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  1. Leaked emails show UKIP leader comparing Muslims to Nazis
  2. Why can't the Kashmir issue be resolved?
  3. Will a so called secular, tolerant peace loving India overthrow Narendra Modi?
  4. Pakistan successfully tests 5G, service is expected to be available by early next year
  5. Rafael Nadal defeats Daniil Medvedev to win US Open Men's final [19th Grand Slam title]
  6. Indo-Caribbeans in the UK
  7. India tightens security in occupied Kashmir following call for march to UN office
  8. Finance ministry rejects Indian media reports of FATF blacklisting Pakistan [Post#7]
  9. WAPDA receives bids for dam part of Diamer Bhasha project
  10. UN condemned Indian govt's brutal curfew imposed on Kashmir
  11. Bollywood to make film on botched Balakot strike
  12. [VIDEO] New York Times: What's happening in Kashmir? Our cameras contradict India's official story
  13. Obi-Wan Kenobi is returning! Ewan McGregor to star in Disney Plus 'Star Wars' series
  14. Pakistan, China air forces start joint exercise Shaheen VIII
  15. Pakistan's debt & liabilities mount to 40.2 trillion, 104% of GDP
  16. Amazon inaugurates its biggest global campus in Hyderabad
  17. Modi conferred with 'Order of Zayed' in UAE, 'The King Hamad Order Of The Renaissance' in Bahrain
  18. [VIDEO] Trailer of Shah Rukh Khan's Netflix 'Bard of Blood' - another Bollywood hatch job?
  19. Will Liverpool FC win the Premier League Trophy for the 2019/20 season?
  20. 'Blank pages will speak loudly': Syed Ali Geelani condemns information blockade in IOK
  21. The Amazon rainforest is on fire
  22. 'This is Not the 1970s': IAS Officer Quits in Anguish Over Kashmir 'Emergency'
  23. FTS poor conduction of tests for KPK education department
  24. [VIDEO] Tekken World Tour Grand Finals : Knee beaten by another Pakistani Awais Honey
  25. [VIDEO] "I will go to the border for peace and tell everyone about peace" : Javed Miandad
  26. Press Council of India slammed for backing government's restrictions in occupied Kashmir
  27. "Western media has never criticised India as much as it's doing now" : PM IK in national address
  28. Is the concept of Muslim Ummah [nation] dead?
  29. Donald Trump says India, Pakistan can handle Kashmir dispute on their own
  30. If Pakistan gives the following ultimatum to the US and the ROW in general vis a vis India?
  31. Spain win FIBA World Cup of Basketball after defeating Argentina 95-75
  32. Kashmir: Indian authorities refusing to issue death certificates for civilians killed in clashes
  33. How Do You Deal With Toxic Relatives/Coworkers/Friends?
  34. Pragya Thakur Blames Opposition's 'Black Magic' for Arun Jaitley, Sushma Swaraj’s Deaths
  35. US congressmen and women call for restoration of communication in occupied Kashmir
  36. Imran Khan: No one wins a nuclear war, we will be with Kashmir till the last breath
  37. Feroz Shah Kotla Stadium to be renamed after deceased BJP leader Arun Jaitley
  38. Food for Thought Thread
  39. "Received intelligence that underwater wing of Jaish-e-Mohammed is being trained": Indian Navy Chief
  40. Do we (Pakistanis) want/should have good relations with Israel?
  41. Who is the best Indian Prime Minister till date?
  42. McDonald's faces boycott threats in India for serving halal meat
  43. Forget capturing Srinagar, save Muzaffarabad: Bilawal Bhutto
  44. Gen. Xu Qiliang, Vice Chairman-Central Military Commission China, called on President, PM, COAS, CNS
  45. Indian scientists 'discovered gravity centuries before Isaac Newton', minister claims
  46. Boris Johnson : I'd rather be dead in ditch than delay Brexit
  47. 500 protests, hundreds injured in Kashmir lockdown: govt source (AFP)
