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  1. Pakistan approaches World Bank after India builds Kishanganga on Neelum
  2. Strange no one is talking about Kohat Session judge Ahmad Sultan Tareen vs Chief Justice of Pakistan
  3. India's issue with Balochistan
  4. You can become $100,000 richer, catch is you get this money by taking $100 from 1,000 charities...
  5. "Pakistan is my home. But as a journalist, my life is in danger there" : Taha Siddiqui
  6. Arrest warrant 'issued for Conor McGregor' after havoc at media day event
  7. Brilliant tactics by Indian media: Ignore curfew etc. and discuss Shahid Afridi
  8. New Islamabad International Airport - Discussion Thread
  9. What is the reason/story behind your signature?
  10. 2 more sitting MNAs of PMLN likely to join PTI - Dr Ramesh Kumar & Bilal Virk
  11. Breaking News: Imran Khan denies he's kicked out his pet dog Sheru on orders of Bushra Bibi!
  12. [PICTURES] F1 2018 Discussion Thread
  13. South Korean court jails former president Park for 24 years
  14. Forget history, live in the present, don't have hatred
  15. US Jewish leader Ronald Lauder gave $1m to covert Muslim hate campaign
  16. Is there a case for the Jammu & Kashmir situation to be termed as a genocide in the legal sense?
  17. Pakistan has sought UN's mediation in Kashmir dispute, India has opposed it: UN Secretary-General
  18. Facebook to only run verified political ads ahead of elections in Pakistan
  19. Death of malls in America
  20. Imagine a world without Pakistanis and Indians arguing about everything/anything!
  21. Experiences of living in Kashmir
  22. African student body in Ottawa calls to remove statue of ‘anti-black’ Gandhi
  23. Which teams will reach the semi-finals of the 2017–18 UEFA Europa League?
  24. Netflix to produce eight-part series on Mumbai Indians
  25. Three dead in Germany as van ploughs into crowd in Muenster & Police foil terror plot Post#5
  26. Pakistan in talks with Russia on buying Air Defence systems, Su-35 Jets and Tanks
  27. You get $1b USD if you are able to sit in a room of absolute silence and darkness for 30 days...
  28. Man dies as US diplomat rams vehicle into motorcycle in Islamabad
  29. Khabib Nurmagomadov - Dagestani Eagle
  30. Govt mulls permanent ban on JuD, other ‘terror’ groups
  31. "Kashmir issues needs to be resolved as per Kashmiri people wishes" : Shoaib Akhtar
  32. Patriotism vs Nationalism
  33. At least 15 killed in bus crash involving Canadian junior hockey team
  34. Indian government plans 14,000 bunkers to shield civilians from Pakistan fire
  35. Income tax relaxations to cause Rs90bn losses & wipe out nearly 521,000 taxpayers from the tax net
  36. 'We are against the oppressors': PTM leader Manzoor Pashteen tells thousands at Peshawar rally
  37. Chaudhry Nisar finally leaving PMLN and joining PTI?
  38. 5 MNAs and 3 MPAs of South Punjab resign from assemblies and leave PMLN
  39. This. Is. Extremely. Dangerous. To. Our. Democracy
  40. NHL Playoffs 2017-2018
  41. Queen Elizabeth a descendant of Prophet Muhammed (PBUH), claims report
  42. 6 minors ‘abused’ in Kasur in two days
  43. Motu and Patlu, the cartoons
  44. Bottled water or tap water
  45. Pakistanis who have visited India and Indians who have visited Pakistan - How was your experience?
  46. Stick Cricket Update their app just to make fun of Sandpaper Scandal
  47. When someone called Inzamam-ul-Haq names his son Mesut Ozil....
  48. Saudi Arabia planning to turn Qatar into an island?
  49. Hoverboard
  50. [Reports] Shahid Afridi to address people in Indian Kashmir via telephone on Friday
  51. Protests erupt across Chichawatni after assault, killing of eight-year-old
  52. Should Madrassahs be utiliized to produce next generation of police officers, lawyers, judges?
  53. Shoes hurled at Faf Du Plessis, Ravindra Jadeja in Chennai
  54. Scientists grew these veggies with no earth, daylight or pesticides
  55. [OPINION] Whispers of an Unwinnable War With Pakistan Are Only Growing Louder
  56. Imran Khan is one of the most admired figures in the UK
  57. Shehbaz Sharif laundered money through his political secretary : Zubair Mehmood
  58. Is it possible for a child born in a poor family in Pak to become rich if he/she works hard enough?
  59. [Pictures] Pakistan to Get First Batch of 3, AH-1Z Viper Attack Helicopter from US
