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  1. USA - State Terrorism - How can it be stopped?
  2. The Pakistani visa website is so much more impressive and user friendly than the Indian website
  3. Is the dream of civilian supremacy dead in Pakistan?
  4. Pakistan declares Panj Tirath as national heritage, set to open the Panj Tirath Temple in January
  5. Have any of you gone on vacation alone?
  6. 'Bharat Bandh' on January 8, 2020 : Nationwide Strike to See Participation of 25 Crore People
  7. Iran says its military "unintentionally" shot down a Ukrainian passenger jet (176 dead) [Post #83]
  8. Cambridge, Mass. elects Pakistani-born Sumbul Siddiqui as Mayor
  9. What unites India and Pakistan, in my opinion: A video
  10. FAA bans U.S carriers from using Iranian / Persian Gulf airspace
  11. From Spring 2020, All UK residents become organ donors, unless they opt out!
  12. PM Imran Khan launches 'Hunermand Jawan’ programme
  13. PTI kills two birds with one stone
  14. India Media Report : ISI allegedly funding training of 40 Rohingyas in Bangladesh
  15. CAA: BJP MLA says Muslims feeling persecuted in India should go to Pakistan
  16. Blast inside Quetta mosque claims 14 lives, injures 20
  17. The US killed 30 innocent people in Afghanistan. Let's pretend it was London.
  18. Sultan Qaboos of Oman dies aged 79, Haitham bin Tariq announced as successor
  19. Will 'take action' to claim Azad Kashmir if parliament wants, says Indian army chief
  20. 'Even Mr. Jinnah's daughter didn't want Jinnah wali aazadi': Subramanian Swamy
  21. Hamid Karzai calls on Nawaz Sharif in London, says 'happy to see him in good health'
  22. Why do some people get useless degrees like Liberal Arts, Sociology etc.?
  23. [VIDEO] Maulana Fazl-ur-Rehman shows anger at PMLN and PPP "bewafai"
