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  1. Kashmiri Pandits demand creation of separate township within Kashmir for them
  2. 21-year-old Palestinian student killed in Australia
  3. ATC acquits all suspects in Sahiwal encounter case [Update Post#105]
  4. AKUH told to respond to plea seeking free medical facilities for poor citizens
  5. Swabi councillors want Christians to be ‘sweepers’ in hospitals instead of Muslims
  6. Atletico Madrid shoot for football future in cricket-mad Pakistan!
  7. Why Latinos are converting to Islam (In America)
  8. Syria war: Israeli jets target Iranian positions around Damascus
  9. 'Powerful explosion' as Taliban car bomb kills more than 100 at Afghan military base
  10. Is Pakistan's police out of control?
  11. The response of Imran Khan govt. to the Sahiwal incident compared to the Model Town massacre
  12. Is the UAE still a high paid expat haven?
  13. NICOP Card Advice Needed
  14. Emiliano Sala: Body identified as Cardiff City footballer [Update Post #25]
  15. Finance Minister Asad Umar presents third finance bill for fiscal 2019 [Update Post #9]
  16. Advice needed regarding NICOP/POC
  17. Economic benefits vs Environmental benefits...
  18. Priyanka Gandhi Vadra enters Indian Politics
  19. FIH suspends Pakistan from Pro Hockey League
  20. Importance of a thorough background check before marriage
  21. The Masked Singer: What We Know So Far
  22. Ex-Scottish first minister Alex Salmond charged with attempted rape
  23. 2020 Democratic Party presidential candidates
  24. Real Madrid has topped the table of the world's 20 richest football clubs, displacing Man United
  25. Immigrants and handouts... Don't the elderly here live off handouts?
  26. Cow manure as an energy source
  27. New Bharat Ratna awardees: Pranab Mukherjee, Nanaji Deshmukh, Bhupen Hazarika
  28. Renowned actress Roohi Bano passes away in Turkey
  29. The risk of a catastrophic US intervention in Venezuela is real
  30. Government to launch a dollar-denominated diaspora bond – Pakistan Banao Certificate (PBC)
  31. Pakistan announces e-visa facility for 175 nations, visa-on-arrival for 50 countries
  32. Negligence of PCB, contractors costs a life at National Stadium Karachi
  33. Police investigating after men unfurl 'It's OK to be white' banner at BBL cricket match
  34. Hindus urge Reserve Bank of Australia to print beef-free $20 and $100 banknotes
  35. US-Taliban talks offer glimmer of hope on path to Afghan peace
  36. Esha Gupta in trouble over a 'racist' Whatsapp messages about Arsenal's Alex Iwobi
  37. Things to do in Islamabad
  38. Kargil era former defence minister George Fernandes passes away
  39. BBC Newsnight Contributors Praise Pakistan Role in Taliban/US Peace Moves
  40. Suman Kumari is Pakistan’s first Hindu woman judge
  41. How to make friends?
  42. PM Imran Khan approves amendments to declare 'enforced disappearance' criminal offence
  43. 55 workers of different religious parties arrested in crackdown ahead of Faizabad protest
