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  1. MOL Freshhh 2018
  2. IELTS AEO vs British Council
  3. Netflix should make a series on Kite Runner
  4. Dastaan-E-Mohabbat Salim Anarkali
  5. [PICTURE] Beijing spelt as Begging; Is this deliberate by PTV to malign Imran or an honest mistake?
  6. Husband of Asia Bibi Appeals to Donald Trump for Refuge
  7. Sidhu Moose Wala - The Paendoo who went viral
  8. Child actors
  9. [PICTURES] Belgium defeat Netherlands 3-2 to win Hockey World Cup 2018
  10. Is it true that you sneeze when someone's missing you?
  11. Hasan Minhaj good on Saudi, MbS and lotas
  12. [VIDEOS] Imran Khan's China trip - What will be achieved from it?
  13. Mexico City receives first wave from migrant caravan
  14. Is Coventry University a good university?
  15. PM Modi hails India's 'successful establishment of nuclear triad'
  16. Whats most powerful tribe/biradri in your state?
  17. TV Show : The end of the ******* world
  18. Pakistan media descend to a new low in their reporting
  19. Nemanja Matic: Man Utd midfielder explains why he will not wear poppy
  20. “I will ask SUPARCO to ensure that once these politicians go to space" : Fawad Chaudhry
  21. What is your favourite sport? (Apart from cricket!)
  22. Floyd Mayweather: Boxer to fight kickboxer Tenshin Nasukawa in Japan
  23. Dying on our doorstep: Indian men stuck sleeping rough in Ilford town centre
  24. Project - A tribute to love | The greatest and most ultimate playlist
  25. Have you ever Hate-Watched a movie or a TV show?
  26. Famous film you've never seen
  27. Daisy Chain
  28. Cigar-shaped interstellar object may have been an alien probe, Harvard paper claims
  29. Brandon Sanderson
  30. BTV BOX, JADOO? What is the best way to watch SA channels?
  31. "Our PM is on world tour with begging bowl in hands" : Asif Ali Zardari
  32. Was Ahmad Zahir 'The Elvis' of South Asia?
  33. Is suffering from mental illness a justified excuse to get away with murder?
  34. US Mid-term elections 2018 Thread
  35. Faizabad is Ayodhya, new airport after Ram: Yogi Adityanath
  36. Happy Diwali!
  37. For Tamil cuisine, away in Pakistan
  38. What is the most spoken language of Afghanistan?
  39. Can you work part-time in UK with a student visa?
  40. BREAKING: US Attorney General Jeff Sessions resigns
  41. 5G will let users ditch home broadband
  42. White House pulls CNN correspondent Jim Acosta's pass after contentious news conference
  43. Breaking Bad Movie
  44. Thousand Oaks: At least 12 killed at California bar shooting
  45. Petition regarding Lahore police's inaction against TLP leaders fixed for hearing
  46. British Asian families fall victim to repeated raids by armed police due to false claims
  47. [PICTURES] Pakistan Hockey team finds a sponsor until 2020
  48. US Supreme Court judge fractures three ribs in a fall
  49. Dutch man, 69, starts legal fight to identify as 20 years younger
  50. Foreign nationals to be allowed to join British Army
  51. Should Allama Iqbal Day be a national holiday in Pakistan? Shahid Afridi disagrees
  52. India has more female pilots than any other country
  53. 480,000-507,000 people were killed in Afghanistan, Pakistan and Iraq in the wake of 9/11 attacks
  54. Melbourne attack: Man stabs three people before being shot by police
  55. World Chess Championship 2018: Magnus Carlsen (NOR) vs Fabiano Caruana (USA)
  56. [VIDEO] China’s Newest Anchorperson is Powered by AI
  57. Moscow shows it’s back in the ‘Great Game’ by hosting Taliban-Afghan peace talks
  58. Forgotten Muslim soldiers of World War One 'silence' far right
  59. Famous people who passed away too young
  60. Shakespeare can help British Muslims feel less excluded
  61. Question for anyone who has watched The Departed
  62. California wildfire update : 59 killed and 130 missing [Update #8]
  63. Bollywood recasts death cult as loveable rogues in Thugs of Hindostan film
  64. PML-Q's Cheema requests Tareen to 'control' Punjab Governor Sarwar
  65. Pakistani doctor prepares affordable artificial skin for acid attack victims
  66. J&K only state with zero crime record against tourists: Official
  67. Remembrance Day: Memorial for Sikh soldiers vandalised less than one week after unveiling
  68. "Level where Imran has reached, people cannot always reach there even if they want to" : M Mortaza
