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  1. POTW: narendranva1970
  2. Imran Khan doesn’t have 2nd-rung leaders to help him run PTI
  3. How can we replace usury-based banking system?
  4. US wants 'rapid' Indian easing of Kashmir restrictions: Top State Department official for South Asia
  5. 2019 World Athletics Championships, Qatar - Discussion Thread
  6. [VIDEO] PM Imran minces no words at UN, calls out Modi govt for oppression of Kashmiris
  7. Terror is a challenge faced by the entire world, says Modi in UN speech
  8. China is harvesting thousands of human organs from its Uighur Muslim minority: UN human-rights body
  9. Bahria University’s negligence causes student’s death
  10. How do you rate Imran Khan's speech at the UNGA on 27th September, 2019?
  11. What will be Pakistan's next move in the Kashmir issue?
  12. Pakistan’s request for funds for Hafiz Saeed a sign of transparency: U.S.
  13. Chinese Foreign Minister Speech, raises Kashmir issue at UNGA
  14. [VIDEO] India replies to PM Imran Khan's speech at the UNGA
  15. Afghan presidential election: Heavy security as polls open
  16. "RSS & India are synonyms now" : RSS leader Dr Krishna Gopal Sharma
  17. 3 including central JUI-F leader dead as explosion rocks Chaman in Balochistan
  18. As Turkey raises Kashmir pitch, India reaffirms support for Cyprus' territorial integrity
  19. Bangladesh PM at the United Nations General Assembly - mentions '71 war of liberation
  20. [PICTURE] Advert on New York Times highlighting plight of Kashmiris
  21. Onions from Afghanistan via Pakistan reach India! Many more to come...
  22. Police impose restrictions to prevent possible protests in Indian Kashmir after Pakistan PM's speech
  23. "Despite UN resolution on J&K, the country has been invaded and occupied" : Dr. Mahatir Mohamad
  24. Case filed against Pakistan PM Imran Khan in Bihar for threatening India with nuclear war
  25. Which part of PM Imran Khan's UNGA speech did you enjoy most?
  26. ADB estimates low growth rates for India and Pakistan in South Asia
  27. After UN, India and Pakistan resume war of words at Commonwealth meet
  28. End of Leaders Who Challenged The U.S. Hegemony
  29. [VIDEO] Pakistan 1st right of reply: "India committing state terrorism in IOK for the last 30 years"
  30. [VID/PICS] Pakistan will stand by Kashmiris even if the world doesn't, says PM upon return from UN
  31. Sonia Gandhi, Manmohan Singh responsible for Imran Khan's attack on India at UNGA: BJP
  32. Jawaharlal Nehru’s Letter to Chief Ministers on RSS in 1947
  33. Tourist traffic in Pakistan witnesses sharp increase in five years
  34. Horror Movie/show Recommendations
  35. Star Wars: The rise of Skywalker thread
  36. Pakistan to invite ex-India PM Manmohan Singh to inaugurate Kartarpur Corridor
  37. Kashmir living in fear, business in Jammu zero: Ghulam Nabi Azad
  38. Indian cricketers' reactions to Imran Khan's UNGA speech
  39. Munir Akram to replace Maleeha Lodhi as Pakistan's envoy to UN
  40. Prepared for Balakot-like airstrikes in future: New IAF chief RKS Bhadauria
  41. Volleyball Men's World Cup 2019 Japan: October 1st - 15th
  42. How should India punish countries that have spoken against them at the UN (Kashmir issue)
  43. "BJP govt. will not force a single (non-Muslim) refugee to leave the country" : Amit Shah