  44. PM Imran Khan hosts polio workers at PM House
  45. Polar vortex hits Chicago/Midwest with life-threatening temperatures; Colder than Mars and Anartica!
  46. India 'witch hunters' kill mother and four children
  47. World's largest ever recorded great white shark 'Deep Blue' spotted in Hawaii
  48. Pakistan protests summoning of high commissioner to Delhi over Qureshi-Mirwaiz phone call
  49. Pakistan cricket team attends Diamer-Bhasha and Mohmand Dams fund-raising events in Johannesburg
  50. Is racism common in Asians?
  51. Pakistan’s security improved significantly: UK Home Office report
  52. PTI govt abolishes subsidy on Hajj
  53. What is the reason for existence of Fake News?
  54. The new Islamabad Airport - Suggestions for a name
  55. Time India lifted ban on Pakistani artists, says Shafqat Amanat Ali
  56. My first experience on a matrimonial site and what I have experienced, learnt so far
  57. Films that deserve a remake
  58. Was the Afghan colonisation of the subcontinent better than British rule?
  59. Travel Agency Business in Pakistan
  60. India asks UK to stop Kashmir event in London, UK says not in their hands
  61. Why is Punjab govt. overlooking public transport?
  62. Should gas be subsidised or not in Pakistan?
  63. Castlevania - Netflix Series
  64. The University of Farmington in Michigan
  65. Three Flat-Earthers go on This Morning
  66. Tom Brady vs Jahangir Khan: Who is the greater sportsman?
  67. Thirty-three men arrested over Halifax child abuse
  68. BCCI withdraws invitation to Oman cricket team
  69. Pope Francis arrives on historic visit to UAE
  70. Liam Neeson sparks race row over rape comments
  71. S&P downgrades Pakistan’s long-term credit rating
  72. What should Arsenal do with Mesut Ozil?
  73. Top BJP leaders seen with right-wing leader who shot at Gandhi effigy
  74. PM Imran Khan orders Sindh govt to take action against people involved in Hindu temple vandalism
  75. Ali Issa Ahmad: British man held in UAE for 'wearing Qatar football shirt' 9:07pm 5th February 2019
  76. Is Joao Felix the next Cristiano Ronaldo?
  77. Oscars 2019 - Who won what....
  78. Indian banks may have an over Rs30,00,00,00,00,000 bad loan storm coming
  79. NAB arrests Aleem Khan
  80. [PICTURES] Christiano Ronaldo, Lionel Messi and Neymar did NOT give PM Imran a cheque for dam fund
  81. How do Pakistanis see Rahul Gandhi and expect of him as future leader of India?
  82. Top taxpayers to have dinner with PM Imran Khan
  83. Minority ethnic Britons face 'shocking' job discrimination
  84. Migration on the US Mexico border
  85. Afghan President Ashraf Ghani is worried about the plight of peaceful protesters in Pakistan
  86. Instagram vows to remove all graphic self-harm images from site
  87. US court stays Muslim inmate's execution over denial of imam request
  88. Jahangir Khan to make Pakistan a sports power house
  89. Pakistan to export donkeys to China to earn foreign exchange
  90. Indian team likely to travel to Pakistan for Davis Cup
  91. [VIDEO] Now Shahid Afridi's name featured in a song by Windies' DJ Bravo....
  92. In nine years, Rs957b worth of irregularities unearthed in Sindh govt’s accounts
  93. Pakistan to submit evidence against Indian spy Jadhav on Feb 19: FM Shah Mehmood Qureshi
  94. Lamborghini driving tourist from Dubai schools Oregon State Police officer
  95. Check-in procedures when flying to Pakistan
  96. Toxic moonshine kills 154 people, leaves hundreds hospitalized in India
  97. Turkey demands China close camps for Uighur Muslims
  98. European colonizers killed so many Native Americans that it changed the climate: researchers
  99. Pakistani restaurant owner feeds the poor and homeless for free everyday in DC
  100. Indian govt giving attention to arrest India's unutilised water under IWT from entering Pakistan
  101. Will Manchester United finish in the top four this season?
  102. "This is the time to invest in Pakistan, don’t miss the boat": Imran Khan
  103. How do you keep yourself motivated?
  104. Grammys 2019: Lady Gaga among winners list
  105. Committing suicide is a sin but PM should apologise for U-turns: Marriyum Aurangzeb
  106. Former India pacer Amit Bhandari attacked by group of men including U23 cricketer, seriously injured
  107. Minnesota Democrat Ilhan Omar ignites new 'anti-Semitism' controversy with comments on AIPAC
  108. Aaron Ramsey: Arsenal midfielder signs £400k-a-week deal to join Juventus
  109. Indian tennis star Sania Mirza's biopic gets green light - Who will play Shoaib Malik?
  110. Saudi crown prince MbS arrives in Pakistan amid fanfare, received by PM Imran Khan on red carpet
  111. New marriage
  112. Should the 1947 partition be compared to the holocaust?
  113. POTW (Time Pass and Sports) : shaz619
  114. US national-debt load surpasses $22 trillion!
  115. Bangladesh to sign military pact with Saudi Arabia; 1800 troops to deploy to Yemen
  116. Trouble getting a visa to Pakistan from US
  117. How difficult is it for young people to get married today?
  118. [VIDEOS] The Formula 1 2019 Thread
  119. Politically correct world of homosexuality
  120. Jailed Nawaz Sharif claims credit for Saudi aid package
  121. Kashmir attack kills 40 paramilitaries
  122. Suicide bomber kills 27 members of Iran's elite Revolutionary Guards
  123. Airbus scraps A380 superjumbo jet as sales slump
  124. What is a reasonable amount in today's time for Haq Mehr?
  125. Pulwama Attack: Gautam Gambhir cries for war with Pakistan
  126. Lord Ahmed 'took advantage' of vulnerable women!
  127. Why doesn't India give Kashmiris independence?
  128. Kashmir bomber radicalised after beating by troops, parents say
  129. "Can you blame an entire nation?" Anger over Navjot Sidhu's Pulwama remark
  130. Muslims in Mumbai organize an anti-Pakistan Protest after attack on soldiers in IOK
  131. 11-year-old girl in Amber Alert dead, dad to be charged with first-degree murder