  69. How long ago did Adam come to the Earth? Why did humans stay in the Stone Age for 95% of their time?
  70. PM Imran summons Punjab CM, governor and speaker following video leak
  71. PM Imran to announce important measures for formation of South Punjab province: CM Buzdar
  72. MS Dhoni appointed brand ambassador of online matrimonial platform
  73. Overseas Pakistanis : When would you consider moving back to Pakistan?
  74. Children who died from alleged food poisoning in Karachi laid to rest
  75. Stan Lee passes away at age 95
  76. If you had the power...
  77. Outcry after police shoot African-American security guard 'hero'
  78. Zayn Malik reveals he's not Muslim anymore, leaves fans in shock
  79. Brexit: Theresa May's deal is voted down in historic Commons defeat
  80. Which European country is most likely to see first Asian-origin Head of State/Prime Minister?
  81. French T.V. Mini-Series: “Napoléon”
  82. Ilford crossbow death: Man charged with pregnant woman's murder
  83. What makes you think "Dang I'm old"?
  84. Melania Trump calls for national security aide Mira Ricardel's firing
  85. [VIDEO] Shahid Afridi clarifies controversial remarks regarding Kashmir
  86. Why is moustache so out of fashion?
  87. Life changing diabetes monitors available in the UK
  88. [VIDEO] Racist? Israeli ad showing model ripping off a niqab to get "freedom"
  89. 2020 Presidential Election: Can Democrats defeat Trump?
  90. Lewis Hamilton receives backlash after calling India a 'poor place'
  91. The perfect Xmas gift? : Wisconsin company gives every employee a gun for Christmas
  92. Eid Milad Nabi S.A.W Mubarak
  93. PM Imran Khan orders inquiry into SP Tahir Dawar's abduction, murder (Body found in Afghanistan)
  94. Football International Friendlies Thread
  95. Nawaz Sharif has disowned the Qatari Prince Letter
  96. Who's this century's greatest F1 driver?
  97. American woman arrives in Pakistan to tie the knot with Sialkot man
  98. Who is Jadon Sancho? England starlet dazzles in friendly against the USA
  99. Poverty causing 'misery' in UK, and ministers are in denial, says UN Special Rapporteur
  100. Person who doesn't take U-turn according to situation isn't a leader: PM Imran
  101. Masters 2019: Tiger Woods wins 15th major with thrilling Augusta victory [Post#11]
  102. Karachi blast - 2 killed and 8 injured
  103. Hizbul militants release brutal video of 17-year-old informer’s ‘execution’
  104. Renaming spree: Erasing Muslim heritage in India
  105. We're returning to the Moon, preparing to go beyond to Mars. We are going. We are NASA.
  106. Mohammad Salah wins the BBC African Footballer of the Year 2018 award
  107. George Galloway initiates Crowdfund for Documentary on the Killing of Dr David Kelly
  108. 'Straight White Male is the new RACISM'
  109. Darts players let rip as they accuse each other of farting during match
  110. Church schools challenge top fee-paying preps
  111. Pakistani flag lands Salman Khan in hot water
  112. Pakistan's Shahjahan Khan wins Canadian squash tournament
  113. Google white paper lists 5 reasons that make Pakistan an attractive place for foreign investors
  114. [VIDEO] Sophia Florsch: Formula 3 driver fractures spine in Macau Grand Prix crash
  115. Apec summit: Police posted outside Papua New Guinea FM's office as tensions boil over
  116. Rawalpindi to stop refuelling motorcyclists without helmets
  117. Cricket match related violence in Pakistan [Merged]
  118. Grenade attack on Nirankari community in Amritsar kills 3
  119. It's all jokes folks
  120. "Pakistan has suffered enough fighting US's war" : Imran Khan responds to Donald Trump [Post #43]
  121. Pakistani student in China committed suicide, was not killed: FO [Update post #8]
  122. Afghanistan’s rivers could be India’s next weapon against Pakistan
  123. The death of democracy in Bangladesh
  124. European Super League is a 'fiction', say Uefa boss & clubs chief
  125. Narcos Mexico
  126. Pakistan to lead global campaign against defamation of religions
  127. [VIDEOS] Mark Wiens in Pakistan
  128. Sushma Swaraj to quit
  129. Manchester City win the FA Cup (2018/19) with a 6-0 win against Watford
  130. Are you satisfied with Imran Khan's handling of the Pakistan-USA relationship?
  131. J&K Assembly Dissolved After Bids By "Grand Alliance" vs Sajad Lone + BJP
  132. American 'killed in India by endangered Andamans tribe'
  133. Matthew Hedges: British academic pardoned by UAE [Update Post #11]
  134. Does World Cup performance prove that England are contenders to win Euro 2020?
  135. [VIDEO] The Malaysian Prime Minister's wife asking to hold Imran Khan's hand!
