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  1. Android app communication with MySQL problem
  2. 'It's over' - Ronaldinho's brother confirms Brazilian legend's retirement
  3. Why did Narendra Modi keep his wife secret for almost 50 years?
  4. Young man beaten, killed with cricket bat in Model Town
  5. Accused in Asma assault & murder case sentenced to life imprisonment [Update Post #162]
  6. US renews call for steps against ‘externally focused terrorists’
  7. VAR to be used in UEFA Champions League knockout phase
  8. The normal house and family cars that hid a horrible secret
  9. Only Pakistan, Sri Lanka know how to defeat terrorism: Pakistan Army Chief
  10. Israel, India both face threat from radical Islam: Benjamin Netanyahu
  11. US diplomat Alice Wells acknowledges Pakistan's role in countering terrorism
  12. Full-fledged Chinese military complex in Doklam, show satellite pics
  13. On This Day: January 17, 1942 - Muhammad Ali was born
  14. On this day, 18th January 2015 : 4th day of protests in Pakistan against Charlie Hebdo
  15. Both Koreas agree to field a joint ice-hockey team but Pak India cannot even play vs each other?
  16. Pakistani humanist denied UK asylum after failing to identify Plato
  17. 'We want an end to the Sharif sultanate': PAT-led drive to 'topple govt' kicks off in Lahore
  18. Afghanistan wants world powers to step up pressure on Pakistan: US envoy
  19. On February 10th, Narendra Modi will be the first Indian PM to visit Palestine
  20. NA adopts resolution condemning Imran, Rashid's 'anti-parliament' verbal onslaught
  21. Imran Khan alleges that Sharifs are involved in money laundering worth Rs1.74 billion
  22. Can anyone explain the three laws of Thermodynamics in simpler words and the definition of Entropy?
  23. Two women accused of breaking a 15-year-old girl's arm in a racist assault are being hunted
  24. On this day, 19th January 1966 : Indira Gandhi takes charge in India
  25. California parents who held their 13 children captive, charged with torture and abuse
  26. 32 years on, FBI re-launches search for Pan Am hijacking suspects
  27. Renowned writer, poet Munnu Bhai passes away in Lahore
  28. Do you act cautiously towards adopting new trends and thoughts?
  29. Is the situation in Balochistan similar to East Pakistan?
  30. Can Pakistan-India enjoy the best possible neighborly relations once Kashmir dispute is resolved?
  31. Shaan's movie Arth, the Karachi-Lahore bias & the state of Pakistani cinema
  32. On this day, 20th January 1961: John F Kennedy sworn in as US president; Was he US's best president?
  33. Who is behind the 'Free Karachi' campaign? [Ad appears in Washington Post]
  34. Where do you stand on the abortion debate? Pro or anti?
  35. PML-N brings its mascot, an actual [caged] lion, to its rally!
  36. Best restaurants in Karachi
  37. Rao Anwar indicted in Naqeeb murder case, pleads not guilty [Update Post #72]
  38. Ouster of Nawaz Sharif triggered turmoil, instability, says HRW Report 2018
  39. Who will win the 2018 Australian Open?
  40. Imran Khan will go to jail, claims Nawaz Sharif
  41. Donald Trump blames Democrats for government shutdown
  42. Kabul hotel siege ends after 12 hours with 18 dead, Afghan officials say
  43. On this day, 21st January 1981: Tehran frees US hostages after 444 days
  44. Will do it all again, says Punjab spy (Kashmir Singh) who came in from the cold
  45. Pir Hameeduddin Sialvi demands Shariah in seven days
  46. Best restaurants in Lahore
  47. Pulled up, Chandigarh boy shoots principal dead with a gun
  48. Lahore hosts major hockey clash after 24 years
  49. [VIDEO] "The concept of Pakistan cannot perish like that" : Late Zulfiqar Ali Bhutto
  50. "Pakistan did not name itself Bharat because the Bharat word radiates Hindutva" : RSS Chief
