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7th February 2016, 19:18
PakPassion.net: First of all, we would like to congratulate you on reaching the milestone of 100k posts! It must feel great to have got to this stage?

Amjid Javed: Yeah reaching 100,000 posts does feel like a massive milestone and it’s a shock that I’ve reached it as when I first joined 12 years ago I'd never had any such milestones in my head (If someone told me 12 years ago I’d still be here with 100,000 posts I'd have laughed at them). I am just a huge sports fan and cricket fan and just love interacting and talking about the game whether it be on a sports forum or with friends or people at work.

PakPassion.net: How would you reflect upon your journey on PakPassion so far and what motivates you to continue posting?

Amjid Javed: It’s been a long and interesting journey, but it’s been enjoyable all the way through. The people you have discussion with, have banter with has changed over time but it’s good to discuss the game with people who have same views as myself but also different points of views as well. I am a huge student of the game so it’s always good to read another posters in depth analysis and at times of certain players and even teams as its good to try and see how the game is viewed through a different persons eyes.

Sometimes you learn things about players and teams that you didn’t notice itself and start to appreciate things a bit more about the game. As long as I am enjoying watching cricket and enjoy discussing the game, I will remain on PP. Once the love of the game goes I'll stop talking about it.

PakPassion.net: PP of 12 years ago and today - what differenced have you noticed?

Amjid Javed: When I first Joined PP is was held on sports network site and I joined the site as part of a huge influx of posters from the BBC cricket chat site. Over the 10+ years the site had grown immensely and that is down to the hard work Saj and the other moderators have put into developing the site. Saj in particular deserves great credit or turning PP into what it is today, it’s the best cricket forum on the internet and one of the best sports forum sites to have discussions on. At first this was just a discussion forum for cricket, now we get members interviews so we can learn a bit more about posters, we have Fantasy cricket competitions to enter, we have the PCL which posters can participate in. Which cricket loving fans would that not appeal to?

PP is very attractive to cricket fans who want to interact and have fun and talk about the game. Also look at how PP has had numerous interviews with international players, pretty much discovered Mohammad Irfan as a cricketer and help his push towards playing for Pakistan many years ago, also the ex-players blogs is an excellent part of the board. How many sports sites have this? 12 years ago I wouldn’t have seen PP as it would be now but I am glad it’s grown the way it has.

Pakpassion.net: Did posting here consecutively for many years change your personality in some way?

Amjid Javed: Posting on PP hasn’t changed my personality at all I’ve always been a passionate sports fan and always want the teams I support to do well, sometimes that can spill over emotionally with comments I can make and I can be very critical of the teams, managers, players, coaches etc... I always expect high standards of performances from players, as someone who has played the game of cricket a bit just at club cricket level I’ve always striven to improve as a player and would expect the same for players who are paid well to play the game and represent their country. Whenever I have free time at work or am not busy playing sports or with friends then I enjoy being on PP and talking cricket. I'll always go through periods of posting a lot and then large periods of being inactive depending on what is going on in my life at a given time.

PakPassion.net: How is life outside PP treating you?

Amjid Javed: Life outside of PP is treating me good, I am currently very busy with work and have quite a few projects on the go (I work as a business support analyst for an Assets servicing Bank), I am also currently in the middle of house hunting as well so trying to buy my very first house so that is keeping me busy also. Otherwise I am enjoying keeping fit in the gym (I usually go 4/5 times a week) and also enjoy cooking a lot so have enrolled on a Culinary Training course as I would like to possibly become a personal chef in the future, so I am content with how life is at the moment which will get busier over next year or so.

PakPassion.net: BBC Forums --> Sports Networks --> PP Now: Do you miss the old times?

Amjid Javed: I enjoyed my times on the BBC forum but the format and outlay of the forum was very basic and getting a good discussion going on certain threads at times was disjointed and frustrating at times. Also moderators would remove a lot of posts sometimes without even advising you reasons why which caused a lot of frustration, The sports network site was fairly good as I used both the Pakpassion discussion site to talk cricket and also was part of the Arsenal times sites to discuss football as well, but PP's current platform is 100 times better to look at, use, navigate etc.. And am glad Saj made the decision to change where site was hosted in.