  136. Army chief warns India over continuous ceasefire violations, war rhetoric
  137. Pakistan helped US track down bin Laden: Foreign Office
  138. Moroccan woman cooks lover, serves him to Pakistani construction workers in UAE
  139. Ajmal Kasab' issued domicile certificate in UP, probe ordered
  140. Amitabh Bachchan pays off £438,000 of debt owed by 1,398 farmers in his home state in India
  141. How to stay positive and practical?
  142. Who was responsible for the attack on the Sri Lankan cricket team in 2009?
  143. What do you love or hate about Pakistan?
  144. Only brahmins can speak about Hindu religion, not Modi: Congress leader
  145. Gunmen attack Chinese consulate in Karachi; An explosion in lower Orakzai kills 32, injures 31
  146. TLP leader Khadim Hussain Rizvi booked under treason, terrorism charges: information minister [#27]
  147. [VIDEOS/PICTURES] Pakistan PM Imran Khan inaugurates Kartarpur Corridor
  148. Imran Khan asks for decisive measures to help the homeless during winter months
  149. "It’s my right to use my licensed weapon for self defence" : Faisal Vawda
  150. Asylum seeker who claimed to be 15 and joined school is an adult
  151. Mary Kom becomes first woman boxer to win 6 world championship titles
  152. Ehtesaab bolo Ehtesaab - The song that got Junoon banned in Pakistan in 1990s
  153. Cologne recommendations
  154. Forensic audit of sports federations
  155. Logical fallacies
  156. Are you satisfied with PTI government's performance in first 100 days of power?
  157. Can India and Pakistan move past the Mumbai attacks episode?
  158. Should religious indoctrination be allowed to be used on children?
  159. Mission Impossible franchise is far better than the James Bond series
  160. Pakistan Open attracts world’s leading squash players to Karachi
  161. [VIDEO] What do you think of Jose Mourinho's reaction to Marcus Rashford’s miss in UCL?
  162. How would you rate the performance of Imran Khan as PM so far?
  163. [VIDEO] Police investigate racial assault against a Syrian refugee at a school in Huddersfield
  164. [PICTURES] Former US president George W. Bush flies in Pakistani tailor for his wardrobe
  165. "We can use drone strikes in Jammu & Kashmir if people accept collateral damage" : Indian Army chief
  166. Moscow beauty Queen marries Malaysian King in 'stunning wedding'
  167. "Hope peace doesn't have to wait until Sidhu becomes PM," says Imran Khan
  168. Indigenous multi-role drone unveiled at International Defence Exhibition and Seminar 2018
  169. How did the opposition perform in 100-days?
  170. So where is TLP now?
  171. What will be the outcome of the Deontay Wilder vs Tyson Fury bout?
  172. "We can't live in the past. We also have a list of wanted in India" : Imran Khan
  173. Ancestral ‘haveli’ of Raj Kapoor in Pakistan to be converted into a museum soon
  174. Question for curry lovers
  175. Yogi Adityanath gets legal notice ‘for calling Lord Hanuman a Dalit’
  176. Well done to Virat Kohli as he calls for relocation of Jaipur elephant Number 44!
  177. US dollar hits all-time high, rupee continues fall
  178. FIFA examining claims of sexual and physical abuse on Afghanistan women’s team
  179. American blind girl travels to Pakistan to marry visually impaired cricketer
  180. Indian PM Modi's arrival at the G20 summit 'announced with Apu meme'
  181. What does English mean?
  182. PM Imran Khan lauds launch of vehicle manufacturing plant by JW Forland, hopes for more investments
  183. Former US president George HW Bush passes away at age 94
  184. [VIDEO] The ultimate Cricket Ballet?
