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  1. Narendra Modi gives BJP chief Amit Shah, who called Muslims ‘termites’, top cabinet job
  2. [VIDEO] Tackling Islamophobia focal point of PM Imran's maiden speech at OIC
  3. Junior minister in Narendra Modi government has a murky past
  4. Jose Antonio Reyes: Former Arsenal winger dies aged 35
  5. Manzoor Pashteen : The Pashtun Altaf Hussain, only worse!
  6. Robert Pattinson cast to play Batman in new movie trilogy
  7. Mohsin Dawar justifying the killing of 14 innocent civilians by Punjab Police in Model Town
  8. A leaf from history: Creation of FSF by ZA Bhutto to target Opponents with the help of Establishment
  9. PM Imran Khan directs withdrawal of Zartaj Gul's letter to Nacta for sister's appointment
  10. Indian nationalists claims Shias are trying convert people
  11. Idols at Hindu temple were smashed and the wreckage thrown in a sewer: Hindu Lawmaker
  12. "The people of Kashmir must also have their right to self determination" : Imran Khan
  13. Donald Trump removes India from special trade status
  14. So it was Justice Qazi Faez Isa who declared Hussain Haqqani a traitor in MemoGate
  15. Donald Trump's state visit to UK in June 2019 - Updates thread
  16. Rohail Hyatt to produce Coke Studio 12
  17. KP Wildlife Dept seizes PM Imran Khan’s Eid shoes
  18. "Sadiq Khan is a stone cold loser who should focus on crime in London" : Donald Trump
  19. George Galloway sacked by talkRADIO over allegedly anti-Semitic tweet
  20. Indo-Canadians rally against gang violence in Calgary
  21. Pakistan are the Liverpool FC equivalent of Cricket
  22. [PICS/VIDEO] Pakistan players attend Eid Namaz in Nottingham; Tahir, Amla, Aleem Dar in Southampton
  23. How many of you have dogs as pet?
  24. Eid Mubarak!
  25. Darwin shooting: Four killed in northern Australia
  26. In rare move, Pakistan military agrees to budget cut amid economic woes, PM Imran Khan says
  27. Which actor are you similar to?
  28. Trash Mountain towers over Delhi
  29. Do you think Imran Khan's Government can fix Pakistan's current economic issues?
  30. Madeleine McCann investigation gets more funding
  31. Sakshi Maharaj Meets Rape Accused Lawmaker "To Thank Him" For Poll Win
  32. Visit to New York City?
  33. Akbar Used To Misbehave With Bikaner Queen, Claims Rajasthan BJP Chief
  34. Was it a mistake of Imran to not support Musharraf, and handing over the country to Zardari/Nawaz?
  35. 3 Pakistan Army officers, one soldier martyred in IED blast in North Waziristan: ISPR
  36. What should Manchester United do with Paul Pogba?
  37. Virat Kohli fined Rs 500 after his domestic help washed car with drinking water
  38. Amartya Sen to India Today: Kashmir brutality biggest blot on our democracy
  39. Teenage Hindu girl allegedly intoxicated, assaulted in Tando Mohammad Khan
  40. Minister for Safron Shehryar Afridi asks Afghan refugees to respect Pakistan’s red lines
  41. India requests Pakistan to allow Modi’s aircraft to fly over its airspace on June 13
  42. Why are Indians more interested in comparing their country with Pakistan instead of China?
  43. Breakfast
  44. We support presence of armed forces in FATA and reject the anti-state slogans: Naqeebullah's father
  45. [VIDEO] 'Take full advantage': Prime Minister Imran calls on citizens to declare assets by June 30
  46. Veteran Film And Theatre Personality Girish Karnad Dies At 81
  47. Asif Ali Zardari arrested by NAB team after IHC rejects bail plea
  48. Not guilty. The Israeli captain who emptied his rifle into a Palestinian schoolgirl
  49. [PICTURES] Amitabh Bachchan Twitter account hacked, profile pic replaced with that of PM Imran Khan
  50. Silence of so called liberals when it comes to target killings of BJP workers
  51. Hamza Shahbaz arrested by NAB as plea for bail extension dismissed
  52. Altaf Hussain charged by UK police with terrorism offence over 2016 speech [Update #65]
  53. List of high profile arrests in May/June 2019 in Pakistan
  54. [PICTURES] Adnan Sami's Twitter account falls victim to hackers
  55. ‘IS in Lanka not linked to Pakistan but India’, says global terror expert
  56. Pakistan Budget 2019/20
  57. "Even if my life goes, I will not leave these thieves alone": PM Imran Khan in address to the nation
