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  1. How should Muslims in India react to the Ayodhya verdict?
  2. The myth of CPEC’s Western route, spin doctor Ahsan Iqbal churned the myth of the Western route
  3. UK economy watch!
  4. 4500-year-old DNA from Rakhigarhi reveals evidence that will unsettle Hindutva nationalists
  5. Babri mosque verdict 'shredded the veneer of so-called secularism of India': Foreign Office
  6. New Bollywood movie portrays Ahmad Shah Durrani as a barbarian
  7. [VIDEOS] Rains & flash floods in Dubai
  8. Do You Consider Hackers As Cowards?
  9. Remembrance
  10. Pakistani Movies
  11. Rohingya crisis: The Gambia accuses Myanmar of genocide at top UN court
  12. Allied soldiers 'raped hundreds of thousands of German women' after WW2
  13. Has the Pakistan Olympic Association been hijacked by Gen. Arif Hasan?
  14. If Babri Masjid had not been demolished, what would have been the decision of the Supreme Court?
  15. [VIDEOS] Locust swarms menace in India/Pakistan
  16. China’s mood chills on new Belt and Road projects in Pakistan (Nikkei Asian Review)
  17. Jimmy Carter admitted to hospital for brain procedure
  18. Government unveils Rs 200 billion package to promote exports
  19. Child rapist running pornography gang abused 30 children in Pakistan
  20. [PICTURE] Aamir Khan's new look for his role
  21. Sikhs sue UK Government over refusal to treat them as ethnic group in census
  22. So what exactly did Maulana's Dharna achieve besides exposing hypocrisy of our Liberals/Leftists?
  23. India disinformation network spreading anti-Pakistan propaganda, says European watchdog
  24. Reason behind the sudden influx of foreign tourists and vloggers in Pakistan?
  25. Did the JUI-F march to Islamabad achieve its purpose?
  26. S Jaishankar at RNG Lecture: Not going to see change in Pakistan without holding feet to fire
  27. Hamza Ali Abbasi quits acting, reveals journey from atheism to Islam
  28. Prince Andrew speaks to BBC about his relationship with Jeffrey Epstein
  29. [VIDEOS] Nadir Ali Pranks
  30. Iran protests: At least 12 killed at unrest over petrol price rise
  31. Do you agree with the LHC's decision to allow Nawaz Sharif to travel abroad?
  32. Football: Same Teams 42 years apart
  33. MQM founder Altaf Hussain asks PM Narendra Modi for asylum, financial aid
  34. [VIDEO] Ex-Indian Army officer Major General SP Sinha justifies rape of Kashmiris as a tool of war
  35. ‘Absolutely No Mercy’: Leaked Files Expose How China Organized Mass Detentions of Muslims
