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  1. Pakistan dismisses delusional Indian Army claims of 'letting COVID-19 infected patients into IOK'
  2. Pick the best football team from players in your lifetime
  3. Is Islam regressive towards adoption?
  4. Haircut in Covid
  5. 2020 - The last year for the handshake?
  6. [VIDEO] Mainstream media associating Coronavirus with Muslims?
  7. Your thoughts on Edhi Foundation Giving a Donation to the Government?
  8. Pakistan included in G20 debt relief plan
  9. China may have secretly conducted low-level nuclear test blasts
  10. Things you took for granted before the lockdown
  11. Best horror movies of all-time
  12. [VIDEO] Coronavirus: Star-studded One World: Together At Home concert raised almost $128m (£102m)
  13. The perfect Tennis player? Murray & Djokovic build their perfect player in an insta chat
  14. ‘Sania Mirza turned down mixed doubles offer to avoid controversy’ : Aisam-ul-Haq
  15. Growing anger in Gulf over Muslim bashing in India
  16. Canadian politicians were targets of Indian intelligence covert influence operation: document
  17. Plan to use malaria drug in Mumbai slums temporarily shelved [Update #16]
  18. Should Harry Kane stay on at Tottenham Hotspur?
  19. CIA Agents Reveal How Bill Clinton Stopped Them From Killing Osama bin Laden and Preventing 9/11
  20. 'Why do South Asia’s influential majorities act like persecuted minorities?'
  21. How are you coping with Covid19 pandemic and Lockdown?
  22. Canada shooting: more than 19 fatalities in rural Canada
  23. [VIDEO] Palghar Lynching : 2 Sadhus and their driver lynched to death by a mob while cops watched
  24. Which country has best handled the coronavirus pandemic?
  25. [VIDEOS] Shahid Afridi's amazing charity work
  26. Donald Trump temporarily suspends immigration into the US to thwart threat of Coronavirus
  27. How to Collectively Fight the COVID-19 Pandemic
  28. PM Imran Khan tests negative for coronavirus [Post#32]
  29. Which leader has been responsible for the worst response to the Coronavirus Pandemic?
  30. Do you agree with Imran Khan's decision to allow congregational worship in mosques?
  31. Anthony Joshua's amateur rival Tariq Abdul Haqq died for Islamic State after boxing career
  32. Should wearing masks be made compulsory in public?
  33. Nurses/Doctors choreographed dance videos during pandemic - heart warming or disrespectful?
  34. Coronavirus: Outcry after Trump suggests injecting disinfectant as treatment
  35. Can social distancing work in populous South Asian nations or the Subcontinent?
  36. India's attempt to link coronavirus to Muslims and Pakistan has 'failed badly': DG ISPR
  37. [VIDEOS] Tariq Jamil blames immoral behaviour for current Covid-19 crisis during Ehsaas Telethon
  38. USA: Historic Ramadan call to prayer echoes in Minnesota city
  39. How can overseas Pakistanis Doctors/Professionals help in the Covid-19 effort in Pakistan?
  40. Where do GOATs of different sports stand in comparison?
  41. North Korean leader Kim Jong Un alive and well (South Korea confirms) [Post#37]
  42. Le dernier calife d'Afghanistan | Tiger Nest Films
  43. Coronavirus pandemic: Non-Hindus told to chant religious Hindu slogans, else denied food
  44. Shibli Faraz appointed new information minister, Asim Bajwa replaces Firdous Ashiq Awan
  45. Will US-Taliban deal limit India's leverage in Afghanistan?
  46. Ultimatum to the poor: risk your life or starve
  47. India receives harshest rating (since 2004) from US government watchdog in religious freedom report
  48. [VIDEO] In the current situation, can we pray at home behind an Imam on TV?
