. Your top 3 pro wrestlers ever?
  118. Is a cricket match more important than human life?
  119. [VIDEO] The lie we live
  120. Stereo-typing Pashtoons
  121. Question to the first generation immigrants
  122. By 2050, India will have the most Muslims in the world
  123. Are Scousers the worst sporting fans across all sports?
  124. 19,000 Pakistani students studying in Chinese universities
  125. Barcelona's next manager?
  126. Atletico Madrid striker Fernando Torres taken to hospital after suffering head injury
  127. Francois Fillon: French conservative candidate's home raided
  128. Solar Power or Generator? Need recommendations
  129. The first drone strike (in Pakistan) in Trump's presidency ....
  130. Cricket replaces guns in Pakistan region once the world’s most impregnable terrorist stronghold
  131. What is it like working for Google or Facebook?
  132. Amir Mehdi: Left out to freeze on K2 and forgotten
  133. Maldives plan to sell atoll to Saudi Arabia has India worried
  134. Sam Harris - How To Defend Donald Trump
  135. Stormzy: The Record Breaking British Grime Artist!
  136. KP slaps ban on Dowry
  137. What do you do when your car wont start? Common problems for car drivers
  138. LHC orders sealing of two sugar mills 'owned by Sharif family'
  139. Why is Govt distributing PSL tickets to PMLN workers?
  140. Warrior Dash 2017
  141. Shoe thrown at Sheikh Rashid as he exits train station in Lahore
  142. Are we witnessing the demise of Democracy in America?
  143. Man spends $50,000 on over 100 procedures to transform into a Genderless Alien
  144. Is this man "not a fit and proper person"? Or is it a witch hunt?
  145. Inglorious Empire: What the British did to India
  146. "Go Nawaz Go" chants during PSL 2018 final
  147. Lahore lit up like a "dulhan" during PSL 2017 final
  148. What are your views on the Niqab/Burqa?
  149. Alexis Sanchez in furious bust-up with angry Arsenal team-mates just days before trip to Liverpool
  150. To pay or not to pay the street beggars?
  151. Akhtar Ali Shah likely to be made K-P police chief
  152. PTI plans to invite public input on party tickets for 2018 elections
  153. Pakistan loses $10 billion a year to money laundering
  154. Five soldiers martyred, ten terrorists killed in attack on three checkposts in Mohmand Agency
  155. Sikh Man, Recovering After Gunshot, Was Allegedly Told To ‘Get Out Of Our Country’
  156. Anyone Using FreeBSD on PP? Need Help
  157. How do you manage a cart? PHP help required
  158. "It was my family's decision not to go to Lahore, had nothing to do with Imran Khan" : K Pietersen
  159. A "VVIP" had taken police personnel deployed with him about half an hour before Sehwan attack
  160. Delhi International Airport Adjudged World's Second Best Large Airport
  161. Tax evasion and possibly money laundering against Sethi
  162. Bitcoin / E-dinar ponzi mlm pyramid scheme scams
  163. Nike set to launch Pro Hijab for female Muslim athletes
  164. 'World's heaviest' woman Eman Ahmed dies in Abu Dhabi, aged 37 [Update Post #10]
  165. 35 Transgender Pakistani Women Arrested, 2 Beaten To Death at Saudi Arabia Party
  166. Wikileaks 'reveals CIA hacking tools' - inc. how iPhones & Smart TVs are used for eavesdropping
  167. Pakistani guy makes a Triple H like entrance to his wedding, you won't believe what happened next
  168. Stranded Afghans queue to leave Pakistan
  169. Former Afghan President Hamid Karzai says Kabul won't recognise the Durand Line
  170. Would you have chosen another nationality to be born into if you had a choice?
  171. Goodness gracious me – why aren’t there more Asians on the TV?
  172. Bangladesh will commission first ever 2 submarines on 12th march
  173. The best moment of your life?
  174. There are more Indian migrants living in Pakistan than the United States
  175. Would you do an Imran Khan?
  176. KP ahead of other provinces with lowest percentage of out of school children: Report
  177. Still talking about "Phateechar"? Check language of PMLN leader today in press conference
  178. Bhopal Ujjain train blast was carried out by ISIS, have proof: CM Shivraj Singh Chouhan
  179. Tory Election Fraud : Whistleblowers emerge as investigations near conclusion
  180. Suspects 'on the run' after several injured in axe attack at Dusseldorf train station
  181. Should the Govt remove the ban on Basant celebrations in Lahore?
  182. What is the perception of India in the mind of an average Pakistani?
  183. Tarbela, Mangla dams to hit dead level in the next 36 hours
  184. 'Curry Mode' washing machine, with a separate button for curry stains, launched in India