  24. Friend of the darkness: Need life help!
  25. Will Pakistan and India go to war in the 2020s?
  26. What is wrong with the liberals?
  27. Which actors would play in a movie about Pakistan's 1992 WC win?
  28. Bollywood backing grows for students in anti-Modi protests
  29. Won't sit quiet till each oppressed refugee from Pakistan gets Indian citizenship: Amit Shah
  30. Is it right for a Muslim [living in the West] to join a Western army?
  31. Decorated Indian officer arrested over ties to Kashmiri fighters [Granted bail Update Post #34]
  32. My Sudama moment with lord Krishna: Mohammad Kaif
  33. Is the end of the current Islamic Iranian regime imminent?
  34. Asian immigrants to the West feel the need to show loyalty?
  35. Why weren't the British successful in imposing their culture/language on their colonies?
  36. Indian soldier 'slips' in Kashmir snow, lands in Pakistan: report
  37. BJP leader’s book comparing Shivaji to Modi angers MVA allies
  38. The Oscars 2020 Thread
  39. Can you bring food when flying to Canada?
  40. Who will be the Premier League top-scorer for 2019/20?
  41. Labour leadership: Five candidates through as nominations close
  42. Hardline Hindus protest huge Indian Jesus statue
  43. Is Iran as strong as they think they are?
  44. If you could be a leader of a nation, what would be your policies?
  45. Several dozen dead due to avalanches, bad weather in Pakistan, India: government officials
  46. Need help identifying a very old Bollywood movie
  47. Suitable career options for someone excellent in public speaking and debating?
  48. India will invite Pakistan PM Imran Khan for SCO meet: Officials
  49. Formula 1 2020 season Thread
  50. Is Amitabh Bachchan the best actor from Asia?
  51. Veteran comedian Amanullah passes away at 70
  52. Have you ever had any Jewish friends?
  53. Dancing at Pakistani weddings
  54. Sindh energy minister running crime ring, trying to influence police: SSP Shikarpur
  55. Hate speech on social media
  56. Three Muslim students from Kerala thrashed by cops in Bengaluru, asked if they are from Pakistan
  57. Pakistani PM Imran Khan says escalation of Iran conflict would be 'disastrous'
  58. ATC sentences TLP chief's brother, nephew to 55 years in prison
  59. India asks China to avoid raising Kashmir dispute at UN
  60. Moving to the USA as an IMG
  61. Coronavirus pandemic - World News
  62. Brexit: UK (finally) leaves the European Union [Post #13]
  63. Why do couples live together without getting married?
  64. What do you think are the reasons for clashes between some Muslim countries and the Western world?
  65. Help required: Family Registration certificate
  66. Australian Open (2020): Novak Djokovic beats Dominic Thiem to win 17th Grand Slam
  67. Sarmad Khoosat considers not releasing Zindagi Tamasha amid growing threats
  68. The most powerful countries on earth in 2020 (US #1, Russia #2, China #3, India 14th)
  69. Norway's governing coalition collapses over ISIS repatriation
  70. The Outsider
  71. How serious is Pakistan about women's rights?
  72. Have you ever faced any racial profiling?
  73. [VIDEO] PM Imran Khan at Davos summit, meets President Donald Trump
  74. Outrage after seven-year-old Hooz Noor is assaulted and murdered in Nowshera
  75. Do I need to break my engagement?
  76. BJP promoting communal sentiment against Indian Muslims
  77. [VIDEO] The algebra of happiness
  78. British Airways to Islamabad - Any reviews, experience?
  79. Unlike theocratic states like Pakistan and America, India is secular, says Indian Defence Minister
  80. India drops 10 places in Democracy Index in ‘tumultuous year’ for Asia
  81. Which is the most secular city in Pakistan?
  82. Underrated Pakistani Singers
  83. PML-N close to reaching a deal with the establishment, national govt. excluding PTI would be formed
  84. Why is the world embracing right-wing politics?
  85. Report does not reflect increase in corruption: Transparency International [Update Post #182]
  86. Myanmar Rohingya: World court orders prevention of genocide
  87. Imran Khan should've been Pakistan cricket coach, not PM: 'Gul Makai' director
  88. Economist Intelligence Unit’s Democracy Index: Democracy in PPP, PML-N eras better than present
  89. UK softens travel advisory due to 'improved security situation' in Pakistan
  90. How important are looks?
  91. Should hold a review to discover why India sliding down in international stature: Subramanian Swamy
  92. How to expand the audience of Pakistani dramas?
  93. Close calls
  94. Pakistan’s ruling PTI party resists scrutiny of foreign accounts
  95. If CAA, NRC are implemented, it would be Jinnah's victory, says Shashi Tharoor
  96. [VIDEO] At least one dead as car, US Embassy vehicle collide in Islamabad
  97. Modi parades his hatred of Muslims — and makes a mockery of India’s constitution
  98. European Parliament to debate on anti-CAA resolution
  99. Wisdom Teeth Extraction Experience
  100. Kobe Bryant dies in helicopter crash
  101. Corrupt but competent?
  102. PTM chief Manzoor Pashteen released from jail
  103. Taliban claims they shot down US air force plane in Afghanistan
  104. What type of marriage is most likely to succeed?
  105. Pakistan refuses to evacuate citizens from Wuhan, China (Coronavirus)
  106. "Our armed forces don't need more than 10-12 days to defeat Pakistan" : Indian PM Narendra Modi
  107. "If our govt is formed, I'll remove all mosques built on govt land in my constituency": Delhi BJP MP
  108. What was the last Drama serial you watched?
  109. 'Are you a coward or are you a journalist?' Comedian Kunal Kamra launches monologue at Arnab Goswami
  110. PM Imran Khan says nurses appeared like ‘hoors’ after painkiller
  111. The curious case of disqualified Jahangir Tareen meddling in govt affairs
  112. Should the Palestinians accept Donald Trump's long-awaited Middle-East peace plan?
  113. 7 years of PTI’s model governance, the University of Peshawar can no longer pay its employees
  114. Case registered against JUI-F’s Mufti Kifayatullah for sheltering a man accused of raping a child
  115. Railways’ makeshift kitchen responsible for Tezgam accident, not passengers: report
  116. ‘No difference between Gallipoli and occupied Kashmir’: Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan
  117. Rise of Empires: Ottoman | Netflix
  118. Do western countries spend too much money on criminals?
  119. Gun-Wielding Man Shoots Jamia Student at Anti-CAA Rally, Shouts 'Jai Shri Ram, Yeh Lo Azadi' Slogans
  120. Time Pass & Sports POTW : Green Patriot
  121. What if? - A referendum in AJK
  122. [VIDEO] Pakistani PM Imran Khan says war averted in Middle East, things still tense
