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20th December 2005, 23:15
Was just looking around ebay for a bit of a browse and I have just realised the extortinate amount of foreign sellers on ebay. Ie from Hong Kong, China, Germany etc. Some of these sellers are power sellers and i have no problem with but there are numerous sellers that are trying to catch us consumers out with their scams. One example is that they only accept western union. This is most definatley a fraud and you should not pay.

The think that really hacks me off is Ebays reluctance to ban these users. I know they have a large amount of people registered any they prevent every scam but there just seems to be too many of these fradulent people around.

So just please be wary and remember the phrase "if its too good to be true, then it probably is".

20th December 2005, 23:17
i hate the people who rip u off with postage!!!!!!!!!! arghhh!!!!! the cheek!!

20th December 2005, 23:17
western union has been banned as a form of payment on ebay as of today

20th December 2005, 23:20
Thats great news z10, will stop numerous amounts of fradulent activity.

20th December 2005, 23:25
eBay is banning the use of money transfer providers such as Western Union and MoneyGram in a bid to prevent online fraud.

The auction site is working with the Metropolitan Police, and from mid-January it is unlikely that any police investigation will take place into eBay fraud cases where a money transfer service has been used.

eBay and Western Union have both long advised eBay members not to use money transfers when buying on eBay. Now eBay is going a step further and banning them outright from 15 January 2006.

Garreth Griffith, head of Trust and Safety at eBay.co.uk said: “Trading on eBay using secure payment services such as PayPal is very safe. But fraudsters do sometimes try to tempt people 'off eBay' by promising better deals when really they are just trying to get beyond eBay and PayPal's protection.

“Unfortunately, when this happens, we can no longer provide that protection through our safety checks, security systems and the eBay Purchase Protection or PayPal Buyer Protection services.

“Stopping the use of money transfer systems will go a long way to clamping down on fraudulent activity. We are pleased to have the Metropolitan Police's help with the ban and for the education campaign that we will mount in the run-up to the ban's enforcement to educate our users.”

eBay said the ban is being announced now and enforced in January to give legitimate sellers time to make alternative arrangements.

Geordie Ahmed
21st December 2005, 01:48
how do these fraudsters benefit from Western Union?

21st December 2005, 04:36
"eBay is banning the use of money transfer providers such as Western Union and MoneyGram in a bid to prevent online fraud."

And I bet it has nothing to do with the fact that Ebay owns Paypal.

21st December 2005, 05:13
whoever thought of ebay was a very clever person

21st December 2005, 21:19
Youre right Waquas, they rake it in with the amount of things that are being sold each day. They get a fee for each item that is sold and the greater the value of the item the greater the fee.

21st December 2005, 21:30
whoever bought their stock, oh say about 4 years ago, was a very clever person as well :11:

too bad it wasn't for my account.