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  1. "Anybody Who Left Modi Was Eventually Destroyed": Chief Minister Fadnavis
  2. Govt forms panel on benami assets, Members will include officers of ISI, IB, FIA, FBR, SBP and SECP
  3. Tihar in fear as 'ghosts' spook many of its inmates
  4. Indian army used cluster ammunition along LoC in violation of international laws: ISPR
  5. Pakistan Army rejects India's accusation of cross-LoC incursion as mere propaganda [Update #17]
  6. ASMR: Anyone experience that?
  7. Divorce between PMLN and PPP?
  8. Twenty killed in El Paso gun attack, Dayton shooting: Nine confirmed killed, shooter also dead
  9. WhatsApp Groups Reveal The Hate Against Muslims In Delhi’s Residential Colonies
  10. A picture says a 1000 words
  11. Will the latest upheaval in Kashmir play into Pakistan's hands?
  12. Stretch Marks
  13. Father of 11-year-old rape victim commits suicide in GB
  14. [VIDEO] Najaf to Karbala Walk
  15. War or genocide is not an option for Kashmir and its people
  16. Obsessive Compulsion Disorder (OCD) - Do You Have It?
  17. What does the recent events mean for the Kashmir issue?
  18. Nineteen dead in car explosion in central Cairo: health ministry
  19. Decision to reject 2 nation theory in 1947 & align with India has backfired : Mehbooba Mufti
  20. Pakistan says it will exercise all possible options to counter ’illegal steps’ taken by India in IOK
  21. Scrapping Article 370 - We have been looted
  22. Kashmiri Pandits hail, celebrate scrapping of Article 370
  23. J&K has been taken, PoK and Balochistan are next: Shiv Sena MP discusses "Akhand Hindustan"
  24. Article 370 After Mehbooba Mufti, Omar Abdullah also arrested in Srinagar
  25. Hindu community decorates National Assembly with national flag made of 60,000 balloons
  26. Have we become too obsessed with India?
  27. 20 reasons why revoking 370 will transform Kashmir and India-Pak for the better
  28. Shahid Afridi vs Gautam Gambhir: Kashmir edition
  29. Pakistan's response to India scrapping Article 370
  30. When will India take 'Azad' Kashmir?
  31. Nihari vs Karahi vs Biryani
  32. The Boys (Amazon Prime TV series)
  33. [PICTURES] Sarfaraz Ahmed Tweets about sacrificial animals before Eid Al Adha (Bakra Eid)
  34. What are Pakistan's options to deal with issues in IOK?
  35. "When we say Jammu and Kashmir, it includes Pak-Occupied Kashmir" : Amit Shah to Opposition
  36. Pakistan Army to go to any extent to fulfill obligations towards Kashmiris’ struggle: COAS Pakistan
  37. Countries backing India on Article 370 move
  38. "This is ingrained in BJP's ideology that puts Hindus above all other religions" : PM Imran Khan
  39. "India's action is unacceptable and would not have any legal effect" : China FM on Kashmir
  40. 'Karachi's infrastructure has been ruined': SC takes Sindh govt, K-Electric to task over rain deaths
  41. Removal of Article 370 has not changed anything from a Pakistani perspective
  42. [PICTURE] Apparent 'pro-India' banners taken down in Islamabad
  43. World response to India scrapping Article 370 in Kashmir
  44. Former Indian Foreign Minister Sushma Swaraj passes away
  45. "If Lord Rama was here, he wouldn't have pulled this move"
