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14th December 2015, 01:38
I was born and raised in teh UK, no both my parents weren't fluent in English, but at home we just spoke to my dad in English as it was easier, anyways the issue now is I need to catch up with Urdu, considering my communication skills are lacking and I get punjabi and urdu muddled up at time, so what would be the best course of doing this, how can I improve my urdu, my dad hardly speaks it either.

14th December 2015, 01:40
Start watching Pakistani serials.

14th December 2015, 01:53
Start watching Pakistani serials.

any suggestions?

14th December 2015, 01:55
any suggestions?

Depends on the genre. And I don't know many myself. But Zindagi Gulzar Hai is a good place to start.

Come to think of it, there's a separate thread on Pakistani dramas on PP.

14th December 2015, 02:01
Yes, i suggest you watch a bunch of movies and serials. It's the best way to learn.

14th December 2015, 02:07
Take online classes with Nostalgic.

14th December 2015, 02:17
Watch movies of Dilip Kumar. He was very proficient in Urdu language.

14th December 2015, 02:26
any suggestions?

Hum TV Dramas are the best, they have their youtube channel where you can find tons of old classics

also Youtube old PTV Dramas like Waris, Dhool, Dhuwa, Haqeeqat, Shinghar, Family Front are all classics :heart:

also you need this


14th December 2015, 02:27
Take online classes with Nostalgic.

Won't mind him giving classes to all of us on PP :allama

14th December 2015, 02:28
Take online classes with Nostalgic.

ok Mr. Burger

14th December 2015, 02:32
Marry a girl from Pakistan.

14th December 2015, 02:34
Learn Farsi instead.

20th December 2015, 11:44
Why do you need to 'catch up with urdu'?

You've done fine so far. Why the sudden need to learn the language?

31st March 2016, 00:42
Watch Pakistani drams and you urdu will improve.