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  1. Baqra Eid, Bakra Eid, Eid-al-Azha, Eid-al-Adha...but Id-ul-Zuha?
  2. Overseas Pakistanis - what are the pros and cons of living abroad?
  3. Is Francisco Román Alarcón Suárez, aka ISCO, the most exciting football player right now?
  4. Pakistan 2017 census results - Accurate or inaccurate?
  5. Jharkhand: Mob sets Muslim man’s houses ablaze over alleged cow slaughter on Eid
  6. Time for Bangladesh to open their hearts and let their Muslim brothers in from Myanmar
  7. “CPEC is not a game-changer, it’s game over” : Kaiser Bengali (Snr Economist)
  8. Pakistan: A slice of China in Islamabad
  9. John Lewis scraps 'boys' and 'girls' labels on children's clothes to reduce 'gender stereotypes'
  10. When did Eid-ul-Adha turn into a vicious spending competition?
  11. 2017 Formula One season | Lewis Hamilton champion
  12. 2018 FIFA World Cup qualifiers | Discussion Thread
  13. What group did/do you associate with in school? Nerd/Quiet/cool guy/average/bully?
  14. Happy Onam dear members of PP!
  15. Linux Mint Xfce
  16. The best excuses thread
  17. Guard shoots dead child for picking stray kite in Faisalabad
  18. BRICS declaration names JeM, LeT, TTP among groups as regional concern
  19. Belgium, one of the favorites for the 2018 FIFA World Cup!
  20. Would Bhutto have broken into national politics in modern-day Pakistan as he did in 1970?
  21. North Korea's technology much better than Pakistan's: Dr Abdul Qadeer Khan
  22. Amir Khan announces Super Boxing League in Pakistan
  23. British soldiers charged with Neo-Nazi related Terrorism Offences [Update Post #16]
  24. Trump administration announces end of immigration protection program for ‘dreamers’
  25. Cathedral apologises for Maryam Nawaz's political address from church's pulpit
  26. PTI: We halved poverty in two years in KPK while poverty increased in Punjab and Sindh
  27. Irma becomes most powerful hurricane ever recorded in the Atlantic
  28. "Your courageous leadership to Myanmar peace process needs to be lauded" - Modi to Aung San Suu Kyi
  29. Two teenage cricket captains murdered over cricket row in Chakwal
  30. SA President Jacob Zuma and The Gupta family
  31. Take away Aung San Suu Kyi’s Nobel peace prize - She no longer deserves it
  32. Journalist Gauri Lankesh, known critic of Hindu right-wing extremism, murdered
  33. Interesting Libel Court Case : Craig Murray vs Daily Mail
  34. Two-front war with Pakistan and China cannot be ruled out: Indian army chief
  35. With just 4 universities in top 1,000, Pakistan falls in world rankings this year
  36. What is life's biggest "trap" people fall into?
  37. Indian Under-17 cricketer drowns in hotel swimming pool in Sri Lanka
  38. Assam mulls medical quota for Myanmar, Bhutan students
  39. PTI is not Imran's property; have not and will not leave party: Ayesha Gulalai
  40. [PICTURES] Congratulations to Rumman Raees for getting married
  41. Rohingyas issue is similar to India's Kashmir issue : Aung San Suu Kyi
  42. Bangladesh’s GDP per person is now higher than Pakistan’s
  43. [PICTURES] Pakistan Gets First Batch of 4, Mi-35M Assault Helicopters from Russia
  44. AJK president tells India not to mess with Pakistan
  45. U.S. forces apologise for Afghan propaganda leaflet containing Quran passage printed on image of dog
  46. Pakistan Air Force in 1965 - Straight shooting on the 1965 war
  47. World must treat Pakistan with respect: Jeremy Corbyn
  48. 320 dead in major earthquake near Mexico City [Update Post #17]
