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12th November 2014, 22:11
PakPassion.net: Since you're from Rawalpindi, which cricketers from that part of Pakistan do you think have potential?

Sakss: There has been a lot of upcoming talent from Rawalpindi. A few players who I think should already be in the side are Hammad Azam and Umar Amin. I have played with Amin and he has a lot of potential. Giving him the odd game here and there won’t help his cause. Hammad is a possible replacement for Afridi - a better batsman, with a brain perhaps.

PakPassion.net: Do you think Pakistan have any chance of reaching the semi-finals of the 2015 World Cup?

Sakss: Given the format of the upcoming World Cup, Pakistan can possibly reach the semi-finals but then again it depends on who they face in the quarter-finals. According to my prediction, Pakistan will finish 3rd in their group, below India and South Africa so they will be B3, who will play A2 , which will most probably be New Zealand or Sri Lanka as I predict England to finish 4th in the group and Australia to top it. Going with this, I think a semi-final is on the cards.

PakPassion.net: Do you think Misbah should be dropped as Captain before the World Cup? If yes, who do you think should replace him?

Sakss: I have been an avid supporter of Misbah’s since he took over the team in troubled times. It’s like an investor saving a company from going bankrupt. I regard him as a top player but surely have my doubts about him as a captain. In my opinion, the last strategic captain we had was Younis Khan and the likes of Afridi, Misbah and Hafeez can’t or won’t make good captains. Azhar Ali is one name that comes to my mind in Tests and possible Sohaib Maqsood can be groomed for Limited Overs cricket, but till the 2015 World Cup, it should be Misbah.

PakPassion.net: Who do you look up to in International Cricket?

Sakss: Since I’m a batsman myself, I always looked up to Javed Miandad who I think is the best batsman ever produced by Pakistan. His class and consistency can’t be matched by the current lot. Sir Viv Richards is also a personal favorite and I believe if he was playing cricket in this era, he would’ve annihilated the bowlers on these batting friendly pitches.

PakPassion.net: Do you still play club cricket?

Sakss: I haven’t played for a few months as I moved to Qatar 6 months back and cricket is not as big here but I’m in talks with someone to play some club cricket for the upcoming season.

PakPassion.net: What got you into cricket and what's your earliest cricketing memory?

Sakss: I was 6 when Imran Khan lifted the crystal trophy and I remember glimpses of the final match but it wasn’t until the 1999 World Cup when I really got into cricket. I was, however, very disappointed and thought the cup had Pakistan’s name written all over it.

PakPassion.net: Who would be in your all time Pakistan XI?

Sakss: In Test Matches:

Hanif Mohammad
Saeed Anwar / Zaheer Abbas
Younis Khan
Javed Miandad
Inzamam ul Haq
Imran Khan (C)
Wasim Bari(WK)
Wasim Akram
Fazal Mahmood
Abdul Qadir
Waqar Younis


Mudassar Nazar
Saleem Malik
Mushtaq Mohammad
Saqlain Mushtaq
Sarfraz Nawaz

PakPassion.net: You are the PCB chairman for a day -what would be the most important thing you would do?

Sakss: Fire all the extras we have who are sitting there doing nothing but pocketing money and eating Biryani. I would also get rid of all the undeserving players in the team and bring in deserving ones. One day isn’t enough though, give me more time please.

PakPassion.net: Which are the greatest Test, ODI and T20I matches that you have watched live at the ground?

Sakss: I’ve seen a lot of matches live (at the grounds) in England, Pakistan, India, Wales and the UAE. To be honest, the Test Matches I’ve been to have mostly ended in draws and the one against India in November 2007, we lost. In ODIs, the one off match between Pakistan and Australia at Lords in 2004 where Pakistan lost by 10 runs is my favorite. In 2008, the 1st ODI between Pakistan and West Indies at Abu Dhabi where Kamran Akmal hit 2 sixes in the last over to win it is also up there. Also, the second ODI between Pakistan and India in 2004, at Rawalpindi Cricket stadium,where Tendulkar scored 141 and India lost by 12 runs.

The most exciting T20I that I’ve watched was the second match between Pakistan and Australia in 2012 at DSC where the match was tied and went to the super over which Pakistan won it in the end.

