View Full Version : Meaning of urdu, punjabi and hindi songs

pakistani pride
6th October 2012, 00:18
I listen a lot of pakistani / indian songs
most of them like the rahat, atif aslam and bolly tunes i understand.

how ever the punjabi songs at times i do not totally understand. so i was like why not make a thread in which you post a song and ask if somebody can translate :moyo

for example the song by španjabi mc Ghalla Gurian

If any 1 understands then please give a summary of the meaning / song.

My parents are from kahrian / pakistan so i do understand a bit punjabi:akhtar

6th October 2012, 14:13
i will sweet talk with you, don't tell anyone Oi

pakistani pride
7th October 2012, 20:01
haha, thanks, i figured out that line as well.
actually a bit surprized by the lack of response....

7th October 2012, 20:05
Youtube user translated it lol

"she says even if its as painful as piercing body parts and even people may laugh at her , she will try to make him hers,, and she says she will talk from depth of her heart with him but wants him not to tell about it to any one !!! "