  36. Maulana and the liberals
  37. Queen of Netherlands to visit Pakistan
  38. POTW : shaz619
  39. Don Cherry: Canada's Donald Trump fired from TV show for racist rant
  40. Pakistan first country to introduce new typhoid vaccine
  41. Islamabad Temple Vs Ayodhya Temple : Indian Media
  42. Child murder, torture and sexual abuse by British troops covered up by government, report alleges
  43. Anyone here who learnt Pashto properly and fluently at a late age?
  44. Anyone who has gone through the spousal immigration process in Canada?
  45. Internet Service Providers in Pakistan
  46. US says Israeli settlements are no longer illegal
  47. Security escorts out BJP leader for heckling Suri during speech on Kashmir at Asian Pacific Summit
  48. Do you think Nawaz Sharif will come back to Pakistan?
  49. Asad Umar inducted in the Cabinet as Planning Minister
  50. ₹10,000,00,00,000 is what Kashmir lost since abrogation of Article 370
  51. Did Tottenham Hotspur take the right decision to sack Mauricio Pochettino?
  52. Jose Mourinho appointed Tottenham Hotspur Head Coach
  53. Calling from UK to Pakistan
  54. Will Imran Khan employ "give respect to vote" slogan?
  55. Pakistan to introduce electric buses to fight air pollution
  56. Government itself allowed Nawaz Sharif to travel abroad, CJP Khosa says
  57. Pakistan stocks have outperformed the world’s leading stock markets during the last three months
  58. Opposition parties making fun of PM Imran Khan's wife in Rehbar committee meeting
  59. An Indian Muslim can't teach Sanskrit in India
  60. Hindu nationalists push to rename Taj Mahal city Agravan
  61. Germany: Indian couple convicted of spying (on Sikhs and Kashmiris) for RAW
  62. YouTube can now terminate anyone they deem "not commercially viable" under their new clause
  63. [VIDEO] Pregnant women ‘stomped on’ in horror Parramatta cafe random attack
  64. Turkey hosts International Conference on Kashmir
  65. Dawood Ibrahim associate financed re-election of Indian PM Narendra Modi: report
  66. Pakistani domestic cricketer Khalil-ur-Rehman killed in Karachi
  67. Lt Gen Nadeem Raza appointed new Chairman Joint Chiefs of Staff Committee (CJCSC) by PM Imran Khan
  68. US warns Pakistan not to trust China in CPEC [China dismisses US warning]
  69. Who is the most influential poet in the history of Pakistan - Allama Iqbal or Faiz Ahmed Faiz?
  70. [Video] China is Selling Autonomous Weaponized Drones to Saudi Arabia and Pakistan : Arab media
  71. Lt Gen (r) Asim Bajwa to be made CPEC Authority's chairman
  72. Should the incumbent Indian government change the name of India, to Hindustan?
  73. How the Babri Masjid Demolition Upended Tenuous Inter-Religious Ties in Pakistan
  74. PM Imran Khan meets high-level delegation of Buddhist monks in Pakistan to promote religious tourism
  75. The Tesla Cybertruck Thread
  76. Birmingham Star City: Arrests over cinema 'machete' brawl
  77. War of the Worlds TV series
  78. PTI defeats 3 party alliance candidate in Mirpur, Azad Kashmir Election
  79. PTI government filed a petition seeking postponement of verdict on Parvez Musharraf
  80. Muslim parents permanently banned from protesting LGBT lessons outside school
  81. India consul general in United States calls for 'Israeli model' in Kashmir
  82. BJP's shrinking footprint
  83. Who should lead PML-N in the absence of Nawaz Sharif?
  84. Meet Pakistan’s first figure skating champion
  85. PM Imran Khan held important meeting with Jordanian Princess Sarah Zeid
  86. Mehdi Hassan versus Ghulam Ali
  87. Arsenal sack Unai Emery: Manager leaves after 18 months in charge
  88. [PICTURES] London Bridge: Two killed in stabbing attack
  89. Student Solidarity March being held countrywide in Pakistan
  90. The Irishman
  91. South Asian Games 2019 - Kathmandu, Nepal
  92. Positive signals rising from Pakistan’s economy
  93. PTI suspends Hamid Khan’s membership for ‘tarnishing’ party’s image
  94. Which InfoSec Certifications Should a Complete Beginner Go For?
  95. For those born in Pakistan - is your official age correct?
  96. US lauds finance ministry's efforts, hails Moody's upgrading Pakistan outlook to ‘stable’
  97. Black Friday vs Boxing Day
  98. FA Cup l 2019/20 Season
  99. "GDP not Bible or Mahabharat, won't be important in future": BJP MP
  100. Malik Riaz agrees to hand over assets worth £190m to UK crime agency
  101. China wants Canada to shut up. That’s exactly why we shouldn’t
  102. Medical board to exhume body of 10-year-old girl allegedly stoned to death in Dadu
  103. [VIDEO] World leaders caught on camera apparently mocking Donald Trump
  104. 'Aik ball touch ker k dikha', Shoaib Akhtar challenges Ali Zafar to face him in nets