  48. How children are being ‘picked up’ in night raids across Kashmir
  49. Untouchability came after advent of Islam: RSS leader Krishna Gopal
  50. Who will win UEFA's Men's Player of the Year award?
  51. Modi govt’s Kashmir crackdown is damaging India’s image abroad: Indian novelist
  52. Football clubs in financial trouble - Discussion Thread
  53. UFC 242: Khabib vs. Poirier | September 7 | Abu Dhabi
  54. [VIDEO] Pakistan's "tiddi" strike on India
  55. 'Remarkably complete' skull of early human ancestor from 3.8 million years ago discovered in Africa
  56. Straight Outta Karachi: Pakistan's Surprise Hip Hop Hub
  57. Pakistan successfully tests night launch of surface to surface ballistic missile Ghaznavi: ISPR
  58. Vasyl Lomachenko defeats Luke Campbell via unanimous decision [Post #14]
  59. India plans 'largest recruitment drive' for govt workers in occupied Kashmir
  60. [PICTURES] Pakistanis observe Kashmir Hour on 30th Aug to send message of solidarity
  61. US wants information on Kashmir from Modi govt in private, concerned over detentions
  62. Experts warn of 'sanitation emergency' as 'worst fly infestation' hits Karachi
  63. 'Don't beat us, just shoot us': Kashmiris allege violent army crackdown (Beatings and torture)
  64. Modi govt accuses Indian Muslims of supporting Pakistan
  65. Fake degree row returns to haunt Ramesh Pokhriyal Nishank
  66. Imran Khan: The World Can’t Ignore Kashmir. We Are All in Danger. (Opinion piece for New York Times)
  67. [VIDEO/PICTURES] "You [Modi] & your followers have distorted India's image" : Shahid Afridi
  68. Indian-occupied Kashmir: How journalists face harassment and threats of violence while reporting
  69. India builds detention camps for up to 1.9m people ‘stripped of citizenship’ in Assam
  70. Former refugee and cricket fan faces ultimate test as tech firm takes on the world
  71. Time for Pakistan to pull out of OIC, says Raza Rabbani
  72. [VIDEO] Pakistani diplomats, families stage Kashmir protest — inside high commission in Delhi
  73. No talks with India before curfew in occupied Kashmir is lifted, says FM Shah Mehmood Qureshi
  74. Month of Moharram - Enlightenment and Awakening
  75. Why is the Pakistani Passport the 5th worst in the world?
  76. Need some advice regarding marriage in US
  77. Bernie Sanders: "The US must be speak out in support of a UN backed peaceful resolution in Kashmir"
  78. [VIDEO] 'Western world needs to be told about what is happening in India,' says PM Imran Khan
  79. Viral ATM thief who stuck tongue out towards camera, dies in custody
  80. So who pays to run Pakistan?
  81. [VIDEO] "I have a bat and I hit a 6 with it, now this (raising sword) will be used" : Javed Miandad
  82. The Caste System: Disgusting bigotry or uncomfortable truth?
  83. [VIDEO] Former Pakistani envoy to India Ashraf Qazi dismantles Indian narrative regarding Kashmir