  51. Best restaurants in FATA
  52. Super Bowl 2018: Philadelphia Eagles triumph over New England Patriots (41-33)
  53. Australia's Muslims being demonised, Islamic council leader says
  54. Student kills college principal in Charsadda, accusing him of blasphemy
  55. Extrajudicial killings rise in Pakistan police crackdown in Karachi
  56. On this day, 23rd January 1973 : Richard Nixon announces "peace with honour" in Vietnam
  57. On this day, 23rd January 2002 : Wall Street Journal reporter Daniel Pearl is kidnapped in Karachi
  58. Who is your role model in life?
  59. [VIDEO] Movie Trailer: Allahyar and The Legend of Markhor
  60. White House officials: Donald Trump ‘puts on Indian accent’ to mock Prime Minister Modi
  61. Bilateral trade between Afghanistan and Pakistan drops from $2.5 Billion to $0.5 Billion
  62. Former KGS alumnus gets nominated for Oscars
  63. How to remove plagiarism from research paper?
  64. On this day, 24th January 1965 : Winston Churchill dies - Was he Britain's best PM?
  65. T-Series Mixtape series
  66. Pervez Musharraf's reign vs the PPP and PML-N
  67. Siddhartha Dhar aka Abu Rumaysah: Indian-origin man is 'New Jihadi John'
  68. Senate committee seeks public hanging of abductors who kill, assault minors under 14
  69. Indian Muslims need smarter leaders
  70. Abu Hamza 'secretly worked for MI5' to 'keep streets of London safe'
  71. Will Alexis Sanchez succeed at Manchester United after his switch from Arsenal?
  72. Pakistani student bags world’s highest marks in Cambridge Mathematics exams
  73. Three Pakistani students win international acclaim for outstanding space research
  74. Rape victim writes letter to PM Modi, CM Adityanath in blood; seeks action against accused
  75. Far-right German politician Arthur Wagner quits AfD, converts to Islam
  76. On this day, 25th January 1971: Idi Amin ousts Uganda president
  77. Hoverboard ? Pigs might fly...
  78. Donald Trump told Theresa May she could become the new Winston Churchill
  79. Karnataka MLA: Voters have to decide this time whether they want to vote for Allah or Lord Rama
  80. Online votes for overseas Pakistanis on the cards
  81. CM Muhammad Shehbaz Sharif felicitates Pakistan cricket team for winning a T20 game!
  82. On This Day: 26th January 1950 - India becomes a republic
  83. Brussels rally calls for liberating Kashmir, other states from Indian occupation
  84. Imports of used cars jump 70pc in Pakistan!
  85. Would you own a firearm for personal safety?
  86. Karnataka: Move to drop riot cases against minorities draws flak
  87. Are Pakistani Kashmiris scared of the state?
  88. Migrants who speak English as a second language get better GCSE grades than British kids
  89. On This Day: 27th January, 1945 - Auschwitz death camp liberated
  90. Manipulating Pakistani minds!
  91. Twin blasts rock Afghanistan's capital city Kabul, more than 100 killed [Update post #12]
  92. On this day, January 28th, 1986: Space shuttle Challenger explodes killing 7 astronauts
  93. Was pursuing the Panama Case against the former PM correct vs addressing other pressing issues?
  94. [PICTURES] Presenting you the Pakistani player with the most swag
  95. First female Imam leading Friday prayer in India faces ‘death threat’
  96. Roger Federer becomes the first man to win 20 Grand Slams
  97. How to get mobile internet in Pakistan
  98. Footballs made in Pakistan to be used in FIFA World Cup 2018
  99. Mukti Bahini: Terrorists or freedom fighters?
  100. 2018 Grammy Awards Winners announced
  101. Arsenal sign Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang from Borussia Dortmund [Update Post #19]
  102. Prime suspect in Asma Rani murder case arrested by Interpol in Sharjah [Update Post #31]
  103. Indian man dies after being trapped in an MRI machine
  104. The David Beckham Thread
  105. On This Day: 30th January 1948 - Mahatma Gandhi was assassinated
  106. IHC accepts contempt of court petition against Nawaz, Maryam
  107. "Supreme court judges are like idols in the Holy Ka'aba and need to be thrown out" : Talal Chaudhary
