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7th August 2014, 20:28
Hello PP brothers, though I shall open a thread on TV/Internet documentaries, share our entertainment and knowledge.

My favorite Documentary so far is the Fahrenheit 911. It is not another conspiracy but only facts. It is about things pre and post 911. Directed by Michael Moore


This documentaries contain some interesting facts
- George Bush, his cousin, brother ripping of 2000 election.
- Many Black Americans vote in Flordia that should have helped Al Gore become president labelled "invalid"
- Bin laden's family and relation with Bush' family
- How US army recruits low income Americans
- Director Michael Moore attempts to recruit US Senators'(who were supportive of invading iraq) sons & daughters to join US army (funny stuff)
-And Of course about 911

7th August 2014, 21:11
Michael Moore's Sicko was tremendous.

Also anything from Louis Theroux - especially his Law and Disorder series.

7th August 2014, 21:25
The Arrivals