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  1. PAF chases away Indian jets after LoC airspace violation
  2. Hip Hop Pakistan
  3. Pakistani media claims no casualties, Indian media claims 300 terrorists killed. Who do YOU believe?
  4. 'Pakistan will respond to uncalled-for Indian aggression at time, place of its choosing'- S Qureishi - Pak retaliates (update post 44)
  5. 'Sudhar Jao Warna Sudhaar Denge' - Virender Sehwag, Gautam Gambhir laud IAF for avenging Pulwama
  6. Israel pharmaceutical firms test medicines on Palestinian prisoners
  7. Bollywood rejoices as India strikes back
  8. Indian Air Force’s Wing Commander Arvind Sinha commits suicide in Prayagraj
  9. How should Pakistan respond to the alleged India intrusion?
  10. [VIDEO] If India and Pakistan go on a nuclear war...
  11. [REPORTS] Pakistani SSG crossing over LoC and infiltrating posts
  12. Thumbs up for Pakistani media
  13. 4 AJK civilians dead, 11 wounded in 'indiscriminate' Indian shelling across LoC
  14. Pakistanis united worldwide
  15. Give Peace a Chance
  16. The latest Indo-Pak conflict: A true test of leadership for Imran Khan
  17. 300 'killed' but where are the ambulances and funerals?
  18. What will the Afghan, Kashmir, Arab Mujahedeen do in the event of a real Indo Pak War?
  19. Shashi Tharoor interview
  20. 2 Indian aircraft violating Pakistani airspace shot down; pilot arrested
  21. India does not want 'further escalation' after Pakistan air strikes: FM
  22. China, USA, UN or Russia, or all them, need to step in and make a ceasefire happen, NOW!
  23. Pulwama crisis - Indian viewpoint
  24. Pakistan airspace fully reopened, says aviation authority [UPDATE#92]
  25. Pakistan cricketers join in with support for Pakistan Armed forces
  26. [VIDEO] Captured Indian pilot in custody of the Pakistan military
  27. What should Pakistan do with the captured Indian pilots?
  28. "We cannot afford any miscalculation at this time. Better sense should prevail" : Imran Khan
  29. #SayNoToWar Trends On Twitter, As Indians And Pakistanis Call For Peace
  30. Pak wants peace, Ind needs to understand war is failure of policy there are no victors in war: ISPR
  31. Peace loving Indians should ask Narendra Modi to resign
  32. The ineptness of the Indian Air Force
  33. [VIDEO] "Officers of Pakistan Army have looked after me very well": Captured Indian pilot Abhinandan
  34. Current Pakistani-Indian relations outside the sub-continent
  35. Experts question India’s claim of destroying militant camp near LoC
  36. India gives Pakistan dossier on JeM role in Pulwama terror attack
  37. "Blatant Politicisation Of Armed Forces' Sacrifice": 21 Parties Blast BJP
  38. Pakistan vs India - Current situation in Pakistani cities
  39. [VIDEO] Indian media's role in drumming the beats of war
  40. International reaction to the India and Pakistan conflict
  41. [VIDEO] Whats the news on the 2nd jet that crashed in India?
  42. Reminder: India didn't release 90,000 PoW in 1971 without getting anything in return
  43. "India, Pakistan is not your enemy, Your enemy is our enemy!" : Wasim Akram
  44. BJP leader says India-Pakistan war will help win election seats
  45. Pakistan suspends Samjhauta Express service in view of prevailing tensions with India
  46. PM IK ready to hold conversation with Modi, Pak willing to return pilot if leads to de-escalation
  47. Pulwama martyr's widow criticised on social media for 'not wanting war'
  48. War is no Joke! Let me tell you how it affects lives [A Narration by a Karachite]
  49. Pakistan to release Indian pilot tomorrow as peace gesture: Prime Minister Imran Khan
  50. Huge tactical blunder by PM Imran Khan!
  51. Imran Khan as a leader of Pakistan - the perception from the India side
  52. How do you feel about the decision to release the captured Indian pilot?
  53. Time for India to clean up their own mess and stop blaming Pakistan
  54. India have played with the emotions of the relatives of Pulwama killed soldiers
  55. Israel’s fingerprints are all over India’s escalating conflict with Pakistan
  56. Pilot project recently happened, now real one has to be done: PM Narendra Modi
  57. Indian military claims that IAF MiG-21 shot down Pakistani F-16
  58. India's military technology is unbelievable
  59. 3rd time lucky: WW3 is going to happen TONIGHT (Proof: Twitter)
  60. Kashmiri reaction to Indian jets falling
  61. There might be some sane people in India
  62. No challenge to Articles 370, 35A for now
  63. Sushma Swaraj likely to raise terror issue at OIC meet today
  64. [VIDEO] An Indian journalist does his worst, the interviewee does his best!
