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  1. Indian Idol 11 Winner
  2. Sab Yaad Rakha Jaayega by Aamir Aziz
  3. Delhi Riots: How A Sikh Hero Transported Dozens Of Muslim Neighbours To Safety
  4. Desecration of Ahmadi graveyards and tombstones in Pakistan
  5. US drone strikes since Imran Khan came to power
  6. US and Taliban sign historic troop withdrawal deal in Doha
  7. "Delhi carnage will lead to radicalisation of 200 million Indian Muslims" : PM Imran Khan
  8. Will Manchester United finish in the top 4 in the Premier League?
  9. Will the Taliban control the whole of Afghanistan?
  10. What have you learned from your life?
  11. Artificial Intelligence thread
  12. Why do Pakistanis care about the plight of Indian Muslims?
  13. Cousin Marriages Could Die Out For British Muslim Pakistanis
  14. Does Imran Khan deserve the Nobel Peace Prize?
  15. Western standards of human rights do not apply to India, says Home Minister Amit Shah
  16. Yahya Khan - the man who explores Pakistan’s beauty
  17. What do you make of Recep Tayyip Erdogan pushing migrants towards Europe?
  18. New York movie
  19. PTM MNA Ali Wazir asks USA to destroy GHQ, Islamabad, Lahore and Rawalpindi
  20. "Gaumutra, Gobar May Cure Coronavirus": Assam BJP MLA In Assembly
  21. What should be the ceiling for political correctness?
  22. UN asks India to mediate between Israel and Palestine
  23. Pilgrims visiting India forced to make anti-Pakistan statements, community leader claims
  24. Will India succeed in removing all Muslims from the country?
  25. Israeli Researchers Announce Breakthrough in Coronavirus Treatment
  26. UEFA Nations League 2020 Thread
  27. "Epicentre Of Terrorism": Poster placed outside a UN Office in NY
  28. BBC: Delhi riots: How Muslims' homes were targeted and burnt
  29. Treasury, opposition almost come to blows in Senate - Pakistan democracy in action!
  30. Khalil-ur-Rehman and his hatred for women
  31. One of China’s Most Ambitious Projects Becomes a Corridor to Nowhere
  32. The Batman (2021)
  33. What was the last movie you DIDN'T watch
  34. Gender neutral family - what is this nonsense?
  35. How are you taking precaution for the Coronavirus?
  36. Should Muslim countries stop appeasing India after its attack on Muslims?
  37. ‘I coloured my sword red’: Meet Delhi rioters who say they killed Muslims
  38. What is your favorite drink?
  39. China rejects Indian claim Karachi-bound ship has military supplies
  40. Coronavirus in India
  41. India Seizes Troubled Yes Bank and Limits Withdrawals
  42. Upcoming trip to NYC
  43. Afghanistan's request for Indian troops
  44. British Tories are morphing into a party of bigots - Peter Oborne
  45. Baku, Azerbaijan
  46. Which side will win the Manchester derby on 8th March, 2020?
  47. What would be your dream job?
  48. Should a woman marrying a second time after divorce be culturally acceptable?
  49. Dubai Holiday
  50. Just met Hamid Mir, Jibran Nasir, Wajahat Khan, and Malik Akbar at Columbia University today
  51. Thousands Protest in Bangladesh with Demand to Cancel Indian PM Modi's Upcoming Visit
  52. If an Asian man had done what Mitchell Starc did, he would be called "Joru ka Ghulam" : Sania Mirza
  53. Time Pass & Sports Post of the Week Winner : faraz39
  54. US oil crashes below $0 for the first time in history
  55. "Girls are assaulted because the Pakistani state promoted Islamic literature": Ismat Jahan of PTM
  56. Ashraf Ghani sworn in as Afghan president, rival holds own inauguration
  57. 'Landlord Asked me to Leave the Moment I Said I was Kashmiri' - Kashmiri Student in Delhi
  58. All 25 on board killed after passenger coaster plunges into river in Skardu district
  59. Which continent is showing most racism towards Chinese? (Covid-19)
  60. PAF F-16 crashes in Islamabad during March 23 parade rehearsal, pilot martyred
  61. Kindly get vaccinated for the flu with the latest vaccines
  62. [VIDEO] Saleem Safi - Is this what modern-day journalism is all about?
