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adi 101
25th February 2005, 23:08
THE creme de la creme of the Asian community turned up in their fancy cars, expensive saris and tuxedos to walk down the red carpet at this year's Asian 'Oscars.'
The eager crowd were attending the Lloyds TSB Asian Jewel Awards, which, celebrates the outstanding achievements of individuals from the UK’s south Asian communities in all walks of life.
The awards are held in three regions of the UK each year. The northern region awards took place at a glittering ceremony at the Sheridan Suite in Manchester.
Over 1000 guests were treated to a Bollywood extravaganza of dance and music as well as the AFM catwalk show featuring designs from the country’s hottest young Asian fashion designers.
Chairman of the Institute of Asian Professionals, Khalid Darr who developed the Asian Jewel Awards, said: “Asian men and women are injecting energy into communities, bringing new qualities to the world of business and introducing fresh thinking to the arts, fashion and modern pop culture, and this is what the Asian Jewel Awards sets out to acknowledge.”
In total there were seven award categories.
There were no surprises who was going home with the media, arts, sports excellence award that night but our very own Olympic boxer from Bolton, Amir Khan.
The 18-year-old silver medalist received the biggest cheers during the ceremony and that was even before he was told he had won.
Amir told the audience the real winner of the award was his father, Shah, for encouraging him and supporting him. He then invited his dad onto the stage and presented him with the award.
Amir said: "If it wasn’t for my dad, I wouldn’t be here. He has always been there for me 100 per cent and I will always be grateful to him."
Another north west winner included self- made property millionaire Atif Malik from Manchester who won the entrepreneur excellence award. This award recognises people who have taken the risk to set up their own business and are now making a success in their chosen enterprise.
Atif runs Properties UK, Central Estate Agencies, Portfolio Estate Agencies and Auction Group.
Last year, Atif with the Bar Bollywood Group launched the popular Yatra Lounge in Manchester City Centre. He is also planning to launch a new exciting boutique hotel. He believes his mother whom he dedicated the award to, is the inspiration, support and backbone of his success.
The prestigious lifetime achievement award was shared by Lal Kumar of the Rajan Group in Manchester and Lord Adam Patel who was the founder member of Blackburn’s community relation's council.