  60. Pregnant singer shot dead in Larkana for refusing to stand up and sing
  61. Who will win the UEFA Champions League?
  62. Navjot Singh Sidhu heading to jail in road rage case?
  63. Saudi Arabia signs $44 Billion oil refinery deal with India
  64. SC Decision : Nawaz Sharif and Jahangir Tareen disqualifications for life confirmed
  65. Pak Ambassador Malik Nadeem Breaks Down on Kashmir UN International Human Rights Commission Session
  66. Donald Trump directed hush money, says his former lawyer Michael Cohen
  67. US, allies launch strikes on Syria (Reactions from US/UK/Russia)
  68. Expats leaving Saudi Arabia
  69. PFA Player of the Year 2017-18: Liverpool's Mohamed Salah wins top award
  70. "Maybe Kashmirs want to make their own country" : Shahid Afridi
  71. If you believe in God do you believe that nations will be punished for their sins, past and present?
  72. Pakistan successfully test launches enhanced version of Babur cruise missile
  73. What is a lie that you like telling yourself on regular basis?
  74. Shots fired at residence of Supreme Court Judge Justice Ijaz Ul Ahsan in Lahore
  75. Pakistan set to Host Saff Cup 2020
  76. Russian TV issues list of essentials for World War III bomb shelters
  77. Shehbaz Sharif vows to turn Karachi into Lahore
  78. Indian Muslims
  79. Grilled food vs Fried food
  80. 2007 Mecca Masjid blasts: All accused, including Swami Aseemanand, acquitted
  81. Is this the most profound picture of all time?
  82. PTI backs call for new province South Punjab on ‘administrative grounds’
  83. LHC bans airing of Nawaz, Maryam's 'anti-judiciary' speeches for 15 days
  84. Country’s first school for transgender persons opens
  85. Imran Khan : US uses Pakistan like tissue paper
  86. Do you find it inhumane to watch animals do stunts?
  87. "Lahore airport is a test of nerves" : Waqar Younis
  88. Book Review Thread: "Facts are Facts" by Khan Abdul Wali Khan
  89. A euthanasia expert just unveiled his ‘suicide machine’ at an Amsterdam funeral fair
  90. Canada considers decriminalizing all drugs
  91. Pakistani dockworkers,’ kushti’ and the way of life in Dubai
  92. Syria "gas attack" Truth
  93. "Dau Nahi Aik Pakistan" - PTI's historic Minar-e-Pakistan Jalsa
  94. Politics - Pakistani 2018 General Election and post-election discussion
  95. Pakistan tees up first Asian Tour golf event in 11 years
  96. Pakistan Super Kabaddi League - Indian players likely to feature in the event
  97. Pakistan's longest serving Prime Minister and his lies
  98. More than 95% of world's population breathe dangerous air, major study finds
  99. NAB finds 'documents establishing' Khawaja Saad Rafique's link to Paragon Housing Society
  100. Internet existed in the days of Mahabharata, says Biplab Deb, the BJP Chief Minister of Tripura
  101. Rivers in Bradford are turning yellow due to restaurants polluting with waste
  102. Social challenges of being a Pakistani in Saudi Arabia
  103. NRAI to urge sports ministry, IOA to boycott Commonwealth Games 2022 over exclusion of shooting
  104. Enforced disappearances
  105. Barbara Bush dead at 92
  106. NTSB: Engine in deadly Southwest jet incident missing a fan blade
  107. Baloch activist says RAW asked him to heckle Nawaz in 2015
  108. Unprecedented in Pak Politics: Imran Khan names & shames PTI members who 'sold votes' in Senate
  109. Pakistan agrees to remove checkposts on Afghan soil!
  110. Light-hearted/uplifting news thread
  111. Would creation of new provinces be in the best interest of Pakistan?
  112. Indian Prime Minister Modi confronted by angry protests in London
  113. TV presenter Dale Winton dies aged 62
  114. Indian journalist threatened over anti-rape cartoon
  115. India and China - 70 million gap between men and women, and it's social ramifications
  116. Faisal Saleh Hayat not the answer to Pakistan football problems
  117. 'I've seen no improvement in KPK': CJP laments water woes, pathetic state of hospitals