  185. Is free will an illusion?
  186. Pakistan needs to be 'secular' for bilateral talks with India, says Army chief Bipin Rawat
  187. CNN FIRES Marc Lamont Hill over Israel comments - Where are the free speech defenders?
  188. Indian pellet guns in Kashmir kill, blind and enrage
  189. Any examples of Muslim countries where they successfully got rid of extremism, militancy, violence?
  190. Brendon McCullum trashes fake news of brother Nathan's death, vows to find miscreant
  191. What constitutes blasphemy? The most puzzling question
  192. Mirzapur - TV Series
  193. Do you agree with split-decision in the Deontay Wilder & Tyson Fury bout?
  194. Rajasthan poll promise: BJP will allow child marriage if elected
  195. Sushma Swaraj criticises Qureshi's 'googly' remarks, terms it disrespectful to Sikhs
  196. Well known Indian journalist blames Christianity and China for insurgency in Northeast India
  197. Is London turning into a Third World city?
  198. EP.04 GWADAR, Pakistan - Foreigners Tour 'World's Most Dangerous' Country - Changing Perceptions
  199. Tumbbad now on Amazon Prime, Bollywood movie of the year?
  200. Donald Trump in a letter to PM Imran Khan asks for help with Afghan peace talks
  201. Investigating officer of Akhlaq lynching case killed by mob protesing cattle slaughter in Bulandshah
  202. What is your opinion of Jurgen Klopp's goal 'celebration' in the match against Everton?
  203. Pakistan’s net international reserves stand at negative $4b?
  204. YouTube top earners: The seven-year-old making $22m
  205. Usman Khawaja's brother released on strict bail conditions over 'terror hit list' charges [Update#4]
  206. Will the fall of Merkel and Macron lead to the rise of the Right-Wing EU?
  207. Is the IAAF being unfair or too harsh on Russian Athletes?
  208. Mandatory family planning for Muslims is a must for national security, says Shiv Sena
  209. Any mixed Pakistani community in the UK outside London?
  210. Hindus deserve respect because they are natives invaded by Muslims: RSS leader
  211. Travelling to Gilgit-Baltistan, Islamabad, Lahore, and Bahawalpur
  212. Bill Gates felicitates PM Khan, appreciates anti-polio efforts over phone call
  213. Are head injuries in boxing acceptable? Time for action?
  214. Tom Billington a.k.a. The Dynamite Kid has passed away on his 60th Birthday
  215. BJP to change names of Karimnagar and historic Hyderabad if they win next elections
  216. Hindu Yuva Vahini offers Rs 1 crore bounty on Navjot Singh Sidhu's head for 'insulting' Yogi
  217. Avengers: Endgame - Discussion Thread
  218. Bank Details Leaked!!!
  219. Evolution 101
  220. Shah Mahmood Qureshi is the only true liability in PTI government
  221. Soldier seen in videos key suspect in UP cop killing, fled to Kashmir
  222. “Way Muslims are treated today in India has made people realise why Pakistan was born" : Imran Khan
  223. We’re not your ‘hired gun’ anymore : PM Imran Khan's interview with the Washington Post
  224. "It was an act of terrorism": Imran Khan on 26/11 Mumbai terror attacks
  225. Does the Social Life of Pakistanis in West revolves more than 50% around FOOD Only?
  226. Patriarchy
  227. 'Bomb Under Your Burqa': Report Shows How Tilak Donning, Gun Worshipping Cops Threaten Muslims
  228. Your favorite Khan in Bollywood?
  229. People you love to dislike
  230. Indian officials offered Rs20m to drop out of 2014 Asian squash championship: Farhan Mehboob
  231. Yellow vest protest in Paris sees police detain hundreds
  232. Fawad Chaudhry may step down in favour of Sheikh Rashid
  233. PM Modi faces social media roasting for allegedly ‘mocking’ Sonia Gandhi’s widow status
  234. Imran Khan our best bet after Pervez Musharraf: Ex-RAW chief AS Dulat on India-Pakistan ties
  235. Raheem Sterling: Chelsea and police investigate allegation he was racially abused
  236. Why is Pakistan not doing enough to highlight the brutal torture of Muslims by China?
  237. Christmas Magic
  238. "Giving Pakistan over a billion dollars, and they continue to harbour terrorists" : Nikki Haley
  239. Should Theresa May resign as a result of the Brexit issue?
  240. Dunning-Kruger effect
  241. What is student life in Auckland like?
  242. What do you think of these lavish weddings?
  243. Do dreams have meaning?
  244. Oman Allows El Al Israel Airlines to fly over its airspace
  245. Genetic DNA tests : Anyone tried them?
  246. US adds Pakistan to blacklist for religious freedom violations; Pakistan response in Post #7
  247. Pakistan sports' progress under the PTI government!
  248. Google CEO explains to US lawmakers why search for word "idiot" brings up reference to Donald Trump
  249. Abolish homework for school kids - Is that the way forward?
  250. Strasbourg shooting: Gunman at large after three killed and 12 injured