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  1. Traveling to Pakistan after 10 years
  2. Official logo of 70 years of Independence celebrations released
  3. Stuff you like about each other's countries
  4. BBC salaries: Gender pay chasm revealed with top male getting four times as much as top female
  5. Pakistan, a safe haven for terrorists: US
  6. Chelsea complete the £60m signing of Real Madrid striker Alvaro Morata
  7. Does the Indic civilization possess the greatest written heritage?
  8. Netanyahu reveals details of Israeli strikes, bashes allies in leaked recordings
  9. PakPassion Fantasy Premier League 2017/18 Competition (Prizes to play for)
  10. Your favorite museum!
  11. Why couldn't Pakistan become touristic like Morocco or Tunisia?
  12. Bill Clinton offered $5 billion to not conduct nuclear test in 1998: Nawaz Sharif
  13. Syria war: Trump 'ends CIA arms programme for rebels'
  14. Indian soldier kills commanding officer in Kashmir
  15. Best Pakistani university for engineering?
  16. U.S. lawmakers seek to criminally outlaw support for boycott campaign against Israel
  17. So Pakistani
  18. Linkin Park's Chester Bennington dead at 41 due to apparent suicide
  19. OJ Simpson to be freed from Nevada prison
  20. Ahmed Shehzad and other cricketers rally together after journalist compared Shehzad to politicians
  21. Alvaro Morata, Romelu Lukaku, Alexandre Lacazette: Which is the better signing?
  22. 114 Pakistanis are Indian citizens now
  23. Tennis Integrity Unit investigating Wimbledon and French Open matches
  24. Pakistan loses textile export share in world market by 23pc
  25. Watermelon vs Mango : Who is the Pound for Pound King in this battle for the ages?
  26. Group of teenagers laugh and film a drowning man in Florida
  27. The greatest ever Manchester United players
  28. Teenage girl, 19, is found dead in the freezer at £1.5m London home as her cousin flees
  29. The Ummah at war with itself
  30. Manchester City agree £52m deal for Monaco left-back Benjamin Mendy
  31. Tandoori Roti vs Naan Bread, in this epic war which is the undisputed heavyweight carb champion?
  32. India 3rd largest terror target after Iraq and Afghanistan: US report
  33. Comic Con 2017 : Trailers
  34. Imran Khan submits money trail to Supreme Court
  35. Brutal lynching in India: Muslim bodybuilder killed over faith or gang rivalry?
  36. Convince Me!
  37. POTW (Time Pass & Sports) : Sirris
  38. Israeli embassy in Amman: Shooting leaves one dead
  39. Politics podcasts
  40. Diana - Princess of Wales
  41. Another Explosion in Kabul - how long before they blame Pakistan again?
  42. PML-N govt ‘failed to fulfill’ manifesto vows: Only 6 of the 89 goals could be achieved, says report
  43. Young Pakistan military officers oppose terrorism, says US expert
  44. When British colonials used to hunt Indians for fun or mistaking them for "monkeys, birds, buffalos"
  45. Blast near Arfa Tower in Lahore [26 killed, 57 injured]
  46. K-P to crack down on banned outfit fund collection
  47. The Muslims of Myanmar: Has the UN failed the Rohingya?
  48. Nithari 'house of horrors' serial killers sentenced to death
  49. Egypt's Uyghurs fear deportation to China amidst Crackdown
  50. Manchester City | 2017-18 Season
  51. PTI wants scrutiny of religious parties’ accounts
  52. What is the weirdest dream you've ever had?
  53. Time for a second lesson for forgetful India
  54. Ozark - new Netflix series starring Jason Bateman
  55. Who will be the winner of the Floyd Mayweather v Conor McGregor megafight?
  56. Mizoram: Two BSF jawans allegedly rape Chakma tribal woman, pour acid on her face
  57. Turkey's Erdogan says Israel will suffer most from Aqsa dispute
  58. Aqamagate Getting Murkier with Each Coming Day
  59. American destruction of Vietnam and its racialist substratum
  60. Former cricketer Saleem Malik joins PML-Q
  61. Cricket match turns bloody after fight over pitch, 4 stabbed
  62. Trump announces ban on transgender people in U.S. military
