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  1. Indian extremists vandalise Zara's showroom for selling Pakistani clothes
  2. Two-wheelers and their risks...
  3. India deprives Pakistan of featuring in Asian Squash
  4. Pakistanis' obsession with trying to outdo each other in posting pics with a religious context
  5. National netball champion given triple talaq for giving birth to girl
  6. Police arrest man behind anti-Kashmiri hoardings in Meerut
  7. Pak man eats leaves for 25 years, never falls ill
  8. Radical Hindus beat 3 Muslims transporting buffaloes to slaughter house in Delhi
  9. PFA Player of the Year: Chelsea's N'Golo Kante wins top award for 2016-17
  10. Four FC personnel martyred in Quetta IED blast
  11. Messi (today) vs Messi (past) - Performance watch
  12. Pak woman reunites with husband, will reach Hubballi soon
  13. Chief Justice of Pakistan urges Imran Khan to play role in ending mistrust of judiciary
  14. Not looking someone in the eye is racist, Oxford University students told
  15. Confused PML-N party wings congratulate PM Nawaz for earning title of ‘Godfather’ in Panama verdict
  16. [VIDEO] How CPEC is affecting our ads as well :)
  17. US general in Afghanistan suggests Russia arming the Taliban
  18. Maoist rebels kill 24 paramilitary commandos in central India
  19. 10 killed as landmine blast hits van carrying census workers in Kurram
  20. Seats for ‘Hindustanis not Pakistanis’: Young men humiliate elderly man in Delhi Metro
  21. China bans dozens of Muslim names for babies in Xinjiang
  22. China, India Become Climate Leaders as West Falters
  23. The witchunt against Tim Farron
  24. Sharifs’ legal team mulls filing review petition against the Panama verdict
  25. Women make up less than 2pc of country’s police force: report
  26. MCD Election Results 2017 - Delhi Picks BJP Again, Arvind Kejriwal Spurned
  27. The better Beatle: John Lennon or Paul McCartney?
  28. China twice bailed out Pakistan in the last year
  29. Former TTP, JuA spox claims terrorist organisations being 'used' by India, Afghanistan
  30. Joey Barton banned from football for 18 months after betting on games
  31. Canadian senator robbed in Islamabad
  32. World Championship Snooker
  33. J&K Govt orders suspension of social media for a month in Kashmir
  34. Imran Khan alleged that PM Sharif had offered him Rs10 billion to back off from the Panama case
  35. Why terror financing is difficult to clamp down on in Pakistan
  36. Vinod Khanna passes away!
  37. Another shoot stopped in Jaipur, crew had recreated Pakistan
  38. Pakistan Sports Board (PSB) director-general Akhtar Ganjera suspended for corruption?
  39. [VIDEO] Pakistani cricketer singing most beautiful Nasheed in the changing room