  84. Leader of the New Democratic Party (Canada) Jagmeet Singh speaks out on Kashmir
  85. Best Fifa Football Awards 2019: Lionel Messi wins best men's player of the year
  86. With meticulous planning then mass arrests and ‘torture’, Kashmir’s autonomy was lost
  87. The developing world’s water crisis has arrived (Tankers in Karachi 29x the cost of piped water)
  88. PM Imran Khan says Pakistan will not make first move in war with India
  89. [VIDEO] DG ISPR's posters appeared in Srinagar - Indian Media
  90. Indian MEA: With Pakistan officials by his side, Kulbhushan Jadhav parrots Pakistan line
  91. How long will it take for me to learn Arabic?
  92. Pregnant India woman beaten over child kidnapping rumour
  93. DW News: Kashmir women say they're being harassed and sexually abused in Indian-administered Kashmir
  94. What Kind Of Pet Do You Like?
  95. Pakistan permits trade of life-saving drugs with India amid tensions over occupied Kashmir
  96. Section 144 imposed on Clifton beach to aid clean-up of medical waste
  97. Michael Owen & Alan Shearer: New book sparks Twitter row
  98. Bangladesh bans mobile phone access to almost a million Rohingya refugees living in refugee camps
  99. "No step by India that doesn't lead to self-determination of Kashmiris is acceptable to us" : DGISPR
  100. [VIDEO] Sikh MP demands an apology from Boris Johnson for derogatory remarks about Muslim Women
  101. Indian army releases video of alleged terrorists claiming they were trained in "Kacherban", Pakistan
  102. Srinagar mayor placed under house arrest following comments on occupied Kashmir
  103. Relations between Pakistanis and Indians 2019+
  104. MIT Ordinance will not lead to privatisation of government hospitals, assures PM Imran
  105. Pakistan actor Abid Ali passes away
  106. What are some of the unique attributes of Karachiites?
  107. Indian envoy to US calls upon white supremacist media executive Steve Bannon
  108. Lahore teacher allegedly beats student to death over failure to complete assignment
  109. Kashmir crisis: Clashes erupt after first civilian death confirmed
  110. Pakistan most dangerous country, its leaders don’t care about their people, says Jim Mattis
  111. Robert Mugabe, Zimbabwe's ex leader, dies at 95
  112. 6th September : Defence of Pakistan Day - Tributes thread for our defence personnel
  113. NYC cricket team grapples with escalating tension in Kashmir
  114. Pakistan's Minister of Science & Technology makes fun of Indian Scientist for failed moon mission
  115. What prevents Pakistan from making big advances in science and technology?
  116. American Airlines mechanic in Miami charged with sabotaging plane. It aborted takeoff
  117. Hospitals in Indian-occupied Kashmir are struggling to care for patients and cancelling surgeries
  118. Donald Trump says he canceled peace talks with Taliban over Kabul attack
  119. Huawei to set up regional headquarters in Pakistan
  120. Pakistan and Indian Armies deploy fresh military brigades at the LoC
  121. Ambedkar House: India’s £3m property row with two London residents
  122. Peshawar-Kabul motorway paves way for Afghanistan’s entry to CPEC
  123. Golf Thread
  124. Christian girl allegedly forced to convert to Islam in Pakistan (Indian media reports)
  125. Amid custodial torture cases, Punjab police bans use of mobile phones while on duty
  126. Vinyl Records
  127. Roger Federer vs Rafael Nadal - Who is the better player?
  128. UN rights chief 'deeply concerned' about impact of Indian govt's actions on rights of Kashmiris
  129. ‘Disillusioned’: Constable who was assaulted by lawyer announces resignation