  63. British newlyweds detained at airport on honeymoon and sent home 'due to groom being Muslim'
  64. Britain to Ban New Diesel and Gas Cars by 2040
  65. UNISON Union win UK Supreme Court Case against UK Govt on Employment Tribunals
  66. “Science refuses to take root in Muslim countries”: Dr Pervez Hoodbhoy
  67. Novak Djokovic: Twelve-time Grand Slam champion will not play again in 2017
  68. Kerala: Family member killed by Hindu extremists for becoming Muslim; whole family becomes Muslim
  69. Meet the woman changing the halal food game online
  70. How do you expect to celebrate the Panamagate verdict?
  71. Panamagate : Will Nawaz Sharif be found guilty? Or will he be acquitted?
  72. Does Christopher Nolan's Dunkirk ignore the role of the Indian army?
  73. Opposition finds Nisar’s warning meaningful
  74. Rs102bn laundered through ‘gift back arrangement’
  75. Is Pakistan looking at an era of more strife as a result of the Panamagate verdict?
  76. Nawaz Sharif and sons fail to appear for NAB probe meeting [Update Post #107]
  77. Has justice been served by the disqualification of Nawaz Sharif?
  78. Is this the end of the House of Sharif?
  79. Who will be the next Prime Minister of Pakistan?
  80. Is there a "Sadiq" and "Amin" in Pakistani politics?
  81. Nawaz Sharif has stepped down as PM in light of the SC verdict
  82. 'Nawaz's days are not over': PML-N
  83. Thank You JIT, Thank You SC Judges & Thank You Imran Khan
  84. Tweets in reaction to the Panama case verdict!
  85. Another PM sent home but only to see him return with greater force & support & soonest: Maryam Nawaz
  86. Panama Case final Supreme Court Judgement Points
  87. Will a civilian PM in Pakistan EVER complete a 5 year term?
  88. India should take notice on how Pakistan functions
  89. What is the future of the Pakistan Muslim League (N) party after Nawaz Sharif's disqualification?
  90. "Pakistan has won today" : Imran Khan
  91. Who should be the next Prime Minister after Nawaz Sharif's disqualification?
  92. Supreme Court Justices' families also present during judgement [REPORTS]
  93. Former Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif and his children placed on the ECL by the FIA [Reports]
  94. “I think it’s a very good decision. The entire nation is jubilant" : Pervez Musharraf
  95. How technicalities have caught the Sharifs out!
  96. [VIDEO] Will the Indian media ever be happy with what's happening in Pakistan?
  97. Does the Pakistan Army really run the show behind the door?
  98. Nawaz Sharif sent at least 3 sitting Prime Ministers home with the help of establishment : Hamid Mir
  99. PM disqualification won’t affect PHF: Secretary
  100. "India's conditions for granting medical visa highly regrettable" : FO
  101. Shahid Khaqan Abbasi elected as Pakistan's interim Prime Minister [Update Post #46]
  102. One dead, four wounded in Hamburg supermarket knife attack
  103. Was Nawaz Sharif the biggest liar Prime Minister Pakistan ever produced?
  104. CPEC was a Gift to me from China : Nawaz Sharif
  105. Should PML-N change its name?
  106. This Mall Offers ‘Man Pods’ for Men Who Can’t Stand Shopping
  107. "I still do not understand the grounds for my dismissal" : Nawaz Sharif
  108. Can Imran Khan successfully bring Zardari, other PPP cronies and Altaf Hussain to justice next?
  109. Australia police 'foil terror plot to bring down plane'
  110. Have a foreign minority dominated a civilization intellectually like Jews in Europe?
  111. Hamza Shahbaz being considered for Punjab CM slot
  112. To PML-N "Fans" who talk about Democracy
  113. "Doesn't matter if SC says Nawaz is corrupt, we will always vote for him": PML-N Punjab supporters
  114. Nawaz Sharif added whopping $35b to Pakistan's debt
  115. Is marrying for love a modern Western idea?
  116. Nawaz Sharif Disqualification: AJK PM says we will think to which country to make annexation to
  117. Well done Pakistan!!
  118. [PICTURES] PTI's Yaum-e-Tashakur Jalsa!
