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adi 101
25th February 2005, 22:41
A COURT has heard how a drunken racists grabbed an Asian woman in the street and held a knife to her throat.
The terrifying attack by Gregory Franco, aged 20, came after he and an equally drunk accomplice, James Bridges, 26, had threatened robbed an Asian man and threatened to burn his house down.
Burnley Crown Court heard how Fanco, a drug dealer bound for jail, terrorised two Asian men and women, fuelled by drink and drugs.
Franco, of Burnley Road East, Waterfoot, was wearing a vest, and Bridges was bare chested, when they turned up at the Great Harwood home of Yasser Mahmood, who worked with Bridges.
Bridges pulled a chain from around Mr Mahmood's neck and Franco snatched his ring and threatened to kill him. Threats were then made to burn Mr Mahmood's house down before the two men staggered away.
A few minutes later, they shouted racist comments at another man, telling him to get out of the country and they then approached two Asian women. Franco threatened to get one of them and held a knife to her neck.
Franco admitted two allegations of racially aggravated public disorder.
His defence counsel, Martin Hacket, said Franco did not have previous convictions for violence and had shown remorse. He was not a racist.
Bridges had been tried earlier before magistrates and escaped jail being given a community work order.
But Judge Christopher Cornwall criticised the fact that Bridges was not before him in the dock and said both men deserved 15 months behind bars.
He added four months to Franco two-year sentence he is already serving for dealing in ecstasy.
He said his behaviour had been "outrageous and wholly and utterly unacceptable".

Geordie Ahmed
25th February 2005, 22:44
The LAW is an a$$

25th February 2005, 22:48
Not an ***, GA, Blind boysie, blind :-D
maybe color blind perhaps

Geordie Ahmed
25th February 2005, 22:50
Not an ***, GA, Blind boysie, blind :-D
maybe color blind perhaps

Its an a$$ as well as clolour blind!
If the roles were reversed we know what would have happened.

25th February 2005, 23:46
The A$$ is the law.....

Waqar's inswinging yorker
26th February 2005, 08:06
am just waiting for gary to pop up to say - lets get the cons back - howard is tough on crime - too but he also is no good for education, HEALTH and the euro