  130. Tweet May Have Inadvertently Revealed India’s Next-Gen Nuclear Weapons Platform With Global Reach
  131. 2020 Tokyo Olympics Field Hockey qualifiers
  132. Do India’s Elephants Really Need Birth Control?
  133. At least 31 pilgrims dead in Karbala stampede
  134. Should Imran Khan sack Minister Ch Fawad Hussain?
  135. Pakistan delivers joint statement at UNHRC on behalf of over 50 countries
  136. Millennials prefer Ola, Uber to new cars: Indian Finance Minister on auto crisis
  137. Arab nations condemn Netanyahu's West Bank annexation plan
  138. PM Imran Khan holds 'big jalsa' in Muzaffarabad (Azad Kashmir)
  139. US declares Tehreek-e-Taliban Pakistan chief as global terrorist
  140. New Delhi calls for end to CPEC-related activities in Azad Kashmir
  141. Was OBL helped by the American government to carry out the WTC attacks?
  142. My brush with SUPARCO during the 1980s: Dr. Syed Irfan Hyder
  143. Blackberry K2
  144. Diljit Dosanjh cancels concert in Houston because the promoter is a Pakistani
  145. PPP not to join Fazlur Rehman's Islamabad march but will provide 'moral support', says Bilawal
  146. iPhone 11
  147. Does the Pakistan Army really run the country? Support your claims with evidence
  148. Farogh Naseem hints at imposing Article 149 in Karachi (Gives Federal govt executive authority)
  149. Water found on most habitable known world beyond solar system
  150. "If oppression continues, tomorrow Sindhudesh, Seraikidesh, Pakhtundesh can be formed" : Bilawal B-Z
  151. Heathrow drone protest: Police 'will prevent' disruption
  152. Under PTI, a better law for Pakistan's Christians
  153. QAU only Pakistani university among Times global top 500 rankings
  154. Frog couple 'divorced' in Bhopal to end downpour
  155. Interesting Projects at College/University or Work
  156. Dr Shahbaz Gill resigns as Punjab CM spokesperson
  157. UK Councils and Constituency Labour Party groups passing Solidarity/Action motions on Kashmir
  158. Current unemployment levels in Pakistan
  159. "Only a coward man can commit such cruelty against human beings" : PM Imran Khan
  160. [VIDEO] Pakistani PM Imran Khan speaks to RT (Exclusive Interview)
  161. POTW : ArendtFan
  162. Gates Foundation under fire over award to Indian PM Modi
  163. Saudi Arabia oil facilities ablaze after drone strikes
  164. PM Imran Khan can hold a massive rally in Azad Kashmir but when will PM Modi do same in IOK?
  165. [VIDEO] PAF releases footage on Operation Swift Retort (27th Feb 2019)
  166. [VIDEO] Al Jazeera interview - "I am a pacifist, I am anti-war" : Imran Khan
  167. 4 Pakistan Army soldiers martyred in firing by militants near Afghan border
  168. [PICTURE] Shahid Afridi heading into politics or media overreaction?
  169. Kashmir: Before the Pundits in 1990, what happened to the Muslims in 1947?
  170. How state-controlled sports broadcasting is holding back Pakistani sports institutions
  171. Mob runs riot in Ghotki, Sindh after Hindu teacher booked for alleged blasphemy
  172. Cluelessness at its best: Haryana CM explains why 'high unemployment levels are false'
  173. Global IQ Levels
  174. How much does it cost to digitize a book?
  175. Self-Help Thread
  176. Pakistan receives Russian Kornet-E ATGM
  177. Peshawar schoolgirls told to 'cover up' to avoid 'unethical incidents' [Order withdrawn post #17]
  178. Muslims who hesitate to vote for BJP are traitors and support Pakistan, says Karnataka minister
  179. Transgender pupils are free to use whichever school changing room
  180. "Howdy, Modi" event in Texas on September 22nd
  181. Modi minister urges supremacy for Hindi
  182. Ashraf Ghani 'unhurt' as blast kills dozens at Afghan president's rally
  183. Final post-mortem report says Larkana student Nimrita was sexually assaulted, murdered: police
  184. Adnan Sami slapped with fine for purchasing Mumbai flats while holding Pakistani nationality
  185. Pakistan's contribution to the Large Hadron Collider
  186. Kasur back in spotlight as remains found of 3 minor boys killed after suspected sexual assault
  187. South Africa win the 2019 Rugby World Cup (England 12-32 South Africa)
  188. Exit polls: Benjamin Netanyahu short of a majority
  189. PPP stalwart Khursheed Shah arrested by NAB
  190. What would you do if you found a large sum of money on the street?
  191. 71 years since Indian Annexation of Hyderabad!
  192. Don't go to fight in Kashmir, PM Imran Khan warns Pakistanis
  193. Army of youth being formed to deal with 'traitors' in India: BJP MLA Raja Singh
  194. Does this 'brownface' picture of Canada PM Justin Trudeau bother you?
  195. ‘Pakistan and India face common threats. Climate change is the biggest one’
  196. Kamila Shamsie stripped of German literary award over pro-Palestine stance
  197. PM Imran Khan apprises Saudi Crown Prince Mohammad Bin Salman on occupied Kashmir situation
  198. US drone strike kills 30 pine nut farm workers in Afghanistan, officials say
  199. 'Hug Every Kashmiri': PM Modi Calls For Building 'New Paradise' In Kashmir
  200. [VIDEO] Mazhar Barlas fall off his chair abruptly in the middle of a panel discussion
