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  1. Acid attacks in the UK
  2. Pakistanis in Australia
  3. American destruction of Korea in few lines
  4. The ‘absent’ schoolteacher of Dulmial
  5. Nawaz Sharif played a major role in my release : Raymond Davis
  6. PTI focusing on central Punjab to turn tide in next election
  7. Party’s over for millions, as India launches GST
  8. Racism in the Gulf
  9. Venus Williams agrees settlement in fatal Florida car crash [Update Post #6]
  10. Cruelty of Pakistan's showbiz industry is shocking
  11. "Indians facing identity crisis in US under Trump"
  12. How to crack Big 4 entry test and Interview?
  13. A query regarding employment search in Pakistan?
  14. Afghan girls team shines at US robotics competition, wins silver medal [Update Post #8]
  15. Donald Trump tweets mock video of himself tackling, punching CNN logo
  16. Best Hotel Chain to stay in/become rewards member?
  17. Pakistan athletes get visas for Asian Athletics Championships in Bhubaneshwar
  18. IT HAPPENED! Unknown Aussie Jeff Horn SHOCKS the world with a big upset win over Manny Pacquiao
  19. Sports stars and Charity - some excellent examples
  20. Budget airline considering plans to remove all seats from its planes to make passengers stand
  21. Indian woman in fifth acid attack despite police protection
  22. "America is the best country in the world. By far"