  40. Indian delegation led by industrialist Jindal calls on Nawaz Sharif in secrecy
  41. POTW (Timepass) : Syed1
  42. Why aren't there any Pakistani born CEOs in the USA?
  43. Russia, India eyeing to tap Pakistan gas market
  44. Willesden shooting: Police foil 'active terror plot'
  45. German soldier 'posed as Syrian asylum-seeker to carry out terror attack and blame it on refugees'
  46. Per Capita income in South Asia
  47. Naila Jaffri refuses government aid for cancer treatment protesting Jindal's arrival in Pakistan
  48. India and Pakistan trading
  49. Pale Blue Dot - Carl Sagan (You may cry, most people do)
  50. Times Now slammed by UK TV regulator for biased Indo-Pak coverage, channel blames Arnab Goswami
  51. Gautam Gambhir To Bear Educational Expenses Of 25 Martyrs
  52. 1500 year-old ‘ Syriac ‘ Bible found in Ankara, Turkey : Vatican in shock
  53. Lahori *insert food* - why?
  54. Many Turks seek Pakistani citizenship
  55. Hamid Mir to return father's 1971 award to Bangladesh
  56. Best Guitar Solo of all time!
  57. The Azlan Shah Hockey Tournament 2017
  58. Army rejects PM Office statement on Dawn Leaks report
  59. Which language do you think in?
  60. In case of referendum, we will vote for India: Top Gilgit-Baltistan leader
  61. Holy Land: Startup Nations (Full Documentary) | Future Cities | WIRED
  62. PM Nawaz Sharif comes under massive criticism for his misogynistic remarks about PTI women
  63. Politics not your business, go play cricket: Nawaz Sharif tells Imran Khan
  64. Shireen Mazari seeks apology from PM over ‘misogynistic’ remarks about PTI women
  65. Sharifs consider asking SC to expunge Godfather analogy
  66. AJ v Vladimir boxing
  67. Wasim Akram to join PTI's Karachi march on 30th April
  68. If You Could Bring One Person Back From the Dead, Who Would it Be?
  69. India set to break into FIFA top-100 for the first time since 1996
  70. Song that unites the people of your country
  71. Turkish authorities block Wikipedia without giving reason
  72. One murder won’t change attitudes over Blasphemy in Pakistan
  73. Inside story of TTP-JA spokesman’s surrender
  74. Islamists end Bangladesh stand-off with suicide blast
  75. Mental health concerns in Indian-administered Kashmir
  76. India's Assam mob kills two Muslim men over 'cow theft'
  77. If you were appointed as your country's motivational coach
  78. Former US Navy Seal describes the moment he killed Osama bin Laden
  79. With Rs2.72b loss, PTV earning more from utility bills than ads
  80. Indian brides given wooden paddles to hit drunken, abusive husbands by leading politician
  81. Police probe racist mock Pokémon stickers found in Tube station
  82. International worker's day. Great decision by left-led Kerala government
  83. The Kashmir issue...through different view points
  84. Blue Eyed Man Stands Up. Change? Tabdeeli?
  85. Bill Gates’ philanthropy: 30,000 Indian girls used as 'guinea pigs' to test HPV vaccine
  86. Shahid Afridi to host Junaid Jamshed's Ramzan show
  87. [VIDEO] Never give up - Umar Akmal please watch this
  88. Pak Army rejects allegation of mutilating Indian soldiers' bodies
  89. Need info on Canada PR processing
  90. Sacred Cow Ambulance Service in India Launched
  91. PTI councillor Arif arrested by KP police in Mashal Khan murder case [Update Post #15]
  92. Maryam Nawaz schooled by foreign journalist who exposed Panama Leaks
  93. Hassan Minhaj killed it at the Whitehouse Correspondents' Dinner
  94. I'd respectfully want to know of posters who have unfortunately lost one or both of your parents
  95. UEFA Champions League Records BROKEN by Cristiano Ronaldo
  96. How many of you still watch the TV?
  97. The reality of life in Pakistan
  98. Pakistan should understand terrorism and sports can't go together : Vijay Goel
  99. FBI translator married IS fighter she spied on
  100. Aaron Lennon detained under the Mental Health Act, confirm Everton
  101. How/Why are US theaters playing Bollywood movies?
  102. India sends back 50 Pakistani students after threats by extremists
  103. Ghani declines invitation to visit Pakistan
  104. Digital Economy Act: Illegal Kodi streams could now land users in prison for 10 years
  105. Afghani Burger
  106. Is this the best prank video ever?
  107. Your views on capital punishment
  108. Indian police, medics convicted in Gujarat riots gangrape case
  109. Violence erupts as police refuse to hand Hindu man suspected of blasphemy over to enraged mob
  110. Why is Pakistan's government ok with US drones roaming and bombing Pakistan at will?