  123. PPP, PTI to oppose bill seeking raise in salaries of parliamentarians
  124. Streatham: Man shot & killed by police after stabbings in London (terrorist-related incident)
  125. Is halal diet or lookalike the way forward?
  126. Record number of Indians fleeing BJP and illegally entering USA
  127. Favourite Indian Actresses
  128. Are Pakistanis/Indian ashamed of their accent?
  129. Mila: 'No regrets' for French teen targeted for criticising Islam
  130. Would you vote for BJP in 2024?
  131. Should I fight fire with fire here?
  132. Did Jurgen Klopp show disrespect by staying away from Liverpool's FA Cup match v Shrewsbury?
  133. Indian crime shows
  134. Kirk Douglas, Hollywood legend, dies at 103
  135. PTI Lahore leader apologises over posters offensive to Hindus
  136. Who is racist in this case?
  137. Lionel Messi: Will Barcelona legend leave Nou Camp after bust-up?
  138. When did India fall out of love with the Mughal Empire?
  139. Auditor General of Pakistan exposes Peshawar BRT
  140. Pakistani Taliban deputy chief and key commander mysteriously murdered in Afghanistan
  141. Phillip Schofield: ITV presenter comes out as gay
  142. Is Arijit Singh the most versatile singer in the history?
  143. Five-year-old girl assaulted in US embassy complex in India
  144. Should Manchester United sell Paul Pogba?
  145. What is Kashmir’s long-term plan if they gain independence from India?
  146. Pakistan court says marriage with underage Christian girl valid as she’s had her 1st menstrual cycle
  147. Coke Studio vs Bollywood songs
  148. Reports: Ex-TTP spokesperson Ehsanullah Ehsan escaped during anti-terror operation
  149. Thailand shooting: Soldier kills 20 in gun rampage
  150. Suggest ways to approach Tech firms for an internship
  151. Do you guys use media streamers? What’s your preferred streaming device?
  152. Pakistani men interracial marriage statistics in Britain
  153. Did Hitler escape to South America after World War 2 rather than die in the bunker?
  154. Saudi Arabia rejects Pakistan’s request to call an OIC meeting on Kashmir
  155. At last, the camera zooms in on Kashmir's secret war
  156. [VIDEO] Circle-style Kabaddi World Cup in Pakistan (Pakistan beats India in final)
  157. "Half Of Bangladesh Will Be Empty If...": Union Minister G Kishan Reddy On Citizenship Amendment Act
  158. [PICTURES] Woman makes allegations against Shadab Khan in Instagram post...
