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Abdul Qadir 236
9th January 2006, 00:38
Mohammad Yousuf should make a point of watching this!
Amazing what you can learn from over the border.


9th January 2006, 00:46
Is it possible if you could upload onto something else as i have problems with rapidshare.

Abdul Qadir 236
9th January 2006, 00:48
sure - pick the site

Abdul Qadir 236
9th January 2006, 00:50
just use yousendit for quickness. will post link in a min

9th January 2006, 00:50

Abdul Qadir 236
9th January 2006, 00:54
no probs yaar!


9th January 2006, 00:59
Whoa when did this happen and what was going on? They're all knocking poor Ganguly all over the place lol. :))) Can you just explain this a bit to me.


Abdul Qadir 236
9th January 2006, 01:00
Must have been quite a while ago as the video shows Fanie de Villiers!
The look on his face as he is running in - u can tell he is gunning for Gangu!

Abdul Qadir 236
9th January 2006, 01:01
oh and btw allow me to welcome u to pakpassion - the best forum on the net!

got to make sure i stay ahead of rob as top **** :19:

9th January 2006, 01:06
Thanks. Yes thats the reason why i joined pakpassion in the first place. Top forum. So who are the ***** in this forum?

Abdul Qadir 236
9th January 2006, 01:07
aside from RH and myself, dan hudson is one who springs to mind. cant think of the rest lol

9th January 2006, 01:11
soo uzzy r u a **** ur self ???

9th January 2006, 01:12
There's 2 more who have joined just recently also. Keep a look out for WhippySquash and Sharak.

9th January 2006, 01:13
soo uzzy r u a **** ur self ???


9th January 2006, 02:46
now thats whats called bullying. really funny. looks old. not easy to get I guess. SO well done and thanks so much Amit MIshra Bowls Wrong Un. By the way, nice to see u here UZZY. finally someone who is almost as new as I am. Hope u r enjoying urself here coz I know I am.

9th January 2006, 10:21
More then The boom boom G. I found Commentators funny.

9th January 2006, 18:01
thanx man

9th January 2006, 18:13
amit you missed me, I'm a **** as well. God save the queen. And nice video thanks.