  111. The mother of all malls coming to Karachi soon.....
  112. Afghanistan attacks Pakistan
  113. Situation in Kashmir never scarier: RAW’s former chief
  114. PM blames opposition for power shortfall in Pakistan
  115. Did Jinnah die too soon, not fully sharing his vision to his successors?
  116. Why are British Indians more successful than British Pakistanis?
  117. Bangladesh is now the single biggest country of origin for refugees on boats as new route to Europe
  118. Israel Forgives ISIS For Attack Following Apology
  119. Thoughts on Physician-Assisted Suicide?
  120. Gennady Tkachenko-Papizh ~ Incredible Voice
  121. PakPassion and Life
  122. Terrorist attacks in KP reduced by 43pc, says official
  123. The New Day to appear on IPL Extra Innings T20....
  124. India bans medical visas for Pakistan
  125. Indian army captures Pakistani minor for inadvertently crossing LoC
  126. How ISI funds stone-pelters via Hurriyat in Kashmir: Times Now
  127. A Bangladeshi man has died after a clash over illegal betting of taka 50 (62 cents) on an IPL match
  128. FIFA Rankings: Pakistan (201) - India (100)
  129. Japan's ultra-luxurious new sleeper train
  130. Stephen Fry under police investigation for blasphemy after branding God an 'utter maniac'
  131. 3 civilians killed in shelling by Indian troops across LoC
  132. Jemima and Imran Khan's cute WhatsApp exchange proves friendships can survive a divorce
  133. Eoin Morgan as England Captain is like a Pakistani Captaining Team India, British Tolerance Rules
  134. Why are Indian mangoes better than Pakistani mangoes?
  135. Religion is alive and thriving in officially atheist China
  136. Shirts or Clothes with Pakistani flags or symbols?
  137. Who will win the 2016-17 UEFA Europa League?
  138. If you want to know about Muslim women's rights, ask Muslim women | Susan Carland
  139. Muslims living in the Greater Toronto Area...
  140. Thanks to the improving security situation Peshawar cosies up to new food chains
  141. Messi lookalike almost ends up in Iranian prison after proving too popular with selfie-hunters
  142. Which players do you want your team to sign for next season?
  143. Naureen Laghari & ISIS!
  144. U.S. to Send More Troops into Afghanistan
  145. What caste/Zaat are you?
  146. So this is the message I received today........
  147. Kudos to Nicki Minaj (and Jeremy Corbyn if he gets elected)
  148. Landlady cuts hand of minor for refusing to feed animals
  149. Akala comes out in support of Jeremy Corbyn
  150. 'Say No To Corruption' campaign by NAB
  151. K-P govt to allocate Rs138b for education
  152. Maulana Fazlur Rehman says he was offered money to back PTI's agenda of 'de-Islamising' in K-P
  153. Who is your favourite violinist?
  154. Take my cricket quiz!
  155. PML-N leaders apologise after criticism draws SC’s ire
  156. Army withdraws tweet 'rejecting' PM House notification on Dawn Leaks, Dawn leaks issue settled
  157. Maulana Tariq Jameel offloaded from flight to Canada from Dubai!
  158. President Trump fires FBI Director James Comey
  159. DJ Robert Miles, best known for his trance hit Children, has died
  160. South Africa's Stellenbosch University in Nazi furore
  161. Bernie Sanders to tour UK prior to General Election
  162. Who will win the 2016-17 UEFA Champions League Final?
  163. How I Went From NHS Director to Mental Health Inpatient in Ten Days
  164. Disgusting show of classism in Pakistan
  165. EA Cricket 2019?
  166. Ummar Fayaz, kidnapped Army officer from Kashmir tortured before he was killed
  167. Pakistani Movie Trailers [HD VIDEOS]
  168. It's Like AirBnB for Refugees : UK hosts and their guests – in pictures
  169. Why are Indians so obsessed with Pakistan?
  170. Syed Sibtain Kazmi accused murderer of Maulana Azam Tariq arrested after 14 years
  171. Shab-e-Barat 2017
  172. Zarrar Behind The Scene 2017 Shaan Shahid|Kiran Malik|Nadeem Baig
  173. Generals, KSA & Sharif's
  174. A side of Floyd Mayweather we've never seen before, his heartwarming relation with Gervonta Davis
  175. PM took General Bajwa in confidence over covert Jindal meeting: BBC
  176. The One Belt, One Road Initiative - The Rise of Modern Day Asia
  177. What It Is Like to Use Neither Hindi Nor English In India
  178. Blast targets convoy of Senate's deputy chairman, 17 killed
  179. Project Ghazi (2017) |Official Teaser HD|Sheheryar Munawar Siddiqui|Syra Shehroz|Nadir Shah
  180. Public eating banned in Pakistan
  181. Do you prefer driving an automatic or a manual car?