  63. The World's Most Valuable Company Used A Migrant Worker As A Human Hand Sanitizer!
  64. Are evangelical ''born again Muslims" hypocrites?
  65. Coronavirus in UK
  66. Young Kashmiris want Indian forces to leave: Survey
  67. Progressive Pakistani-American Shahid Buttar running for Congress
  68. [PICTURE] No one who saw the the photo thought I would survive [Delhi riots victim speaks]
  69. Coronavirus Pandemic : How is it affecting sports worldwide?
  70. Coronavirus Pandemic : Should congregational prayers in mosques be stopped?
  71. Nobody from outside Saudi Arabia will be able to attend Hajj in 2020, decides KSA [Update #59]
  72. Anyone tested positive for Coronavirus here?
  73. Coronavirus Pandemic : The US response
  74. Coronavirus Pandemic: How will absence of intl. sporting events effect people's mental states?
  75. Pakistan ready for Saarc video call after PM Modi suggests joint Covid-19 strategy
  76. "I don’t understand why you have to eat things like bats" : Shoaib Akhtar angry at the Chinese
  77. Hindu Group (Akhil Bharat Hindu Mahasabha) Offers Cow Urine in a Bid to Ward off Coronavirus
  78. Which part of the world has the best food?
  79. Met police concedes forcing woman to remove hijab at airport was wrong
  80. If the Premier League season is declared null and void, should Liverpool be crowned champions?
  81. Using animals for lab experiments - is there a better alternative?
  82. FO barred from statements against India during Nawaz Sharif’s era: former spox
  83. Does anyone know how to cancel Willow TV Subscription?
  84. Why do Muslims not fear death?
  85. When do you expect a cure/vaccine for COVID-19 to be found?
  86. "I can say today, India is dying to work with Pakistan" : Shoaib Akhtar
  87. Can Wudu ritual be a force against germs spread?
  88. Lockdowns : Kashmir says Hi!
  89. Top 5 Virus Movies
  90. Between 30 and 70 per cent of Canadians could get infected with Coronavirus - Health Minister
  91. PM Imran Khan urges the world community to think of some sort of debt-off for vulnerable countries
  92. Donald Trump angers Beijing with 'Chinese virus' tweet but is he right?
  93. Ghabrana nahi hai, but coronavirus will spread further, cautions PM Imran Khan in address to nation
  94. Who will be the next Prime Minister of the UK?
  95. Travelling to Pakistan in the COVID-19 pandemic
  96. Pakistan's strategy to stop the spread of Cornavirus - the numbers are rising, no need to panic yet!
  97. Event 201 Pandemic Exercise
  98. How is Coronovirus pandemic affecting your day to day life?
  99. Video shows Australian soldier shooting killing unarmed man in Afghanistan
  100. Coronavirus in USA
  101. How will people be successful in finding new opportunities during 2020?
  102. Time Pass & Sports POTW : amvbfm
  103. Trust in God or lack of it
  104. [Report] Tejas Mark II to have ability to conduct Balakot-like operations
  105. Irresponsible behaviour in the name of religion during a time of crisis
  106. Is PM Imran Khan's response to the Coronavirus Pandemic crisis adequate?
  107. [Video] Iran didn't cooperate regarding Corona, FM Shah Mehmood Qureshi
  108. 4 men convicted of the gang rape and murder of a student in Delhi in 2012 have been hanged
  109. Are you (as a Muslim) comfortable using an alcohol based sanitizer on your hands?
  110. Rent vs mortgage - Which one do you prefer?
  111. Muslim households are particularly vulnerable to coronavirus
  112. Pakistani Doctor, Arrested in Minneapolis, Is Accused of Plan to Join ISIS
  113. Coronavirus Pandemic : How will it affect students around the world?
  114. Immunity of Pakistanis and Indians?
  115. Cremation instead of burial for Muslims?
  116. 'Held like prisoners at Taftan': Pilgrims recount time at Coronavirus quarantine camp in Pakistan
  117. World Happiness Report 2020 (Pak 66th, BD 107th, Ind 144th)
  118. Q & A and information center regarding Covid-19 infection
  119. HMRC, Income Tax and Local government during COVID-19 thread
  120. It's high time India and Pakistan should spend their defence budget on heath sectors
  121. Question about Calgary
  122. Shehbaz Sharif recovers from coronavirus, tests negative [Post#180]
  123. To Protect the Future, Hold China to Account
  124. "If I impose a lockdown now, it will have adverse effects on the poor of our society": PM Imran Khan
