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  1. On This Day: February 16, 1959 - Fidel Castro sworn in as Cuban PM
  2. Pakistan Army destroys Indian post in retaliation to cross-border firing, killing 5: ISPR
  3. Pakistan to station army contingent in Saudi Arabia: ISPR
  4. Hockey's governing body expects Pakistan to play 2018 World Cup in India
  5. Haloodies - Halal food for Millenial Muslim foodies
  6. POTW (Time Pass & Sports) : Waseem
  7. How would you describe the worst person on Earth?
  8. Dubai space center is joining the race to Mars
  9. Cobra Kai - Karate Kid series!
  10. The 'black magic' bank hiest
  11. PML-N instigated me to speak against army, offered Senate ticket in return: Ayesha Gulalai
  12. Senate committee recommends punishment for false accusations of blasphemy
  13. [VIDEO] Asif Ali Zardari defends Rao Anwar, calls him ‘brave kid’
  14. Roger Federer becomes oldest world number one ever, replaces Rafael Nadal at the top of the rankings
  15. The Betrayal of India - Revisiting the 26/11 Evidence : Book by Elias Davidsson
  16. Borneo has lost half its orangutans due to hunting and habitat loss
  17. Which teams will reach the quarter-finals of the 2017–18 UEFA Champions League?
  18. Repatriation of Afghan refugees key to terror eradication: Gen Qamar Bajwa
  19. Army Chief General Kayani told 25 Independent MNAs to join PMLN in 2013
  20. On This Day: February 18, 1981 : Margaret Thatcher does her first 'uturn' as she gives in to miners
  21. [VIDEO] A scientist spilled 2 drops organic mercury on her hand - This is what happened to her brain
  22. Amazon HQ2: What city will they choose?
  23. [VIDEO] Indian Muslims on being called Pakistanis
  24. Sedition case filed against Mani Shankar Aiyar in Kota
  25. In a first, Pakistan to send trans persons as Hajj volunteers
  26. Iran protests ban on wrestler who threw bout to avoid Israel
  27. Vikas under Modi
  28. Plane crashes in Iran, killing all 66 aboard
  29. [PICTURES] Imran Khan gets married for the third time
  30. Assault, murder of 8-year-old Asifa Bano in JK - Protests by Hindu nationalists (supporting accused)
  31. [VIDEO] Robot opens door - terrifying stuff
  32. Scientists just issued a grim new warning on climate change: 'We are not prepared'
  33. PM Victor Orbán claims Hungary is last bastion against 'Islamisation' of Europe
  34. "Karachi is one of the few best cities of the world" : Sindh CM Murad Ali Shah
  35. #VisitMyMosque 2018 (Sunday 18th February 2018)
  36. AI is highly likely to destroy humans, says Elon Musk
  37. If we were all atheists?
  38. Justin Trudeau in India: Is the Canadian PM being cold-shouldered?
  39. Any PPers moved back to Pakistan?
  40. Should Imran Khan announce that he will not be PM candidate if his party wins upcoming elections?
  41. Benazir Bhutto - Was she misunderstood or just as corrupt as the rest?
  42. Ideas for New York trips
  43. Mandarin approved as official language of Pakistan (not quite)
  44. On This Day: February 21, 1965 - Black nationalist Malcolm X is shot dead
  45. Supreme Court bars Nawaz Sharif from heading PML-N
  46. Why is Islam against "fun" stuff?
  47. Does the Pakistan media report news accurately?
  48. On This Day: February 22, 1997 - Dolly the sheep is cloned!
  49. Should PML-N be renamed PML-S?
  50. Jeremy Corbyn warns the press barons
  51. Climate change 'will push European cities towards breaking point'
  52. Pakistan has world's highest newborn mortality rate, reveals Unicef report
  53. Pakistan needs to control population growth to become high middle-income country
  54. Indian Sikh's turban ripped outside UK parliament in 'racist' attack
  55. PML-N out of senate elections: Reports
  56. Kapil Sharma slammed by Indian fans for promoting Pakistan Super League
  57. Venezuelans report big weight losses in 2017 as hunger hits
  58. Khyber-Pakhtunkhwa bans demand of dowries
  59. "To have a woman veiled head to toe, he (Imran Khan) has alienated a lot of people" : Reham Khan
  60. [PICTURE] Strange question to ask during a tournament which is supposed to promote Pakistan?