  132. Do you have Indian friends?
  133. Pulwama Attack 2019 : The fallout on India - Pakistan relations thread
  134. "GOI, instead of looking inwards, adopts an easy approach and blames Pakistan" : Fawad Chaudhry
  135. World Cup 2030: Chile to join Argentina, Paraguay and Uruguay in joint bid
  136. One thing I do admire about India in light of the fresh violence in Kashmir
  137. Iran envoy calls for removal of trade barriers with Pakistan
  138. "Don't blame only Pakistan": Pro-Indian Kashmiri leader
  139. Kangana Ranaut on Pulwama Attack: Pakistan ban is not the focus, Pakistan destruction is
  140. Should Pakistan media and TV Channels boycott news on Indian cricket, including IPL?
  141. Ghazi Rasheed killed (already killed in Red Mosque July 2007) by Indian Armed Forces
  142. Are Pakistanis concerned by or enjoying the demise of India as a nation in the 21st century?
  143. Too many childish political blame games going on
  144. [VIDEOS] Kashmiris attacked in different parts of India after Pulwama attack
  145. India occupied Kashmir and Israel occupied Gaza
  146. Saudi Arabia has pledged investment deals worth $20bn (£15.5bn) with Pakistan
  147. Govt may announce Friday as weekly off
  148. Mohammed bin Salman orders release of over 2,000 Pakistani prisoners from Saudi jails
  149. AirFrance is set to resume its operations in Pakistan after 11 years
  150. Pakistan gets yet another invitation offer from China also granted the status of “Guest of honour”
  151. Hold plebiscite in Kashmir and make people talk. What is India scared of? : Kamal Haasan
  152. EU blacklists Saudi Arabia
  153. [PICTURES] 'Spectacular' crash at the Daytona 500 damages 18 cars
  154. Saudi Minister of State for Foreign Affairs accused Iran as “the world’s chief sponsor of terrorism”
  155. Stop blaming Beijing, Islamabad for terror attacks: Chinese state med
  156. Pakistan honours Saudi crown prince with highest civilian award
  157. BJP behind Pulwama attack?
  158. West Bengal CM slams Modi government, questions the timing of Pulwana attacks
  159. "If you have actionable evidence, share it with us. We will take action" : PM IK on Pulwama attack
  160. Pakistani comedian Junaid Akram’s comment on Pakistan-India recent drama
  161. Teach Pakistan a lesson, even if it means aar paar ki ladaai: Yuzvendra Chahal
  162. Are we on the brink of ANOTHER Indo-Pak war?
  163. Mona Alam vs 4 Indians on Indian TV debate on Pulwama attack
  164. Narendra Modi receives Saudi Crown Prince Mohammed Bin Salman
  165. 23-year-old Pakistani gamer Arslan 'Ash' Siddiqui crowned world’s best ‘Tekken 7’ player