  65. [VIDEOS/PICTURES] Indian media gaffes/lies in the 2019 conflict with Pakistan
  66. What do Pakistanis think about Masood Azhar?
  67. [VIDEO/PICTURES] Wing Commander Abhinandan Varthaman returns to India
  68. Indo-Pak tension in the wake of Pulwama attack: Is further escalation to the conflict possible?
  69. Why did the IAF change their Chief of Western Air Command after 'successful operation'?
  70. Pakistan to lodge UN complaint against India for “eco-terrorism” forest bombing
  71. Dead Militant gets up to kill 4 Indian Jawans
  72. Imran Khan vs Narendra Modi: Who won the war of perception?
  73. By deploying the IAF, Modi has ensured that Kashmir is conclusively internationalised: Arundhati Roy
  74. Gureilla warfare/insurgencies templates Pakistan can use in case of an invasion by India?
  75. [VIDEO] "Indian media always stretches the truth": Wing Commander Abhinandan
  76. Is Adnan Sami Pakistan's undercover agent in India?
  77. Pakistan India Tension - Latest Updates (Post Release of Abhinandan)
  78. So with our friend the Wing Commander back in his country, India back to its aggressive stance?
  79. NY Times: Release of the pilot capped a humiliating episode for India
  80. China's been surprisingly neutral during this conflict
  81. Do Kashmiri Mujahedeen/Freedom Fighters actually exist?
  82. True Story
  83. Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas offers to diffuse India - Pakistan crisis
  84. India indiscriminately targeting civilians in Pakistan
  85. Hindu Fundamentalist Democratic candidate Tulsi Gabbards tweets
  86. India May See Communal Violence Before General Elections, Warns US Director of National Intelligence
  87. Better late than never: US comes to its senses on India-Pakistan conflict : Shamila N. Chaudhary
  88. What should Pakistan do to get out of this mess?
  89. The alleged leak audio call of Indian politician - Can someone shed more light on this?
  90. [VIDEO] Imran Khan's ex-wife Reham Khan speaks exclusively to WION
  91. Pakistani prisoner stoned to death in Indian jail, body handed over [Missing heart, lungs, brain]
  92. [REPORT] Wing Commander Abhinandan Varthaman 'subjected to a lot of mental harassment'
  93. Neutral sources dismiss Indian claims of shooting down Pakistan's F-16
  94. "After God Imran Khan is our leader" : Faisal Vawda [Apologises for wrong selection of words]