  61. The rise of Buddhism in comparison to Hinduism
  62. Kulsoom Nawaz to be made new PML-N president: reports
  63. [VIDEO] Fake traffic warden gives Police tickets
  64. Canadian PM candidate Jagmeet Singh supports Sikhs right to self-determination
  65. "PML-N government has adopted a zero-tolerance policy against the corruption" : Shehbaz Sharif
  66. Adivasi man beaten by mob, dies in Kerala: Selfie taken moments before he died angers public
  67. Meri izzat ka sawal hai, andar jaane dain for 5 minutes : Daniyal Aziz trying to please Sharifs
  68. "They [PML-N administration] have only given funds to Lahore" : Asif Ali Zardari
  69. Gucci turbans face backlash from Sikhs
  70. "They told us... that anyone who talks about Imran now is going to be blown up" : Reham Khan
  71. 'My America, too.' An Iowa TV reporter is making history as the first to wear a hijab on air in U.S
  72. Sindh IG, Home minister take notice of footage of a man firing on Karachi's Shahra-e-Faisal
  73. At least 23 killed in multiple suicide bombings, attacks in Afghanistan
  74. Explosive - The law firm Maryam Nawaz "used" for her trust deed had been dormant
  75. Who will win the 2018 Carabao Cup Final?
  76. Shifting power in Asia: Inside the Pakistani port town China is using to build its 'own Dubai'
  77. Bollywood actress Sridevi passed away
  78. Rome's Colosseum turned red to protest Pakistan blasphemy law
  79. "Neymar already world's best" : Pele
  80. The niqaab
  81. Best Indian TV shows
  82. India is no superpower
  83. The terrifying phenomenon that is pushing species towards extinction
  84. What is/are your bias(es)?
  85. We are dying': Venezuela's oil workers have become so hungry they are too weak to do their jobs
  86. On This Day, February 26, 1993 - World Trade Center bomb terrorises New York
  87. Your favourite cartoons (animations)
  88. Buying new vs used cars
  89. Imran Khan to contest elections from five seats - Why Imran Khan, why?
  90. The culture of polygamy being exploited by Pakistani dramas
  91. European Union renews GSP+ scheme for Pakistan
  92. Drunk driver Jaynesh Chudasama admits killing three boys as they walked to a 16th birthday party
  93. Your best friend
  94. Is sexual harassment against women common in Pakistani workplaces?
  95. PML-N elects Nawaz as 'Quaid for life', Shehbaz Sharif as interim party president
  96. US Holiday - Questions
  97. 'Experts' predict global, Asian trade to revolve around Pakistan after CPEC
  98. Landa Bazar and its sequel "Laal Ishq"
  99. What is your prediction of future technology (within the next 50 years)?
  100. How did you come to know about PakPassion?
  101. Scientists have detected an acceleration in sea level rise
  102. Punjab Assembly passes resolution against NAB, plea bargain law
  103. CPAC 2018: Analyst presents FACTS on immigration - conservative audience jeer and heckle anyway
  104. IHC seeks Nadra’s detailed report on Ahmedis
  105. Taliban offer: Afghan President Ashraf Ghani seeks talks
  106. On This Day: March 1, 1954 - US tests hydrogen bomb in Bikini
  107. The Beast from the East
  108. Why Saudi Arabia is suddenly shaking up its military
  109. What are Jinns in Quranic context in light of real world realities?
  110. Yes, bacon really is killing us
  111. How is the security situation in Pakistan these days?
  112. On This Day: March 2, 1969 - Concorde flies for the first time
