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Waqar's inswinging yorker
21st February 2005, 22:07
On Sunday, China reacted angrily to a statement issued by the United States and Japan in which they defined Taiwan as one of their common security concerns.

Washington and Tokyo have never publicly stated this concern jointly before, and this led China to lash out, calling any "irresponsible remarks" on China's national defense "untenable."

The U.S. and Japan released the statement Saturday after holding a regular meeting of their security alliance in Washington. They said it was a "common strategic objective" to encourage "the peaceful resolution of issues concerning the Taiwan Strait."

Nothing more specific was spelled out, but China read the phrasing as a threat by Japan to help the United States defend Taiwan if China attacks. China considers Taiwan a renegade province and has never ruled out invading, if Taiwan drops its facade of being a quasi-state and declares independence.

Japan and the United States recognize that a rising China--an emerging economic powerhouse with a big military and global ambitions--complicates the geo-political landscape in Asia. And while both countries are hoping that China contributes to stability, including reining in its ally, North Korea (news - web sites), Taiwan looms as a danger.

Japan is becoming a more assertive security partner to the United States, particularly after feeling threatened by North Korea, but it also is wary of China. This helps explain why Japan was willing to speak out on Taiwan, established in 1949.

But Japan and the U.S. were likely sending a more direct warning to China over how to handle Taiwan. Next month, China's rubberstamp parliament is expected to pass an "anti-secession" law that could legally bind China to attack Taiwan if it declared independence. The wording of the law has not been released, and the U.S. and Japan could be pressuring Beijing to water it down.

China on Sunday showed no sign of backing off. Reacting to what on the surface appeared to be bland diplomatic language on Taiwan, Beijing nevertheless took it as a direct challenge.

"The Chinese government and Chinese people firmly oppose the U.S.-Japan statement on the Taiwan issue, which concerns China's sovereignty, territorial integrity and national


Geordie Ahmed
21st February 2005, 22:28
We need a country that will tell the US to stick it!

Waqar's inswinging yorker
21st February 2005, 22:31
plus it is always handy that china dont get on well with likes of INDIA,israel etc and are good friends with pakistan

21st February 2005, 23:14
We need a country that will tell the US to stick it!

At this point there aint a country with the balls to really say that.
Those who do, dont have the dick to back it up.

We need a combo of both of those... :-)
The EU is a start....if Asia forms an alliance, we might be a threat aswell.

Soon there may be 2-3 such groups which may challenge the mighty US but for now, its smooth sailing pretty much for the amreekans

23rd February 2005, 03:01
China will be a real superpower in the future. Many years from now I can see it overtaking the US.

23rd February 2005, 03:14
I never absorb this ********, china being our friend. Good times these are, so friends we are.

But perhaps it seems like thats becoming the true definition of a friend in the political world. Ok, we're friends then.