  166. Is Pakistan really the problem in Kashmir?
  167. Was the 1947 partition of India a mistake?
  168. Turkish president to visit Pakistan next month
  169. Pakistan Foreign Minister will pay 4-day official visit to Japan on Sunday
  170. Pulwama attack: What are India PM Narendra Modi's options?
  171. Three MPs quit Tory party to join breakaway group
  172. Pakistani 'stoned to death' in Indian jail amid Kashmir tensions
  173. Bernie Sanders appoints Pakistani-American Faiz Shakir as campaign manager
  174. Is Pakistani judiciary corrupt?
  175. India faces sanctions after Pakistanis fail to get World Cup visas
  176. India banned tomatoes in Pakistan
  177. My argument with Indians on Kashmir attack at an American University
  178. Will Khalistan ever get its independence?
  179. Saudi foreign minister refuses to condemn Pakistan over Pulwama attack
  180. Kashmir in exchange for full population transfer?
  181. India refers to Nawaz Sharif's interview as evidence at Kulbhushan Yadhav's hearing in ICJ
  182. Sunil Gavaskar to Imran Khan: You are my friend. Where is Naya Pakistan?
  183. Olympic Games: Paris organisers propose breakdancing to IOC as a new sport for 2024
  184. Korea offers equipment for conserving Buddhist heritage in Pakistan
  185. Will stop flow of India's share of river water to Pakistan: Water resources minister Nitin Gadkari
  186. Pakistan bans Hafiz Saeed’s charities, hints at action against group blamed for Pulwama attack
  187. Russia endorses PM Imran Khan's dialogue for peace, expects India and Pakistan to solve conflict
  188. Pakistani news channel threatening India with ballistic missile strikes
  189. Olympics: IOC urges India isolation after Pakistani athletes denied visas
  190. IOC revokes Olympic qualification status of men's 25m rapid fire pistol event in New Delhi
  191. PM Narendra Modi gets Seoul Peace Prize in South Korea
  192. Don’t mess with Pakistan, DG ISPR warns India
  193. Chelsea free to sign players in January 2020 after transfer ban is halved
  194. So many chiefs are Indians. But go easy on the cultural stereotypes
  195. FATF 'grey list': Pakistan gets time, but not out of the woods yet
  196. Current account deficit shrinks 16.7pc in seven months
  197. India need a way out from Kashmir like USSR from Afghanistan & USA from Vietnam
  198. Pakistan's new India policy in the present circumstances
  199. "Any aggression or misadventure shall be paid back in same coin” : Army chief Gen Qamar Bajwa
  200. Nearly 10,000 Troops Airlifted To Srinagar Amid Major Crackdown In J&K
  201. Which Empire had the most cultural significance for modern-day Pakistan?
  202. In Kashmir, Sikhs offered free hotel stays, car repairs as thanks for community’s help after Pulwama
  203. Sheikh Rasheed's statements
  204. Mythbusting Pakistan: Here is The Reality of Asia’s Most Resilient Nation
  205. Das Boot
  206. Indians and Wikipedia
  207. Attempt to hijack Dubai-bound plane in Bangladesh foiled
  208. Pakistani MP meets Narendra Modi and Sushma Swaraj, offers to mediate between countries
  209. 33 Karachi taxpayers among FBR’s top 50
  210. Pakistani cable operators showing India-Australia match
  211. Indian professor who compared Modi to Hitler is waiting to be jailed
  212. What will happen if Narendra Modi wins the election in India again?
  213. Countdown to Indian attack on Pakistan
  214. Saudi Arabia's Mohammed Bin Salman defends China's use of Concentration Camps for Muslims
  215. After IOC; Asian snooker body scraps the event held in India
  216. Cobrapost Sting - Operation Karaoke
  217. Popular Indian leaders claiming Pulwama attack was a false flag
  218. Help Me Plan My 4 Month Pakistan Trip
  219. Russia proposes easing laws on corruption, saying it's unavoidable sometimes
  220. Paraforce (Indian Trance Producer) - La Ilaha Ilallah
  221. PAF chases away Indian jets after LoC airspace violation
  222. Hip Hop Pakistan
  223. Pakistani media claims no casualties, Indian media claims 300 terrorists killed. Who do YOU believe?
  224. 'Pakistan will respond to uncalled-for Indian aggression at time, place of its choosing'- S Qureishi - Pak retaliates (update post 44)
  225. 'Sudhar Jao Warna Sudhaar Denge' - Virender Sehwag, Gautam Gambhir laud IAF for avenging Pulwama
  226. Israel pharmaceutical firms test medicines on Palestinian prisoners
  227. Bollywood rejoices as India strikes back
  228. Indian Air Force’s Wing Commander Arvind Sinha commits suicide in Prayagraj
  229. How should Pakistan respond to the alleged India intrusion?
  230. [VIDEO] If India and Pakistan go on a nuclear war...
  231. [REPORTS] Pakistani SSG crossing over LoC and infiltrating posts
  232. Thumbs up for Pakistani media
  233. 4 AJK civilians dead, 11 wounded in 'indiscriminate' Indian shelling across LoC
  234. Pakistanis united worldwide
  235. Give Peace a Chance
  236. The latest Indo-Pak conflict: A true test of leadership for Imran Khan
  237. 300 'killed' but where are the ambulances and funerals?
  238. What will the Afghan, Kashmir, Arab Mujahedeen do in the event of a real Indo Pak War?
  239. Shashi Tharoor interview
  240. 2 Indian aircraft violating Pakistani airspace shot down; pilot arrested
  241. India does not want 'further escalation' after Pakistan air strikes: FM
  242. China, USA, UN or Russia, or all them, need to step in and make a ceasefire happen, NOW!
  243. Pulwama crisis - Indian viewpoint
  244. Pakistan reopens airspace for civil aviation after nearly five months [UPDATE#127]
  245. Pakistan cricketers join in with support for Pakistan Armed forces
  246. [VIDEO] Captured Indian pilot in custody of the Pakistan military
  247. What should Pakistan do with the captured Indian pilots?
  248. "We cannot afford any miscalculation at this time. Better sense should prevail" : Imran Khan
  249. #SayNoToWar Trends On Twitter, As Indians And Pakistanis Call For Peace
  250. Pak wants peace, Ind needs to understand war is failure of policy there are no victors in war: ISPR