  119. Mian Muhammad Nawaz Sharif - How will history remember the man?
  120. Is interim Prime Minister Shahid Khaqan Abbasi corrupt too?
  121. Imran Khan, an anti-American populist, hopes to rule Pakistan : The New York Times
  122. Religion, origin not important for cricket in Germany, says German Cricket Federation CEO
  123. ERASMUS Thread
  124. [VIDEO] Hina Rabbani Khar v Shashi Tharoor debate
  125. Why did some British colonies pick up football and others picked up cricket?
  126. 91% of Karachi’s water unfit to drink
  127. I will not be pursuing a legal battle against Imran Khan, says Ayesha Gulalai [Update Post #550]
  128. Manny Pacquiao Rallies Philippine Troops in Battle Against ISIS
  129. From Nawaz, to Shehbaz, to Hamza: the game of Pakistani dynastic politics continues!
  130. Arsenal owner Stan Kroenke launches sickening bloodsports channel in the UK
  131. NAB orders Irfan Naeem Mangi to file references against Sharif family, Ishaq Dar
  132. Nemanja Matic: Manchester United complete signing of Chelsea midfielder
  133. Who will be the First Lady when Shehbaz Sharif becomes Prime Minister?
  134. Goalkeeper vs Wicket-Keeper
  135. Eating Halal food vs paying taxes to Western governments
  136. Car brands that make the best cars (2017)
  137. Paris and Los Angeles confirmed as hosts of 2024 and 2028 Olympic Games [Update Post #8]
  138. How disgraceful a person is Free (Azad) Kashmir's Prime Minister?
  139. Anthony Scaramucci fired as White House Communications director
  140. Turkey opens trial of nearly 500 defendants over failed coup
  141. Ayesha Gulalai was offered 50 crores from PMLN for this Drama to attack Imran Khan: Arif Nizami
  142. Which credit cards do you have and how much do you use them?
  143. Pakistan must reject US aid and exit the war on terror, says Imran Khan
  144. Has anyone tried Creatine Monohydrate?
  145. Is it easier for the rich and influential to get into top tier Western universities?
  146. What happened to the dumbest person in your class?
  147. What did the worst person you know do to become the worst person you know?
  148. NAB probe against Shahid Khaqan Abbasi closed in December
  149. "It was clear that anybody suggesting contact with Pakistan was a traitor" : Mihir Bose