  201. New York Times: In Pakistan-held Kashmir, growing calls for independence
  202. Which world leader did Trump make a SECRET promise to prompting whistleblower complaint?
  203. Fastest-growing UK terror threat 'from far-right'
  204. Activist Gulalai Ismail 'escapes' to New York, applies for political asylum
  205. Pakistan PM Imran Khan mulls another cabinet reshuffle
  206. Pakistan likely to move Kashmir resolution at UNHRC
  207. 15,832 people commuted between Pakistan, London from Jan 2014 to Jun 2017 via PIA for free
  208. Australian court finds 2 men guilty of plotting to blow up Etihad flight
  209. Pakistan's centre, provinces team up to contain dengue epidemic as 10,000 test positive
  210. Pakistan beat India in Asian Volleyball Championship to finish 7th
  211. PM Imran Khan reaches US to speak about Kashmir, contemporary issues at UNGA, other forums
  212. Young British couple could face death penalty for 'trying to smuggle heroin worth £2m to UK
  213. Do you see Sadiq Khan as a future PM of the United Kingdom?
  214. Film body asks Alka Yagnik, Udit Narayan and Kumar Sanu to cancel US show organised by Pakistani man
  215. From Oxford Utd to war-torn Kashmir: ‘It’s not your typical football loan move’
  216. Mob lynching in Jharkhand again: Beaten up for ‘selling beef’, tribal man dead, 2 critical
  217. Thomas Cook Collapse: Are the days of high-street based travel firms numbered?
  218. Which of the Prime Ministers, Imran Khan and N Modi, is doing the better job for his country?
  219. [VIDEO] "If both (Pakistan and India) want, I am ready to do it" : President Donald Trump
  220. ‘No Hindu will be expelled even if name is missing from NRC’: RSS chief on expulsion from Assam
  221. More worried about India than Pakistan right now, says Imran Khan
  222. [VIDEO] Why Pakistan is not a walkover: From an Indian point of view
  223. How Modi govt tried to stall Akil Kureshi’s appointment as MP High Court chief justice
  224. Earthquake shakes AJK, Punjab & KP; Dozens of casualties
  225. Is it time to sack Boris Johnson as Prime Minister of UK?
  226. Greta Thunberg - young Climate Change activist being attacked by Trump and on Fox News
  227. "I am sure he (PM Modi) will be able to handle the situation (Alleged Pak Terror threat)" : Trump
  228. Firdous Awan calls earthquake a sign of PTI’s tabdeeli
  229. [VIDEO] PM Imran Khan's Press Conference at United Nations Headquarters
  230. Kashmir: Fact-finding report accuses Indian Army of committing atrocities, demands inquiry
  231. [VIDEO] Turkey's President raises Kashmir issue at UNGA
  232. Does Pakistan have something like Miranda rights?
  233. Donald Trump acquitted by Senate in impeachment trial
  234. UAE in space: Hazzaa Al Mansoori to become first Emirati astronaut
  235. The Nigel Benn comeback thread
  236. Disappointed with International Community, No Pressure on India: Imran Khan
  237. UAE's first official synagogue to be complete by 2022
  238. Tulsi Gabbard - right wing wolf in sheep’s clothing
  239. Fazaia Housing Scheme Karachi
  240. Trump complains he would get Nobel Peace Prize ‘if they gave it out fairly’
  241. [VIDEO] Imran Khan Says Trump, Saudi Arabia Asked Pakistan to Mediate With Iran to Defuse Tensions
  242. So much despair in J&K…nobody happy except some people from BJP: Ghulam Nabi Azad
  243. Asian Development Bank issues outlook report for Pakistan
  244. Pakistan joins hands with Turkey, Malaysia to counter Islamophobia
  245. India fumes as UK party backs Kashmir plebiscite
  246. "It’s going to be a massacre, the moment they lift the curfew" : Imran Khan speaking to NYT editors
  247. Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation to provide $200mn for PM Imran Khan's Ehsaas programme
  248. Sarfaraz Ahmed mocks Bilawal Bhutto-Zardari (baarish hoti hai, paani aata hai)
  249. Karachi hardly a tourist destination, but a must-see for anyone interested in why cities thrive
  250. Pakistani documentary 'Armed With Faith' brings home an Emmy Award