  58. Can someone please translate this Pakistani song into English?
  59. The new income tax regime is made to kill Pakistan's middle class
  60. Pakistani-born Qasim Rashid to be Democratic nominee for VA state senate
  61. Controversy Over Whether India Was Indeed World's Fastest-Growing Economy
  62. PM Imran to form ‘high-powered commission’ to probe massive increase in Pakistan’s debt
  63. How likely are Asif Ali Zardari and Hamza Shehbaz to spend significant time in jail?
  64. Anantnag terror attack: 5 CRPF personnel killed in Fidayeen strike in J&K, 1 militant shot dead
  65. "In Battle of Badr, only 313 Muslims turned up to fight, the rest were scared" : Imran Khan
  66. Najam Sethi's Channel 24 show taken off air
  67. Met department issues cyclone, heatwave warning for Sindh
  68. Premier League 2019/20 | Discussion Thread
  69. Worst political leader of India
  70. Any fun/funny Eid stories?
  71. President Trump unveils a new color scheme for Air Force One
  72. UK’s Sikh community pledges to inject £500m into Pakistan to promote religious tourism
  73. ‘The Cold War is over': Pakistan PM mulling arms deals with Moscow ahead of SCO summit
  74. The Sudan Crisis
  75. NAB arrests PTI minister Sibtain Khan
  76. Edhi Foundation will no more provide ambulance service to Karachi
  77. US warns India of ‘serious implications’ if it picks Russian S-400 over American defense promises
  78. Leila: Indian series on Netflix
  79. So how is the atmosphere at work after losing to India?
  80. KP ministers accidentally used a cat filter during a press conference live stream
  81. Egypt's ousted president Mohammed Morsi 'dies in court'
  82. What happened to Bilawal and Maryam's long march train?
  83. Defence budget since 2013-2019
  84. Comparison of PM house budget since 2016-2020
  85. Asian Literature
  86. "Another strike on Pakistan by Team India and the result is same" : BJP President Amit Shah
  87. The Sania Mirza vs Veena Malik battle on Twitter
  88. Is eating junk food before a game really that big of a deal?
  89. "Over 1 million citizens have registered at Pakistan Citizens Portal " : PM Imran Khan
  90. Years and Years - BBC drama series
  91. Government clears way for Pakistan athletes to come to India
  92. NAB receives fresh evidence in Musharraf corruption case
  93. Indian Houdini Chanchal Lahiri, aka Wizard Mandrake, drowns after ‘magic’ act goes wrong
  94. Sandwiched between Xi, Putin, Imran in Bishkek, Modi learnt an important political lesson
  95. UK wants Pakistan to take back thousands of migrants who overstayed visas – Pakistan FM
  96. [Videos & Pictures] JF-17 Thunder In Paris Air Show - 2019
  97. Brazil are winners of Copa America 2019
  98. Should the media outlets be punished for reporting fake news?
  99. "We look at the Cricket World Cup, unfortunately again the news is depressing" : Chief Justice Khosa