  150. Was the partition of India in 1947 the right thing to do?
  151. Apple's China revenues fall 10% as analyst claims iPhone has 'gone out of fashion'
  152. Bus seats mistaken for burqas by members of anti-immigrant group
  153. Dunkirk, the War and the Amnesia of the Empire
  154. Should We Stop Keeping Pets?
  155. How important is a school's reputation?
  156. HBO hacked: Upcoming episodes, Game of Thrones data leaked online
  157. Russia's Embassy in Syria attacked by terrorists
  158. NASA has a job opening for someone to defend Earth from aliens -- and it pays a six-figure salary
  159. The tiny Hamza (ء) on top in virtual Urdu keyboards (or the lack of it in fact)
  160. Neymar: Paris St-Germain sign Barcelona forward for world record 222m euros [Update Post #23]
  161. The Greatest On-Screen TV Villain - Cersei Lannister?
  162. Any fans of The Blacklist?
  163. 96-year-old British public servant retires after 70 years of service
  164. Unsurvivable heatwaves could hit India and Pakistan by the end of this century, scientists warn
  165. As a Karachiite which party do you affiliate with?
  166. Human embryos edited to stop disease
  167. Countries/cities that did not live up to your expectations?
  168. This Is When A Robot Is Going To Take Your Job
  169. Shehbaz might not run for PM after all, Punjab is too important to be left to an inexperienced hand
  170. Wladimir Klitschko retires from boxing
  171. Saudi Arabia plans luxury beach resorts on Red Sea
  172. Suicide attack hits Kabul military convoy
  173. If there is one thing we can change about the constitution of Pakistan what would it be?
  174. What common things are you bad at?
  175. Shadow World : Inside The Global Arms Trade
  176. Amir Khan and Faryal Makhdoom are back together [Update Post #395]
  177. How one man (and his kit bag) is giving cricket-loving refugees hope in Serbia
  178. World Athletics Chamionships 2017 [4-13 August]
  179. Dota 2 - The International 2017
  180. The Ultimate Fashion Guide
  181. Ex-Blackwater Guard’s Conviction in Iraq Massacre Overturned, Appeals Court Rules
  182. BBC sacks Asian Network DJ over 'lewd comments and racist slurs' on WhatsApp [Update Post #31]
  183. Hamza Shahbaz Sharif is neither Sadiq nor Ameen, says Ayesha Ahad
  184. British-Pakistani weddings - Why are they so boring and orchestrated?
  185. Kerala RSS Worker's Murder: Data Reveals Record Of Political Killings
  186. Gau-rakshaks thrashed, attacked with sickles in Maharashtra; ten injured
  187. What would you do if you were the last person on earth?
  188. Is Neymar really worth £200m?
  189. Nawaz Sharif's GT Road March
  190. Princess Diana v Prince Charles: Who do you sympathise more with?
  191. Explosion on Lahore’s Band Road leaves 30 injured
  192. Going Back to Pakistan: 70 Years After Partition - Al Jazeera Witness
  193. Why does the Punjab Government always try to hide the facts after every bomb blast in Lahore?
  194. Minnesota mosque bombing: Pressure grows on Donald Trump to condemn crime as terror attack
  195. Moral decay in the West
  196. The People v. O.J. Simpson: American Crime Story
  197. Computer says no: Irish vet fails oral English test needed to stay in Australia
  198. ECP asks PML-N to replace Disqualified Nawaz Sharif as party head
  199. Jamaat-ud-Dawa launches political party Milli Muslim League (MML) to contest upcoming polls
  200. Pictures from my trip to Shogran + Lake Saiful Muluk
  201. The Forces of Reaction in ‘Australia’s Greatest Crisis’ (The Premiership of Gough Whitlam)
  202. Brazilian Ronaldo of 1998 - How good was he?
  203. Atheists tend to be seen as immoral – even by other atheists: study
  204. The Finance Thread!
  205. Who is joining Pakistan Aman League (PAL)?
  206. Eight-year-old boy transforms into his 'diva' drag queen alter-ego
  207. Leeds United fans thread
  208. The INVINCIBLE Undertaker - Undisputed Greatest of All Time?
  209. Outsourcing Afghan War? Blackwater founder Erik Prince offers private military force in Afghanistan
  210. Manchester Airport pipe bomb plot: Nadeem Muhammad guilty
  211. North Korea nuclear threat: Mattis warns of 'massive military response' [Update post #22]
  212. Christian pastors beaten by Hindu extremists with knives, rods and sticks in bloody attack
  213. Can British/Western Pakistanis eventually make the same effect as Jews in Europe?
  214. New York Times : The Opposition Disappears in Bangladesh
  215. Sex grooming networks in the UK
  216. [VIDEOS] 10 Surprising Facts About Pakistan
  217. Qatar offers visa-free entry to 80 nationalities including India but Excluding Pakistan
  218. Rafael Marquez: Mexico footballer accused of cartel link
  219. Amir "King" Khan v "Prince" Naseem Hamed. Who would win?
  220. Predict the last poster in this thread!
  221. PML-N Flop Show: Nawaz Sharif 'expresses anger over the low turnout for his rally'
  222. State funeral with full national honours held for Dr Ruth Pfau held in Karachi [Post #14]
  223. 'Fair Is Not The Only Lovely Or Handsome': Cricketer A. Mukund Responds To Trolls On His Skin Colour
  224. #AintNoCinderella: Indian women mock politician who blamed stalking victim
  225. India trying to convert Kashmir into a Muslim minority region: FO
  226. Coconut: BBC's idea of a Pakistani migrant!
  227. Race hate killer Baldy turns Jewish in jail to get better prison food
  228. Any Asian web novel fans?
  229. Pakistanis in Northern England and Southern England
  230. Nawaz Sharif blasts Pakistan judiciary for his ouster
  231. Anyone into Vinyl Records?
  232. Pakistani student Hunain Zia gets 66 As in O/A levels
  233. Indian managers achieved the highest ranking in terms of leadership traits
  234. PhD thesis: The earth is flat
  235. Democracy (Pvt) Ltd of Pakistan
  236. What is your favorite Qawwali?
  237. Birmingham bin volunteers labelled 'scab army'
  238. Child killed in Lalamusa by cars in Nawaz Sharif's motorcade
  239. English Premier League 2017-18 | Discussion Thread
  240. 2017 Pakistan Census Preliminary Results - Population may be as high as 220 million
  241. Philippe Coutinho - Discussion Thread
  242. A Conversation with General Khalid Kidwai, Pakistan's Longest-Serving Strategic Nuclear Weapons Head
  243. Bajrangi Bhaijaan - A Classic movie in terms of Indo-Pak relations?
  244. Hindu caller on LBC bragging that everyone loves Hindus in the West
  245. Culture shock: US basketball star visits India
  246. Death toll crosses 100 in Gorakhpur tragedy; Critics Cite Oxygen Shortage [Update Post #35]
  247. Nawaz Sharif’s namesake submits nomination papers for Lahore by-election
  248. Nazis coming out of the closet under the Trump administration
  249. Recycling Human Poo For Clean Fuel Use
  250. What is the historical evidence that Jesus Christ lived and died?