  95. Do recent events make you question the narrative of historic Indo-Pak battles?
  96. Do social media memes influence our watching behaviour?
  97. Narendra Modi admitting defeat? "If we had Rafales, the result could have been different"
  98. OIC condemns ‘recent wave of Indian terrorism’ in Kashmir despite Indian presence
  99. FBR appoints teams at mills: Sugar production up by 70pc
  100. [VIDEO] Will Not Let Shoaib Malik Enter Telangana, Says BJP MLA
  101. Roger Federer wins 100th ATP title in Dubai
  102. What happened to the pilot of 2nd Indian fighter plane shot down?
  103. Compliment to Pakistanis by former Indian SC Judge
  104. What is the ultimate goal of Hindu fascists?
  105. Narendra Modi is losing the ‘war’ narrative that BJP-RSS is whipping up
  106. Jammu and Kashmir solution: Divide it along religious lines
  107. Former Chelsea, Real Madrid star Nicolas Anelka expected in Pakistan on Tuesday
  108. Indian journalists are facing pressure to conform to the official narrative on Pakistan
  109. Recent stand-off with Pakistan has shown India's international influence is overrated and deluded
  110. How PAF targeted and shoot down Indian Fighter Jets
  111. India should release evidence of airstrike in Pakistan: Digvijaya Singh
  112. India has more fake news than anywhere else in the world, report says
  113. Survey: 15% people in Balochistan want independence, 52% happy with status quo
  114. India refuses to share proof of air strikes in Balakot
  115. Must watch what Najam Sethi said 8 years ago
  116. 5 Indian soliders killed in the ongoing encounter in J&K
  117. Muslim school kids called names and told to ‘go to Pakistan’, mothers blame TV hate
  118. India's Hypocrisy when it comes to supporting BLA
  119. Do Modi and Imran know nuclear rules?
  120. Wife of IAF pilot killed in crash says "Social Media Warriors, Go To The Front"
  121. [PICTURE] Indian professor forced to kneel down for praising PM Imran Khan
  122. Kashmir is in a perilous state because of India’s pivot to nationalism
  123. Honda Electric Vehicle Prototype, Tesla's days are numbered
  124. Masood Azhar Dead? Speculation Mounts Days After Pakistan Confirms JeM Chief's Presence
  125. Balakot Air Strike Was A Message, Did Not Intend To Kill: Union Minister
  126. India-Pakistan conflict 2019 | Importance of building strong civilian and trade ties
  127. New message claiming to be from Masood Azhar claims Indian jets missed their target
  128. Student Told PM Modi About Dyslexic Children. He Cracked A Joke
  129. New York Times: After India Loses Dogfight to Pakistan, Questions Arise About Its ‘Vintage’ Military
  130. The Young Suicide Bomber Who Brought India and Pakistan to the Brink of War
  131. Should the Indo-Pak conflict be allowed to spill over to expat communities?
  132. Masood Azhar's son, brother detained in govt crackdown against banned organisations
  133. 59 Nobel laureates, including Malala Yousafzai, urge India, Pakistan to defuse tension
  134. "I am not worthy of the Nobel Peace prize" : PM Imran Khan
  135. Navjot Singh Sidhu launches his own surgical strike - on Modi Sarkar...
  136. [VIDEO] Mario Balotelli invents a new style of goal celebration!
  137. Fayyaz Chohan resigns as Punjab minister amid criticism over derogatory remarks against Hindus
  138. The Prodigy's Keith Flint dies aged 49
  139. "I will not comment on ongoing operations... but they are still ongoing," said Air Chief Marshal
  140. [REPORTS] Second PAF pilot named by Pakistan Government
  141. Indian politician threatens future ground invasions, supporting militants in Pakistan
  142. "Will enter your territory and strike terror" : PM Modi
  143. Hizbul Ahrar claim responsibility for today's cross border attack from Afghanistan
  144. Mohammad Amir’s mother has sadly passed away
  145. Palestine support for India at OIC
  146. Recommend movies!
  147. Engineering Masters Abroad? Recommend Countries financially feasible to study
  148. Luke Perry dies at 52 from stroke
  149. Can Imran Khan reverse and undo the economic policies of Bhutto and the extremist policies of Zia?
  150. Donald Trump plans to end India's preferential trade treatment
  151. Washington Post: After Pulwama, the Indian media proves it is the BJP’s propaganda machine
  152. [VIDEO] Navy thwarts attempt by Indian submarine to enter Pakistani waters
  153. Air India crew asked to say Jai Hind after every in-flight announcement
  154. SherDil Official Theatrical Trailer - In Cinemas 22nd Mar 2019
  155. The Silly Season continues : Were 300 mobiles phones being used by trees? : Rajnath Singh
  156. Explosive packages found at Heathrow, Waterloo and London City Airport
  157. Who is Arvind Kejriwal and does his party stand a chance against BJP and Congress?
  158. ‘No India-specific condition attached with F-16 deal’
  159. Satellite image of 'areas hit' by IAF show virtually no change
  160. Rajasthan man accused of murdering Muslim on camera set to contest Lok Sabha election
  161. Mi17 Helicopter Crash in Budgam: IAF to Probe All Angles including Friendly Fire
  162. Major spike in PTI and Imran Khan approval rating
  163. How do Indians bear with people like Arnab Goswami?
  164. Which of Arsenal or Tottenham Hotspurs will end up in the Top 4 of the EPL in 2018/19?
  165. [VIDEO] BJP lawmakers thrash each other with shoes in fight for credit
  166. [VIDEO] "They were conducting bomb blasts in Pak & we were getting it done in India" : Gen Musharraf
  167. Recent Conflict - Observation from a Neutral POV
  168. [VIDEO] Goons in saffron kurtas assault Kashmiri dry fruit seller in Lucknow
  169. General Parvez Musharraf - What do Pakistanis think of him?
  170. IAF Air Strike: Eyewitnesses claim Pakistan Army Cordoned off blast site
  171. Indian Air Force office in New Delhi catches fire
  172. One dead, 25 injured in grenade attack in Jammu bus stand
  173. Have your beliefs and values change over the years?
  174. Knife crime must be tackled from police funds - Hammond
  175. Indian hockey faces equipment crisis after customs duty hike on goods from Pakistan
  176. Indian Air Force MiG-21 “Bison” crashes near Nal in Rajasthan, pilot safe
  177. As Nawaz refuses to be shifted to hospital, Maryam demands 'life-saving unit' in jail
  178. Why doesn't India care for it's security forces killed by Maoists?
  179. Firing a subordinate
  180. Victory in military and diplomatic front for Pakistan
  181. "Naya Pak" Should Show "Naya Action" Against Terror Groups : FM spokesperson Raveesh Kumar