  105. [Netflix] Messiah
  106. Anthony Joshua beats Andy Ruiz Jr to reclaim heavyweight world titles [Post#54]
  107. Gadhimai Hindu festival: World’s ‘largest animal sacrifice’ under way in defiance of ban
  108. Ayushmann Khurrana - an inspiration for all the people who work hard
  109. Why travel media is dangerous for Pakistan's tourism
  110. The rise of Pakistan's Imran Khan in India-administered Kashmir
  111. Senior Google executive Tania Aidrus quits job to lead PM Imran Khan’s ‘Digital Pakistan’ initiative
  112. Kumail Nanjiani & Natalie Morales Teach You Urdu and Miami Spanish Slang
  113. Non-accredited officials having a joy trip
  114. "If Auto Sector Is In Crisis, Why Traffic Jams?": BJP MP's Bizarre Claim
  115. Small business ideas in Pakistan
  116. How will the 'Asians' vote in the UK General Election?
  117. As a group, are desi people more 'jugaaru' than people from any other region in the world?
  118. Saudi Air-Force officer kills three people at a US naval base in Pensacola, Florida
  119. Olivia and Muhammad top the list of the most popular baby names of 2019
  120. 'London effect' strongest for Pakistani pupils
  121. Pakistan’s Arshad Nadeem qualifies for Tokyo Olympics in javelin
  122. Bangladesh is also worried about Indian Muslims: Pakistan President Alvi
  123. Delhi factory fire: Dozens dead in India blaze
  124. What are your favorite fragrances?
  125. Who will win the 2019 UK General Election?
  126. British Indians - where are they?
  127. Islamabad and Lahore: Some of the safest cities in South Asia
  128. 11,000 tonnes of onions to reach India from Turkey
  129. Why doesn’t Pakistan have any superstars?
  130. How many Pakistanis go/went clubbing in their uni/college days?
  131. PM Imran Khan's Gulf States tour: To receive Bahrain's highest civil award
  132. Russia banned for four years to include 2020 Olympics and 2022 World Cup
  133. Citizenship Amendment Bill: India's new 'anti-Muslim' law causes uproar
  134. Difference between Pakistani and Indian English accent
  135. Pakistani equestrian Usman Khan qualifies for 2020 Tokyo Olympics
  136. The Asians in UK crime Thread
  137. Female students forced to sit behind fence for Saeed Anwar's speech at Peshawar University
  138. [VIDEOS] Three patients die as lawyers' protest outside Punjab Institute of Cardiology turns violent
  139. Wonders of India!
  140. Liverpool defeat Flamenco to win the 2019 FIFA Club World Cup (Qatar)
  141. Finland’s new parliament is dominated by women under 35
  142. Mosques in the UK preach extremism?
  143. Overpaid - Over here - NHS solutions
  144. Dark days ahead for minorities in the UK, says Mehdi Hasan - do you agree?
  145. Will we see an improvement in the law-and-order situation in Imran Khan's time?
  146. Best countries to live in outside of UK?
  147. 15 British Pakistanis elected as MPs in UK
  148. Pakistan declared the best holiday destination for 2020 by Condé Nast Traveller
  149. Will Scotland hold another referendum?
  150. England's Asian Miss World hopeful Bhasha Mukherjee insists contest is not outdated
  151. Why Pakistani men color their hair black, even very old ones
  152. Arsenal's Mesut Ozil criticizes Muslim silence over Uighurs
  153. Why is Pakistan becoming liberal while other countries are tilting towards the right-wing?
  154. 'Rahul Jinnah': BJP Darts Congress Over Muslim Appeasement; Shiv Sena Joins in
  155. [PICTURE] Why did Javed Miandad wear an Army cap during his visit to Pindi Stadium?
  156. Will Sadiq Khan get re-elected as the Mayor of London next year?
  157. [PICTURES/VIDEOS] Violent clashes in Aligarh, Delhi after crackdown at Jamia Milia Islamia
  158. IAF did not shoot down Pakistan F-16 in Balakot aftermath, says US Scholar Christine Fair
  159. KL Summit 2019: A new Islamic block? A challenge to Saudi leadership?
  160. 'Look at their clothes they can be identified by their clothes': Modi targets Muslim Protestors
