View Full Version : OT: Flight of the phoenix ?

21st February 2005, 15:10
What did u think of the movie ? I saw the original in balck and white ages ago ( oops cats outta bag !) so kinda knew the story but I liked the special effects ( the crash was good !) but didnt like how the baddies appeared and disappeared when it suited the plot !

22nd February 2005, 11:20
whaa..... ???

22nd February 2005, 17:31
i have xvid/dvd rip version on my pc...aint seen it yet.

22nd February 2005, 17:34
watch it - its a good movie but some of the special effects stuff needs to be seen on the big screen

Geordie Ahmed
22nd February 2005, 23:36
whats it about?

22nd February 2005, 23:41
Basic ployt without giving too much away ...

Plane crash in the desert, hopeless situation, one mans idea to rebuild the plane from the leftovers.....you can probably guess the end.

This is a remake of an old black and white ( 1965 ) set in wartime - that one was a classic and one of the scenes in it was featured in a Guiness or Hienekin commercial

23rd February 2005, 08:00
I will see it when it comes out in the UK