  100. BBC Three - Hometown: A Killing
  101. A bitter pill to swallow for Imran Khan
  102. Forex Trading
  103. Current account deficit shrinks 29% to $12.68b
  104. Parliamentary democracy in 'action' in Pakistan.... Squabbling Senators nearly come to blows
  105. Coding Thread
  106. My Father Slapped Me for Loving Muslim Guy: Sunaina Accuses Rakesh Roshan, Hrithik of Harassment
  107. Important to build an environment of trust, PM Modi says in letter to PM Imran Khan
  108. India bullies Twitter into banning accounts of American, British students thousands of miles away
  109. Aftab Jahangir's zoardaar speech
  110. Do you call your boss by his/her first name?
  111. Did you ever help someone with food/money/clothes etc.?
  112. 21 Indian Cities Will Run Out Of Groundwater By 2020: Report
  113. Donald Trump says Iran has made 'a very big mistake' after US military drone shot down
  114. Meet the rickshaw driver with daughters at Karachi’s leading universities
  115. Pakistanis with parents born in India or vice versa
  116. Islamic Adhan/Lecture/Recitation Thread
  117. UN restores Pakistans status as family station for its international staff
  118. Pregnant woman, forced by husband to drink acid, passes away in Islamabad
  119. IPS Officer who questioned Narendra Modi's role in Gujarat riots gets life in 30-year-old case
  120. Indian minister asked about Ind-Pak cricket match in media talk on lychee-linked deaths
  121. Saif Ali Khan Insulted By Pakistani Man, Calls Him The 11th Water Boy Of Team India
  122. How would a potential US-Iran war playout?
  123. Out of all Pakistani politicians, I agree with Bilawal Bhutto-Zardari most, but I cannot support him
  124. 'Pakistan supports an Afghanistan that is at peace with itself,' FM Qureshi
  125. "This isn’t Egypt, we won’t let Nawaz become another Morsi" : Maryam Nawaz Sharif
  126. Pakistan picked the right spy chief and got the right people upset
  127. Novels that are supposedly classics that you don’t get
  128. Saudi Arabia becomes first Arab country to be granted full FATF membership
  129. Aitzaz Ahsan advises Bilawal Bhutto-Zardari to not trust the PML-N
  130. U.S. report on religious freedom notes mob attacks in India
  131. Tabrez Ansari beaten on suspicion of theft, forced to chant Jai Shri Ram, succumbs to injuries
  132. Stunning examples of English prose...
  133. Pakistan Education System vs Education Systems in other developed countries!
  134. Defence services secured biggest supplementary grant
  135. Pakistan to get $3bn in deposits, direct investments from Qatar
  136. Indian royals fight Pakistan for £35m locked in a London bank
  137. Encephalitis Death Toll Mounts To 129 In Bihar's Muzaffarpur
  138. Bilawal Bhutto-Zardari dubs debt commission ‘unconstitutional, undemocratic’
  139. Watch how Maryam Nawaz Sharif justifies her U-TURN about Asif Zardari & PPP
  140. Murad Saeed NA speech in reply to Bilawal Bhutto-Zardari
  141. ATC rejects CTD plea seeking extension in Mohsin Dawar, Ali Wazir's physical remand
  142. 71 years after dividing sub continent, can Britishers reunite sub continent on 30th June?
  143. As 'Token of Love', Hindus Donate Land for Graveyard to Muslims in Ayodhya
  144. Afghan President Ashraf Ghani arrives in Pakistan, holds talks with PM Imran
  145. India cricket team's orange kit plans sparks political row
  146. Women's Sport
  147. Sovereignty hinges on economic autonomy, says army chief
  148. Opposition wants to topple govt, not democracy: Zardari
  149. Govt retired $9.5b of debt this year: Hammad Azhar informs NA
  150. Max Hastings: I was Boris Johnson’s boss - He is utterly unfit to be Britain's Prime Minister
  151. Pakistanis far more politically advanced over Westerners
  152. How does the Sri Lankan team have so many Christian players?
  153. Why is Pakistani community in North America relatively so much smaller than other Asian communities?
  154. [PICS/VIDS] Political banners against Pakistan Government flown over Headingley - Is this right?
  155. Estranged PML-N lawmakers meet PM Imran Khan
  156. Boeing 737 Max outsourced to $9 an hour engineers
  157. [VIDEOS/PICTURES] Prince William and Kate Middleton trip to Pakistan (2019)
  158. Zaira Wasim of 'Dangal' fame quits Bollywood to 'strengthen relationship with Allah'
  159. Who will win? - The Wimbledon 2019 Discussion Thread
  160. Taliban militants claim responsibility for blast in Afghan capital
  161. PML-N leader's house attacked in Gujranwala for meeting PM Imran Khan
  162. Money acquired through corrupt practices should be returned even after death: SC
  163. Any Assassin's Creed Fan?
  164. Afghanistan is Pakistan’s principal enemy
  165. (Video) PM Imran Khan answers people questions
  166. Inside China's 'thought transformation' camps - BBC News
  167. Can a British citizen apply for immigration of Pakistani parents?
  168. [VIDEO] Abdul Razzaq's comment on Mohammad Shami being a Muslim in the India side