  44. Pakistan hands over body of BSF trooper who drowned in river along the Indo-Pak border
  45. The Apprentice 2019 thread
  46. Remembering Gandhi ji on his birth anniversary
  47. Taliban, U.S. negotiator both in Islamabad for talks with Pakistan
  48. Pakistan loses Hyderabad Fund Case as UK top court favours India
  49. Investigators find £520 million worth of gold at home of Chinese mayor (plus £30b in his bank a/c)
  50. Mohammad Yousuf's mother passes away
  51. NHL 2019-2020 season Thread
  52. PM Imran Khan Op-Ed: 'Pakistani nation will not sit back until Kashmiris are given their right ...
  53. Researchers warn India-Pakistan nuclear war could kill 100 million
  54. POTW: Extra_Cover
  55. Paris police attack: 'Four killed' by knife-wielding man
  56. PM Modi’s clean India claim 'pooh-poohed'
  57. Coke Studio Season 12
  58. Do You Feel Good When Your Enemy Suffers?
  59. Third year Hamdard University student shot dead during mugging in Karachi
  60. Gandhi's ashes stolen and photo defaced on 150th birthday
  61. UAE to invest $5bn in oil refinery project in Pakistan by end of 2019: report
  62. Martin Scorsese says Marvel movies ‘are not cinema’
  63. In a first, U.S. lawmakers take a step against India on Kashmir
  64. PM Imran cautions AJK residents against crossing LoC to aid occupied Kashmir struggle
  65. 'War' against government will only end after its fall, says Fazlur Rehman
  66. Netflix series "The Spy" - how much is it true and how much Israeli propaganda?
  67. Your favorite type of meat?
  68. Haircut suggestions? What do you usually get?
  69. Saudi Arabia reported to ask Pakistan Government to mediate with Iran
  70. [Report] FAA banning use of plastic cutlery on international flights to Pakistan
  71. Should a girl's parents, siblings intervene in her married life?
  72. Hindus Looking to India, Where Some Find Only Disappointment (NYT)
  73. FIR lodged against 49 celebrities who wrote open letter to PM Modi on mob lynching
  74. US says Turkey agrees to a ceasefire in Syria [Update Post #207]
  75. What is Your Favorite Fish?
  76. Where are the peaceful Hindus?
  77. Only 13 months have passed and they keep asking about 'Naya Pakistan': PM Imran Khan
  78. [Video] How China Is Using Artificial-Intelligence In Classrooms | WSJ
  79. Why can’t a non-Muslim dream of becoming the prime minister or president of Pakistan?
  80. PM Imran Khan arrives in Beijing for two-day official visit
  81. Salam on Netflix
  82. Heath Ledger's Joker Fan Club
  83. China punishes NBA as crisis over democracy tweet deepens
  84. How Britain exports Islamist extremism to Bangladesh
  85. Donald Trump is now blacklisting several big Chinese companies
  86. China changes tack on Kashmir
  87. PM Imran Khan declared 'Man of the Year' (Jordan’s Royal Islamic Strategic Studies Center)
  88. Did Christopher Nolan do injustice to world cinema for retiring his Batman as a trilogy?
  89. TPG UK Reviews PIA Flight (LHE to LHR) - Negative Reviews....
  90. Synagogue attack sparks fear among Jews in Germany
  91. PPP lawmakers turn down bill against forced conversions
  92. PTI foreign funding case: ECP directs scrutiny committee to submit report by August 17
  93. And suddenly, without a warning, a fight breaks out between Mrs. Rooney and Mrs. Vardy....
  94. Will most Pakistanis be happy if Imran Khan's government collapse?
  95. Call from an Indian Call Centre
  96. PM Imran Khan calls out intl. media for 'ignoring dire human rights crisis' in occupied Kashmir
  97. "I firmly believe that Maulana (Fazlur R) Sahab is a true democratic man" : Bilawal Bhutto-Zardari
  98. PAF takes delivery of 3 SAAB 2000 Erieye AEW&C Aircraft
  99. Rifts between Shahbaz Sharif and Nawaz Sharif | Another deep state "Saazish"?
  100. Sania Mirza's sister Anam to marry Mohammad Azharuddin's son Asad in December
  101. Manchester Arndale stabbings: Four hurt as man arrested
  102. Who are the best front three in international football?
  103. Recommendations on Cruise trips to undertake?
  104. With China, India must recognise power imbalance... false hopes
  105. Do you want Afghanistan to merge with Pakistan in the near future?
  106. How The Shawshank Redemption Went from Box Office Bomb to Contemporary Classic
  107. Story of how Shahbaz Sharif defeated dengue
  108. Should Pakistan become a dictatorship or stay as a democracy?
  109. Do these survey findings about Muslim Youth in the UK by the Muslim Council of Britain shock you?
  110. Pakistan-Afghanistan spat over Afghan flag in Peshawar
  111. Typhoon Hagibis: Japan deploys military rescuers as deadly storm hits
  112. Japan includes Pakistan in a list of top 10 friendly countries, assist in Pakistan’s development
  113. [VIDEO] How representative is this video of Pakistani sentiments towards India?