  46. Which Niagara Falls, Ontario hotels you would recommend?
  47. Have you ever been scammed?
  48. How did India lose the war of 1962 to China?
  49. The USA white majority will soon disappear forever
  50. ‘Get A Wife From Kashmir’: Article 370 news has sparked a horrible wave of misogyny
  51. India's actions in occupied Kashmir amount to war crimes done by a rogue govt, says Shireen Mazari
  52. Small wonder Britain is my God: Lord Popat
  53. Pakistan to downgrade diplomatic ties, suspend bilateral trade with India: NSC meeting
  54. ‘Kashmir Hamara Hai’: Bollywood Filmmakers Rush to Grab Film Titles on Article 370
  55. NAB unearths Khursheed Shah’s assets of worth Rs500bn
  56. Kashmiris express anger at loss of special status
  57. Pakistani doctors with MS, MD degrees sacked in Saudi Arabia
  58. US govt. denies Indian govt. discussed Kashmir move beforehand
  59. United Nations response on Kashmir issue
  60. Arvind Kejriwal - Master of U-turns
  61. Pakistan to observe 15th August as black day this year
  62. First real visuals from Kashmir - BBC Video
  63. Muhajirs had nothing to do with the creation of Pakistan, says Asif Ali Zardari
  64. Pro-freedom voices in Azad Kashmir?
  65. Nawaz Sharif arrested by NAB in Chaudhry Sugar Mills reference [Post#10]
  66. India arrests over 500 as occupied Kashmir clampdown challenged
  67. Kashmir: India’s ‘draconian’ blackout sets worrying precedent, warns UN
  68. Afghan Taliban released a statement regarding Kashmir conflict from Doha
  69. Leicester City | 2019/20 season
  70. "Aap itnay beghairat ho?" : Bilawal Bhutto-Zardari reacts to Maryam Nawaz Sharif's arrest by NAB
  71. Donald Trump supporters clean up Baltimore
  72. UN Chief Urges India, Pak to Exercise 'Maximum Restraint' on Kashmir, Invokes Simla Agreement
  73. [VIDEO] Uzma Bukhari (PML-N) slaps a police officer, calls Imran Khan 'haraamzada'
  74. Indian-Occupied Kashmir: Civilians severely wounded, blinded in pellet gun attacks
  75. Everton FC | 2019/20 Season Thread
  76. Should Pakistan make corruption legal?
  77. NAB Deputy Prosecutor General survives assassination attack in Islamabad
  78. Govt suspends Samjhauta Express; bans Bollywood movies and TVCs
  79. Indian troops fire live rounds to disperse thousands of protesters in Srinagar: Al Jazeera
  80. Indian Muslim MP condemns India; compares Kashmir to West Bank
  81. Reuters: Thousands protest in Kashmir (Srinagar) over new status despite clampdown
  82. European football leagues (La Liga, Ligue 1, Bundesliga, Serie A, etc.) 2019-20 Discussion Thread
  83. Major power failure affects homes and transport across England and Wales
  84. Inside Kashmir's lockdown: 'Even I will pick up a gun' - BBC Article
  85. Why do Indians think that Al Jazeera, BBC, Sky, Reuters are spreading fake news?
  86. BBC VIDEO: Thousands protest in Srinagar, Indian Occupied Kashmir against abrogation of Article 370
  87. Thanks to Modi & BJP - Kashmir is finally getting the international media coverage it deserves!
  88. EFL/Carabao Cup & The EFL Championship 2019/20 | Discussion Thread
  89. Kashmiri Pandits, Dogras and Sikhs Sign Petition Condemning Abrogation of Article 370
  90. Norway mosque shooting: 65-year-old Pakistani Mohammad Rafiq stopped attacker
  91. 53 Pakistani prisoners released from central jail of Doha
  92. Narendra Modi’s act of tyranny in Kashmir will soon be the blueprint for all of India
  93. As Eid approaches, Kashmiris sacrifice their rights and their bodies
  94. Kashmir is not the property of India or Pakistan. It belongs to the Kashmiri people: Nehru
  95. Inside Kashmir, Cut Off From the World: ‘a Living Hell’ of Anger and Fear - The New York Times
  96. "White supremacists were responsible for ALL race based domestic terrorism in US in 2018"