  108. Two Pakistani skiers to compete in Pyeongchang Winter Games
  109. India outcry after eight-month-old baby assaulted
  110. If cricket teams were WWE superstars
  111. On this day, 31st January 2000: Life sentence for serial killer Dr Harold Shipman
  112. Why the Rajputs failed miserably in battle for centuries?
  113. President Donald Trump's First State of the Union Address
  114. Bible, Archaeology & Ancient Arab History challenging Islamic History of Mecca and Deen e Ibrahimi
  115. [VIDEO] Bilawal Bhutto interview at Davos by India Today
  116. Amir Khan throws water over Phil Lo Greco at pre-fight press conference
  117. Disqualification time-period: SC gives Nawaz, counsel seven days to prepare for case
  118. Deaf, mute 18-year-old Pakistan boy may soon reach home
  119. Mobile Software Updates
  120. Changing a mobile phone set
  121. Iran's oil minister says Pakistan not cooperating on gas pipeline
  122. Do employers in Pakistan provide health insurance?
  123. On this day, 1st February 1979: Exiled Imam Ayatollah Khomeini returns to Iran
  124. No question of removing Tipu Sultan’s portrait from Delhi Assembly: Speaker
  125. How can I trace my ancestry?
  126. "We don’t want any more Africans" : West Ham director of transfers Tony Henry
  127. Cabinet approves bill to increase fines for eating in public during Ramazan
  128. Will make Karachi a city the world admires, Nawaz Sharif promises
  129. Why doesn't the Pakistan government tax cigarettes and other addictive goods?
  130. PPP minister Mir Hazar Khan Bijarani, wife found 'shot dead' in Karachi home
  131. Pensions
  132. Web hosting options in Pakistan
  133. Afghanistan says it has 'undeniable' proof Kabul attacks were planned in Pakistan
  134. 400 tonne beef seized in Muzaffarpur, six arrested
  135. Daniel Pearl's killer Omar Saeed Sheik's death sentence overturned in Pakistan
  136. 7,000 Daesh Militants, Thousands of 'Reservists' Acting in Afghanistan - Russia
  137. IOC dismayed after doping bans on 28 Russian athletes overturned by CAS
  138. On this day, 2nd February 1990: De Klerk dismantles apartheid in South Africa!
  139. [PICTURE] Tony Chapron : French referee gets six-month ban after kicking out at player
  140. 90 migrants, mostly Pakistanis, believed dead in shipwreck off Libya
  141. Factions of army, judiciary sabotage democracy in Pakistan: Nawaz Sharif
  142. 'I've been made a victim of revenge,' says Nehal Hashmi upon release from Adiala Jail [Update #36]
  143. India’s secret war : How Kulbushan Jadhav led India's covert war in Pakistan [Frontline India]
  144. US relocating Daesh to Afghanistan to justify military presence in region: Iran
  145. UK fascists modelled on jihadis are prepared to kill, say campaigners
  146. On this day, Feb 3 2010 : Aafia Siddiqui found guilty of trying to kill American military officers
  147. Who will benefit the most from international trade: the rich, the poor or both?
  148. Three arrested after Hindu man killed by Muslim girlfriend's family in Delhi
  149. 82-year-old woman dies after being thrashed by son in Alwar
  150. Who was the best signing of the January 2018 Transfer Window?
  151. Irregularities of Rs300 billion found in Punjab Finance Department: Auditor General
  152. Italy drive-by attack targets immigrants in Macerata
  153. Indian crime boss Dawood Ibrahim linked to British properties
  154. Father pardons man who assaulted his hearing-impaired daughter due to "influential elders"
  155. Pakistan offers scholarship to influence Kashmiri students: NIA
  156. UK property law spells trouble for Pakistani politicians, especially Nawaz Sharif
  157. Pakistan vows to resist UN reforms serving interest of 'a few countries'
  158. George Galloway crowdfunds to sue Momentum founder Lansman for defamation
  159. Directorate S: The C.I.A. and America's Secret Wars in Afghanistan and Pakistan
  160. [VIDEO] Evil spirits, possessions and black magic - Sheffield mosque providing Islamic exorcisms
  161. Imran Khan has been duping the K-P public for the past four years, Nawaz Sharif quips
  162. Pakistanis 'stranded' in Bangladesh
  163. Why is Maryam Nawaz Sharif not in jail yet?
  164. Kashmir: NIA to seek Letters Rogatory to Pakistan
  165. Four Indian soldiers, including Captain, killed in shelling in Jammu and Kashmir
  166. India may target CPEC installations, interior ministry tells Gilgit-Baltistan
  167. [PICTURES] Congratulations to Mohammad Nawaz on his marriage
  168. “Liberals are thirsty for blood. They have no idea. Whatever happens, I’ll win" : Imran Khan
  169. On this day, 6th February 2005: Tony Blair becomes Labour's longest-serving PM!
  170. Most entertaining and popular sports
  171. Reham Khan leaves Pakistan after receiving threats, says she will return after her book is published
  172. CJP critiques KP police 'less than exemplary' performance in assault, murder cases
  173. The Munich Air disaster, 60 years on
  174. China urges Pakistan to solve Chinese citizen's killing
  175. On This Day: February 7, 1964 - Beatlemania arrives for the first time in the US
  176. Nizamuddin Sialvi spills beans on hidden forces
  177. Elon Musk's Falcon Heavy rocket launches successfully
  178. PML-N set to become largest party in Senate after 18 years
  179. Day Zero: The city of Cape Town is about to run out of water – its main reservoir is only 12% full
  180. "(Indian) Muslims should go to Pakistan or Bangladesh" : BJP MP Vinay Katiyar
