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14th January 2011, 10:00
Looks like we have a wealth of info about cricket bats from different places. Should be a good idea to compile the pricing of all of it into one thread. Just put the price you paid for it and what place.

Please note that different places will have different prices and that is fine. The idea of this thread is to give everyone a general idea of pricing. Please put the price and the name of seller in bracket.


CA TRD = RsXX (Name of place), Rs YY (Name of place), etc
CA 12K LE = Rs. 25,000 (CA Factory Sailkot)
CA 10K =

MB Malik Limited Edition = Rs. 15,000 (MB Malik Factory Sailkot)
MB Bubber Sher Bat =
MB Sher Amin Bat =

AS V10 Bat =

Ihsan 950 =

Custom Made AS Bat - Grade 1 =
Custom Made MB Bat - Grade 1 =
Custom Made CA Bat - Grade 1 =

I called up CA factory today and got the following rates [Thanks to ibtsambutt]:

1) Batting Gloves:
A) PLUS 12000 - 1500
B) PLUS 10000 - 1200
C) PLUS - 1000

2) Leg Guards:
A) PLUS 12000 - 2200
B) PLUS 10000 - 2600
C) CA PLUS - 1600

3) Kit Bags:
A) PLUS 12000 - 3500
B) PLUS 10000 - 2800
C) CA PLUS - 2500

4) Cricket Bats:

B) PLUS 12000 - 16000
C) PLUS CUSTOM - 21000

I have put the names of most popular bats to get this thread started.

Cover_Drive, you might be able to put pricing for that Sialkot place you are always talking about as a full list in here.

Cover Drive
14th January 2011, 10:57
Great thread cricketismylife!

Guys just list the products of which prices you want so I will call UT Sports over the weekend and get prices for everyone.

14th January 2011, 15:08
yeh dat will nice coz i need the price 4 bubber sher n cd bhai can u ask the price after bargain as well thx

14th January 2011, 16:38
Everyone who has bought a bat in Pak recently please feel free to add your bat name and price paid.....As said in the first post there is no low or high price. Whatever you paid is the best price! So dont be shy and add to the list.

14th January 2011, 18:12
CA TRD for 25000 from CA factory Sialkot

15th January 2011, 13:20
sorry people i forgot

15th January 2011, 17:49
can anybudy please define wat is pick up of a bat basically

- dont think im ignorant
wrong thread to ask this question mate.

Mod/CD, can you please move this post to appropriate place- new thread or the end of another bat thread.

ADDITION- Please delete this post and yours as well- if possible. thanks :-)

Cover Drive
15th January 2011, 19:17
Its not possible to move a post, I will leave the post for next few hours so he can see and ask this question elsewhere and then I'll delete it.

18th January 2011, 03:14
CA TRD for 25000 from CA factory Sialkot
did you order it from the factory via email?

18th January 2011, 06:14
I ordered my bat from the CA factory.

Cover Drive
18th January 2011, 07:25
But what TGM Bhai is asking was it via emails etc ?

I know it was but its good to answer the question yourself

18th January 2011, 15:46
yea via email

Cover Drive
1st February 2011, 09:45
Have updated the OP, if anyone wishes to get price of anything let me know I'll call the factory and get the prices for you.

Hopefully will get MB Malik stuff prices today

1st February 2011, 18:17
afaan got TRD for 25000 rs may be because he ordered it via email. Just tell them that you are from Pak and come to the factory to purchase it. Then you will get normal prices, otherwise if they come to know that you are abroad, they will tell to inflated prices...

The 1st time i called, i told the sales man that i am from Gujrat (near to Sialkot) but the second time when i called to reconfirm, he saw my no on the CLI and didnt disclose the prices...

However he said that if i come to the factory to purchase the equipments, i will get additional discount...

My cousin bought his CA Plus 12000 for 14500 rs from the factory in January 2010... I have used that bat, and let me tell you that its an absolute belter. I managed to hit sixes with half shots....

1st February 2011, 18:20
just to add on the previous message, some shops in Gujrat are selling CA 12000 for 16000rs... so i gues that if i go to the factory, i might get it between 14500rs-15000rs....

1st February 2011, 18:34
in factory retail prices not much difference then shopkeeper but main advantage shopping from factory man satisfied that he buying original product.

13th July 2011, 22:22
Sialkotshop sahib, your prices are very inflated nowadays, Bubber Sher for $190 AUD? That's roughly 19,000 rupees!

16th July 2011, 15:29
Hey CD, is the AS G200 still G.1?