Most of the posters I got on well with on BBC forums moved onto the PP at same times so never really missed the BBC site once I had left. In regards to the old Sport network site, the only thing I miss is the rivalry PP had with Indian Cricket Fever site :) But all that is history; PP has grown and we have left that site a million miles behind us, so it’s a definitely a Pakistan victory over India on that aspect :) So, well done Captain Saj on that one.

PakPassion.net : How do you think PakPassion has evolved through the years?

Amjid Javed : PP has to me evolved into the best Cricket forum on internet. You get Pakistan fans from all over the world posting on the site, you have England, Indian, Bangladesh, New Zealand, Australia and South Africa fans who are all comfortable and happy to be part of the board and talk about Pakistan cricket as well as world cricket.

To have such a diverse nationality of fans on site is a testament to how good the site is. We get exclusive interview of players current and present which puts PP ahead of other sites, PP quotes have been used on major news sites which again only highlights how good the site is now.

The Time Pass and other sports forums have been great additions as well and have attracted in loads more posters as well. The ex players blogs just shows that international cricketers see the value of PP as a site and a good way to promote their views to the fans in best way possible.

Since the move away from sports network PP has grown to be somewhere people can talk about the game they love, make new friends and enjoy a good form of socializing. PP has given a lot to the posters which I hope everyone appreciates, on the flip side PP wouldnt be its success without the huge number of good posters we have here. I think PP will continue to grow stronger and better as time goes on. Keep up the good work Saj, MIG and everyone else.

PakPassion.net: Do you still have the same enthusiasm to read PP threads after being here for 12 years or you just read a select few threads?

Amjid Javed:[/B] Yes I still have enthusiasm to read threads on PP when I have time to come on and post, I don’t have time to read all threads which can be frustrating sometimes especially if a topic comes up which I want to discuss but by the time I’ve seen it the thread is already 3/4/5 pages long because some points that I want to discuss may have already been spoken about. I am selective at times with the threads I do pick to discuss but that’s usually down to what topics take my interest, similar to anyone else I guess.

PakPassion.net: Your knowledge of the game is excellent, did you play or do you still play league cricket?

Amjid Javed: I have been lucky enough to play club cricket in both Liverpool and Manchester. I haven’t played cricket for 2 years now but will start playing again this summer hopefully if time allows. In Liverpool I played for Wavertree Cricket club where I worked my way through the ranks of playing 3rd team, 2nd team and then 1st team Cricket. I am a Seam bowler bowling action being a very slingy one due to modelling my action on Waqar Younis as a kid. Also a very decent batsmen where I would bat 5 or 6 in longer version of club cricket games and open in 20 over games due to my ability to strike the cricket ball.

I am a huge student of the game so would always analyse games of cricket I'd watch on TV and try improve my own game from what I’d seen. In the Liverpool league I played in the early 2000s where I was lucky enough to play with overseas pros like Usman Tariq (Multan) and Paul Strang (Zimbabwe); both players helped me improve my batting. I also played in a charity game against Mohammad Asif, Marlon black (played 1 Test for W.I). Asif played one season in the Liverpool league for a club called Ainsdale and took 80+ wickets in the season and even back then he looked a class apart from all those around him.

PakPassion.net: Can you tell us a little bit about yourself and what are some of your hobbies?

Amjid Javed: I was born in Huddersfield (Yorkshire) and will be 35 this year in March. I currently live in Manchester and have done for the past 15 years. I have worked for a company called Bank of New York Mellon for the past 10 years. My current job is in a Assets servicing company as a Business support Analyst for the past 8 years. Outside of my job I enjoy playing football (11 Side for a team called Govan athletic as a goal keeper), cricket and I also go to the gym 4/5 times a week so I am a very sporty and an active person. I also enjoy listening to house and trance music and going to festivals, I was lucky enough to go to tomorrow land festival in Belgium two years ago. I also enjoy cooking and currently have enrolled in a culinary course at college. My aim eventually is to become a personal Chef one day. I also like to travel when I can; I went to Thailand and Malaysia last year last and am hoping to go to Australia or Bali at the end of this year.