  185. What's your favourite food?
  186. 2 Pakistani boys accused of Uri attack handed over to Pakistan Army
  187. When was the last time you went a whole day without eating meat?
  188. [VIDEO] Children interrupt BBC News interview
  189. [PICTURE] The image which has gone viral in Kashmir
  190. If you made a mistake in Surah recitation in Fard Salaat
  191. Pakistan’s trade deficit reaches record high, Remittances from Saudi, Gulf countries decline 14.9%
  192. Accused in Edhi Foundation robbery threaten Faisal Edhi with ‘dire consequences’
  193. Our blind faith in Allah and how it has let generations of Pakistani politicians get away
  194. Wind stopped play in Cape Town - domestic cricket games stopped
  195. 6th census from March 15 to May 25: Information Minister
  196. Ronaldinho is coming to Pakistan!
  197. Hussain Haqqani admits facilitation of CIA operatives in Pakistan with civilian’s nod
  198. Who would have the best fitness: Athlete, Special Forces solder or a fitness trainer?
  199. Has anyone tried the SMAAASH arcade at Delhi/Mumbai/Bangalore?
  200. US Woman (of Indian subcontinent descent) confronts Trump spokesman Spicer in Apple Store
  201. Pre-election changes: PML-N starts tweaking system to its advantage
  202. Govt to act against 'propaganda campaign' targeting PM, his family: Information Minister
  203. Is It Necessary For NGO Workers To Be Idealistic?...
  204. [PICTURES] A Trip To Georgia!
  205. Nawaz's Holi message: 'Islam gives people freedom to choose their religion'
  206. Spain's Moriscos : a 400 year old Muslim tragedy is a story for today
  207. Amazing video of cloud photographs
  208. N'Golo Kanté - best central midfielder in the world?
  209. Romelu Lukaku: Manchester United sign Everton striker for initial £75m on 5-year deal [Update #20]
  210. Saudi Arabia launches girls' council - without any girls
  211. New focus on Sikh turbans as illegal Afghan immigrant scam uncovered
  212. Pakistani passport downgraded
  213. How can I improve my English speaking skills? Tips please
  214. Pakistan's Top 3 Airports To Be Given on Lease to Chinese Companies
  215. Insaafians, Big Big News is Around the Corner!
  216. Pakistan to lead global campaign against blasphemous content
  217. ECP rejects disqualification references against Imran Khan and Jehangir Tareen
  218. What are your top 3 favourite Wrestlemania matches and moments?
  219. Cow slaughter to be punishable by life sentence in India, Gujarat
  220. I got ill.
  221. Is there a role for military courts in the Pakistani judicial system?
  222. Teen scientist wins $2,50,000
  223. Khyber Pakhtunkhwa's 'billion tree tsunami'
  224. Hindus tell Muslims to leave village after Modi poll win
  225. Balochistan to become tiger of Pakistan: PM
  226. Dalit Man Beaten To Death By Cops For Throwing Color On Upper Caste Man In Jharkhand: Report
  227. Separatists say Pakistan proposal to declare Gilgit-Baltistan as province unacceptable
  228. Merkel asks for a handshake, Trump doesn't respond
  229. Saudi, China, Turkey to join Pakistan Day military parade on March 23
  230. Best cable TV in Pakistan
  231. Woman killed as Indian forces resorted to unprovoked firing along LoC
  232. Logan - The Greatest Superhero film of all time? Your Review?
  233. Murad Saeed, Javed Latif tiff resolved by National Assembly jirga
  234. Chuck Berry (1927-2017)
  235. Another NRO or deal for PPP?
  236. Researchers reveal new Wi-Fi system 100 times faster than current systems
  237. The Pakistan-Afg Border Reopened, Effective immediately (Nawaz Sharif)
  238. Javed Afridi hoping Darren Sammy converts to Islam
  239. Asif Zardari launches career as political analyst
  240. Its a proven fact! Pakistanis are happier than Indians....
  241. Who will be the manager of Arsenal next season?
  242. To the Western Muslims, are you big on Halal? Ever get tempted by a tasty KFC crispy chicken wing?
  243. Funniest football interview of all time
  244. Beef rumours: Dadri averted, police watched mob beat us, say Jaipur hotel owner, manager
  245. What types of meat have you tried yet?
  246. Top 5 Fuel Efficient Cars You Should Buy In Pakistan
  247. Martin McGuinness: Terrorist or freedom fighter?
  248. UK and US flight bans on electronic devices announced
  249. Cars Thread - Anything Car Related
  250. 7 Psychological Concepts That Explain the Trump Era of Politics