  181. What parenting mistakes do you vow not to inflict on your own kids, having experienced it yourself?
  182. 'Go Nawaz Go' and pro-PTI slogans in flop PML-N rally in Peshawar
  183. Can this really be true? Ishaq Dar is a PML-N candidate for the Senate
  184. New DNA analysis: The original Brits were black thousands of years ago
  185. Your experiences of travelling in Pakistan
  186. Saudi Arabia allows Air India to use its skies for flights to Tel Aviv
  187. Graduate loses bid to sue Oxford over 2:1 degree
  188. On this day, 8th February 1983: Ariel Sharon quits after massacre inquiry
  189. Pakistan's media outlets banned from covering Valentine’s Day - Sensible or Silly?
  190. What is something that most people don't realize they are doing wrong?
  191. Why is there a difference in perception between Pakistan & India in the world?
  192. [Video] CJ Taken Up The Issue Of Foreign Funding In Pak Media
  193. Khaleda Zia awarded five-year jail term for embezzling money [Update Post #16]
  194. Actual long-term benefits of CPEC to Pakistan
  195. Have you eaten at a Michelin Starred Restaurant?
  196. Iran oil ministry to start legal action against Pakistan
  197. Interpol arrests notorious Abid 'boxer' at Dubai airport
  198. "Imran Khan did not establish any hospital or educational institution in KPK" : Shehbaz Sharif
  199. On This Day: February 9, 1950 - Senator Joe McCarthy launches anti-red crusade
  200. US$381 to rent a sofa bed and toilet: Welcome to Hong Kong
  201. Switzerland, UAE being asked about Pakistanis’ assets
  202. ‘Honey-trapped’ IAF officer arrested in Delhi for passing secret information to Pakistan’s ISI
  203. The Winter Olympics 2018 Thread
  204. The Winds Of Winter by George RR Martin
  205. Vinyl revival
  206. On This Day: February 10, 1962 - Russia frees US spy plane pilot Francis Gary Powers
  207. Husain Haqqani cannot be brought back on contempt charges, SC told [Update #3]
  208. Two killed as militants attack Indian camp in J&K
  209. Syria war: Israeli fighter jet crashes under Syria fire, military says
  210. Rabita Committee removes Farooq Sattar from convenership of MQM
  211. 'Won't work under leadership of children,' says Ch. Nisar on conflict with Maryam Nawaz
  212. Man kills 19-year-old sister after local jury condemns her to death: Police
  213. Did the media cover the Zainab case in a responsible manner?
  214. Pakistan endures historic high import bill of $5.6b in January 2018
  215. Is Kishore Kumar the GOAT?
  216. India supports a sovereign and independent Palestine, says Indian PM Narendra Modi
  217. Will Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang be a success at Arsenal?
  218. Assassin's Creed Origins
  219. Electrical Engineering queries thread
  220. On This Day: February 11, 1990 - Freedom for Nelson Mandela
  221. Approved for American Express Platinum Card!
  222. Renowned actor Qazi Wajid passes away
  223. Asma Jahangir passes away in Lahore
  224. Oxfam hit by predatory abuse scandal
  225. Anti-Muslim protests in PyeongChang get Winter Olympics prayer room scrapped
  226. Despite ECP warning, Imran Khan addresses rally in Lodhran
  227. 71 feared dead in Russia's passenger plane crash
  228. The Makkah Selfie....
  229. How to become a landowner in Pakistan?
  230. On This Day: February 12, 1993 - 2-year-old James Bulger is abducted from shopping center and killed
  231. Pakistanis competing at the 2018 Winter Olympics
  232. Akshay Kumar starrer PadMan banned in Pakistan
  233. Sports minister: South Africa teams too white
  234. PML-N turns the tables on PTI in Lodhran NA-154 by-election
  235. On This Day: February 13, 1942 - Hitler's Operation Sealion, the invasion of England, is cancelled
  236. "Pakistan will have to pay" : Indian Defence Minister
  237. FATF to keep Pakistan on its grey list despite "significant progress" - review in June 2020 [#333]
  238. Manikya Malaraya Poovi - Another viral song from Kerala
  239. Behind the myth of three million
  240. South Africa's President Jacob Zuma resigns [Update Post #4]
  241. Proud my ancestors converted
  242. I-League winners Aizawl FC’s U-15 footballers made to sit near train toilets
  243. On This Day: February 14, 1945: Thousands of bombs destroy Dresden
  244. Pakistan still going easy on militants, claims US spy chief
  245. US President Trump proposes $336 million aid to Pakistan in annual budget plan
  246. What is the right system of government for the Pakistani society?
  247. First the World, now Pakistan: Imran Khan seeks election glory
  248. Why is Thomas Edison more well known than Nikola Tesla?
  249. Are Indo-Aryan people indigenous to the India?
  250. How will Asma Jahangir be remembered in Pakistan history?