  49. FIFA U-17 WC 2017: FIFA asks govt to spend on game's development instead of opening ceremony
  50. Anti-Muslim bigot attacks Sikh politician re 'Sharia'
  51. If you could give your enemies one minor inconvenience daily for the rest of their lives...
  52. Muslims need to create a political body
  53. F1 legend Ayrton Senna has record broken by British teenager Enaam Ahmed
  54. Manipulation of social media and internet discussion boards
  55. Tremendous evidence available, says NAB in appeal against Zardari's acquittal in assets case
  56. Why India should shelter Rohingyas at any cost
  57. Europe's Muslims are more integrated than we think
  58. Guys, I need advice for GMAT preparation
  59. Teenager who brought shotgun to Nuneaton school is jailed
  60. Christian teenager beaten to death by classmates in Pakistan
  61. Shouldn't Pakistan be doing more to aid the persecuted Rohingyas?
  62. 12 picnickers drown at Karachi's Hawke's Bay beach, say police
  63. Pakistan seeks changes in free trade agreement with China
  64. What exactly is Aamir Liaquat trying to achieve?
  65. Will the World XI's visit improve Pakistan's image around the world?
  66. The Story of Thai Hero Srisaket Sor Rungvisai who upset Pound for Pound King Roman Gonzalez
  67. "A bit of historic justice.": BJP governor Tathagata Roy hails the ethnic cleansing of Rohingyas