PakPassion.net: How do you see Pakistan cricket in a few years from now on?

Amjid Javed: I think the next 2-3 years for Pakistani cricket are going to be huge and will tell us whether we are still a competitive Test side. We also need to start to show improvement in the shorter formats of the game. The tours to England, New Zealand and Australia are all going to be tough in their own unique ways from a conditions point of view and also a mental point of view and this is where we will see the true skill set of the Pakistani players. We have done well as a Test side in the UAE by playing cricket a certain way. Playing away from home we will have to show we can adapt to foreign conditions quickly and our players are going to have to show great hear and bravery whilst playing. There are a lot of players who have question marks over them in regards to whether they can perform in foreign conditions so this is the time for these players to prove they are worthy international players.

The current Test side is competitive because we have stability of having a pretty settled side. The loss of Yasir shah will be a massive blow if he is banned, but the return of Amir could offset that and also we do have fairly decent fast bowlers in our ranks which means that all 3 away tours we will get chances to win Tests as I think we can take 20 wickets against all 3 teams. Ultimately it will be how we field (catching) and our batting that will determine how many Tests we can win as we will need batsmen to set up the games for us. Our middle order batsmen I can see doing a good job for us, but we need a stable opening pair, if we don’t have one we will end up with middle order getting over exposed to new ball too often and will get rolled over cheaply and lose games. Also slowly transitioning Younis khan and Misbah from the team has to be done gradually as losing both at same time would leave to big a hole in the team to fill. Pakistan also need to identify right players to slot into the Test middle order at right times.

In shorter formats we seem to be going more and more backwards as time goes on and sadly I don’t see how things are going to improve much over next 2-3 years. Our batsmen don’t seem to have the hunger, technique or mental attitude to score runs consistently in T20Is or ODIs, nor do they know to pace an innings individually or as a team. The prime example been the ODI just gone against New Zealand, 200/3 after 30 overs and we don’t bat the entire 50 overs and end up 290 all out. If that was India or Australia they would have got 350+ and at least one of their batsmen would have got a 100. The bowling side of things will make us competitive but there is improvement needed there as well. I don’t think Afridi or Azhar Ali should be skippers of the respective teams and Pakistan need to start making captains from players who make the team on merit performance first. In addition we need a better head coach than we have had now. The length of time Waqar has been in charge we have seen no improvement in shorter formats, now he’s not solely to blame, the players, poor domestic league etc also play a part but he isn’t getting the best out of limited resources he has so try someone else.

Hopefully the introduction of PSL will start to improve players domestically and we might see improvement at international level in shorter formats in a few years but there no quick fixes for Pakistan in next few years.

PakPassion.net: What sports do you follow other than cricket?

Amjid Javed: I love watching most sports; boxing, football, darts, and cricket in particular. I am a huge Arsenal fan however over the last 10 years it has been as frustrating as watching Pakistan as they always end up flattering to deceive. I am also a huge boxing fan and follow the sport a lot and enjoy discussing it on the sports forum here with Shaz as no one else really shows an interest. There are some very good boxers out there. Sergey kovalev and Gennady Golovkin who are making the sport worth watching, the only frustration with the sport is the reluctance of some fighters to unify belts in divisions. There is too much emphasis in the sport on making money rather than being the best in your division which to me the latter should be what the sports all about.

PakPassion.net: Do you think the 1990s Pakistan team underachieved?

Amjid Javed: I the 1990s Pakistan was one of the best three Tests and ODI sides in world cricket. In Tests we won series in England, New Zealand, drew a series in S.A we were competitive against Australia as well. Yes there were a few disappointments towards the end of 1990s like losing to Zimbabwe and SL at home. But overall we were a good solid Test side with two world class fast bowlers in Waqar and Wasim and a good spinner in Mushtaq Ahmed. The batting we had consisted of Saeed Anwar, Amir Sohail, Saleem Malik, Javed Miandad, Inzamam etc. So we had a pretty strong batting line up as far as Pakistani history goes. I enjoyed watching us in the 1990s and it was on of Pakistan best’s eras.