  49. 'Do not buy from Muslims': BJP leader in India calls for boycott
  50. What is the greatest piece of advice you have received?
  51. Rishi Kapoor passes away
  52. Should English Premier League restart its 2019/20 season in June 2020?
  53. "We have a dependency syndrome, we didn't spend on education and research" : PM Imran Khan
  54. Which Pakistan province/area has handled Covid-19 in the best possible way?
  55. "When you compare Pakistan to other countries, then our situation is much better" : PM Imran Khan
  56. Pakistan's Geography
  57. Covid-19 situation comparison in South Asian countries
  58. Mohamed Salah's future: Should Liverpool sell their star man?
  59. Future of Pakistan-Taliban relations
  60. India to step up battle for 2032 Olympics after pandemic: sports chief
  61. [VIDEO] 100-year-old Londoner walks 100 laps to help refugees this Ramadan
  62. Decorated Indian Army officer among those killed in attack in IOK
  63. Best service to send money to Pakistan from UK?
  64. How free is the press in Pakistan under Imran Khan's regime?
  65. Sherlock Holmes fans thread
  66. How China’s Repressive Policies Could Fuel the Jihad
  67. POV on Liberals-Leftists - Change from home and away
  68. A Quranic verse about the oppression of Muslims and how modern Muslim countries contradict it
  69. India lodges ‘strong protest’ over Pakistan SC’s poll order on ‘Gilgit-Baltistan’
  70. How free is the press in India?
  71. Retired doctor dies in Karachi ‘after being denied treatment’ for COVID-19 at various hospitals
  72. ‘Boys locker room’: South Delhi boys create Instagram group to discuss gang-raping minors, FIR filed
  73. [PICTURES] AP's Indian-occupied Kashmir photographers win Pulitzer for lockdown coverage
  74. Ambassador slams report on coup d’etat attempt in Qatar as fake
  75. If you could enter your wedding with a WWE music
  76. What is your take on lay offs and salary cuts during Covid pandemic?
  77. Riyaz Naikoo: Hizbul Mujahideen Kashmir militant killed by Indian forces
  78. [VIDEOS] Sarfaraz Ahmed humiliated on a TV show by Adnan Siddiqui [Apology #Post 22]