  169. Of hypocrisy and selective silence over attack on Hindus
  170. US designates Balochistan Liberation Army (BLA) as global terrorist group
  171. Malegaon: Over 1 lakh Muslims protest, seek anti-lynching law
  172. Pakistan beat India to win Asian Team Snooker Championship & world team snooker cup
  173. High Ranking French & Russian Defence Officials called on COAS at GHQ
  174. Over 300 illegal Indian immigrants deported by Mexico [Update #61]
  175. What options does the Pakistan Government have to resolve the Balochistan issue?
  176. Back to horse-trading (PTI)
  177. Obesity causes more cases of some cancers than smoking
  178. Karguzari Cricketer Inzamam-ul-Haq
  179. 'An honour to serve the Congress Party,' says Rahul Gandhi as he steps down
  180. Hafiz Saeed arrested by Punjab CTD, sent on judicial remand in terrorism financing case [Update #7]
  181. FBR crackdown on benami assets finally begins!
  182. Princess Haya Bint al-Hussein: The Dubai royal 'hiding in London'
  183. Indian rupee now accepted at Dubai Duty Free shops
  184. Pakistan airspace closure: Indian airlines incur Rs 550 crore loss
  185. Frank Lampard returns to Chelsea as Head Coach; Will he succeed?
  186. Water Crisis in India
  187. ICJ rejects India’s plea for acquittal of Kulbhushan Jadhav (Pakistan to give consular access)
  188. Bilawal Bhutto-Zardari accuses PM Imran Khan of being drug addict
  189. Water shortages in Thatta and Long March
  190. [Video] Mehwish Hayat takes Jason Statham challenge
  191. Former Chelsea and Bayern Munich winger Arjen Robben retires at 35
  192. Govt retrieves bulletproof Mercedes cars from Nawaz Sharif's Jati Umra residence
  193. China aggressively pursues research, investment while India has 'red tape': German Nobel laureate
  194. How Britain stole $45 trillion from India
  195. [PICTURE] Plane flies over Headingley with 'Justice for Kashmir' banner
  196. Reports about PM's participation in Eastern Economic Forum in Russia 'speculative': FO [Update #63]
  197. [VIDEOS] Khalistan protests during England vs India match?
  198. Sport can heal old wounds, says Aisam Ul-Haq Qureshi
  199. NBA 2019-2020 Season Discussion
  200. IHC decides to remove judge Arshad Malik after video leak controversy
  201. Gold Cup final (Chicago) - USA vs Mexico, who will win?
  202. Several killed and 100s injured in Taliban car bomb attack in Ghazni
  203. Western backpacker in Pakistan
  204. The damning state of Pakistan's women
  205. Is it advisable to agree to marry whom your parents, elders approve of but you're not interested in?
  206. Is having a very large population a boon or curse?
  207. Several people tied with a rope and made to chant "Gau mata ki jai" in Madhya Pradesh
  208. Mayhem at Lahore hospital leaves 2 patients dead, including Sadiqabad obese man
  209. Maryam warns of going on a hunger strike if Nawaz Sharif not allowed homemade food
  210. Why is the Pakistan football team so poor?
  211. Tommy Robinson begs Donald Trump to grant him political asylum in US
  212. LHC grants bail to Maryam Nawaz in Chaudhry Sugar Mills case, orders release [Update Post #34]
  213. A 19-year-old Christian man arrested in Punjab for blasphemy after a fight over a cricket match
  214. Brexit: Labour to back Remain as it calls for a new EU referendum
  215. Are you in favour of women wearing Hijab in public?
  216. Federal Board grade 12 Past papers
  217. India and Sri Lanka's war over fish
  218. Imran Khan meets Donald Trump at the White House (July 2019)
  219. [Video] Indian PM Narendra Modi spelling "strength"
  220. Why doesn't Shahid Afridi have a movie?
  221. IMF's Assessment of the Experienced and Competent PMLN & PPP's Economic Policies
  222. Do You Use Miswak Stick?
  223. At least 10 killed, 85 injured as two trains collide in Sadiqabad
  224. Remittances by Overseas Pakistanis surpass target, stand at $21.8b in FY19
  225. Sadiqabad train accident: Death toll rises to 24 as more bodies found - Will Sheikh Rasheed resign?
  226. 'Bigger crime than murder': SC rejects acquittal plea of acid attacker despite victim's forgiveness
  227. PTI plans to outsource airport management system
  228. Tintin (TV Show) Thread
  229. Videogate: Judge Arshad Malik 'offered Rs500m' by Hussain to resign after Nawaz verdict
  230. Turkey defies US as Russian S-400 missile defence arrives
  231. Shops looted, woman dead in France after Algeria football win
  232. Tour de Impossible? Pakistan hosts ‘world’s toughest cycle race’
  233. Nawaz Sharif: "The young of Pakistan want the life of their Indian counterparts"
  234. Donald Trump thinks the kidney is part of the heart
  235. Honda halts production in Pakistan, Indus to follow
  236. Bilawal Bhutto Zardari's vehicle stopped in Sukkur shown shoes in protest
  237. 8 million people may go below poverty line in next two fiscals
  238. Traders observe nationwide strike to resist govt drive to document commercial activity
  239. Punjab CM lays foundation stone of Baba Guru Nanak University
  240. Sikh organization files $2.5M defamation lawsuit against India following Sikhs For Justice ban
  241. Poverty rate expected to continue declining in FY19
  242. Are we living in a simulation?
  243. Genetic map of Pakistan (Indus Valley)
  244. World Bank court orders Pakistan pay $5.8 billion damages to Tethyan Copper
  245. US, Russia, China recognise Pakistan’s role in Afghan peace process
  246. LED TV suggestions in Pakistan
  247. Shahbaz Sharif laundered 'earthquake victims' aid money to UK: Daily Mail Report
  248. Any recommendations for a electronic tablet?
  249. Present PTI leader was DFID adviser in Punjab during Shahbaz era
  250. BJP MP Giriraj Singh blames Muslims as he calls for a law to control population