  125. Coronavirus in Africa
  126. World Health Organization’s top emergency expert: Lockdowns not enough to defeat coronavirus
  127. PM Imran Khan requests President Donald Trump to lift sanctions against Iran on humanitarian grounds
  128. COVID-19: Should Pakistan's federal government initiate a countrywide lockdown?
  129. Effect of Coronavirus Pandemic on the Airline/Aviation industry and Air Travel
  130. Would you ever look to climb Mount Everest?
  131. A VERY important message for anyone with a high risk loved one
  132. Pakistan Day 2020
  133. 98 per cent chance of recovering from Coronavirus, says Dr Firdous Ashiq Awan
  134. COVID-19 latest research and findings
  135. Quiz : Guess the football clubs
  136. New cases of Hantavirus. What on Earth is happening in China?
  137. Pakistan govt. announces Rs.1200bn economic relief package - Petrol/diesel prices slashed by Rs.15
  138. “The greatest fear we have is that we take a wrong decision in fear of Coronavirus" : PM Imran Khan
  139. [VIDEOS] Designer Maria B's husband arrested for sending coronavirus infected servant home
  140. [VIDEO] PM Imran Khan vs. Rauf Klasra and other journalists
  141. Coronavirus: Pakistan students use AI to speed diagnosis
  142. Israeli Health Minister's Cure for COVID-19? The Messiah
  143. Kabul Sikh temple siege: Dozens killed in attack claimed by ISIS
  144. Why don't India and Pakistan buy health equipment instead of weapons?
  145. Prince Charles tests positive for coronavirus (out of isolation)
  146. Well known personalities infected with Covid-19
  147. Mahabharata won in 18 days, battle against coronavirus will take 21 days, says PM Modi
  148. Any believers in homeopathic medicine - can it prevent spread of Covid-19?
  149. Post Covid-19, what will change?
  150. The mental toll of working from home
  151. [VIDEOS] Behaviour of Police forces during Coronavirus lockdowns around the world
  152. Very impressed with Rishi Sunak
  153. Would Imran Khan have been as influential, revered in Pakistan if Pakistan lost the 1992 World Cup?
  154. How Pakistan Became a Coronavirus Super-spreader to the Entire Muslim World [Haaretz]
  155. [VIDEOS] UK PM Boris Johnson has tested positive for Coronavirus
  156. Cornered Tigers to Corona Relief Tigers - PM Imran Khan announces new force to tackle Covid-19
  157. Coronavirus: India 'super spreader' quarantines 40,000 people
  158. Imran Khan greets Sheikh Hasina on BD Independence Day, expresses wish to strengthen bilateral ties
  159. [PICTURES/VIDEOS] Some positives of the coronavirus situation
  160. Is the media doing a constructive role in the ongoing Coronavirus Pandemic crisis?
  161. Are you or your family members (Doc/Police etc) helping in a fight against Covid-19?
  162. Name your favourite football player of all time from each country
  163. [VIDEOS/PICTURES] Who would have thought we would see deserted streets in the big cities?
  164. Coronavirus - Doctors and medical staff: Appreciation Thread
  165. 300 people have been killed in Iran over false belief a poison can kill coronavirus
  166. Mardan man arrested for assaulting, murdering eight-year-old girl
  167. Terrorist plan to bomb a US hospital thwarted - Man plotted attack amid coronavirus epidemic
  168. Despite distance and differences, love led Shaniera to embrace a new life with Wasim Akram
  169. Earth Hour 2020 in the shadow of Coronavirus Pandemic!
  170. Did Nostradamus predict the Coronavirus epidemic and its impact on the global world?
  171. ‘Please forgive me’: PM Modi’s apology to the poor hit by national lockdown
  172. [Picture] Caption this : Policeman and a old citizen outside locked masjid
  173. Should UK Policy makers take wage cuts imposed by themselves during Pandemic?
  174. The Mystery of India's Open Defecation Problem
  175. Caption This : A Muslim Paramedic and A Jew Paramedic
  176. Have you ever gone through the heartbreak phase & how did you deal with it?
  177. Is the world-wide COVID-19 death toll being reported accurately?
  178. "People will definitely die of hunger if India continues its lockdown" : PM Imran Khan
  179. Dams Fund Raising - Time to spend the money on Corona pandemic?
  180. Is China reporting the real number of deaths due to coronavirus?
  181. Signs of the Last Hour
  182. Spread of COVID-19 and the role of Tableeghi Jamaat
  183. Any old-school wrestling fans here?
  184. Should the English Premier League 2019/20 season continue?
  185. Who will win the next Pakistani General Election?
  186. Yuvraj Singh and Harbhajan Singh face backlash for supporting Shahid Afridi Foundation
  187. Eye for an eye - is this a good approach in life?
  188. The law of generosity combating Coronavirus in Pakistan
  189. No evidence supports Indian news agency’s baseless story claiming Hindus denied rations in Karachi
  190. Was the world too cruel towards face-covering Muslim women?
  191. Are tracking apps to monitor Coronavirus spread an invasion of privacy?
  192. China reopens wet markets, watchful guards ensure that no pictures are taken
  193. Islamic Supplications (Dua) Thread
  194. Allama Nasir Madni allegedly kinapped and tortured by an overseas Pakistani
  195. Muslims fear backlash of India’s coronavirus fury
  196. Useful links for children during lockdown
  197. Are you doing anything productive during the lockdown?
  198. Imran Khan condemns attempt by "racist Hindutva Supremacist Modi Govt" to alter IOK demographics
  199. Coronavirus in Bangladesh
  200. Give this man a medal! For saying what most of us feel about Maulvis and Imams
  201. Demography of Kashmir
  202. Netflix Tiger King - views?
  203. Most dangerous places in Pakistan?
  204. ‘Switch off lights, light candles at 9 pm on Sunday’: PM Modi's message to India
  205. [VIDEO] "Muslims do not fall into the equal category" : Senior BJP MP Subramanian Swamy
  206. Is Balochistan THAT important to Pakistan?
  207. Keir Starmer wins Labour leadership election, bringing an end to Jeremy Corbyn’s tenure
  208. Rs29b sugar subsidy matter being sent to NAB for criminal probe: PM’s aide
  209. Why are countries releasing prisoners due to COVID-19?
  210. [PICTURES] Danish Kaneria asks for help for minorities during the Covid-19 Pandemic
  211. Governor Andrew Cuomo has exhibited the most adequate leadership in this pandemic
  212. Money Heist (La Casa De Papel)
  213. Fake News In India Compilation
  214. Coronavirus in Sweden: It has no Lockdown yet, can it last?
  215. Why is the Joe Rogan podcast so popular?
  216. Pervez Hoodhbhoy: Coronavirus is Pakistan’s debt for lifelong rejection of Darwin
  217. RSS says Tablighi Jamaat conduct not reflection on all Muslims, they’re aiding govt in fight
  218. PM Imran reshuffles cabinet; Khusro Bakhtiar, Hammad Azhar given new portfolios
  219. Is Covid-19 just a death sentence for the elderly & people with underlying conditions?
  220. When do you anticipate lockdown/restrictions being lifted where you are?
  221. Rajasthan: Doctor refuses to admit pregnant Muslim woman, child dies after delivery
  222. We will supply anti-malaria drug, don’t politicise matter: India after Trump warns of retaliation
  223. China reports no new coronavirus deaths for the first time
  224. [VIDEO] Is this how dumb people can be about the Coronavirus!?
  225. Post Covid 19 Economic impact on the world?
  226. Do you find tipping necessary?
  227. Coronavirus Pandemic hitting ethnic minorities the worst
  228. If India gives Pakistan 10,000 ventilators, we will remember the gesture forever: Shoaib Akhtar
  229. Indian Pharmaceutical industry - moment of recognition
  230. If you survive COVID-19, how will you prepare next time?
  231. Bangladesh continues pursuit of Sheikh Mujibur Rahman's killers
  232. Would Mike Tyson have beaten the Great Muhammad Ali?
  233. Sir Viv Richards narrates how he met the inspirational Muhammad Ali at a hotel in Lahore
  234. [PICTURES] How Muslims have adjusted to Covid-19 lock-down during Ramadan & Eid
  235. [VIDEO] #nayapakistan - A new low by Gautam Gambhir?
  236. "We want PM Imran to lead" : CM Sindh's scathing criticism of Imran Khan's COVID response
  237. When do you expect your area to go back to business as usual?
  238. "No one in Pakistan questioned me when I donated $10,000 for Yuvraj's foundation": Shahid Afridi
  239. PM Imran Khan launches ‘TeleSchool Channel’ amid COVID-19 lockdown
  240. 80s vs 90s English songs: Which one was better?
  241. If you could travel back in time, what period/era would you choose?
  242. Coronavirus worries - and then we have fuss about Imran Khan's shirt!
  243. Iqbal Masih - An inspirational story
  244. How should Pakistani authorities deal with the religious establishment to stop spread of COVID-19?
  245. How do you deal with highly targeted behavior-altering information in today's world?
  246. Could the USA have headed in a different direction had JFK not been assassinated?
  247. The WHO's role in the ongoing Coronavirus Pandemic
  248. Pakistan dismisses delusional Indian Army claims of 'letting COVID-19 infected patients into IOK'
  249. Pick the best football team from players in your lifetime
  250. Is Islam regressive towards adoption?