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15th July 2011, 23:39
ISLAMABAD: Sources revealed that Mohammad Ilyas Kashmiri, the commander of Harkat-ul Jihad al Islami (HuJI), who was reportedly killed in a US drone attack in South Waziristan last month, is still alive, DawnNews reported.

Sources said that security officials of the United States and Pakistan failed to confirm the death of the HuJI commander.

He is still active in the border areas of Pakistan and Afghanistan, sources added.

Regional and anti-terrorism experts have long described Kashmiri as one of Al Qaeda’s main operational commanders.

Kashmiri was held responsible for a number of attacks in Pakistan, including the May 22 siege on the Navy’s air base in Karachi and in October 2009 on the General Headquarters in Rawalpindi.

HuJI was believed by the United States to be behind the March 2006 suicide bombing of the US consulate in Karachi which killed four people and wounded 48.

The US Department of State labelled Kashmiri a “specially designated global terrorist”, adding him to a list of high-profile militants.



He was killed in 2009, He was killed again in 2011 and Now he is alive again.


16th July 2011, 04:47

16th July 2011, 09:16
lolz@ “specially designated global terrorist”.........isn't that part of definition of imperialism...:moyo

16th July 2011, 15:56
Man these guys do not seem to die do they?

16th July 2011, 16:32
Lol sounds like a terminator!!

16th July 2011, 20:40
Hopefully he's dead.

17th July 2011, 00:48

I don't know If I Should laugh or cry or do both at the same time :facepalm:

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Don't worry give it 12 months and he will be killed again. :P

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I don't know If I Should laugh or cry or do both at the same time :facepalm: