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  1. Dunning-Kruger effect
  2. What is student life in Auckland like?
  3. What do you think of these lavish weddings?
  4. Do dreams have meaning?
  5. Oman Allows El Al Israel Airlines to fly over its airspace
  6. Genetic DNA tests : Anyone tried them?
  7. US adds Pakistan to blacklist for religious freedom violations; Pakistan response in Post #7
  8. Pakistan sports' progress under the PTI government!
  9. Google CEO explains to US lawmakers why search for word "idiot" brings up reference to Donald Trump
  10. Abolish homework for school kids - Is that the way forward?
  11. Strasbourg shooting: Gunman at large after three killed and 12 injured
  12. Is a Pakistani PM for UK a real possibility?
  13. The Indian girl who took her dad to the police over a broken promise to build a toilet
  14. Who is the best goalkeeper in the English Premier League (2018/19)?
  15. What did Pakistani's search for most on Google in 2018?
  16. 'If a Muslim kills a cow in front of Hindus, is it an offence?' UP university law exam
  17. Meditation: Anybody practice it?
  18. NRC defective, doomsday if India becomes Islamic: Meghalaya HC
  19. Saudi Arabia to make biggest foreign investment in Pakistan's history: Asad Umar
  20. [VIDEO] Asad Umar's interview on BBC Hard Talk
  21. BBC edits out all mentions of terrorist Kulbhushan Jadhav from Asad Umar’s Hard Talk interview
  22. Supreme Court orders 20pc reduction in private school fees over Rs5,000
  23. Mahatama Gandhi's statue removed in Ghana
  24. Ibadi - Islam in Oman
  25. The state of health care & quality of heath professionals in Pakistan
  26. [VIDEO] Police arrest madrassah teacher who was caught on video beating pupils
  27. Pakistan reported 3,000 accounts in six months: Twitter - Good or excessive censorship?
  28. Six civilians, three militants, soldier killed in Pulwama gunfight, clashes
  29. How popular is the Jammu and Kashmir Liberation Front (JKLF) in Azad Kashmir and Kashmir valley?
  30. What do Kashmiris think of Imran Khan?
  31. Is interest on mortgage allowed in Islam?
  32. Should the UK arrange a second referendum for Brexit?
  33. Wanted rhino poacher in Assam wins Panchayat elections
  34. Brexit the movie : HBO
  35. Hamid Ansari - Indian Spy or innocent? Returns home after 3 year jail sentence in Pakistan
  36. Myanmar receives first of Pakistan's JF-17 Fighters
  37. School principal beats up students for not wishing him ‘As-Salaam-Alaikum’, booked
  38. Kashmir awaits return of its prized pre-historic treasure
  39. "Pakistan has helped in the dialogue between Taliban and the US in Abu Dhabi" : Imran Khan
  40. [VIDEO] Attack on cameraman: Case registered against Nawaz Sharif's security guards
  41. Jose Mourinho sacked by Manchester United
  42. Who will be the next manager for Manchester United?
  43. "Thank God, Cows Not Given Voting Rights": Mehbooba Mufti's (apparent) dig At BJP
  44. India set to impose president’s rule in occupied Kashmir
  45. Jeremy Corbyn accused of 'stupid woman' jibe at Theresa May
  46. Top auditor points out Rs5.8 trillion irregular spending
  47. [VIDEO] Syria conflict: US President Trump's withdrawal plan shocks allies
  48. Junoon are coming back after an absence of over a decade
  49. Naseeruddin Shah says he fears for his children in India of today
  50. Former US cop of Pakistani origin Mustafa Ali is awarded a main roster contract on Smackdown
  51. The menace of drones at airports - How can this be fixed?
  52. George & Shaniera
  53. In debt growth, PTI to surpass PML-N in three years
  54. PM formally initiates conversion of PM House into a university
  55. [OFFICIAL TRAILER] The Legend of Maula Jatt (remake)
