View Full Version : OT: Arsenal v Man U score updates

Rob H
2nd February 2005, 00:51
feel free to post updates and views as the match goes on
Current score Arsenal 1-0 Man U 15mins
Goal Viera 8 mins

Rob H
2nd February 2005, 00:54
1-1 Giggs for united to bring it level

Rob H
2nd February 2005, 01:10
1-1 35 mins

Rob H
2nd February 2005, 01:14
2-1 Bergkamp restores lead

2nd February 2005, 01:32
I only watched the first 20mins, did anyone get sent off yet?

Rob H
2nd February 2005, 01:48
nah, Rooney blowing a fuse though

Rob H
2nd February 2005, 01:51
2-2 Ronaldo gets UTD back on level terms again!

Rob H
2nd February 2005, 01:55
2-3 ronaldo gets another to put united ahead

Faisal Akhtar
2nd February 2005, 01:56
Woaaah ...... nice game goin on here!

Faisal Akhtar
2nd February 2005, 01:58
Infact i'm off to watch it!

Rob H
2nd February 2005, 02:00
What the hell are you waiting for everyone. GO WATCH THE GAME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

2nd February 2005, 02:05
utd in front 3-2, dumb gollkeeping by arsanal.

2nd February 2005, 02:06
man utd are da best

Rob H
2nd February 2005, 02:26
4-2 O'shea seals the game up.

Rob H
2nd February 2005, 02:27
Arsenal's championship dream is over!

Rob H
2nd February 2005, 02:31
Manu probably now have 2nd place for themselves

2nd February 2005, 02:57
Brillliant Game, United coming back strongly to win comfortably in the end with some great attacking moves cutting arsenal defense apart. Giggs was outstanding again and combined with Rooney and Ronaldo for superb goal. John O'Sheah's chip at the end was just the icing on the cake.

Top performance from United in the second half coming down from 2-1 and playing with 10 men to win 4-2.

United proving the early season doubters wrong yet again, write them of at your peril... and Henize has to be one of the buys of the season, he has been outstanding all season. Just what united needed a stong tackling defender.

2nd February 2005, 03:04
What a game! What a comeback!!!!

I hope all those who laughed and ridiculed me when I said United are better than Arsenal back in September are hanging their heads in shame. Never write United off. Although we are still way behind Chelsea, we can make the title race go down to the wire if we perform like we have been doing.

People said United kicked Arsenal off the pitch at Old Trafford. They certainly can't say that now. We have proved we are better. Even with 10 men for most of the 2nd half we looked pretty comfortable.

p.s. Vieira is a fool. He tried to intimidate Gary Neville who is half his size in the tunnel. But when Keano stuck up for him and tried to square up to Vieria he backed off. Vieira's antics in the tunnel have backfired.

2nd February 2005, 03:04
Wow what a game,but we won yet again and we deserved it.

2nd February 2005, 04:06
man utd are simply the best. we beat arsernal in the backyard

2nd February 2005, 04:15
Well done United. They are an awesome team. I wish my all time fav footy player was still playing...OOh...AAAAH!

Geordie Ahmed
2nd February 2005, 05:04
man utd are simply the best. we beat arsernal in the backyard

Dont forget Cheslki!

I enjoyed that game, wasnt the prettiest at times BUT was entertaining! the better side won fair and square! it was the battle for 2nd place, it may not help you win the league BUT man-u now have a psychological edge over arsenal now.

arsenal were invincible until man-utd ended their run and now they are playing like an average team, im sure they will get back on track soon! they are suffering for the stadium move which will help them in the long run!

2nd February 2005, 05:07
whatever happ to arsenal??:-(

waisay a q to you fans, how do you rate

Bergkamp and Gullit?

Geordie Ahmed
2nd February 2005, 05:18
Bergkamp is a legend and he is still a very good player at the age of 35! he scored a good goal today, arsenal will struggle to replace him!

Gullit was an aboslute gem of a player BUT he managed my team and he nearly destroyed them the bloody |-c
he tried to get rid of Alan Shearer, he tried to destroy our Geordie hero and for that i will never forgive him!

2nd February 2005, 05:23
glad to hear that GA

always loved both of them specially Gullit

now he was inspirational in football not to mention Baggio as well :-D

miss seeing bergkamp now
surprised hes still playing

2nd February 2005, 05:25
GA ever saw videos or clips of Cryuff?

Geordie Ahmed
2nd February 2005, 05:26
Well arsenal 2 years ago would only offer Bergkamp a one year contract but he showed on the pitch that he can still do it and there is talk of him playing next season as well!

Baggio was a genius, tho his pony tale is very girly but thats Italians for you! he will always be remembered for that penalty miss in USA 94 though

2nd February 2005, 05:29
too bad really that he would be remembered for that penalty waisay, i think italians are a bit like us , ungrateful lot.

though i must say i dont like del piero to be honest

p.s check out the member's forum

Geordie Ahmed
2nd February 2005, 05:37
On the members forum now!

I have seen clips of Cruyff and he was ace, he introuduced the flick back which is used and abused now by average players!

Del piero was a good player about 6 years ago but he got injured and has never been the same, he is living of the past BUT he is loved by the turin ppl so what to do! Also i think he was one of the first ppl to have the thin sideburns/sideboards which became really popular!

2nd February 2005, 05:39
glad to see you there

yar saw a bit of Cryuff and man I liked him I tell ya.

Del Piero always got on my nerves for some reason. Maldini is one that i really like wisay

Geordie Ahmed
2nd February 2005, 05:45
Maldini is still going strong, he is 37 i think! he is a super defender.

2nd February 2005, 05:51
at 37 he is still playing? well well well.

Geordie Ahmed
2nd February 2005, 05:53
Not just playing BUT playing very well! he plays for AC Milan who are no mugs and he is an important defender!