View Full Version : English language experts needed

13th October 2010, 05:06
Assalaamu Alaykum all,

I am currently applying for jobs and I would like someone to read through my application to ensure the the grammar is up to scratch.

Any takers?

blinding light
15th October 2010, 15:52
Lets see it :)

Radiance Of Australis
15th October 2010, 17:52
Sure,lets have a look.

17th October 2010, 03:29
donu larkian?

19th October 2010, 04:15
Jazakallah for the replies. I will insha'Allah PM you guys my answers at some point tomorrow.

blinding light
19th October 2010, 18:45
Anytime bhai :)

Luton Bad Boy
19th October 2010, 18:56
Bring it on...

19th October 2010, 19:03
I can read it. You seem to have decent control over the English language anyways truthseeker1

22nd October 2010, 07:33
Thank you all for your replies. I very much appreciate your kindness. I was so busy with my application that I forgot I made this thread. I've now submitted my application so I am no longer in need of your help. Nevertheless, may Allah reward you all abundantly for your efforts.

22nd October 2010, 08:48
best of luck ^^ :)

Runner Up
2nd December 2011, 21:54
Thank God only 10 replies. I was searching for his application :|