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1st August 2006, 23:17
You seem to devote your time between Bahrain & Australia - where do you intend to settle down...and why? Where would you rather live Australia or ME? . What about the 2 countries (cities) you travel between are most attractive to you and why? If you could live in the one, what about the other would you like to have there?

I havenít completely decided where Iíd live permanently but Iíd probably live in Australia for a few more years, getting residency and work experience before moving on.
Thereís a lot happening in Sydney, like most big cities in the world, while Bahrain is a much smaller, possibly friendlier sort of place. The fact that there are no taxes and relatively low cost of living does make it a good place to settle later on. The weather is much better in Sydney, no doubt although Islamically Bahrain is still a decent place to live. If I were to live in Australia, Iíd want a similar sort of Pakistani community there. Mixing is fine but after a while, you do want to see more people like you, or at least thatís how I feel. As for living in Bahrain, Iíd like the Sydney weather and also parts of the scenery :p

-What it like living in two different places?

I have lived in a few countries in my life but this would be unique in the sense that Iím in effect living in two places simultaneously. Both places are like home in a way cause in Bahrain I have my family while in Sydney I have my aunts, uncles and cousins

-Why such poor poor taste when it comes down to Both M's ? (movies & music ?)

Coming from a guy who listens to Backstreet boys and watched Sheís the man, youíre probably not qualified to ask that question :p

-Why Economics?

I still ask myself that at times, but I preferred econ to science Ė i.e. medicine or engineering, and I figured I might also make more money this way. Donít know if Iíve made the right choice, especially since I havenít started working but Iíll see how things go

-What are your honest thoughts on 'yobbos'?

Theyíre a bunch of uncouth, uncivilized losers who are only good to laugh at. However I consider everyone in Australia west of The University of Sydney a yobbo, youíre one too UJ

-Do you have a pet kangaroo?

Doesnít everyone in Australia?

-What have you learnt about yourself as a mod?

Well being a mod has reconfirmed how hard it can be to get people to behave and do what I feel is right for everyone as a whole. Also, when I had just became a mod I would often feel the urge to ignore certain trouble posts, which I was probably contributing to and leave it for someone like Mig or Merc to clean up. I had realized I wasnít quite as mature as I hoped but I think that is changing.

-Given Miggy's recent state of mind, do you keep a close eye on him?

Yeah, I do feel I need to whenever I am in Bahrain. Its certainly not right if someone is running around with the incontrollable desire to phainty everyone in sight

-Your thoughts on women? are they worth sinning?

Well considering the fact that whenever we look at one and lustful thoughts come to mind, we are sinning. I suppose in our ignorance I might feel to an extent they might be worth it, although weíll only really find out in the long run

-Would you like to live with your parents after marraige, or prefer to move out?

I do spend 8 months of the year on my own, and despite having to do a lot more it does have its charm. Unless Iím living in Bahrain (or wherever my parents are at the time)Iíll obviously be living on my own although I wouldnít at all mind them living with me.

-Your top 5 pp'ers and reasons why.

Um Miggy, Oxy, Saj, Entra, Merc, Nauman and Kashif?
Mods excluded Iíd say z10, Gasher, Nadeem, GGM and Team Slayer. Why? Well Nadeem introduced me to this place and I really admire his passion for fast bowling. I find Gasher possibly the funniest poster, usually anyway. GGM for his technical knowledge and what not, Teamy cause I usually find myself agreeing with what he says and thatís always good. Z10 is just a lafanga

-If you were James bond, who would your girl be and what would your gadget be?

Sienna Miller does seem like an ideal Bond girl but since he always gets two Iíd add Jessica Biel too. His car for sure. He always has these great looking cars with cool gadgets, you cant really beat that.

-If you were stuck on an island, which MOD would you want with you?

Not entra for obvious reasons. Not Oxy because competition for food might be an issue. Nauman would have the best chance to get me out but if not, then Miggy, at least Iíll be entertained.

-what career path will you choose after finishing school and where do you see yourself in three years after that?

I am looking into Banking/Finance and if things work out, Iíd hope Iím a decent sized Investment bank and looking to do my masters/MBA

-Do you have any siblings? What do they do?

Younger sister whoís also in Australia doing Graphic Arts and younger brother who will start Year 11 (GCSEs) next year

-Einstein famously asked Freud: Why do men war. Any thoughts?