  113. Vladimir Putin takes oath of office for fourth term as Russian President [Post #103]
  114. Are miracles necessary for belief in God?
  115. How hopeful are you of an improvement in US-Pakistan relations?
  116. Kashmiri journalist Kamran Yousuf granted bail [Update Post #14]
  117. South Africa votes to seize land from white farmers without compensation
  118. MI5 are allowed to commit crimes in the UK, government reveals
  119. Pakistanis who can only find faults with their nation and don't have anything positive to say
  120. 'India-backed' terrorist group busted in Hyderabad, police claim
  121. PML-N lawmakers threaten to legislate against judiciary
  122. Pakistan Armed Forces ranked 13th most powerful on Global Firepower military strength index
  123. Computer related help required!
  124. Senate Elections 2018 underway with 133 candidates contesting 52 seats
  125. On This Day: March 3, 1938: Saudi Arabia strikes oil!
  126. How can I shut my disrespectful, rude and disdainful uncle and aunts up?
  127. Is it finally time for Arsene Wenger to resign as Arsenal manager?
  128. On This Day: March 4, 1969 - Kray twins guilty of McVitie murder
  129. Anybody who quit smoking cigarettes? How did you do it?
  130. Tattoos Thread
  131. First Hindu Dalit woman elected to Pakistan senate
  132. Virat Kohli says his ultimate aim in life is to have a sporting culture in India
  133. Pakistan loses 50pc market share in Kabul
  134. Two children die in Nawabshah after being administered allegedly expired anti-measles vaccines
  135. Fiorentina captain Davide Astori dies suddenly aged 31
  136. Subhankar Sharma - India's first global superstar?
  137. "Those (PTI MPAs) who traded votes for money will be dealt with strictly" : Imran Khan [Update #12]
  138. Cinephiles movies discussion thread
  139. At least 38 PML-N MPAs in Punjab Assembly had not cast their votes in favor of the party candidates
  140. PML-N-backed candidate beats PTI in PP-30 Sargodha by-poll
  141. 90th Academy Awards
  142. Interracial marriage
  143. A funny thing happened in Kashmir with one of my father's friend
  144. CJP assures right to vote for overseas Pakistanis in next elections!
  145. Security forces kill JeM commander Mufti Waqas, the mastermind of the Sunjwan camp attack
  146. Anushka Sharma's next super natural horror movie "Pari" banned in Pakistan
  147. On This Day: March 6, 1974 - UK miners' strike comes to an end
  148. How would you explain "Nafs"?
  149. Do Indians support India's role in attacks in Pakistan?
  150. Can you tell the difference between Punjabi dialects?
  151. 2018 anti-Muslim riots in Sri Lanka
  152. Donald Trump says recognising Jerusalem as Israel’s capital ‘was a wonderful thing’
  153. Kashmir : ‘Where Hope Ends, Art Begins’
  154. Islamabad Metro Bus Project: Rs 5 billion corruption, irregularities unveiled in Audit Report
  155. Britain to take up ‘persecution’ of religious minorities in India
  156. FATF and the looming economic challenge for Pakistan
  157. Vital importance of logically consistent thinking according to the Quran
  158. Issues in your life
  159. Arrest warrant issued for Mohammed Shami in domestic violence case [Update 220]
  160. Plastic, plastic, plastic': British diver films sea of rubbish off Bali
  161. Supreme Court questions how absconder Ishaq Dar won Senate elections
  162. [VIDEO] Mahela Jayawardene and Kumar Sangakkara issue statements condemning violence in Sri Lanka