  182. Questions about Travelling back to Pakistan
  183. What is the average price of a house in your city?
  184. What is Pakistan's signature dish when it comes to hot food?
  185. NHS cyber-attack: hospital computer systems held to ransom across England
  186. Terror in Mastung: Suicide blast targeting Maulana Haideri kills 25
  187. Congratulations to Chelsea, EPL Champions for 2016/17!
  188. Academics write Letter to Guardian condemning the anti-Corbyn bias
  189. Saudi Arabia is giving women more freedom as it looks beyond oil
  190. 10 outrageous reasons for Muslims being kicked off flights
  191. 10 labourers killed in Gwadar as unidentified assailants open fire at construction site
  192. Parents protest against Thar deaths carrying bodies of children
  193. US nears $100 billion arms deal with Saudi Arabia ahead of Trump's trip
  194. Ramadan Foods
  195. Nisar hits out at 'secular' political opponents
  196. Youngster lynched to death in Abbottabad
  197. Electronic Media Freedom and Responsibility of Journalists, some valid points by Journalist Mubashir
  198. British Pakistani Masterchef winner faces online racist abuse
  199. [VIDEO] Shoaib Akhtar And Wasim Akram AKA Maula Jutt Tey Noori Nath
  200. Indian lawmaker booked for calling Hyderabad 'mini Pakistan'
  201. Chairman and CEO Axact and BOL Media Group Shoaib Ahmed Shaikh’s Speech at the 20th Team Meet
  202. Tony Benn - 10 minute history lesson for neo-liberals
  203. Nadiya Hussain to present The Hajj for BBC One
  204. FIFA U-17 World Cup football final ticket will cost you just Rs 48
  205. Who was the most popular sportsperson of their time?
  206. Indian military court acquits officer who used Kashmiri as human shield: media reports
  207. How much do you agree with I.F. Stone's statement that all governments lie?
  208. [VIDEOS] A Non-Muslim's research on the Islamic Dry Fast - A must view
  209. Mast Qalandar - Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan or Sami Yusuf
  210. Beijing plans to turn Pakistan into its economic colony
  211. Who has been the best Prime Minister of Pakistan?
  212. Labour Party Manifesto launch for 2017 General Election
  213. Pakistani Entertainment (Videos HD)
  214. New Video: Shoaib Akhtar And Wasim Akram Game Show Teaser Coming Soon
  215. Twenty International wrestlers arrive in Karachi as Pro Wrestling competition begins tomorrow
  216. Three Girls - BBC Drama about Rochdale grooming scandal
  217. Heroin found on Islamabad-London PIA flight - British authorities
  218. Donald Trump to deliver 'inspiring' speech on 'peaceful vision of Islam' in Saudi Arabia
  219. Who will win the 2017 FA Cup Final?
  220. Donald Trump a servant of Allah, according to Saudi cleric
  221. Mustafa Kamal's Million March!
  222. Kashmir: Nine arrested for posing with Pakistan flags in photo
  223. Cage Human Rights advocate charged for 'not revealing passwords'
  224. Comedy Videos In HD
  225. Say goodbye to the iconic MP3
  226. West Midlands police unit accused of perjury and falsifying evidence
  227. "Extraordinary" Oxford student avoids jail for KNIFE attack as it would affect her career prospects
  228. IELTS writing
  229. Master of None - Netflix
  230. Maryam Nawaz Sharif, Prime Minister in the making!
  231. Surprising cancer treatment discovered by accident
  232. Conservative Party Manifesto launch for General Election 2017
  233. North India vs South India
  234. Liberal Democrats manifesto
  235. Roger Ailes, the founder of Fox News Channel and former CEO, is DEAD aged 77
  236. 1 dead, 19 injured after car plows into pedestrians in Times Square: Fire officials
  237. Is Jahangir Khan the greatest sportsman ever?
  238. Chris Cornell: Soundgarden star dies of 'hanging by suicide'
  239. IT AUDITOR - Advice needed
  240. Has anyone encountered Ransomware - WannaCry
  241. Need clarification : Why do Muslims not eat Pork?
  242. What's your favourite movie soundtrack?
  243. An Indian national football team beats corresponding Italian national football team in a friendly
  244. True believers from Abrahamic religions. Do you believe Adam & Eve were the first human beings?
  245. Best Internet browser
  246. Alien: Covenant!
  247. Canada: Best city for an engineer to work in?
  248. 'World's best-preserved' dinosaur fossil unveiled in Canada
  249. Time Pass and Sports Corner forums have now been merged into "Time Pass & Sports" forum
  250. UKIP candidate Captain Paddy Singh suspended over racist tweets on Israel, Pakistan and China