  182. This is not the same old India-Pakistan conflict : Alison Redford, Ex Premier of Alberta, Canada
  183. Former India Naval Chief unhappy with misuse of Armed Forces heroics for upcoming elections
  184. We struck Pakistan 3 times in the last 5 years, but won’t give full details: India’s home minister
  185. Pak Wants India's Removal From FATF Review Body, Says 'Hostile Nation's Animosity is Well Known'
  186. Ethiopian Airlines: 'No survivors' on crashed Boeing 737
  187. History of the entire world
  188. Kashmir newspapers publish blank front pages today
  189. Kashmir valley’s wish to unite with Pakistan is the elephant in the room
  190. Haunted places in the subcontinent
  191. Best English striker ever?
  192. Modi supporters attack Khalistanis, Kashmiris in London
  193. Fugitive Taliban leader lived short walk from US base, book reveals
  194. How much time does it take for a research paper to be accepted?
  195. Voters will accept migrants from Canada but not India
  196. Zinedine Zidane: Real Madrid reappoint Frenchman to replace Santiago Solari
  197. Should Shamima Begum be allowed back into the UK?
  198. Why has media become so powerful?
  199. Absolutely heartbreaking and senseless
  200. Kashmir 'fake news' barrage raises fears for India elections
  201. [VIDEO] 4 policemen dismissed from service for misbehaving with couple at Karachi's Sea View
  202. [VIDEO] Barca's Carles Puyol arrives in Karachi
  203. The internet, as we know it, hits 30. What does its future look like?
  204. Man caught with grenades, detonator at army camp in Jammu and Kashmir
  205. Pakistan successfully test fires extended range missile from JF-17 Thunder
  206. JF-17 Block 3 jet expected to be fitted with active electronically scanned array radar
  207. Remittances rise 12% as overseas Pakistanis rely on legal channels
  208. Dissertation ideas
  209. Shaan Shahid slammed for criticising Aurat March posters
  210. Asif Ghafoor tweets about Usman Khawaja....
  211. Use of the Late Nazia Hasan's 'Disco Dewane' in PSL4 opening ceremony gets PCB in trouble
  212. "I am extremely disappointed by decision of Punjab Assembly to raise pays of MPAs" : Imran Khan
  213. JIT decides to interrogate Nawaz Sharif in Model Town carnage case
  214. 'Today, Pakistan is a secure country': PM Khan launches online visa facility for 175 countries
  215. Is Indian army merely a puppet of their politicians?
  216. Stop all aid to Pakistan: Gautam Gambhir
  217. Fatalities after a terrorist attack at two mosques in Christchurch, New Zealand
  218. "I blame these increasing terror attacks on the current Islamophobia post-9/11" : Imran Khan
  219. Retired Brigadier Asad Munir commits suicide due to NAB's false accusations
  220. IAF carries out major readiness exercise along the Pakistan border
  221. Chinese Media: Pakistani JF-17 testing PL-15 Very long Range Air to Air Missiles (200 km)
  222. Unconfirmed reports state that Christchurch killer had visited Pakistan
  223. 9 Pakistanis killed in Christchurch mosque massacre [Update Post #13]
  224. Racism and free speech
  225. Air India suspends Delhi-Birmingham flights, cites shut Pakistan airspace
  226. The NZ mosque 'hero' who saved lives by tackling shooter, and other survivor stories
  227. Pakistan suffers close to Rs2.55 billion ($18.3m) in losses due to closed airspace
  228. Do you believe PewDiePie has encouraged white supremacy?
  229. In Feb, Pakistan Current Account Deficit decreased by 72%
  230. Pakistani ‘commando’ defeats Indian boxer in two minutes of first round
  231. [VIDEO] Sadiq Khan speaks about consequences of demonising people because of their faith
  232. "Pakistan Army troops shot down an Indian spying quadcopter" : DG ISPR
  233. Every country should have a death penalty
  234. Christchurch mosque shootings: Who were the victims?
  235. Is it Imran Khan’s humour which makes him unlikeable to PMLN/PPP supporters?
  236. Saddest day of my life! Diagnosed with depression and anxiety
  237. India, Pakistan threatened to unleash missiles at each other: sources
  238. How are you contributing towards making this world a better place?
  239. White Brits ‘twice as likely to hold extreme views’ as British Pakistanis, survey finds
  240. The world's top 100 most polluted cities - 22 of the top 30 are in India
  241. Origin of Arains
  242. The Haka
  243. India restricts release of ‘Captain Marvel’ in Pakistan
  244. PTI's flop education reforms - majority of out-of-school children enrolled in KP found fake
  245. Shooting in Dutch city of Utrecht: Fatalities as man opens fire in tram
  246. PPP may sue Sheikh Rashid for ‘hurling death threat’ at Bilawal Bhutto
  247. Layla Moran MP calls for UK to recognise the state of Palestine
  248. [PICTURES/VIDEOS] Pakistan Day Parade 23rd March 2019
  249. Jacinda Ardern - A true world leader!
  250. Is Social Media out of control? Australia PM calls for social media crackdown