  163. Hate preachers Paul Golding and Jayda Fransen found GUILTY of harrassing Muslim family
  164. Modi govt. appointed committee of scholars to prove Hindus descended from India's first inhabitants
  165. Bilawal Bhutto likens Imran Khan to Altaf Hussain, challenges him to contest polls from Karachi
  166. Kashmiri songs thread
  167. Unsolved Trailer - Tupac and Notorious B.I.G. series
  168. PM Khaqan Abbasi okays Ali Siddiqui's (his business partner) appointment as US ambassador
  169. March 8th is International Women's Day
  170. Sixth-formers learn Hinglish to do business in India
  171. Is the internet helping or hindering the current generation?
  172. What is your favourite quote?
  173. Russia highly likely to be behind poisoning of spy, says Theresa May
  174. Converting Line of Control into an international border - Discussion
  175. Pakistan court clears way for registration of Hafiz Saeed's political party
  176. Are any agreements the USA makes worth the paper they're written on?
  177. Global Warming is increasing Russia’s profits, and pollution
  178. Nawa-i-Waqt group CEO accuses Kashmala Tariq of detaining, attacking TV crew
  179. What is the difference between EMF and Back EMF?
  180. Did you know? After Ranjit Singh, Shehbaz Sharif has the longest reign in the history of Punjab
  181. Children Of Abraham - Documentary
  182. Chinese company launches most expensive ever campaign to promote Pakistan’s Gwadar in London
  183. India protests UN human rights chief's comments on Kashmir
  184. Achieving your dream
  185. Which is the best football league in Europe?
  186. On this day, 11th March 1985: Mikhail Gorbachev becomes Soviet leader - end of USSR soon...
  187. Ola's electric vehicle pilot in Nagpur fails to take off as drivers return vehicles
  188. Pakistani diplomatic staff and their families being harassed in India
  189. Favourite comedy shows (non animated)
  190. [VIDEO] Mohammad Amir speaking with the Tableeghi Jamaat
  191. What is the greatest movie you have never seen?
  192. Shoe thrown at ex-PM Nawaz Sharif in Lahore after ink was thrown at Foreign Minister Khawaja Asif
  193. Northern Areas Pakistan tour itinerary help
  194. Honest question : Do you love your mother more on Mother's Day?
  195. Sadiq Sanjrani becomes Chairman Senate (1st time from Baluchistan), What a tactical move Imran Khan!
  196. PM Shahid Khaqan Abbasi’s son allegedly tried to ‘choke’ PTI MNA
  197. [VIDEO] Jamie Carragher suspended from Sky Sports after being filmed spitting at girl [Post #9]
  198. Bangladeshi plane crash kills at least 40
  199. Indian hospital patient’s amputated leg used as a pillow
  200. Gomorrah
  201. [VIDEO] Maryam Nawaz says Nawaz Sharif is on the right path like Prophet Muhammad (S) was
  202. Indian surgeon to perform liver transplants in Karachi
  203. Donald Trump sacks Rex Tillerson as secretary of state
  204. FIFA lifts ban on Pakistan Football Federation
  205. To Pakistani posters - Do you support Pakistan initiating the Kargil War?
  206. Fantastic Beasts : The Crimes of Grindelwald - Trailer
  207. Annual exercise between Indian, Chinese armies to resume
  208. Pakistan has just tested the ultimate nuclear missile [Ballistic missile with MIRV]
  209. What are your top 3 favourite English love/heartbreak songs?
  210. 'My Next Guest Needs No Introduction with David Letterman"- David Letterman's comeback to Television
  211. Stephen Hawking, renowned scientist, dies at 76
  212. [VIDEO] I am standing here if you want to hit me with a shoe : Imran Khan
  213. Nine dead, over a dozen injured in explosion in Raiwind
  214. India is the world's largest importer of arms
  215. Former PML-N MPA Raza Ghuman joins PTI
  216. Nawaz, Imran have buried their political future - Bilawal Bhutto Zardari
  217. What can a military government do that a civilian government can't?
  218. 'Love a Muslim Day' list in response to hate letter
  219. Pakistan ranked happiest among neighbouring countries: UN report
  220. The concept of national pride
  221. If you were to be reborn again, which country would you choose and why?
  222. Asma Jahangir, Shahid Afridi among others conferred Pakistan Civil Awards
  223. What is the optimal number of children for a family?
  224. So Mumbaiwallas - are you offended by this Sanjay Manjrekar tweet?
  225. [PICTURE] Does this change all perceptions about race?
  226. Plastic particles found in bottled water
  227. Florida bridge collapse death toll likely to rise as investigators sift through rubble, police say
  228. PPers - What lies were you told growing up?
  229. What era would you rather be born in?
  230. Which Champions League quarter-final are you looking forward to the most?
  231. KP government seals offices of Hafiz Saeed's JuD, FIF; seizes mosques, seminaries
  232. Army refuses Shehbaz Sharif’s plea bargain for Nawaz Sharif – Rauf Klasra
  233. On This Day: March 18, 1993 - Former Pakistan PM Mohammad Khan Junejo passes away
  234. POTW (Time Pass & Sports) : the Great Khan
  235. Will support it if southern states want to break away from India: DMK leader MK Stalin
  236. India threatens to 'INVADE PAKISTAN' in shock warning as World War 3 fears escalate
  237. Iran opens door of Chabahar for China and Pakistan
  238. Row over Anders Breivik massacre threatens Norway's Justice Minister, Cabinet
  239. Muslim cricket star Usman Khawaja's fiancée, 22, reveals why she converted to Islam
  240. Iranian forces fire mortar shells into Pakistan
  241. Strings new album
  242. Russia election: Vladimir Putin wins by big margin
  243. No alliance with PPP even if hung parliament emerges: Imran Khan
  244. Former Pakistan Hockey World Cup winner Mansoor Ahmed passes away [Post# 59]
  245. Corruption even in Punjab police uniform? Old uniform is restored within a few months!
  246. Richard Dawkins will give away The God Delusion to Muslims
  247. 50,000 kg of wood to be burnt in anti-pollution Havan (fire ritual) in Merrut, UP
  248. Hindu Mahasabha's calendar refers to Mecca as Macceshwar Mahadev temple
  249. US Senate warns Russia of sanctions if S-400 sold to any foreign nations
  250. Nawaz Sharif asked me to conduct personal attacks on Imran Khan, I refused - Chaudhry Nisar