  79. How is the economic situation in UAE?
  80. Internationals Flights from/to Pakistan in the current situation
  81. Career Advice :)
  82. India gas leak: At least 13 dead after Visakhapatnam accident
  83. Keir Starmer changes Jeremy Corbyn's Kashmir stand as he woos British Indians
  84. Lockdown to be lifted in phases starting May 9: PM Imran Khan
  85. [VIDEO] The land of the free? The Ahmaud Arbery murder
  86. Evander Holyfield follows Mike Tyson’s lead, announces return to boxing
  87. Shaan Shahid wants govt to celebrate local heroes instead of airing 'Dirilis: Ertugrul'
  88. First Hindu youth joins Pakistan Air Force
  89. [VIDEO] Outrage as UK officer seen tasering Black father in front of son
  90. Modi Government's request to test Ganges for virus cure declined
  91. [VIDEO] The Last Dance - Michael Jordan documentary
  92. To what extent is India meddling in Balochistan?
  93. PPP begin social media campaign against ARY after question about lack of health facilities in Sindh
  94. Saudi sitcom breaks taboos on homosexuality and Israel
  95. India, China Troops Clash In Sikkim, Pull Back After Dialogue
  96. Athar Shah Khan (Jaidi), acclaimed writer and comedian, passes away in Karachi
  97. KP man allegedly kills wife for failing to serve hot meal in Sehri
  98. Child sex abuse in Pakistan's religious schools is endemic
  99. The best FIFA World Cup final according to you and why?
  100. Sewer Cleaners Wanted in Pakistan: Only Christians Need Apply
  101. [VIDEO] Javed Miandad wants to collect funds in his bank account to pay off loans taken by Pakistan
  102. Babies killed as gunmen storm Afghan maternity ward
  103. Narendra Modi finally announces economic package amidst COVID19 outbreak
  104. US Elections 2020 : The Joe Biden vs Donald Trump Thread
  105. Soldiers shoot man in Indian-occupied Kashmir, triggering anti-India clashes
  106. [VIDEOS/PICTURES] Cricketers and their cars
  107. 'Role model': Pakistan's Hazara woman packing a punch
  108. World Bank approves $1 bn for India as social security fund for urban poor, migrants
  109. "I am only concerned about preventing my people from dying of hunger" : PM Imran Khan
  110. [VIDEO] Shahid Afridi buys Mushfiqur Rahim's bat for $20,000, funds to help BD people during Covid19
  111. Will you take the vaccine for Covid-19?
  112. Psychiatrists fear 'tsunami' of mental illness after lockdown
  113. Less known things and under-reported news from Balochistan
  114. Video: Can you force any community to change its religion?
  115. VIDEO: "We brought down India's 'choozay,' fed them tea, sent them back with respect": Shahid Afridi
  116. Why the conduct of Pakistani trolls on the issue of Afghanistan is embarrassing & self-destructive!
  117. "Instead of being thankful, Shahid Afridi backstabbed us, no longer my friend" : Harbhajan Singh
  118. [VIDEO] One every eight minutes: India's missing children
  119. "I made an appeal on Shahid Afridi's behest for humanity. But never again" : Yuvraj Singh
  120. What do you make of Shahid Afridi's 'choozay', 'chai', Modi remarks?
  121. Afghan Power-Sharing Deal Would Promote General Accused of Rape
  122. Cyclone season in the sub-continent (2020)
  123. "Covid-19, which apparently is not a pandemic in Pakistan, is swallowing huge money" : CJP Gulzar
  124. What do you think is the most quintessential Pakistani name?
  125. "Sport can come in the way of your religion" : Adil Rashid
  126. Aya Hachem: Three more arrested over Blackburn student mistakenly killed in drive-by shooting
  127. Why do so many South Asians living the Arabian Gulf not know how to speak Arabic?
  128. [VIDEO] Developed world has experienced pandemic differently : PM Imran Khan in WEF video call
  129. Madhya Pradesh Police beats lawyer: "We Thought You Were Muslim"
  130. [VIDEO] COAS takes notice after self-proclaimed ‘Colonel Ki Biwi’ misbehaves with police
  131. Is Pakistan the most multi-cultural Muslim nation?
  132. Cher tweets joy and thanks Imran Khan as Pakistan agrees to free lonely elephant Kaavan
  133. [VIDEOS/PICTURES] 97 killed as PIA Airbus A320 crashes into residential area near Karachi airport
  134. Modi the fanatic is using the coronavirus crisis to destroy India's heritage
  135. South Asia's potential and underachievement till now
  136. How the Coronavirus ruined my future plans!
  137. [VIDEOS/PICTURES] What went wrong with PIA flight PK 8303 (Airbus A320)?
  138. 'Allah has compensated survivors with a new life, what (more) can we give them?' : Ghulam Sarwar
  139. [VIDEO] Should Imran Khan resign for failure to protect lives on the PIA plane?
  140. Fawad Chaudhry should be banned: Mufti Muneeb
  141. PIA aircrash - The Late Zara Abid (model) faces criticism on Social Media for her lifestyle
  142. [VIDEO] Calls grow for the sacking of UK Prime Minister's top aide, Dominic Cummings