PakPassion.net: What are your opinions on Virat Kohli and how highly do you rate him?

Amjid Javed: I think Virat Kohli is a world class batsmen and most of all a player who has the "x" factor which you rarely find in too many players in the world game right now. He has an arrogant attitude which I like, sticks his chest out when he’s batting and is prepared to fight as a player out in the middle, when he fails he’s angry with himself due to high standards he expects from himself. Something I wish Pakistani players would do as well. Look at his dismissal in 3rd T20I against Australia, look at how angry he was when he got out, because in his mind he wanted to be the one to be there at end of game and win the game for his team, he himself wanted to take responsibility to be the leader in the side. That’s a winner’s attitude. From what I am told he’s very dedicated when it comes to how much practice he puts in, he works hard at basics of an innings like strike rotation, when to play a big shot, not let pressure of run rates or game situations get to him. He knows how to pace an innings and also has a hunger to score runs all the time, that’s something wish our batsmen would learn to do. I think that Kohli will break a lot of ODI records in future as a batsmen. He reminds me a lot of Ganguly as a captain where he’s not scared of reputation and always knows the teams' needs come before before individual needs. I think his Test batting will get better with time as well as he has the technique and more so the temperament to score runs in tough conditions because he wants to prove to others he’s a superstar and enjoys the limelight he gets with it.

PakPassion.net: Do you think that Pakistan team will be able to do well in Tests in England later this year?

Amjid Javed: I think Pakistan will be competitive in the England Test series and if we play as well as we possibly can in the conditions a drawn series could be seen as a positive result, I think winning series would be one of greatest achievements ever for Pakistan. Our bowlers if they adapt quickly enough should mean that we can take 20 wickets in conditions in England, Also apart from Cook and Root the England batsmen are all currently trying to establish themselves in the side so there is plenty of areas to expose in England’s batting during the series, England have also show vulnerability to collapsing like a pack of cards with bat in all sorts of conditions so I think Pakistan will win 1 Test at least out of the 4 in the summer. Pakistan will need to catch well during series as our bowlers will create a lot of wicket taking chances.

Pakistan’s batting looks stronger than we lasted toured England where we had no real experience in the side until Mohammad Yousuf was picked. I think the experience of Misbah and Younis Khan will be vital for the tour and both will need to stand up and score heavily for us to post good team scores and to possibly set up Test win. Hafeez will need to prove his worth as a Test opener and Pakistan will need to get his opening partner right as we can’t afford to allow Broad, Anderson and co to be bowling at our middle order with a swinging shiny new ball. I can see a few cheap team scores during series but if conditions at the Lords and the Oval are similar to last year’s Test matches in Ashes then it should provide Pakistan with conditions they can bat well in and win matches. Pakistan will need to combat England quick bowlers by being positive, just using survival mode and grinding down bowlers won’t work in England so Misbah’s team batting game plan will need to change in these conditions. I hope Pakistan get adequate warm up against decent opposition as that will be crucial to how we start the series. England will start series as huge favorites but it won’t be easy by any means.

PakPassion.net: Lastly, how did you find PakPassion a few years ago?

Amjid Javed: I found PP by being told about it by a friend who was part of old BBC cricket forum I was part of. I am glad I found it and I am glad to still be part of it 12 years on. I am glad the board has grown as a site over the years and also enjoying the new influx of posters we get here all the time because it keeps the site fresh with new voices and views which we need, but we oldies on the site are just as important :)

7th February 2016, 19:24
legend :srt:jinnah

7th February 2016, 19:32
Good interview.

About the boxing bit - have interest in it but the problem is there is no thread in time pass section about it.

7th February 2016, 19:35
Good interview.

About the boxing bit - have interest in it but the problem is there is no thread in time pass section about it.

Should pay the visit sometime to the Sports Corner forum!