  114. Indian Muslims are happiest in the world, claims RSS chief
  115. The ‘Religious Card’
  116. "3 Films Made 120 Crore In A Day": Ravi Shankar Prasad Says Economy Fine
  117. Bangladesh, Nepal estimated to grow faster than India: World Bank
  118. Newborn girl found alive in shallow grave in India
  119. [VIDEOS] Violence at Asian weddings
  120. Nobel Prize in Economics won by Banerjee, Duflo and Kremer for fighting poverty
  121. Indian national Congress party is beyond repair
  122. If you want to tackle terror in Pakistan, we'll send our armymen: Rajnath Singh to Imran Khan
  123. UK suspends arms sales to Turkey
  124. Wrestler Inam Butt wins gold at ANOC World Beach Games
  125. Rented supercars at UK Kashmiri weddings?
  126. How OK are you with the existence of royal families existing in countries in this era?
  127. [Video/Pictures] Pakistan Russia Joint Military Exercise Druzhba 2019 Concludes in Russia
  128. Kurta or Suits?
  129. [VIDEO] Indian SU 30 27th Feb shot down evidence surfaces
  130. Our share of river waters will no more go to Pakistan: PM Modi
  131. Learning to code at 30
  132. India behind Bangladesh, Nepal and Pakistan in Global Hunger Index
  133. 300+ People Arrested Across 38 Countries - Dark Net Child Abuse
  134. British Tourists Jailed For Entering USA Illegally
  135. Premier League: Are Arsenal, Chelsea, Spurs & Man Utd more vulnerable than ever?
  136. PTI (GDA) defeats PPP in their home-ground of Larkhana in by-poll elections
  137. Which side will win the Manchester United vs Liverpool match in the Premier League?
  138. Qatar Gives Green Light to Minimum Wage Law
  139. Value of human life in india
  140. Muslim schools dominate league table for most academic progress in England
  141. United States Imposes Tariff on EU [Record $7.5-Billion Worth]
  142. Pakistan e-visa
  143. Pakistani F-16s Intercepts Spicejet plane after DGCA India Goof-up [September 2019]
  144. Violent Protest in Chile After President Announced Metro Fare Increase
  145. Which European cities to visit in winter?
  146. [VIDEO] Who Really Controls Karachi?
  147. DGISPR issues open challenge to Indian army to share locations of targeted 'terror camps' [Post#198]
  148. What is or has been India's legacy to the world?
  149. Anyone who learnt to swim late in life in adulthood?
  150. Bangladesh protest against Facebook post turns deadly
  151. 147 Break vs. A Century
  152. The world's highest battlefield, Siachen is now open for tourism
  153. How do you react to criticism directed at you?
  154. [PICTURE] Indian students wear boxes on their heads during exam to prevent cheating
  155. Lionel Messi wins record 6th Ballon d’Or
  156. Searching for Ms Dhoni online can get you a virus....
  157. Director Jami Moor says he was sexually-assaulted by a Pakistani media ‘giant’
  158. Right wing extremist hijacks ambulance, tries to run down pedestrians in Oslo, Norway
  159. "I’ve never felt better in my life after I turned vegetarian" : Virat Kohli
  160. Essex Police: 39 bodies found in lorry container
  161. Do People Overreact With Police Brutality?
  162. Labour's shadow minister Naz Shah 'to launch legal action' against party over Salma Yaqoob
  163. [VIDEO] US lawmakers term Kashmir annexation ‘disaster’
  164. Your nominations for the Oscars
  165. Massive jump in Pakistan's ease of doing business ranking
  166. Army Cdr Lt Gen Ranbir Singh injured in Helicopter Crash near the LOC
  167. Nawaz Sharif in London due to illness - Discussion Thread
  168. Call of Duty (2019)
  169. [VIDEO] 1st ever Kashmiri song in Coke Studio
  170. Will the JUI-F march be able to unseat Imran Khan's government?
  171. Ex-Pakistan cricketer Wasim Akram to make acting debut alongside Fawad Khan
  172. Major DNA ancestry database now correctly lists Pakistanis as Central Asian
  173. Pakistan summons Indian envoy
  174. Lack of sanitation in South Asian countries
  175. What's a good resource to learn Punjabi and which is the best dialect?
  176. [VIDEO] U.S. president Donald Trump says Islamic State leader Abu Bakr al Baghdadi has been killed
  177. How integrated are they really? Britain's missing Rugby fans
  178. [VIDEO] Understanding Denmark's growing anti-immigration stance
  179. Indian politician compares Muslim children to 'pollution' in tweet
  180. Indians trampled by stampeding cattle for post-Diwali festiva
  181. World Body rejects India's complaint on Pakistan's airspace denial to PM Narendra Modi's plane
  182. UK Election results 2019: Boris Johnson returns to power with big majority [Post#486]
  183. Indians have smaller brains, reveals study
  184. Clashes between the Pakistan Military and the Afghan Military along the Durand Line
  185. Discussion: Should Pakistan occupy Wakhan corridor?
  186. Harry Dunn: Anne Sacoolas extradition request rejected by US [Post 12]
  187. Indian government trying to hide the 'reality of its actions' in Kashmir: MEP Chris Davies
  188. 5 non-Kashmiri labourers shot dead by terrorists in J&K's Kulgam
  189. Books for self improvement
  190. Indian Manipur separatists announce exiled government in UK
  191. When will Pakistan be listed as a country where PSN is available?
  192. Doval's dog and pony show for MEPs is a disaster for Indian diplomacy
  193. Pakistan at #1 in Forbes list of best countries to make a living while operating a social enterprise
  194. Shops shuttered, streets deserted as occupied Kashmir loses special status and is divided
  195. Why are young Punjabis (Indian) illegally immigrating to America & Canada? [Video]
  196. Twitter to Ban Political Ads
  197. Death toll from train fire rises to 73 in Rahim Yar Khan
  198. Age of marriage for men could soon be reduced to 18
  199. FBR publishes stats on market tax filers: Karachi tops list with Rs30billion, Lahore Rs560million
  200. [VIDEO] Any sympathy for this basketball player?