  143. Could Shahid Afridi become PM of Pakistan in future?
  144. [VIDEO] Junaid Jamshed's blind niece auditions on Britains Got Talent
  145. Modi has dodged every failure till date but will Covid19 mismanagement be final nail in the coffin?
  146. China-India standoff and border tension 2020
  147. 2020: India catches Pakistani "spy" pigeon (again)
  148. The Indian migrant workers crisis during the Coronavirus Pandemic
  149. Questions remain after US cop kills Muslim man who 'threw rocks'
  150. [VIDEO] "Even if Hindus were being oppressed in Kashmir, I would speak up about it" : Shahid Afridi
  151. [VIDEO] - NYC: White woman called police on black man in dog row
  152. Apple plans to shift 20% of production capacity from China to India, eying $40 bn export revenue
  153. "Shahid Afridi should not use offensive words for India's Prime Minister" : Danish Kaneria
  154. India: Man arrested on suspicion of murder after wife dies from cobra bite in Kerala
  155. Police link attack on Sikh temple to Derby shop stabbing
  156. [VIDEOS] George Floyd Killing - 4 officers charged - Protests erupt across the United States
  157. India and Pakistan under-reporting COVID-19 deaths
  158. [VIDEO] Jimmy Fallon 'very sorry' for 2000 blackface skit on Saturday Night Live
  159. Is it too early for Pakistan to relax Coronavirus lockdowns?
  160. How safe is air-travel in Pakistan?
  161. Why are they no proper employment contracts for domestic workers?
  162. [VIDEOS] Uzma Khan withdraws case against women who attacked her, says FIR was a 'misunderstanding'
  163. Sub-continent sizzles in the heatwave!
  164. Youm-e-Takbeer: Pakistan marks 22nd anniversary of successful nuclear tests
  165. Is it the right decision to restart the Premier League season on 17th June?
  166. [VIDEO] Waqar Younis quits social media after an obscene post is liked from his Twitter account
  167. Donald Trump signs executive order targeting Twitter after fact-checking row
  168. Pakistan Budget 2020 Discussion Thread
  169. PM Modi writes a letter to the nation listing his government’s achievements.....
  170. ‘Making daughter-in-law do house work not unusual’: Kerala High Court
  171. 11 suspects arrested for lynching man in Quetta’s Hazara Town
  172. The Great Indian Political Tamasha - News & Updates Thread
  173. Is G7 an outdated concept? Donald Trump thinks so
  174. What is your opinion on globalization?
  175. The exorbitant costs of treatment for Coronavirus in Pakistan - are they justified?
  176. India expels 2 Pakistan officials for "involvement in spying", to leave country in 24 hrs
  177. Has Modern Day India gone way too far in Aping the West in the last 10-20 years?
  178. Is racism beyond control in the USA?
  179. My experience with the COVID-19 pandemic and the way forward for Pakistan
  180. Wajid Khan of Sajid-Wajid musicians duo passes away
  181. They are terrorists, should be sent to jungles: Kanpur College principal on Muslims with COVID-19
  182. JIT formed to probe gruesome Hazara Town lynching in Quetta
  183. London Cyclists
  184. Is it a good move by Pakistan to reopen tourism industry amidst Coronavirus pandemic?
  185. Do Pakistanis and Indians have an unhealthy obsession with skin colour?
  186. Should the Indian Armed forces now disassociate themselves with Bollywood?
  187. Pregnant Elephant dies after eating pineapple stuffed with firecrackers in Kerala
  188. Have you ever been harassed by the Police?
  189. Minor maid tortured to death in Rawalpindi by employers for letting parrots free
  190. [VIDEO] ‘Trained’ German Shepherd dogs attack, injure child in Lahore, given Rs.2000 "compensation"
  191. Why Indians Outraged About Racism in the US Don’t Care About the Same Issues in India
  192. How do you deal with serious political and ideological differences with close friends/relatives?
  193. Worldwide reaction to the George Floyd killing in USA - is it justified?
  194. Corrupt OR Incompetent : Which government will you pick?
  195. ECC approves firing all Pakistan Steel Mill employees
  196. [VIDEOS] 'Get your knee off our necks' : Reverend Al Sharpton's epic speech at the Floyd funeral
  197. [VIDEO] Pakistan's pride - Jahangir Khan and Jansher Khan
  198. Individual racism versus systemic racism
  199. [VIDEO] Homeowner interrupts Australian Prime Minister's presser - Can this ever happen in Pakistan?