  68. Bahria Town Karachi
  69. Top 3 Bollywood films of 2017?
  70. How to get the Drake look?
  71. Saudi Government 'may have funded 9/11 dry run' : Attorneys say
  72. Future in Media Studies
  73. A Dallas suburb is horrified after game night turns bloody, leaving 9 dead from one house
  74. Mohammad Amir blessed with a baby daughter!
  75. Have flagship smartphones become too expensive?
  76. Indian-origin Vasant Narasimhan to head $48 billion pharma giant Novartis
  77. Global split over Rohingya crisis as China backs Myanmar crackdown
  78. Countries to migrate to after Brexit
  79. Apple unveils three new iPhones starting at $699
  80. Widow of Indian man murdered in anti-immigrant hate crime faces deportation from the US
  81. Nawaz disqualified for being most qualified to lead nation: Maryam Nawaz Sharif
  82. Minister tells Senate ex-PIA CEO took plane to Germany
  83. Suicide bomber kills three near Kabul cricket stadium: police [Update Post #34]
  84. Have you ever used a translation service?
  85. "My city, my country, I can do whatever I want" : Wasim Akram
  86. Pakistani woman wins academic award at Oxford University
  87. One dead, three wounded in Washington state school shooting
  88. Who will be the top scorer in the 2017-18 English Premier League?
  89. Mohebullah Archiwal, Afghanistan’s Shahid Afridi, promoting cricket as a weapon of peace
  90. Why didn't Pakistan ally with the Soviet Union after independence?
  91. 24 dead as fire engulfed Muslim school in Malaysia
  92. Salsa Dance Classes in Karachi
  93. Imran Khan was not flirting with the British Army Chief's wife!
  94. IHC suspends arrest warrants issued against Imran Khan in ECP contempt case [Update Post #5]
  95. Top Lashkar terrorist Abu Ismail, aide killed in encounter in Kashmir’s Nowgam
  96. Is the current era the most vomit-inducing when it comes to music regardless of genre/language?
  97. British Museum curator accused of racism after saying ‘sometimes Asian names can be confusing’
  98. Pakistan's fatal attraction to celebratory gunfire
  99. Why is it so easy to teach people to hate others?
  100. London tube explosion: District line 'bucket bomb' was terror incident, say police
  101. Is Japan The New Russia For India?
  102. Ex-footballer Clarke Carlisle found safe in Liverpool after he was reported missing [Update Post #3]
  103. Jewish women brutally attacked by man shouting 'dirty Muslims'
  104. Christian man in Lahore sentenced to death over blasphemous WhatsApp text
  105. Are the All Blacks the greatest sports team in history?
  106. Hudaibiya case being opened under pressure of ‘influential people’ : Interior Minister Ahsan Iqbal
  107. Why didn't Barcelona go for Eden Hazard?
  108. Teenage housemaid found dead in mysterious circumstances in Karachi's Defence
  109. Has Lahore overtaken Colombo and Islamabad as the cleanest city in South Asia?
  110. Fourth generation of the Sharif family (Junaid Safdar) being launched in politics?
  111. Tunisia lifts ban on Muslim women marrying non-Muslims
  112. Begum Kulsoom Nawaz wins NA-120 [Update Post #254]
  113. Virat Kohli drops Pepsi, fairness cream ads over junk food and racism concerns
  114. Pak-Afghan border crossing at Torkham reopened
  115. ISI to have more civilians at the top
  116. Why do brands pay so much money to athletes for endorsements?
  117. AGP fears new US embassy will be used for surveillance of govt offices
  118. Why are Muslim women not allowed to marry non-Muslims?
  119. What is your favourite chocolate bar?
  120. Is democracy the best form of government for Pakistan?
  121. Nawaz Sharif to be back in the PM house as "First Man" if Kulsoom Nawaz becomes Prime Minister?
  122. FIFA or PES?
  123. White man is held for 'murdering two black men in racially motivated attack in Louisiana'
  124. Pakistani-American students win $1 million award for Roshni Rides
  125. Top ten sports in your country
  126. Is Paulo Dybala the next Lionel Messi or Diego Maradona?
  127. Indian community divided as UK caste row reaches boiling point
  128. Are you Deobandi, Barelvi or Ahle Hadith?
  129. Bobby 'The Brain' Heenan, iconic WWE manager and commentator, dies at 73
  130. How Russia came to Pakistan’s help
  131. My first interaction with a Pakistani university student
  132. New Ashes cricket game revealed
  133. Riz Ahmed makes history as the first South Asian man to win an Emmy acting award
  134. Rio Ferdinand confirms move into boxing: 'It’s a challenge I’m not taking lightly'
  135. People who leave religion but become obsessed with it
  136. Nawaz Sharif leaves after appearing before NAB court [Update Post #41]
  137. Rohingya crisis: Suu Kyi does not fear global 'scrutiny'
  138. The Paradox : Blaming but awaiting the Pakistan Army in every crisis
  139. Jahaiz
  140. Why don't the people of North Korea rebel against the Kim Dynasty?
  141. Dawn reports "anomalous" numbers in Pakistan's census
  142. Pak's UN representative asks Swiss authorities to take action against 'Free Balochistan' posters
  143. Husband burns wife in Hyderabad alive for failing to clear medical entrance exam
  144. Are we better than our parents?
  145. Agra, UP: Class 7 student foils attempt to poison 4000 children at madrassa (with rat poison)
  146. A muscular disorder patient - An inspirational story of a special boy
  147. How do you guys access PakPassion?
  148. Another Partition?
  149. India
  150. Victoria and Abdul or How to whitewash history
  151. Iran publicly hangs man for rape, murder of young girl
  152. Pakistan Prime Minister's U.S. visit; What can he achieve?
  153. Afghanistan president at UN urges dialogue with Pakistan to curb extremism
  154. Lahore hit by petrol shortage
  155. [PICTURE] Does this offend you?
  156. Trekking/Camping options in Karachi?
  157. 100 UK MPs back non-Indian ethnic identity move for Sikhs
  158. "The world is progressing but we are still debating on Karachi's garbage issue" : Shahid Afridi
  159. Jake LaMotta, The Raging Bull, Passes Away at 95
  160. Family caught carrying 'bag of mosquitoes' into Peshawar hospital
  161. Is PakPassion the best forum where Indians and Pakistanis can debate or interact?
  162. POTW (Time Pass & Sports) : MMHS
  163. Interesting Tweets and Instagram Posts by famous people/celebrities (Verified accounts only)
  164. Asif Ali Zardari was behind the murder of Benazir Bhutto & Murtaza Bhutto : Pervez Musharraf
  165. Lahore High Court orders to make Model Town tragedy report public
  166. Hostel - Sharry Mann song
  167. Pound for Pound number one in the world Andre Ward retires from the sport of Boxing
  168. Majority Opinion - does it always define a person?
  169. The US's 'Netherlands Invasion Act' 2002
  170. Muslim taxi driver falsely accused of assault
  171. What are your favourite games on Android?
  172. Which is the greatest Western ever?
  173. Pakistan is now 'Terroristan', India hits back at PM Shahid Abbasi at UN
  174. Pakistan won't be a 'scapegoat' in Afghan war, PM Abbasi tells UN General Assembly
  175. "Benazir was murdered for espousing tolerance and for being a woman" : Theresa May