  161. [VIDEO] RSS leader's school gets kids to re-enact Babri Masjid demolition
  162. Del Toro's 'Antlers' (2020), an absolute must watch for horror nerds
  163. India Ranks 112th Globally On Gender Gap; In Bottom-5 On Health, Economic Fronts
  164. Court in Pakistan has overturned the death sentence handed down to Musharraf [Update Post#267]
  165. Secularism is dead in India?
  166. Pakistani Hindus reject India’s offer for citizenship
  167. [VIDEO] Ellie Goulding helps driver 'T-boned' by Royal Mail truck
  168. Millions of Muslim refugees could flee India: Pakistan PM Imran Khan
  169. Special permits for hunting houbara issued to Qatari Emir, Bahrain King & royals
  170. Does Pakistan have a moral responsibility to accept Muslim refugees from India if necessary?
  171. Are Western meats, sodas more fattening compared to subcontinent sodas, meat?
  172. After Balakot, Indian Army would have 'retaliated' if Pakistan had hit ammo dump
  173. Post CAA, BJP-Linked WhatsApp Groups Mount a Campaign to Foment Communalism and Islamophobia
  174. Bejing links ‘re-education camps’ to terror threat
  175. The Guardian: Israeli spyware allegedly used to target Pakistani officials' phones
  176. Arsenal manager - Is Mikel Arteta the right choice?
  177. Is Lahore the food capital of the Earth?
  178. Which country's politics are worse? Pakistan or India?
  179. Recep Tayyip Erdogan says Saudi Arabia pressurised Pakistan regarding Kuala Lampur Summit
  180. The hypocrisy of Imran Khan and PTI supporters when it comes to Parvez Musharraf
  181. Malaysian PM Mahathir Mohamad condemns India's citizenship law
  182. Academic Junaid Hafeez sentenced to death on blasphemy charges by Multan court
  183. Pakistan will give befitting response if India undertakes false-flag operation: PM Imran Khan
  184. Pakistan has got its act together in narrative warfare with its DG-ISPR: Indian Cyber Security Chief
  185. Irish Pakistanis - is there a sizable Pakistani community in Ireland?
  186. Why India shuts down the internet more than any other democracy [BBC Report]
  187. What changes in India - Pakistan relations do you expect to see in 2020 and beyond?
  188. What's the solution to the CAB troubles in India?
  189. [VIDEO] Government official harassed for calling for religious harmony
  190. India's BJP concedes defeat in Jharkhand state assembly election
  191. The most influential personality of the decade? (2010-2019)
  192. Shahid Afridi asks PM Imran Khan to speak up for Chinese Muslims
  193. What are your 10 top movies of the decade? (2010-2019)
  194. POTW: AZulfi
  195. Discrepancies in the Benazir Income Support Programme
  196. 'Ring of Fire' to Wreath the Sun in Last Eclipse of 2019 (Partial Solar Eclipse)
  197. Pakistanis and their quest for foreign passport-holding spouses
  198. UN declares Malala Yousafzai 'most famous teenager of decade'
  199. Has the Holy Quran undergone any changes in its history?
  200. Any Apple Watch users on PP?
  201. Should India-Pakistan-Bangladesh-Afghanistan sign a minority exchange program?
  202. Danish Kaneria's remark shows real face of Pakistan: Gautam Gambhir
  203. Washington Post: India’s Muslims, activists face mass arrests, beatings amid citizenship-law unrest
  204. Go to Pakistan: Meerut SP caught on video threatening anti-CAA protesters
  205. [VIDEO] Pakistan's achievements in 2019
  206. India's tourism industry hit hard by citizenship law protests
  207. India may surpass Germany to become world's fourth-largest economy in 2026
  208. Best Pakistani actor?
  209. English Premier League 2019/20: Team of the season - So far
  210. Bilawal Bhutto-Zardari offers MQM ministries in Sindh in exchange for breaking alliance with PTI
  211. How good or bad was the last decade for Pakistan?
  212. Who was the sports person of the decade? (2010-2019)
  213. Our media is brave enough to speak against the establishment but scared of Dawn's CEO Hameed Haroon?
  214. Javed Bahria Housing Association, Karachi
  215. The January Transfer Window 2020 Thread
  216. Pakistan in 2030
  217. [PICTURES] Happy New Year [2020]!
  218. What's wrong with dynastic politics?
  219. Pakistan sees 31% drop in terror-related fatalities in 2019
  220. What was the biggest lie of 2019? | Sports, politics, any topic
  221. [VIDEO] First Indian vlogger visits Pakistan
  222. Loose Talk: Moin Akhter & Anwer Maqsood
  223. [VIDEO] The Crisis in Kashmir | Head-to-Head Debate at The Oxford Union
  224. Novak Djokovic inspires Serbia to victory in the inaugural ATP Cup
  225. Anti-religious people marrying religious people
  226. [VIDEO] Prime Minister Imran Khan was asked by Dev Anand to be in Bollywood film
  227. Will Pakistan become a secular state and if so, when?
  228. PML-N, PPP decide to back govt on Army Act amendment bill [Update Post #57]
  229. "What stops them from protesting against Pakistan?" Narendra Modi on anti-CAA protestors
  230. [VIDEOS] Hareem Shah: TikTok star scandal leaves Imran Khan government red-faced
  231. India Superpower 2020: Tracing the brief history of a spectacularly incorrect prediction
  232. The Australia bushfires thread (2020)
  233. Top Iran commander Soleimani killed in US strike on Baghdad; Iran issues arrest warrant for Trump
  234. Imran Khan tries to expose 'police atrocities on Muslims in UP' with fake video, deletes tweet later
  235. Protesters surround Gurdwara Nankana Sahib, disperse after negotiations (Main culprit arrested)
  236. FA Cup 2020 Thread
  237. Indian Media : If Iranian general can be killed for terrorism, then why not a a Pakistani general?
  238. [PICTURES] Congratulations to Bilawal Bhatti on his marriage
  239. J&K begins hiring non-locals for government jobs
  240. KP new education minister has not studied beyond Matric (10th grade)
  241. “NASA recorded sound of sun - Sun chants Om” : Kiran edi, Lt. Governor - Puducherry
  242. Attacks on minorities against my vision, Modi's vision supports minorities oppression: PM Imran Khan
  243. Manchester: Seven fall victim to violent robberies during two-hour rampage
  244. Karnataka BJP MLA warns Muslims: 'We are 80%, you are 17%; don't oppose CAA'
  245. Indians on IMDB and other movie sites
  246. What role should Pakistan play in the current US-Iran crisis?
  247. Oil price 'could double to $150 a barrel' if US and Iran go to war
  248. What's next for the Middle East amongst US-Iran tensions?
  249. Why is it not allowed for a father to support and love his own child?
  250. Hamza Khan brings U-15 British Junior Open title back to Pakistan after 8 years!