  118. What are the chances of PPP making a comeback at national level in near future?
  119. Meesha Shafi accuses Ali Zafar of harassment; Zafar files defamation suit for PKR 1 Bn [Post# 126]
  120. Punished for doing the right thing!
  121. Indian Vice President: "Foreign Rule To Blame For Lack Of Respect For Women"
  122. Dear Bashar al-Assad Apologists: Your Hero Is a War Criminal Even If He Didn’t Gas Syrians
  123. Spouse's race for US born newly-weds (2008-2016)
  124. Natalie Portman Refuses To Go To Israel Because Of Recent 'Distressing Events'
  125. Arsene Wenger to leave Arsenal at end of season
  126. Banks run out of money as Indians hoard cash
  127. CJ Saqib Nisar ‘salutes’ KP police chief over swift compliance
  128. "Raid" on Human Rights Commission of Pakistan Editor's house
  129. "Once Kashmir gets freedom, I will love to come there” : Shahid Afridi
  130. BJP leader accepts burning Rohingya refugee camp in New Delhi
  131. On women, PM Modi served An uncomfortable message by IMF boss
  132. Who will replace Arsene Wenger as new Manager of Arsenal?
  133. ‘This Election Is About Hindus vs Muslims, Ram Mandir vs Babri Masjid’: Karnataka BJP MLA
  134. Arab man attacked with belt in Berlin in racist attack
  135. NBA Thread
  136. Communal heat in Kerala: Extremist political outfits use Kathua rape to spread radicalism
  137. Three Kansas militiamen who plotted to bomb Muslims are found guilty on terrorism charges
  138. Algerian woman denied French citizenship over handshake
  139. Terrorism fatalities in Pakistan decreased by almost 40 per cent between 2016 and 2017
  140. [VIDEO] Poor facilities for Pakistani athletes
  141. What is your favourite desi food?
  142. Who are the most prolific Premier League divers? [Teams that Received most YCs for diving]
  143. Key Cabinet decisions today in India: Death for Child Rape, Crackdown on Economic Fugitives
  144. Something happening in Riyadh Saudi Arabia
  145. Verne Troyer dies at the age of 49
  146. Amir Khan floors Phil Lo Greco in under a minute
  147. Dear Pakistanis, what are you prepared to do for Kashmir?
  148. A question for Indian members
  149. Class-X boy creates UP DGP’s fake Twitter handle, gets cops cracking on brother’s case
  150. BSF to lodge protest against Hasan Ali's signature move during flag-lowering ceremony at Wagah
  151. Anyone playing God of War?
  152. Death toll from suicide attack on Kabul voter registration centre rises to 48 [Update Post #7]
  153. PM Modi to visit China on April 27-28 for talks with President Xi
  154. Who will win the FA Cup final between Manchester United and Chelsea Football Club?
  155. Cricket Captain game android version
  156. James Bond vs Jason Bourne vs Ethan Hunt
  157. Terror Season 1
  158. Management trainee experience and canadian immigration
  159. TCS - India's first $100 billion company is bigger than all listed stocks in Pakistan combined
  160. Shoaib Malik and Sania Mirza announce the birth of Baby Mirza Malik [#32]
  161. Careem users' personal data compromised in massive data breach
  162. Pakistan Cricketer's Post On Never Endorsing Hair Removal Creams Wins Hearts
  163. Toronto van attack leaves 10 pedestrians dead, accused charged with murder [Update Post #15]
  164. World Snooker Championship 2018, Crucible Sheffield
  165. [VIDEO] Venom extended trailer released!