  23. Gunmen open fire outside Avignon mosque in France, eight injured
  24. Bollywood celebrities congratulate Indian women's team on victory against Pakistan
  25. Record 100,000 tourists’ vehicles enter Galiyat, KP on Eid days!
  26. Wimbledon 2017 Thread
  27. Who is the best leader in the world right now and why?
  28. [VIDEO] Nabi, Nabi, Ya Nabi, Ya Nabi
  29. International Cricket Captain 2017 to be released on 6th July (PSL now included)
  30. John Terry: Former England and Chelsea captain retires from football [Update Post #27]
  31. Pakistan to join top global economies of G20 by 2030: Ishaq Dar
  32. Should Pakistan take the initiative in seeking peace with India?
  33. Hajj from the UK
  34. Why does the Muslim world lag behind in science and technology?
  35. Canadian baby 'first without gender designation' on health card
  36. Is The Office (The US version, not that UK one) the most rewatchable show ever made?
  37. WWE Great Balls of Fire 2017: Predictions and Match Discussion
  38. New study says high testosterone levels give competitive edge to women athletes
  39. Coke Studio 10
  40. Muneeb Farooq Geo Tou Aesay!
  41. Who would you vote for, Frank Underwood (House of Cards TV Show character) or Donald Trump?
  42. BNP Leader Says Tories/Neocons Supported EDL To Divert Focus From Banking System
  43. Narendra Modi Makes First Visit to Israel by Indian PM, Ignores Palestine
  44. Funniest TV character of all time
  45. What's the business of Najeeb Haroon?
  46. Bill Gates warns that open door migration will overwhelm Europe
  47. Churchill's predictions for India
  48. Saudi Arabia has 'clear link' to UK extremism, report says
  49. Arab crisis puts UK in crisis
  50. Your views on Voltaire?
  51. Maryam Nawaz Sharif Protocol
  52. Ishaq Dar has secretly married a PMLN MNA : Ch Ghulam Hussain
  53. Will Alexandre Lacazette be a success for Arsenal?
  54. El Chapo - Netflix
  55. Who will win Wimbledon 2017?
  56. In a first in four years, dollar falls by Rs5.36 in interbank market [Update Post #31]
  57. Pakistan Army to the GCC: No longer your gun for hire
  58. Facebook Post Sparks Islamist Mob Fury In Bengal; Cops Stay Cooped Up In Thana
  59. Has Nawaz Sharif become the leader of anti-establishment forces?
  60. Bihar Muslim lawyer, sons convert to Hinduism
  61. Pakistan should act against Haqqani network or face sanctions: US
  62. India using deadly chemical ammunition in Occupied Kashmir: FO
  63. Why do people fight in the name of religion?
  64. International hockey federation to ask hosts England to probe India vs Pakistan fixing charge
  65. Ludo Star
  66. Mosque Teacher jailed for 13 years over Child Sex Abuse
  67. Started reading on G20. Why is Pakistan not in there?
  68. Medical Discussion and Health Advice [See Rules and Disclaimer in Post #1]
  69. FIA official arrested for sexually assaulting foreigner at Islamabad Airport
  70. Khamenei raises Kashmir issue, hints bitterness in India-Iran relations?
  71. PakPassion Memes thread
  72. Afghanistan told to establish writ on its territory
  73. Is the UK the greatest country ever?
  74. Party over for Nawaz Sharif? Press Conference by top PMLN guns today was more like a surrender!
  75. Manchester United | 2017-18 Season
  76. Nawaz Sharif or Imran Khan - who is best at hatching conspiracies to grab the throne of Islamabad?
  77. Are events such as the PSL Final or Ronaldinho and Friends match helping Pakistan's security image?
  78. Google data analysed: Hate and Prejudice in America - against blacks and Muslims
  79. Soccer's crazy transfer world: Is Michael Keane really worth £30m?
  80. Nikola Tesla
  81. [VIDEO] Ryan Giggs saying Pakistan Zindabad
  82. Why is Western culture so influential and powerful?
  83. Bilawal Bhutto Zardari vs Maryam Nawaz Sharif
  84. Was the Ronaldinho, Giggs event in Pakistan a success?
  85. Christian "holy violence" when they became the major religion in the Roman Empire
  86. Why were Abrahamic religions able to expand beyond their areas of origin while others couldn't?
  87. Charlie's day of destiny
  88. Should Nawaz Sharif resign?
  89. The Never Give Up Attitude Of Imran Khan!
  90. (Ex) Brexit campaign director: Govt. Ministers who favour leaving nuclear body Euratom are morons
  91. Hindu pilgrims killed in militant attack in Kashmir
  92. To what extent would the PMLN Lahore seats be affected by the result of the Panamagate Case?
  93. Nawaz Sharif heading towards the end, will PPP's accountability be next?
  94. Why are Indians against self-criticism?
  95. Today I realized the importance of Times New Roman
  96. Some Pakistanis are now modifying the Calibri font’s Wikipedia page
  97. Bahria vs Air vs FAST, which university should I attend for BBA?
  98. The Legend Saleh Zaafir
  99. Speculations about PM’s successor: Shahbaz seems to tread cautiously
  100. Pakistan wastes water worth Rs25bn annually: WAPDA Chairman
  101. The News reporter apologises for story suggesting JIT had found PM 'not guilty'
  102. Brazil's ex-President Lula convicted of corruption, sentenced to nine-and-a-half years in prison
  103. Yusuf Islam's Golden Years: Cat Stevens on Islam and His Return to Music
  104. Will Nawaz Sharif try to bribe the Chief Justice and/or Army Chief?
  105. Sharif's loss may strengthen army, has India worried : The Times of India
  106. India developing nuclear arsenal with focus on China: experts
  107. Pharmacy in Pakistan
  108. Pakistan’s secret atheists
  109. With Wayne Rooney's departure from Manchester United...
  110. Beards look cool?
  111. Manchester City agree £50m-plus deal to sign Kyle Walker from Tottenham
  112. The big jump in wealth of father of Nawaz Sharif
  113. Ajax’s Abdelhak Nouri suffered serious, permanent brain damage after collapse
  114. The State of Israel is looking at Tel Aviv-Jeddah flights for Hajj pilgrims
  115. India rejects China's offer, says talks with Pakistan only possible in bilateral framework
  116. Mr. Prime Minister now only a miracle can save you, see the writing on the wall : Ch Nisar to PM
  117. KPK Government borrows Rs70bn from the World Bank
  118. India tops global index of countries with the most confidence in their government
  119. AC Milan | 2017-18 Season
  120. "Kill them, they are Muslims" Muslim family attacked with iron rods, robbed by 30-35 men on UP train
  121. Security forces killed 102 terrorists in J&K in 7 months, more on hit list
  122. Muslim Man Dragged Out Of Mosque, slapped for not shouting ‘Bharat Mata ki jai’
  123. [VIDEO] Theresa May confronted at Summer garden party by journalist under threat of deportation
  124. Is Sholay the greatest Bollywood movie of all time?
  125. Pakistan quietly helped Iraq in defeating IS, says Iraqi envoy
  126. Bills suggesting curbs on US assistance to Pakistan okayed
  127. What's so great about Kashmir?
  128. Maryam Mirzakhani, first woman to win maths' Fields Medal, dies
  129. [PICTURES] Imad Wasim visits cancer patients at Shaukat Khanum Memorial Cancer Hospital
  130. Indian Army Supporters Attack OPPO And Vivo Stores In Pune, India
  131. NO. Never. Not Going To Happen. Will Never Eat This.
  132. Are extra-judicial executions ever justified?
  133. #PakistanZindabad movement by Shoaib Malik on Twitter!