  176. US President Donald Trump cancels summit with Kim Jong Un [Update Post #5]
  177. In Yogi's UP, BJP Mahila Morcha President assaults girl for having an affair with Muslim, man booked
  178. Uber stripped of London licence
  179. Ishaq Dar’s legacy: a heavily-indebted Pakistan
  180. Nawaz Sharif set to become PML-N chief again with legal hurdle overcome
  181. Bengal Shia cleric Shabbir Ali Azad Warsi threatens to overthrow govt over deportation of Rohingya
  182. Mahira Khan trolled for smoking with Ranbir Kapoor, finds support in Ali Zafar and fans
  183. Ronaldo, Messi and Neymar up for 2017 Best FIFA Men's Player award
  184. Bernie Sanders to Democrats : This Is What A Radical Foreign Policy Looks Like
  185. How Israel is disabling Palestinian teenagers
  186. Saudi Arabia's education minister apologises for textbook photo with Yoda superimposed next to King
  187. How much did you score in your Inter board exams?
  188. Top 10 Pakistani Actresses
  189. Man kills two daughters for 'honour' in Peshawar
  190. Forget fast growth, India is barely holding on - Just look at the data
  191. Sushma Swaraj's references towards Pakistan at UNGA
  192. Donald Trump says N.F.L. players who take a knee during national anthem should be fired
  193. Pakistan Army contingent lands in Russia for joint exercise
  194. How does the salary based middle/upper class make ends meet in Pakistan?
  195. [VIDEO] Pakistan's response to India at the General Debate in UN
  196. Kalief Browder
  197. Adnan Sami Fan Thread
  198. Need Assistance with Windows 7 (Home Premium) - Sound Issues
  199. Girl students to overtake boys in India
  200. Pakistan could drop US as supplier of military Aircraft for PAF
  201. [PICTURES] Pakistan cricketers at Wahab Riaz's brother's wedding
  202. RAW supports TTP, acknowledges Indian analyst in Hindustan Times
  203. Shane Warne cleared of hitting glamour model at London nightclub
  204. Pakistan lobbying in UN to get India declared state sponsor of terror
  205. Can Lewis Hamilton equal Michael Schumacher in stature and records?
  206. [Video] Pakistan Reply to India in UNGA 2017 : India is the mother of terrorism in South Asia
  207. Is Afghanistan doomed to perpetual conflict for generations to come?
  208. Germany election: Merkel wins fourth term, exit polls say
  209. Pro Kabaddi League 2017 Season 5: PKL overtakes cricket in TV viewership in India
  210. The shorter your sleep, the shorter your life: The new sleep science
  211. NFL players kneeling for the national anthem in protest - Freedom of speech or disrespectful?
  212. Hate crime probe after man stabbed in neck on way to mosque
  213. Suppose this happened in cricket?
  214. Trump slaps travel restrictions on North Korea, Venezuela in expanded ban
  215. Grave of 28 Hindus killed by Rohingya militants found, says Myanmar army
  216. Affinity of Pakistan's political leaders with London. Why so?
  217. Science and Religion
  218. [VIDEO] Tej Bahadur exposes fake surgical strikes of India
  219. "Imran Khan's abusive brigade is always with him on social media" : Ayesha Gulalai
  220. Man guilty of terror offence for not unlocking iPhone
  221. What are your favourite songs?
  222. What is a first-world excuse to call in absent for work?
  223. Pakistan ranked as one of the worst countries for Education and Skills Development
  224. China donates office equipment to Pakistan parliment (More likely bugged to spy)
  225. B.o.B has started a GoFundMe to prove the Earth is flat
  226. 'Hindus identified and taken to nearby hill': Forced conversions reported at Rohingya refugee camps
  227. Driver injured as bomb blast hits school bus in Quetta
  228. Free Nagaland, Manipur and 'Kashmir seeks attention' posters appear in Geneva
  229. Intelligence Bureau accused of ‘protecting’ terrorists by one of its own spies
  230. Won't deploy Indian troops in Afghanistan: Sitharaman to US Defence Secretary Mattis
  231. Atlético Madrid | 2017-18 Season
  232. Nawaz Sharif (Present) vs Nawaz Sharif (Past), Video Comparison
  233. Who is currently the best striker in the Premier League?
  234. UAE tests autonomous air taxi in maiden flight
  235. Ishaq Dar declared absconder by accountability court [Update #38]
  236. Will Twitter lose its charm if 280 characters are allowed per Tweet?
  237. Reply sought over plea against $70m given to Maryam by Michelle Obama
  238. The BLUE WHALE madness
  239. Don't blame Pakistan, Haqqanis were your 'darlings' at one time: Khawaja Asif tells US
  240. Eleven men arrested on terror charges in neo-Nazi investigation in the UK
  241. As Terror Attacks Recede, Tourism in Pakistan Starts to Thrive
  242. [VIDEO] Imad Wasim issues clarification regarding female fan in video message
  243. If Ben Stokes is prosecuted
  244. Taxi driver who bombarded Jemima Khan with more than 1,000 calls and texts is spared jail [Post #5]
  245. 22 killed in stampede at Mumbai's Elphinstone railway station
  246. Is it practical to abolish Income Tax (In India or any other developing nation)?
  247. Things That Will/Won't Happen in our lifetime
  248. So Imran Khan also lied to the court just like Nawaz Sharif
  249. Immortality
  250. US pulls staff from Cuba over 'specific attacks