  97. Eid Mubarak!
  98. "Will the world watch & appease as they did Hitler at Munich?" : PM Imran Khan on Narendra Modi
  99. The Andaman Islands and Kashmir: the autonomy question
  100. "Human rights abuses taking place (in Kashmir) are unacceptable" : Labour Leader Jeremy Corbyn
  101. PoK part of India, expect jurisdiction over it one day: Indian Foreign Minister S Jaishankar
  102. [VIDEO] PTI's clean Karachi campaign - Potentially millions of tonnes of garbage
  103. Hassan Rouhani expresses concern over 'killing of innocent people' in occupied Jammu and Kashmir
  104. Risky Kashmir Move Could Make India Burst at the Seams [Haaretz Israeli media]
  105. Maharaja Ranjit Singh's statue attacked in Lahore
  106. Will the India Govt. succeed in its designs to re-integrate IOK with India?
  107. Are you in favour of VAR in the Premier League?
  108. Saudi Arabia to buy 20% stake in RIL for $15bn in one of India's biggest FDI deals
  109. Bloodless EID!
  110. [VIDEO] Priyanka Chopra accused of 'encouraging nuclear war' by audience member at BeautyCon
  111. Mihir Bose’s appeal to Diaspora in the UK: Do Your Home Work Before Appearing on Telly (re: Kashmir)
  112. Swedish Minister : "The population of Kashmir must be included in decisions concerning its future"
  113. Prediction: Shoaib Akhtar's Youtube channel will be losing followers from India very soon...
  114. Indian media repeatedly using the same RSS-backed 'Muslim women' for pro-government propaganda
  115. India uses opaque legal process to suppress Kashmiri journalism, commentary on Twitter [Update #63]
  116. Former Pak High Commissioner to India says he told Indian journalist what to write about Kashmir
  117. Pakistan FM Shah Mehmood Qureshi - "Muslim ummah and the world has interests in India"
  118. Pakistani journalists and news sources that are considered fair
  119. India's actions in occupied Kashmir causing regional tensions: Pakistan US Ambassador Khan
  120. Has anybody ever taken the LSAT?
  121. Sydney stabbing: Armed man halted by 'brave' bystanders, police say
  122. Ali Sethi: Appreciation Thread
  123. Fawad Choudhry urges Indian Punjabi soldiers to refuse serving in Kashmir
  124. Thousands protest in Britain and Canada for Kashmir
  125. Hong Kong protests - USA v China standoff
  126. UEFA Champions League 2019/20 Season | Discussion Thread
  127. UEFA Europa League 2019-20 Season | Discussion Thread
  128. People are seething, Kashmir is likely a tinderbox waiting for a spark: Reuters journalist
  129. Kolkata Court issues bailable arrest warrant against Shashi Tharoor for ‘Hindu Pakistan’ remark
  130. Major General Asif Ghafoor Tweet on Kashmir
  131. Mehwish Hayat slams Bollywood for vilifying Muslims instead of promoting peace
  132. Should Pakistan refuse to cooperate with the US in Afghanistan if it does not interfere in Kashmir?
  133. Happy Independence Day Pakistan!
  134. [VIDEO] Happy Pakistan Independence Day From Stone Cold Steve Austin!
  135. Sri Lanka's Muslims 'demonised' after Easter bombings
  136. “The Blood of Tulips”
  137. Possibility of an Indian false-flag attack in the wake of IOK curfew?
  138. Article 370 impact: Only Indian flag to be hoisted in Srinagar for first time. No more Kashmir flag
  139. Alvi says Pakistan will continue to stand with Kashmiris as nation observes 'Kashmir Solidarity Day'
  140. [VIDEO] Woman arrested after ‘thrashing’ salesgirl at Lahore mall over 'not having a mirror'
  141. President to confer civil awards on 116 individuals on Pakistan Day
  142. [VIDEO] "The time has come for us to teach you a lesson" : PM Imran Khan to PM Modi