  134. Easah Suliman scores for England in Euro U19 Championship Final
  135. Gay Muslim wedding: Groom receives acid attack threats
  136. Has Roger Federer cemented himself as the best ever?
  137. Netflix - Loev: Indian gay love story shot in secret to avoid censors
  138. [VIDEO] Harvard students claim America is a bigger threat than ISIS (From 2014)
  139. Indian forces target military vehicle in Neelum Valley killing four soldiers
  140. Will Romelu Lukaku succeed at Manchester United?
  141. Habib Jalib - Your thoughts on him?
  142. Children of LGBTs, and heterosexual couples who support LGBT rights
  143. George A. Romero, 'Night of the Living Dead' creator, dies at 77
  144. Can Imran Khan win the election?
  145. Best city to live in Pakistan?
  146. Why are Muslims meant to eat Halal slaughtered animals?
  147. Has Naz Baloch's ouster finished the chances of a PTI revival in Sindh?
  148. Rafi vs Kishore vs Mukesh
  149. What are your preferred Pizza toppings and do you like Deep Pan or Thin Crust?
  150. Not obligatory to accept JIT findings, says Justice Ijaz
  151. The iron law of online abuse
  152. PMLN tried to bribe me : Hamid Mir in his today's column
  153. Is an India-China war in the offing?
  154. Why have religious parties done so poorly in Pakistani elections?
  155. Two security men killed, five wounded in Peshawar blast
  156. PoK is an integral part of India. Pakistan has illegally occupied it - Sushma Swaraj
  157. Sania Mirza-Shoaib Malik, Zaheer Khan-Sagarika Ghatge's night in London
  158. Ishaq Dar: it beggars belief
  159. Mohammed Shami threatened by local youth in Kolkata
  160. Irfan Pathan under attack on social media for this tweet - Madness or justified?
  161. Looking for advice from entrepreneurs here
  162. India’s ICC World T20 2007’s hero Joginder Sharma’s father stabbed, robbed
  163. Pentagon Study Declares American Empire is Collapsing
  164. Religious societies and poverty..
  165. Law firm confirms Pakistan PM's Dubai job papers as 'legal'
  166. This is how Pakistanis treat you if you steal a few hundreds but they are fine if you steal billions
  167. Traveling to Pakistan after 10 years
  168. Official logo of 70 years of Independence celebrations released
  169. Stuff you like about each other's countries
  170. BBC salaries: Gender pay chasm revealed with top male getting four times as much as top female
  171. Pakistan, a safe haven for terrorists: US
  172. Chelsea complete the £60m signing of Real Madrid striker Alvaro Morata
  173. Does the Indic civilization possess the greatest written heritage?
  174. Netanyahu reveals details of Israeli strikes, bashes allies in leaked recordings
  175. PakPassion Fantasy Premier League 2017/18 Competition (Prizes to play for)
  176. Your favorite museum!
  177. Why couldn't Pakistan become touristic like Morocco or Tunisia?
  178. Bill Clinton offered $5 billion to not conduct nuclear test in 1998: Nawaz Sharif
  179. Syria war: Trump 'ends CIA arms programme for rebels'
  180. Indian soldier kills commanding officer in Kashmir
  181. Best Pakistani university for engineering?
  182. U.S. lawmakers seek to criminally outlaw support for boycott campaign against Israel
  183. So Pakistani
  184. Linkin Park's Chester Bennington dead at 41 due to apparent suicide
  185. OJ Simpson to be freed from Nevada prison
  186. Ahmed Shehzad and other cricketers rally together after journalist compared Shehzad to politicians
  187. Alvaro Morata, Romelu Lukaku, Alexandre Lacazette: Which is the better signing?
  188. 114 Pakistanis are Indian citizens now
  189. Tennis Integrity Unit investigating Wimbledon and French Open matches
  190. Pakistan loses textile export share in world market by 23pc
  191. Watermelon vs Mango : Who is the Pound for Pound King in this battle for the ages?