  166. Imran Khan's PTI demands written apology from media outlets over divorce rumours [Update Post#53]
  167. Congress has 'Muslims' blood on its hands', admits Salman Khurshid
  168. At least 5 policemen martyred in suicide attack targeting police van in Quetta
  169. On this day, 25th April 1980: US's Tehran hostage rescue mission fails
  170. How much sleep do you get per night, on average?
  171. On This Day: April 25, 1996 - Imran Khan launched his political party PTI
  172. Alfie Evans dies: Parents of life support battle toddler 'heartbroken'
  173. Pakistan finish second in Asian judo event
  174. Three CMs walk out of economic forum meeting
  175. Why is Bangladesh booming?
  176. "Agent Storm - My life inside Al Qaeda" - Book
  177. Family Panning: The Weight of Responsibility
  178. SC lashes out at security agencies for failing to submit new report on Faizabad sit-in
  179. What do Pakistanis like about India?
  180. Earworms currently stuck in your head
  181. Kanye West tweets his signed "MAGA" Hat
  182. Tennis engulfed in 'tsunami' of corruption due to online gambling, reveals 27-month investigation
  183. PTI voted for Sanjrani on ‘order from top’: Sirajul Haq
  184. Pakistan's current Foreign Minister & ex-Defense Minister Khawaja Asif disqualified!
  185. Wembley: Shahid Khan withdraws 'divisive' offer to buy national stadium from FA [Update Post #26]
  186. Venice: too many tourists for fed up locals
  187. Pakistan, India to conduct first joint military exercise since 1947
  188. How did Hezbullah manage to win the 2006 war against Israel (asymmetrically)?
  189. India should ban Pakistanis from all industries until relations improve: Gautam Gambhir
  190. The long, winding path to Bill Cosby's guilty verdict
  191. Another feather in Nawaz Sharif's cap: Now listed on Transparency Intl's site
  192. 5.03m girls out of school in Punjab, says Unicef expert
  193. A historic day: North and South Korea pledge to sign formal peace treaty
  194. India state records 36,749 lightning strikes in 13 hours
  195. Imran Khan’s ex-wife Reham Khan writes on the real dog behind his latest matrimonial woes
  196. Newly appointed Finance Minister Miftah Ismail announces Budget 18-19 amid opposition protest
  197. What do Indians like about Pakistan?
  198. WWE Greatest Royal Rumble
  199. NHS bosses attack immigration rules after dozens of Indian doctors refused entry to Britain
  200. Over 60,000 Indians to lose their jobs in America; over 80% of them women
  201. Sri Lanka's Got Talent
  202. Meat of donkeys, dogs being sold in Karachi; 800 hides recovered: Police
  203. Knife attacker kills 7 children, wounds 12 in China: official
  204. USD is now almost 120 PKR
  205. India grants land ownership rights to refugees who fled Pakistan 70 years ago
  206. Which teams will advance to the final of the 2017–18 UEFA Europa League?
  207. Boy, 13, with a 'tail' is revered as the reincarnation of a monkey god by Hindus in Indian village
  208. India, China agree on joint economic Afghan project
  209. Customs duty on import of electric cars cut to 25%
  210. [Trailer] AZAADI - Moammar Rana | Sonya Hussyn | Nadeem Baig
  211. Pakistan's best political analyst
  212. Electricity reached all Indian villages on Saturday
  213. 'Pakistan Star' trending on Twitter...
  214. Saddam Hussain and the revival of Pakistan football
  215. Steven Gerrard: Rangers name former Liverpool captain as manager on four-year deal [Update Post #33]
  216. Pakistan Navy delivers medical assistance to Indian fishermen stuck at sea
  217. Chief Justice Saqib Nisar reprimands son-in-law and DIG for seeking undue 'favour'
  218. President Mamnoon Hussain inaugurates Narowal Sports City
  219. Why do people go into PTI jalsas, rallies with families but not in PMLN, PPP and other gatherings?
  220. Mechanical engineers should not join civil services - Tripura CM
  221. Karachi becoming a killing field for newborn girls
  222. PM inaugurates new Islamabad airport
  223. Nawaz is more cunning, opportunistic than we thought: Zardari
  224. Famed photographer among 29 killed in twin Afghanistan blasts
  225. Two top Hizbul Mujahideen fighters gunned down in J&K; over a dozen protesters injured
  226. "Their dance moves implied where they had come from" : Rana Sanaullah on women attending PTI rally
  227. Pakistan Kabaddi team gets a helping hand from Indian origin players
  228. Getting shot at your wedding
  229. 'We will be watching': Trump defies FIFA with repeat threat over World Cup bid
  230. Saudi Arabia launches building of multibillion-dollar ‘Disneyland’
  231. Dr Shakil Afridi - 'likely to be released next month'
  232. KP's first female taxi driver allegedly killed by husband
  233. Venezuela offers India 30% discount on oil... If it pays in cryptocurrency
  234. Donald Trump hails late astronaut Kalpana Chawla as American hero
  235. J&K: School bus targeted by stone-pelters, Class II student suffers head injury
  236. "PML-N brought an end to loadshedding in the whole of Pakistan" : Nawaz Sharif
  237. Realistically, what are Imran Khan's chances of becoming next PM?
  238. Kanye West slavery comments spark backlash
  239. Liverpool vs Real Madrid - Who will win the UEFA Champions League 2018 final?
  240. Quaid-e-Azam Mohammad Ali Jinnah portrait controversy in India
  241. Over 500 British-Pakistanis contesting UK local govt elections today
  242. Heatwave in Pakistan continues to cause problems [Update Post #8]
  243. Pakistan currently has largest percentage of young people in its history: report
  244. Meera is leaving Pakistan for good
  245. PML-N's Faisalabad vice-chairman assaults woman publicly, police looks on helplessly
  246. Captain Safdar’s resolution passed to drop Dr. Abdus Salam’s name from QAU Physics department
  247. 'Pakistan an insurgency-wracked country' - Cricket journalism hits new low
  248. If you could show four Bollywood movies to foreigners, what would they be?
  249. Australian cricket's 'fall from grace' in ball-tampering scandal inspires Pakistani artist
  250. How will Arsene Wenger be remembered as Arsenal's manager?