  201. Billions - The most underrated TV show
  202. How the US created the Islamic State: Talking Heads
  203. Human rights activists, scholars and journalists in India targeted by Israeli spyware
  204. [VIDEO] Tik Tok Model names Shaheen Afridi as cricketer who allegedly exposed himself on WhatsApp
  205. Kashmiris' situation is unsustainable, says German Chancellor Angela Merkel, on India visit
  206. Why is nobody talking about this misogyny in joint opposition's march?
  207. US declares ‘resounding victory’ over India in WTO export subsidies dispute
  208. 6% increase in exports, 17% reduction in imports in October 2019
  209. Pakistan unveils strategy to move to cashless economy
  210. JUI-F march: This has got to be the most ridiculous march in the history of Pakistani politics
  211. Has the rally by Fazlur Rahman hurt the momentum built by Imran Khan towards Kashmir struggle?
  212. Airlift – A great addition to Pakistan's public transport system
  213. Fitch Ratings: Pak among 10 economies where business climate has improved most over the past year
  214. American Football Coach Receives Suspension After Team Thrashes Opponent
  215. Over 2,400 Pakistani prisoners freed from Saudi Arabia, UAE
  216. Which side will win the Liverpool vs Manchester City Premier League encounter on 10th November?
  217. Is there anything wrong with spouses/partners working together in organizations?
  218. Karkey dispute resolved by PTI Gov which has saved Pak USD 1.2 billion penalty imposed by ICSID
  219. PM Imran Khan's revenue authority plan faces resistance
  220. Pakistan DG ISPR Asif Ghafoor defends item song in Kaaf Kangana
  221. The REMIX thread
  222. What are or have been Pakistan's accomplishments/contributions to the modern world?
  223. Hoardings hailing Sidhu, Imran Khan surface in Amritsar ahead of Kartarpur opening
  224. 'We lay like corpses': Bangladesh's 1970s rape camp survivors speak out (The Guardian)
  225. Indian Media and Kartarpur Corridor
  226. Pakistan may have released poisonous gas to pollute air in India, says UP BJP leader
  227. Stefanos Tsitsipas beats Dominic Thiem to win ATP Finals title (2019)
  228. [VIDEO] WikiLeaks' Wiki is Jemima's cousin: Mufti Kifayatullah of JUI-F
  229. ISPR Drama Serial Ehd-e-Wafa on HUM TV
  230. PM Imran Khan Orders CDA To Assess Relief Measures As Dharna Participants Suffer Cold Weather
  231. West can never pull out of the Middle East - The Times
  232. Cyber attack on India's largest nuclear power plant
  233. Unlike past sit-ins, we are not holding mujras every night: Fazlur Rehman
  234. Indian cow milk contains gold, that's why it's yellow: West Bengal BJP chief
  235. Bhutan named best 2020 destination country by Lonely Planet
  236. TelloTalk - Pakistan's First Homegrown Instant Messaging App
  237. Nepal parliament clears revised map which includes Indian territory [Update #16]
  238. Indian nationalist party BJP supporters to campaign in UK against Labour
  239. Pakistan accused of cover-up over fresh polio outbreak
  240. Parents against LGBT awareness in Birmingham (UK) school
  241. Modi govt revokes Aatish Taseer's OCI card for 'concealing his father was Pakistani'
  242. Ertugrul: Turkish TV serials are a big hit in Pakistan
  243. Indians angry with Google over ‘2020 Sikh Referendum’ app, accuse Pakistan
  244. Pakistan settles Soviet-era trade dispute, paving the way for Russia to invest over $8bil in Pak
  245. Imran Khan should resign as Prime Minister for letting Nawaz Sharif leave the country
  246. British Hindus urged in WhatsApp messages to vote against Labour
  247. Moody's cuts India's outlook to "negative" from "stable", citing rising growth risks
  248. Using brain implants to fight drug addiction in USA
  249. Supreme Court verdict: Ayodhya disputed land to be given for temple, separate plot for mosque
  250. PIA’s revenue grows 40%, seat factor improved to 80% in last six months