  143. A radical nationalist agenda is behind Narendra Modi's bad move - THE ECONOMIST
  144. Mahua Moitra's Rising Fascism Speech Wins Cheers
  145. Are there any massive economic advantages to India/Pakistan over getting all of Kashmir?
  146. Fact-finding team publishes a report on Kashmir after spending 5 days; Modi govt. arresting children
  147. Liverpool defeat Chelsea 5-4 on penalties after 2-2 result to win 2019 UEFA Super Cup
  148. Military awards conferred upon Wing Cmdr Noman Ali, Sq Ld Hasan for downing Indian jet
  149. Cricketers go vegan... and ban leather balls!
  150. Discuss : Democracy is damaging for developing nations
  151. Philadelphia shooting: Gunman in stand-off with police after injuring six
  152. India PM Narendra Modi vows to 'restore' Kashmir's 'past glory'
  153. Occupied Kashmir dispute in UNSC focus after decades
  154. Press Club Of India stops civil rights activists from showing videos of unrest in Kashmir
  155. ISPR: 3 Pak soldiers martyred due to firing by Ind Army, 5 Ind soldiers killed by Pak in response
  156. [VIDEO] High speed 'boy racers' wreck luxury cars in Chelsea crash
  157. #15AugustBlackDay
  158. In seeking to control Kashmir, Modi may look to China's actions in Xinjiang and Tibet
  159. Flood alert issued for River Sutlej, Indus after India releases water 'without preschedule' [#23]
  160. Israel bars Ilhan Omar and Rashida Tlaib from visiting Israel
  161. The architecture of Indian fascism is quickly being put into place: Arundhati Roy (New York Times)
  162. Should India-Pakistan agree to joint sovereignty over Kashmir?
  163. Why are Americans so strange?
  164. How close are we to a new India-Pakistan war?
  165. What is happening in Kashmir? The best books to help understand--
  166. Kashmiri locals fighting back is not “terrorism”
  167. 'Hindutva exclusivist creed of the Modi-led Govt' will fail to smother Kashmiri struggle: Imran Khan
  168. 'Silenced': Pakistan's journalists decry new era of censorship
  169. India defence minister Rajnath Singh makes veiled threat of nuclear war
  170. Brother of Afghan Taliban leader among 4 killed in blast at Quetta mosque during Friday prayers
  171. WSJ: Road blockages, communication curbs thwart protests, but Kashmiris say ‘the volcano will erupt’
  172. India suspends Thar Link Express
  173. 16th August - Hundreds of protesters clash with police in Indian Kashmir: AFP
  174. Which type of engineering is the biggest money maker?
  175. [VIDEO] The Indian representative at the UN - Mr. Syed Akbaruddin
  176. Mdcat
  177. Former Indian Finance Minister Arun Jaitley passes away
  178. Should the Man City goal against Tottenham have been allowed?
  179. When is the curfew in Indian-occupied Kashmir going to end?
  180. Afghanistan: Bomb kills 63 at wedding in Kabul
  181. PTI completes one year in power - How do you rate their performance?
  182. At least 4,000 detained in occupied Kashmir since India took away autonomy: AFP
  183. Restrictions On Mobile Internet In Jammu Ahead Of Right Wing Rally
  184. Should Pakistani Celebrities openly support Kashmir and condemn Indian atrocities?
  185. Need advice for some software
  186. Imran Khan questions safety of Indian nuclear arsenal
  187. Outrage at murder of Rehan, a teenager, in Karachi for stealing
  188. Army chief Gen Qamar Javed Bajwa gets six months conditional extension by Supreme Court
  189. Kashmir Is a Dress Rehearsal for Hindu Nationalist Fantasies: Foreign Policy
  190. Indians demanding arrest of Shehla Rashid
  191. POTW (Time Pass & Sports) : Syed1
  192. Pak efforts to link Kashmir with Afghan peace process is 'reckless and irresponsible': Afghanistan
  193. Narendra Modi speaks to Donald Trump, flags 'extreme rhetoric by regional leaders'
  194. Wagah border ceremony should end
  195. [PICTURES] 'Fighting back': Kashmir enclave blocks entry of Indian troops (Reuters)
  196. Bangladesh will have to handover land to India from Khulna to Sylhet: Subramanian Swamy
  197. Pakistan to take Kashmir dispute with India to International Court of Justice
  198. [VIDEO] Thousands of men, women and children protest against India in IOK (16th August)
  199. Speculation over Union Territory status for Hyderabad
  200. Time to rename Nizamabad as Induru, says BJP MP Dharmapuri Arvind
  201. [Video] Azad Kashmir President's speech today; Reports of Genocide, Rape and Unnamed graves in IOK
  202. "Hindus and the Muslims, I would say they wouldn’t get along so great" : Donald Trump