  56. Taking mobile phones to Pakistan
  57. SRK is finished for good!
  58. Shows that aren't worth finishing
  59. Anyone with experience on how to deal with a parent who is extremely unwell?
  60. "Will show Modi government how to treat minorities," says Imran Khan
  61. Pakistani army spokesman roasts Bollywood/RAW
  62. Is India’s ISRO the most successful Space Agency after NASA?
  63. Indonesia tsunami: 281 dead, over 1000 injured on islands of Java and Sumatra
  64. Nawaz Sharif handed 7 years in Al-Azizia, acquitted in Flagship reference
  65. What has been your favourite Pakistani drama?
  66. Football stars Luis Figo and Kaka coming to Pakistan
  67. Poland hockey team to tour Pakistan
  68. Marrying a Hindu girl
  69. JIT report on Asif Ali Zardari looting in Sindh - It's even worse than initially thought
  70. Why do Israelis flock to India?
  71. How can I successfully get these Sony Headphones to work as intended on my Samsung Galaxy S8?
  72. Will hold firms liable if staff offer namaz in public: Noida police
  73. Don't need lecture from you: Mohammad Kaif hits out at Pakistan PM Imran Khan
  74. Former MQM MNA Ali Raza Abidi killed in gun attack in Defence, Karachi
  75. U.S. to withdraw about 7,000 troops from Afghanistan, officials say
  76. Azerbaijan to buy JF-17 Blok II combat aircraft from Pakistan
  77. Chair lift for my ageing grandmother [Advice]
  78. POTW (Time Pass and Sports) : PakLFC
  79. Why does my uncle behave like this? Ostracise, bully, take a jibe, be condescending
  80. Best Desi tea bags
  81. Chinese consulate attack mastermind Aslam Achchu killed in Afghanistan
  82. Is it possible to find a large one story home in GTA (Canada)?
  83. Politicized Bollywood | Bal Thackeray Biopic & 'The Accidental Prime Minister' just before elections
  84. 2018 Bollywood movies this year that made Pakistan look good
  85. Understanding synchronisation/paralleling of two or more generators
  86. 'Forbes' ranks Pakistan amongst '10 coolest places to visit in 2019'
  87. Atletico Madrid's Pakistan academy: Spanish giants seek raw talent & viewing share
  88. Could everyone please make dua that I pass my driving test
  89. Prime Minister Imran Khan approves launch of new private airline from Sialkot
  90. What was the most uplifting news in 2018?
  91. Gary Kasparov vs Magnus Carlsen
  92. [PICTURE] Authorities flood a park in Uttar Pradesh to prevent Muslims from holding Friday prayers
  93. The Bangladesh 2018 General Elections thread
  94. Ruth Strauss, the wife of former England cricket captain Andrew Strauss, has died at the age of 46
  95. G-B hosts Pakistans first ever ice hockey match
  96. Sajid Javid abandons African safari to tackle Channel migrant crisis
  97. Pakistan’s digital revolution is happening faster than you think : World Economic Forum
  98. Derelict Pakistan Hospital Signals PM Imran Khan's Health Challenge
  99. Tenancy deposit scheme Advice thread: Seeking professional, legal advice (UK)
  100. Can topple PTI government in a week if Asif Ali Zardari allows, claims Bilawal Bhutto-Zardari
  101. Is the Muslim community in America a "persecuted minority"?
  102. Which was the best goal of Premier League in 2018?
  103. Cape Town race row erupts after 'black visitors cleared from beach'
  104. Winter vacations extended in KPK and Punjab
  105. Wishing All a Happy, Safe, Healthy and a Prosperous New Year - 2019
  106. Veteran Bollywood actor Kader Khan dies at 81 after prolonged illness
  107. Imran Khan's New Year resolution: To wage Jihad against poverty, illiteracy, injustice & corruption
  108. How hopeful are you for a more peaceful and prosperous 2019 for Pakistan?
  109. [PICTURE] U.S. Strategic Command apologizes for tweet about dropping bombs
  110. January transfer window 2019 Discussion thread
  111. Why did Bangladesh become an independent country and did not re-merge with India?
  112. Should Governor Rule be imposed in Sindh?
  113. [VIDEO] Virat Kohli and Anushka Sharma hog the limelight as Indian cricketers hosted by Aussie PM
  114. Suspected far-right attacker 'intentionally' rams into crowd of Syrian & Afghan citizens in Germany
  115. Language of conversation
  116. Impact of social media on our lives
  117. Justice Asif Saeed Khosa appointed chief justice of Pakistan
  118. India gave USD 72.1 million to Palestine as project assistance MEA
  119. ‘Don’t know who’s using it’: US President Trump mocks PM Modi for funding library in Afghanistan