  192. Group of teenagers laugh and film a drowning man in Florida
  193. The greatest ever Manchester United players
  194. Teenage girl, 19, is found dead in the freezer at £1.5m London home as her cousin flees
  195. The Ummah at war with itself
  196. Manchester City agree £52m deal for Monaco left-back Benjamin Mendy
  197. Tandoori Roti vs Naan Bread, in this epic war which is the undisputed heavyweight carb champion?
  198. India 3rd largest terror target after Iraq and Afghanistan: US report
  199. Comic Con 2017 : Trailers
  200. Imran Khan submits money trail to Supreme Court
  201. Brutal lynching in India: Muslim bodybuilder killed over faith or gang rivalry?
  202. Convince Me!
  203. POTW (Time Pass & Sports) : Sirris
  204. Israeli embassy in Amman: Shooting leaves one dead
  205. Politics podcasts
  206. Diana - Princess of Wales
  207. Another Explosion in Kabul - how long before they blame Pakistan again?
  208. PML-N govt ‘failed to fulfill’ manifesto vows: Only 6 of the 89 goals could be achieved, says report
  209. Young Pakistan military officers oppose terrorism, says US expert
  210. When British colonials used to hunt Indians for fun or mistaking them for "monkeys, birds, buffalos"
  211. Blast near Arfa Tower in Lahore [26 killed, 57 injured]
  212. K-P to crack down on banned outfit fund collection
  213. The Muslims of Myanmar: Has the UN failed the Rohingya?
  214. Nithari 'house of horrors' serial killers sentenced to death
  215. Egypt's Uyghurs fear deportation to China amidst Crackdown
  216. Manchester City | 2017-18 Season
  217. PTI wants scrutiny of religious parties’ accounts
  218. What is the weirdest dream you've ever had?
  219. Time for a second lesson for forgetful India
  220. Ozark - new Netflix series starring Jason Bateman
  221. Who will be the winner of the Floyd Mayweather v Conor McGregor megafight?
  222. Mizoram: Two BSF jawans allegedly rape Chakma tribal woman, pour acid on her face
  223. Turkey's Erdogan says Israel will suffer most from Aqsa dispute
  224. Aqamagate Getting Murkier with Each Coming Day
  225. American destruction of Vietnam and its racialist substratum
  226. Former cricketer Saleem Malik joins PML-Q
  227. Cricket match turns bloody after fight over pitch, 4 stabbed
  228. Trump announces ban on transgender people in U.S. military
  229. British newlyweds detained at airport on honeymoon and sent home 'due to groom being Muslim'
  230. Britain to Ban New Diesel and Gas Cars by 2040
  231. UNISON Union win UK Supreme Court Case against UK Govt on Employment Tribunals
  232. “Science refuses to take root in Muslim countries”: Dr Pervez Hoodbhoy
  233. The Novak Djokovic Thread
  234. Kerala: Family member killed by Hindu extremists for becoming Muslim; whole family becomes Muslim
  235. Meet the woman changing the halal food game online
  236. How do you expect to celebrate the Panamagate verdict?
  237. Panamagate : Will Nawaz Sharif be found guilty? Or will he be acquitted?
  238. Does Christopher Nolan's Dunkirk ignore the role of the Indian army?
  239. Opposition finds Nisar’s warning meaningful
  240. Rs102bn laundered through ‘gift back arrangement’
  241. Is Pakistan looking at an era of more strife as a result of the Panamagate verdict?
  242. Nawaz Sharif and sons fail to appear for NAB probe meeting [Update Post #107]
  243. Has justice been served by the disqualification of Nawaz Sharif?
  244. Is this the end of the House of Sharif?
  245. Who will be the next Prime Minister of Pakistan?
  246. Is there a "Sadiq" and "Amin" in Pakistani politics?
  247. Nawaz Sharif has stepped down as PM in light of the SC verdict
  248. 'Nawaz's days are not over': PML-N
  249. Thank You JIT, Thank You SC Judges & Thank You Imran Khan
  250. Tweets in reaction to the Panama case verdict!