  159. The potential of Saudi Arabia as a tourist destination
  160. Donald Trump's visit to India, February 24-25 2020
  161. Can Aam Aadmi Party (AAP) challenge BJP in 2024 national elections?
  162. The CIA Secretly Ran One of the World’s Largest Encryption Firms for Decades
  163. Any JusReign Fan?
  164. Energy Minister Omar Ayub : Corruption is "in the genetic makeup of the PPP and the PML-N"
  165. Pakistan’s version on F-16 a facade, says former IAF chief Dhanoa
  166. Are you a feminist?
  167. Will Liverpool go unbeaten in the 2019/20 season of the Premier League?
  168. Finnish University to Train 1 million Pakistani Students on Disruptive Technologies
  169. Pakistan government to constitute authority to regulate social media websites
  170. Are you concerned about the spread of Coronavirus in the world?
  171. Do you believe in the hype of Valentines Day?
  172. How do ex-Muslims deal with family?
  173. Fazlur Rehman should be tried for high treason: PM Imran Khan
  174. What do you think about fade haircut?
  175. [VIDEO] Interview with a grooming gang survivor
  176. Imran Khan likely to visit Bangladesh for D-8 summit in May 30-31
  177. Manchester City banned from Champions League for two seasons by UEFA and fined 30 million euros
  178. Shahid Afridi welcomes baby girl to his family (his fifth daughter)
  179. Landmark court ruling finds Muslim couple's Sharia marriage not valid
  180. Why do some Muslims not look at women while talking to them?
  181. Should parents be allowed to beat children?
  182. PTI stalwart Naeemul Haque dies at 70
  183. Indian couple coordinating Call Centre Scams arrested in Canada
  184. Kashmir and PSA Detentions Post Scrapping 370
  185. Caroline Flack: TV presenter dies at 40 - commits suicide
  186. Green street or Southall for desi food and shopping?
  187. Bojack Horseman
  188. Have you ever attended any event from a different religion?
  189. Your favorite TV characters
  190. The Kashmir journalist forced into manual labour
  191. Debbie Abrahams: India denies entry to UK Labour MP critical of government
  192. Do you put nationality before religion or vice versa?
  193. 7 killed, 19 injured in blast near Quetta Press Club
  194. Is domain flipping still profitable?
  195. At least 14 dead from toxic gas in Keamari, Karachi (Soybean dust found in blood samples of victims)
  196. Jews were not the original NATIVES of Jerusalem
  197. A wall is being built in Ahmedabad to block a slum from Donald Trump's view
  198. Kartarpur opening 'practical proof' of Pakistan's desire for peace, says UN chief Antonio Guterres
  199. Circle style Kabadi vs Indoor Kabadi
  200. Tyson Fury beats Deontay Wilder in world title fight in Las Vegas
  201. Should a virus be considered as a living entity?
  202. Immigration: No visas for low-skilled workers, government says
  203. British MPs hope India will reciprocate Pakistan’s ‘progressive approach’ on Kashmir
  204. Are British Citizens OK with aid to India?
  205. Hypocrisy of the West regarding freedom of religion (Slovakia "banned" Islam)
  206. Rate the Restaurant you last ate in
  207. Hanau shooting: 9 dead after two attacks in Germany
  208. Suggestions on places to eat out in Dubai?
  209. London mosque stabbing: Man storms building and attacks worshipper while he prays
  210. [VIDEO] Azam Khan (Son of Moin Khan): The Musician
  211. It is time for India and Pakistan to repeal their sedition laws
  212. Should a manager/boss force employees to socialize?
  213. What geography do they teach in America?
  214. What We, the Taliban, Want : Sirajuddin Haqqani (NY Times OpEd)
  215. Is it right for Darren Sammy to be given honorary citizenship of Pakistan?
  216. UP's claim of unearthing 5 times India's gold reserves refuted by GSI
  217. What do you think of parents charging their kids rent to live in their house?
  218. Question for Muslim men - Would you marry a woman who doesn't pray?
  219. Kartarpur has potential… you send somebody in morning, by evening he is trained terrorist: Punjab DG
  220. Should we go back to gold standard?
  221. Biopic on cricket legend Wasim Akram in the works
  222. MI5 chiefs ‘do not trust’ Priti Patel with their secrets
  223. Gordon Ramsay's Kitchen Nightmares
  224. Ayushmann Khurana vs Ali Sethi
  225. What's the property market in Pakistan currently like?
  226. Donald Trump at India rally: US has a 'very good' relationship with Pakistan
  227. Nawaz Sharif was also a 'selected' Prime Minister, says Bilawal Bhutto-Zardari
  228. [VIDEO] Donald Trump mangles name of India’s most famous ever cricketer: ‘Soochin Tendulkar’
  229. Would you change your wife's surname?
  230. Rate the song above
  231. Shoot at sight those who chant pro-Pakistan slogans, says BJP minister
  232. [Video] Outrage As Israeli Forces Kill And Drag Palestinian Youth Body By A Bulldozer
  233. [VIDEOS] February 2020 Delhi riots - Mobs attack Muslims, mosques
  234. Volkmarsen attack: 52 injured after car drives into carnival crowd
  235. Any Nas fans?
  236. Former Karachi Mayor Naimuttallah Khan passes away
  237. Trump doctor hid cauliflower in mashed potatoes to improve diet: report
  238. Why do some protesters shut down roads to protest?
  239. On Balakot Anniversary Rajnath Singh Says Armed Forces Now Don't Hesitate To Cross Border To Counter
  240. [VIDEO/PIC] PAF to Celebrate ‘Surprise Day' on Feb 27: Releases the Documentary Invincible Resolve
  241. Pakistan's response to India's Feb 26 aggression showed nation's maturity: PM Imran Khan
  242. Coronavirus in Pakistan
  243. Teenager's remains found in lion enclosure at Pakistani zoo
  244. Bernie Sanders condemns anti-Muslim mob violence in India
  245. PM Modi a versatile genius who thinks globally and acts locally: Justice Mishra
  246. Are zoos unethical and should these be illegal?
  247. Coronavirus in Iran, Gulf states and Middle East
  248. Why do popular overseas Pakistanis not care about Pakistan?
  249. 22-34 Turkish soldiers killed in Syrian/Russian airstrikes in Idlib
  250. Meghalaya Governor suggests ‘Tiananmen treatment’ for Delhi riots