  120. Bollywood: a new insight
  121. Sabarimala: India's Kerala paralysed amid protests over temple entry
  122. Brampton - A Punjabi Sikh enclave in Canada dubbed a "Ghetto"
  123. People who feel unsafe in India should be bombed: BJP MLA from Muzaffarnagar
  124. PM Imran Khan, President Erdogan meet in Ankara; discuss strengthening economic ties
  125. Pakistan declares 1,000 years old Panj Tirath Hindu temple as national heritage
  126. Why did Fatima Jinnah lose 1965 Pakistan election to Ayub Khan?
  127. [VIDEOS/PICTURES] Football legends Kaka and Luis Figo to arrive in Pakistan
  128. Why are Urdu/Hindi poetry on topic of love so heart touching?
  129. What's the thing that always happens in the movies but NEVER happens in the real life
  130. Countries with rich history you would recommend visiting?
  131. India is getting activists and journalists suspended off social media
  132. WEF -Eating less beef and more beans would cut deaths by 5-7%
  133. [VIDEO] Qatar defeat Japan to win the AFC Asian Cup 2019
  134. US President, Donald Trump, 'confirms' death of USS Cole bomber
  135. Pakistan allows man to register as country’s first Jew in decades
  136. How satisfied are you with the performance of NAB in Pakistan?
  137. Should Ole Gunnar Solskjær be made permanent manager for Manchester United?
  138. 'Bohemian Rhapsody,' 'Green Book' win Golden Globes (2019) on night of upsets
  139. China to 'sinicize' Islam, passes law to make religion compatible with socialism
  140. PTI denies news about decision regarding disbanding of the Ruet-e-Hilal committee [post #11]
  141. What’s the most beautiful place in Pakistan to visit?
  142. Rahaf al-Qunun: Saudi teen refugee arrives in Canada [Update Post #24]
  143. India scientists dismiss Einstein theories
  144. Objectionable dialogue in the Bollywood movie "Uri"
  145. Imran Khan congratulates Indian cricket team on winning Test series in Australia
  146. Australian Open 2019 Thread
  147. Scenes from movies which are pure masterclass
  148. Hardik Pandya and KL Rahul suspensions 'lifted with immediate [Post #441]
  149. Microsoft to explore investment opportunities in Pakistan: Bill Gates
  150. Indians who want to be like Westerners?
  151. Pakistani music fans club!
  152. [VIDEO] A beautiful inspirational video 'If' narrated by Michael Caine
  153. Starbucks in Pakistan?
  154. "I’m a journalist who fled Pakistan, but I no longer feel safe in exile"
  155. Would research in Tissue Engineering suit a Chemical Engineer?
  156. Taliban calls off peace talks with US
  157. [VIDEOS] Gully Boy - India’s Rap Renaissance
  158. Should India become a Hindu Rashtra?
  159. Brexit: Jeremy Corbyn demands election to 'break deadlock'
  160. Indian minister says ban on Indian TV content will not end 'people to people' contact
  161. Indian general election - April and May 2019 - Discussion Thread
  162. Did the outgoing CJP Saqib Nisar get his priorities right during his tenure?
  163. Texas Republicans defend county GOP leader as group pushes to oust him because he is Muslim
  164. Why has there never been a movie about......
  165. How to recover the original voice memo on an iPhone?
  166. In a first, Sikh officer appointed PRO to Punjab governor
  167. Recommend a good wireless internet service provider
  168. 2019 Henley Passport Index - Both Pakistan & India moves up 2 spots each
  169. Terence Crawford v Amir Khan: Briton agrees shot at WBO world welterweight champion
  170. 19 incredible facts about surgical strikes 2016 by Indian army
  171. National ka Pakistan
  172. Al-Badr commander Zeenat-ul-Islam killed in encounter in Kulgam
  173. Happy Lohri!
  174. Amsterdam in a day? Well, a few hours..
  175. Muslim woman and child verbally attacked in Australia; Hijabi has scarf taken off
  176. R&B artist Akon will be coming to Pakistan
  177. Two weeks in Canada - Suggestions required
  178. Driving standards in Pakistan
  179. Fifty-five men arrested in West Yorkshire over child sex abuse
  180. I regret the decision of proposing Modi as PM candidate In 2014: Yashwant Sinha
  181. Nairobi DusitD2 hotel under attack as blasts and gunfire heard
  182. SC accepts Bahria Town Karachi's Rs460bn offer, halts NAB references [Update Post #22]
  183. Which team will win the English Premier League 2018/2019?
  184. How rich is Malik Riaz?
  185. iPhone or a non-Apple smartphone?
  186. [VIDEO] "Boys will be boys": Message from Gillette against bad behaviour
  187. South Asia's first Post-Ambient band is Pakistani band!
  188. #10YearChallenge. Who’s aged the best?
