View Full Version : Really Nice stuff in KFC, Kolkatta by Yum Restuarents

15th December 2012, 04:13

Growing up in India...you cannot help but how as a society..we look down upon the disabled.

I had a friend..whose brother was handicapped...had to go around in a wheel chair after he had an accident..once in a while before the accident..he used to come with us to movies , restuarents and stuff..but once he got better after accident..

We had literally no where to go with guy...shopping complexes.... theaters...none of them had any facility for disabled people ....he stopped going to school coz his class was on the top floor...and everyday somebody had to carry him to the top...and school management only when forced did they bring the class to down floor..with pressure !!! we were bewildered by the concern less from an institution like a school....

I know how rewarding it must be for those people in the video...to have a job..to earn for themselves....the girls smile tells it !!!

I hope they continue their initiative...and even we as a society hopefully be a little easy on handicapped...not looked down upon the mentally disabled...I know I lot of people who would laugh at depression....they say people should harden up and stopping behaving a like a drama queen and move on !!!

anyway..friend of mine shared this video..on facebook. Just felt good..

Kudos to all the people involved...Silence, Yum etc etc

15th December 2012, 04:52
Kudos to them :14:

Hopefully it will become easier for them in other places as you mentioned aswell.

They should have all the same rights as everyone else.

15th December 2012, 13:47
Great video Navrocks, thanks for posting!

Subcontinent in general is very insensitive towards people with disability. Hope this will inspire other brands to be equally accommodating.

15th December 2012, 14:19
There are two KFCs in Karachi which employs just deaf and mute people apart from the manager. Its unbelievable how guilt free that fried chicken tastes like