  203. Discussion on ZIONISM & HINDUTVA by Consulate General of Israel in Mumbai
  204. US urges India to free detainees, restore rights in occupied Kashmir
  205. Has India accepted Donald Trump's role as a mediator in the Kashmir issue?
  206. [VIDEO] Disturbing footage showing an attack on a Muslim girl in Ireland
  207. Leftist parties stage pro-Kashmir protest
  208. Pakistan's current account deficit shrinks by a massive 73% in July
  209. Two killed in gunbattle in occupied Kashmir: police
  210. Spider-Man and Tom Holland: Sony 'disappointed' over Disney split
  211. Donald Trump's Denmark snub over Greenland sale 'annoys' PM
  212. Genocide Watch issues alerts for occupied Kashmir and India's Assam state
  213. Indian Muslim patriotic song copied from Pakistan
  214. [VIDEO] Sikhs rescue stranded Kashmiri girls
  215. "Not proud as an Indian": Nobel laureate Amartya Sen on Kashmir
  216. Imran Khan's message on Kashmir on International Day for Victims of Violence
  217. P Chidambaram: India's former finance and home minister arrested
  218. "There is no point in talking to them" : PM Imran Khan on India (NY Times interview)
  219. Welcome to BOLLYWOOD: World's biggest CHHAAPA factory!
  220. 'We won't give an inch': India faces defiance in 'Kashmir's Gaza' (AFP)
  221. India doing nothing, Pakistan doing very little in terrorism fight: Donald Trump
  222. Pakistan denies India's request for use of airspace by Modi for flight to Saudi Arabia [Post #60]
  223. Tiger by the tail: Pakistan's militant challenge in Kashmir
  224. Cricket 19 Video Game
  225. Leaked emails show UKIP leader comparing Muslims to Nazis
  226. Why can't the Kashmir issue be resolved?
  227. Will a so called secular, tolerant peace loving India overthrow Narendra Modi?
  228. Pakistan successfully tests 5G, service is expected to be available by early next year
  229. Rafael Nadal defeats Daniil Medvedev to win US Open Men's final [19th Grand Slam title]
  230. Indo-Caribbeans in the UK
  231. India tightens security in occupied Kashmir following call for march to UN office
  232. Finance ministry rejects Indian media reports of FATF blacklisting Pakistan [Post#7]
  233. WAPDA receives bids for dam part of Diamer Bhasha project
  234. UN condemned Indian govt's brutal curfew imposed on Kashmir
  235. Bollywood to make film on botched Balakot strike
  236. [VIDEO] New York Times: What's happening in Kashmir? Our cameras contradict India's official story
  237. Obi-Wan Kenobi is returning! Ewan McGregor to star in Disney Plus 'Star Wars' series
  238. Pakistan, China air forces start joint exercise Shaheen VIII
  239. Pakistan's debt & liabilities mount to 40.2 trillion, 104% of GDP
  240. Amazon inaugurates its biggest global campus in Hyderabad
  241. Modi conferred with 'Order of Zayed' in UAE, 'The King Hamad Order Of The Renaissance' in Bahrain
  242. [VIDEO] Trailer of Shah Rukh Khan's Netflix 'Bard of Blood' - another Bollywood hatch job?
  243. Will Liverpool FC win the Premier League Trophy for the 2019/20 season?
  244. 'Blank pages will speak loudly': Syed Ali Geelani condemns information blockade in IOK
  245. The Amazon rainforest is on fire
  246. 'This is Not the 1970s': IAS Officer Quits in Anguish Over Kashmir 'Emergency'
  247. FTS poor conduction of tests for KPK education department
  248. [VIDEO] Tekken World Tour Grand Finals : Knee beaten by another Pakistani Awais Honey
  249. [VIDEO] "I will go to the border for peace and tell everyone about peace" : Javed Miandad
  250. Press Council of India slammed for backing government's restrictions in occupied Kashmir