PakPassion.net: Which one of Shahid Afridi’s innings would you rate as his best innings across all formats?

Sakss: Tough , I don’t rate Afridi as a cricketer but as an entertainer, I do. He should play exhibition matches, T20 leagues and, at most, International T20 cricket. His hundred in the 2010 Asia Cup at Dambulla was one gutsy effort although Pakistan lost but that was probably one of the few instances where I thought Afridi really wanted to finish the match off for Pakistan.

PakPassion.net: What was your reaction when you found out about the spot fixing saga in 2010?

Sakss: I was devastated and disappointed as our team, after a long time, looked like a decent unit with Asif and Amir opening the bowling and Salman Butt the solution to the opening problems and a decent captain. Oh well, I hope the youngsters learn from this and always put their country before anything.

PakPassion.net: Favorite place for vacations?

Sakss: So far, Las Vegas is my favorite from the places I’ve been to but I was a bit young and couldn’t fully enjoy it. I would like to go to either New Zealand or Australia though to watch some Cricket, Inshallah in the future.

PakPassion.net: Do you agree with the PTI and PAT dharnas? If so, why? If not, why not?

Sakss: I agree and support them fully. They’re not angels either but there’s a lot of other factors which make you believe they could change the troubled country. I don’t want to turn this in to a political discussion so I’ll leave it here.

PakPassion.net: Tell us about your actual cricketing achievements (best match/ level of cricket your played) ? or you are just armchair cricket lover ?

Sakss: I have played at cub and university level in Pakistan, England and the UAE. I have also attended a few academies, trials etc. I started off as a bowler and had a Sohail Tanvir like action but then eventually became a wicket-keeper batsman for my university and a middle order batsman plus man with a golden arm for the clubs.

I scored 109 once, which is my highest score in a friendly match for Middlesex County 4th team. The most memorable would be an inter-branch school match where 10 were needed off the last 2 balls and I hit a four and a six to win it for us.

PakPassion.net: What you do for a living? What have you studied? How are you doing in your professional life ?

Sakss: I’m a recruitment consultant, been in this field for 4 years now. You have ups and downs but Alhamdulilah its all good at the moment.

12th November 2014, 22:14
Wow Jee :D

So the real Sakss reveals himself - Excellent interview and goes nicely with the brilliant personality also

Asif khan
12th November 2014, 22:27
Good interview - sounds like a level headed, decent guy too.

13th November 2014, 09:35
A well thought interview from sakks. :14:

I'd like him to become Chairman for one day :)

13th November 2014, 09:38
Haha brilliant interview.

The one day chairman reminded me of "Ek Din Ka CM" from the indian movie Nayak. :)) :14:

13th November 2014, 10:49
good young gentleman with very selective in words..........:misbah

13th November 2014, 11:03
Sakss - recruitment consultant - get me a job paying 5 lakh+ per month in ISB. Thanks bro.

13th November 2014, 12:31
One of my favorite posters!

Nice interview :)

13th November 2014, 13:38
A well thought interview from sakks. :14:

I'd like him to become Chairman for one day :)

Thanks man,.

I'm more competent than Najam Sethi ;)

13th November 2014, 13:39
^Not one of my favourite posters.:)

IS that me or Hawkeye?? :(

13th November 2014, 13:40
Sakss - recruitment consultant - get me a job paying 5 lakh+ per month in ISB. Thanks bro.

Middle East ana ha toh baat kero.. ? :P

Space Cat
13th November 2014, 15:03
Nice interview. Top poster and bloke.

13th November 2014, 20:05
IS that me or Hawkeye?? :(

Hawkeye. I like you.

Btw, Yousuf not in the top 15?

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Middle East ana ha toh baat kero.. ? :P

I am in the middle east. PM me *****.

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Great interview. Sakss is a champion bloke!

14th November 2014, 16:24
I am in the middle east. PM me *****.

When did that happen?

14th November 2014, 20:05
When did that happen?

Year and a half ago bro. Thought I'd get some global experience.

24th November 2014, 00:14
Great guy to work with.

Always has a good sense of humour.