View Full Version : Watched News NIGHT? It was about imigrants

24th February 2005, 05:17
The imigrants part of the news was taped in Sparkbrook Small heat, etc.

These parts are tradional paksitani areas, specialy Sparkbrook where every one came to back in 50's and 60's. Area is still packed with paskitani, but somlai are taking over with kurds ruing the jobs arounf local area. Brimngham has become free palce for imigranst claim benafits and destroy jobs in the area.

THis thread is not put people down or make racist remarks. It's is for discussion destroying labour and job in the local asian areas.

Geordie Ahmed
24th February 2005, 07:43
SD the immigrants is just the lates card being used by the parties!
I think its sad what they are doing! immigrants get a raw deal from the press, i understand there are bad one's out there BUT there are many decent one's as well!
Immigrants are not a burden on the country infact they give more money!

Waqar's inswinging yorker
24th February 2005, 08:30
isnt it a net profit of approximately 2.5 billion pounds i have seen quoted!!!!

Geordie Ahmed
24th February 2005, 21:05
isnt it a net profit of approximately 2.5 billion pounds i have seen quoted!!!!

Yeah its around that much!
Its all the bloomin tories fault, they started the Immigrant debate and now its never ending!

adi 101
24th February 2005, 21:07
imagine if racist parties in egnland like the national front or british national party win i think they promised to kick out all foreigners including british born asians!!! thats why i always send them death threats from school!! if anybody is interested in doing the same please visit www.natfront.com i tink