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adi 101
23rd February 2005, 01:55
UNDER 16-year-olds up to mischief in Manchesterís Cheetham Hill area will be marched back home as part of a police drive against crime and anti-social behaviour.
Police will use new dispersal powers to break up groups of youths and young men who congregate on Cheetham Hill Road and surrounding streets.
Between the hours of 9pm and 6am, under 16s who are not being supervised by a responsible adult, could be taken to their home by police who will interview their parents.
Youths who refuse to disperse can be fined or imprisoned for up to three months.
The drive for safer streets is a result of a spate of crime and anti-social behaviour which has plagued the mainly Asian area.
Problems include persistent begging outside mosques by alleged east European asylum seekers, attacks on mosque worshippers' cars, street muggings and threatening behaviour by groups of teens and young men.
The officer in charge of the campaign, Inspector Julian Snowball, said analysis of crime statistics and complaints showed the area was suffering from a wave of anti-social behaviour.
He said: "The new regulations do not mean every under-16 police meet on the streets after 9pm will be taken home. Officers will use their judgement but act if they believe the young person concerned is vulnerable."
He said groups targeted in the campaign did not come from one particular section of the community.
"White as well as Asian youths are involved and in some cases the anti-social behaviour involves grown men."
Manchester council area safety officer Steve Annette said statistics showed that crime and vandalism was rising to an unacceptable level in the area.
He said: "We are not trying to stop legitimate groups of youngsters going about in groups, say leaving the community centre in numbers for safety.
"We are targeting groups who are hanging around and being a nuisance, being threatening or contemplating crime.
"This is a response to rising concern from residents and business people. An analysis of phone calls from the public about anti-social behaviour in the area show this is a serious problem."
As well as Cheetham Hill Road, the orders will cover Elizabeth Street, Highclere Avenue, Dudley Street, Winterford Road, Marsland Street North, Dorothy Street, Orient Street, Highfield Road, Gree Street and Halliwell Lane.
They will be in force until 21 March this year.

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