  189. Can you dance?
  190. The Accidental Prime Minister (Manmohan Singh biopic) gets clearance from Pakistan censor board
  191. Lahore airport to start selling alcohol? [Fake news refuted by Punjab Govt. spokesman Post#20]
  192. Is PTI actually doing a good job so far?
  193. This mother still works as a teacher in APS Peshawar after losing her son in the attack
  194. London state school secures 41 Oxbridge offers!!
  195. Bernard Tomic calls Australia Davis Cup captain Lleyton Hewitt a "liar"!
  196. President Trump directed Michael Cohen to lie to Congress - this is obstruction of justice
  197. Women's bicycle rally in Peshawar cancelled after protest threat by religious parties
  198. [VIDEO] PSL 2019 Anthem - Khel Deewano Ka Official Song | Fawad Khan ft. Young Desi
  199. John Amistoso, 64, paid fortune to kill markhor in Pakistan last Saturday
  200. Any one with nut allergies here? How do you cope when eating out?
  201. Pakistan in semis at Asian Junior Squash championship
  202. PM Imran Khan tells ruling elite to appreciate beauty of Pakistan instead of worrying about ECL!
  203. Kashmiri Pandits demand creation of separate township within Kashmir for them
  204. 21-year-old Palestinian student killed in Australia
  205. ATC acquits all suspects in Sahiwal encounter case [Update Post#105]
  206. AKUH told to respond to plea seeking free medical facilities for poor citizens
  207. Swabi councillors want Christians to be ‘sweepers’ in hospitals instead of Muslims
  208. Atletico Madrid shoot for football future in cricket-mad Pakistan!
  209. Why Latinos are converting to Islam (In America)
  210. Syria war: Israeli jets target Iranian positions around Damascus
  211. 'Powerful explosion' as Taliban car bomb kills more than 100 at Afghan military base
  212. Is Pakistan's police out of control?
  213. The response of Imran Khan govt. to the Sahiwal incident compared to the Model Town massacre
  214. Is the UAE still a high paid expat haven?
  215. NICOP Card Advice Needed
  216. Emiliano Sala: Body identified as Cardiff City footballer [Update Post #25]
  217. Finance Minister Asad Umar presents third finance bill for fiscal 2019 [Update Post #9]
  218. Advice needed regarding NICOP/POC
  219. Economic benefits vs Environmental benefits...
  220. Priyanka Gandhi Vadra enters Indian Politics
  221. FIH suspends Pakistan from Pro Hockey League
  222. Importance of a thorough background check before marriage
  223. The Masked Singer: What We Know So Far
  224. Ex-Scottish first minister Alex Salmond charged with attempted rape
  225. 2020 Democratic Party presidential candidates
  226. Real Madrid has topped the table of the world's 20 richest football clubs, displacing Man United
  227. Immigrants and handouts... Don't the elderly here live off handouts?
  228. Cow manure as an energy source
  229. New Bharat Ratna awardees: Pranab Mukherjee, Nanaji Deshmukh, Bhupen Hazarika
  230. Renowned actress Roohi Bano passes away in Turkey
  231. The risk of a catastrophic US intervention in Venezuela is real
  232. Government to launch a dollar-denominated diaspora bond – Pakistan Banao Certificate (PBC)
  233. Pakistan announces e-visa facility for 175 nations, visa-on-arrival for 50 countries
  234. Negligence of PCB, contractors costs a life at National Stadium Karachi
  235. Police investigating after men unfurl 'It's OK to be white' banner at BBL cricket match
  236. Hindus urge Reserve Bank of Australia to print beef-free $20 and $100 banknotes
  237. US-Taliban talks offer glimmer of hope on path to Afghan peace
  238. Esha Gupta in trouble over a 'racist' Whatsapp messages about Arsenal's Alex Iwobi
  239. Things to do in Islamabad
  240. Kargil era former defence minister George Fernandes passes away
  241. BBC Newsnight Contributors Praise Pakistan Role in Taliban/US Peace Moves
  242. Suman Kumari is Pakistan’s first Hindu woman judge
  243. How to make friends?
  244. PM Imran Khan approves amendments to declare 'enforced disappearance' criminal offence
  245. 55 workers of different religious parties arrested in crackdown ahead of Faizabad protest
  246. PM Imran Khan hosts polio workers at PM House
  247. Polar vortex hits Chicago/Midwest with life-threatening temperatures; Colder than Mars and Anartica!
  248. India 'witch hunters' kill mother and four children
  249. World's largest ever recorded great white shark 'Deep Blue' spotted in Hawaii
  250. Pakistan protests summoning of high commissioner to Delhi over Qureshi-Mirwaiz phone call