7th February 2016, 19:47
Good interview.

About the boxing bit - have interest in it but the problem is there is no thread in time pass section about it.


Great interview. Legendary poster.

7th February 2016, 19:49
Should pay the visit sometime to the Sports Corner forum!


Great interview. Legendary poster.


Checked it - I've been here for so long yet never ventured there.

Such is the ignorance exhibited by me :)))

7th February 2016, 19:57
Baba-e-PP. But seriously What a legend :14:

7th February 2016, 19:59
MashALLAH great interview sir :)

7th February 2016, 21:16
Wonderful achievement!

7th February 2016, 21:37
L-e-g-e-n-d. Simple as that. Congrats on the 100k and on a great interview.

7th February 2016, 22:04
Congrats. I hope I get interviewed on Pakpassion sometime. Been a very old member right from Sportsnetwork days

Also here almost 3000 posts in 11 years

7th February 2016, 23:23
Brilliant AJ!

7th February 2016, 23:34

7th February 2016, 23:53
Only 35? Youngster beauty. I thought you were in mid 40s:D

8th February 2016, 02:04
Excellent interview, like reading his posts. I remember him back from BBC's forums. :)

8th February 2016, 03:13
Good to read.

Aj legend bhai.

8th February 2016, 03:26
Great Interview and a top poster. Amjid is still pretty young for a guy who has been here for so long :)) I like cooking to, it takes your mind of other worries although am no good being a student lol but it's an interesting hobby that you have. I use to be a lurker on the BBC forums during mid 2000's, the discussions were decent but PP has just left everyone behind as the king of cricket forums.

Change his username to Peer Amjid :moyo

8th February 2016, 04:16
PP's own Don Bradman.

What a legend.

Amjid Javed
8th February 2016, 13:49
Thanks for all kind and positive responses :)

8th February 2016, 14:24
Nice interview :)

Why was there a specific question about Kohli in general of all players? I guess ABD/ Steve Smith/ Williamson/ Root are all better test batsmen as of now and more complete

8th February 2016, 14:49
Nice interview Amjid !

I Know him since beginning of 2000s, BBC forums and than sportnetworks.

8th February 2016, 14:50
Legend, a very nice interview

Amjid Javed
8th February 2016, 15:30
Only 35? Youngster beauty. I thought you were in mid 40s:D

:))) no am still enjoying my youth.

9th February 2016, 09:07
Some great answers in there to read if anyone missed them by a chance.

Passionate Observer
9th February 2016, 12:56
Brilliant interview, I missed out on asking a few questions but glad to see most of them have already been asked by other posters and concisely answered by Amjad.

PP Legend, deserves a life time achievement award for his contribution to the forum over a period of 12 years.

9th February 2016, 13:12
Nice interview.

100K posts is a crazy number.

More crazier is 12 years of posting.

9th February 2016, 13:26
Congrats. I hope I get interviewed on Pakpassion sometime. Been a very old member right from Sportsnetwork days

Also here almost 3000 posts in 11 years

You're the Misbah Ul Haq of PP. :misbah

pakistani pride
9th February 2016, 16:20
Nice interview.

100K posts is a crazy number.

More crazier is 12 years of posting.

I joined in 2003 on the old site and then moved here in 2005. There are still a few around from that time. How ever most have left the forum which is a shame. Fantastic guys they were to have on the forum AJ would know.

9th February 2016, 17:16
I joined in 2003 on the old site and then moved here in 2005. There are still a few around from that time. How ever most have left the forum which is a shame. Fantastic guys they were to have on the forum AJ would know.

I see....Dinosaurs of this forum you guys. :D

11th February 2016, 23:24
One of the all time classic ints on PP!

11th February 2016, 23:32
Good interview to read. Absolutely crazy numbers hitting 100k posts. :14:

Amjid Javed
11th February 2016, 23:38
One of the all time classic ints on PP!

Thanks, there were some tricky but good questions asked and it was enjoyable doing the interview.

13th February 2016, 14:17
Wow 12 years! That was a fun read and enjoy culinary school!