  200. The Glorious Quran: How many Muslims have read it in a language they understand?
  201. Time Pass & Sports POTW : Mamoon
  202. [VIDEO] Jemima Khan : 'Shabash & respect to this Pakistani-British cab driver keeping his cool'
  203. Percieved Importance of Lives in Order
  204. Rehman Malik & Yusuf Raza Gillani & Cynthia Ritchie exchange defamation notices [Post#150]
  205. Sara Ali Khan's (Saif Ali Khan's daughter) racist and tone-deaf post sparks controversy
  206. Lockdown reveals India's rampant child labour as kids stream home
  207. UK Convicted terrorist 'mastermind', Rangzieb Ahmed, has received over £800,000 in legal aid!
  208. Novak Djokovic tests positive for Covid-19 amid Adria Tour fiasco
  209. Are the new worldwide demonstrations against racism a backlash against the populist movement?
  210. Who are your current favourite Islamic scholars/speakers?
  211. The unending sufferings of blacks in America
  212. Black Lives Matter protests : What now for social distancing?
  213. [VIDEO] Statues of racist historical figures to be all torn down?
  214. Buildings matter too
  215. US riots take severe toll on Arab-American small businesses
  216. Is it acceptable behaviour to deface/destroy monuments as part of the Black Lives Matter protests?
  217. JK Rowling faces online backlash over 'anti-trans comments'
  218. "Why doesn't India launch a surgical strike on Laddakh?" : Shah Mehmood Qureshi on Amit Shah comment
  219. Weird Chinese cartoon about the 1962 & 1965 war; Pakistan-China friendship
  220. [VIDEO] How far China and Pakistan go in their support of each other
  221. What are the major steps New Zealand have taken to tackle Covid-19 which Pakistan hasn't?
  222. Is abolishing the police a good strategy to reduce police brutality?
  223. Cold Case and Murder Mysteries where there has been a massive miscarriage of justice globally
  224. Petrol Shortage in Pakistan (Govt raises petrol price by nearly Rs26 citing 'global rise in prices')
  225. Time for a cleanup of 'racist' TV shows & Movies too?
  226. Eight People the Modi Govt Gifted a Get-Out-of-Jail Free Card to Since 2014
  227. "Racism is not restricted to the colour of the skin" : Irfan Pathan
  228. Fake news screenshot about 'missing F-16' posing as Dawn.com surfaces on social media
  229. Will COVID-19 lead to the demise of Imran Khan?
  230. [Report] Army Tightens Grip on Pakistan as PM Imran Khan’s Popularity Wanes
  231. [VIDEO] Two police officers injured in a "disgusting, violent" attack in London
  232. PM Imran Khan offers to share Pakistan's cash transfer program to help India cope with coronavirus
  233. Life in Indian Controlled Kashmir: The Longest Lockdown
  234. Does Collective Memory Solve Conflicts?
  235. U.S. to Penalize War Crimes Investigators Looking Into American Troops
  236. What is your stance on abortion?
  237. How to prepare yourself for the loss of a loved one?
  238. How do you prove racism in the police force?
  239. “COVID-19 cases not traced back to mosques” - Should Imran Khan get away with blatant lies?
  240. PlayStation 5: Sony gives first look at new PS5 console and games
  241. 1 Indian Killed, 2 Injured In Firing By Nepal Police After Fight
  242. One dead, four injured in explosion in Rawalpindi's Saddar area
  243. Pakistan's population goes up by 12,000 every day!
  244. JavaScript - Any experience with it?
  245. Thoughts on Black Lives Matter and Possible Practical Solutions
  246. Anyone into chess here?
  247. Tendulkar Drive, Wasim Akram Way : Town in Australia Has Streets Named After Legendary Players
  248. What is your view of Pakistan increasing its defence budget?
  249. The biggest disappointment with the PTI govt and IK
  250. Shahid Afridi tests positive for Covid-19, asks for prayers for his recovery