View Full Version : Shane Warne reportedly considering a Bollywood debut

16th February 2015, 13:17

The Australian 'king of spin,' cricketer Shane Warne, may be making an appearance in a Bollywood film sometime in the near future.

According to reports in*DNAIndia, Warne said, "There is an offer. There is someone who has something for me," while attending a Tourism Victoria event.

The athlete said he will look into the Bollywood project later this year, after cricket season comes to an end.

If Warne goes through with this he'll be following in fellow Australian cricketer Brett Lee's footsteps. Lee stars in*UnIndian*a romantic comedy directed by Anupam Sharma, set to release this year.

Since his retirement from cricket in 2008, Warne has been doing work for the Shane Warne Foundation which aims to help underprivileged children.

17th February 2015, 04:21
Yawn!! Today every Tom, Dick and Harry is making their debut in Bollywood. I hate what Bollywood has become, it's smacks of a massive western complex with the cheapest of storylines. Of course it's India's vehicle so they can do whatever they want to with it only that many Pak youngsters are also very influenced by such vulgar movies.