Often itís a case of nationalism in the guise of something else such as religion. That isnít always the case and you get cases where a group of people see something they want but donít have so they decide to get it by force. Finally you get the good old little man syndrome.

-What have you learnt about: Pakistanis/Others From PP?

I have found out that you do seem to get a lot of trolls and windup idiots outside Pakistan ;)
PP has reminded me about how fickle we Pakistanis are but also how passionate we can be as well.

-Your most valuable possession - I mean either of monetary or priceless value.

Monetary wise, my laptop. I donít think I have anything that is quite priceless although in terms of material possession my laptop would be the most valuable thing in that aspect too.

-Have you ever lost something priceless or valuable?

I might have thought so at the time but I cant really remember. I do keep good care of my belongings though

-As a child, your first poster on your wall?

Sounds sad but I think it was a WWF wrestler, the British Bulldog IIRC

-Any vice? (be as honest as you possibly can... )

I do indulge in more petty talk than I should

-Do you ever go on a shopping spree and buy something you REALLY shouldn't have?

Not really, I do think about what Im buying a few times before I actually do so havenít really bought anything I shouldnít have

-Do you have a pet hate? (being late, smokers etc)

Unlike most Pakistanis, I do have a thing against being late Ė my watch is more than 5 minutes fast so that I will always be on time. Usually works too

-You have nick name (something you family, friends call you - especially at school, because they're the cruellest)

Yeah, a very clever and inventive one at that. Daoudy

-What cd is in your cd shuttle at the moment?

Not really a CD person, prefer my iPod. The last cd I listened to though was the new Pearl Jam album.

-Anything that scare you, or that youíre frightened of (Fear Factor stuff et al)

Well the major one would be judgment and Allahís punishment.

-In one word please, how would you describe yourself?


-How much do you love your mom?

I have been accused of being a mamaís boy by some. I have realised how much my mum has done for me and how much sheíll continue to do. So therefore my image isnít all that surprising. Canít really quantify it but we are very close

- Is there any question you would like people to ask you, but haven't been asked. What is it and what would your answer be? (your chance to put yourself out there)

The question would probably be what Iíd like to change most about myself. Pretty straight forward answer to that, and that would be determination/motivation. I will every now and then come up with elaborate plans only for them to be foiled by my apathy. Now if I could be bothered to do it, things could be very differentÖ

-What do you think of Oxy's abililty to jump from team to team during the world cup?

Great, I followed those tactics myself

-What really makes you tick apart from the obvious (cricket etc)

Music, angry political/mindless rants to anyone unfortunate enough to look like they care, video games, occasional reading

-Are there any ambitions for the future?

After a number of shifts, Iíve sort of narrowed it down to some finance related thing. If I get bored, which Im sure I will I could look into some policy related thing or academia but first I would need to graduate.

-Favourite personality in Pakistan and why?

Has to be Edhi. Heís done so much for the people of the country and God knows where weíd be without him. Not just Pakistan for that matter, but people all over the world. May Allah bless him and his wife.

-Whom did you idolise growing up? Why?

No one person in particular, rather a range of people which may help explain my confusion. Imran Khan was one person as until the time I found out my cricket ability wont get me anywhere I did aspire to be like him. Thereís also the obvious religious figures such as Hazrat Muhammed (pbuh) and Hazrat Umar (ra). Then a bunch of others such as Lenin, Maynard James Keenen, there are people on the list who have contradicting opinions which may explain my overall confusion.

-What do you think of Musharraf?

I suppose Iím for him if only due to a lack of better alternative. Him and Shaukat Aziz are doing a better job than any other government in my lifetime, but we havenít been too spoilt for choice during that time and we possibly wont know the whole story until the present era is over and certain Ďtruthsí invariably become revealed. Ideally more spine would be great but under the circumstances, the outcome may well have been disastrous.

-Have you ever smoked Sheesha? If so what is your favourite flavour?

Yep. Apple would be my favourite

-Is Australia really as racist as many say it is?

I was under the impression that while racism isnít something youíd really notice in your day to day life, it is something under the surface. However I was at the airport in Brisbane where one of the officials clearly treated us differently from the Caucasian couple in front of us. Might just be a one off but it could be something that is more prevalent when you further away from Sydney or Melbourne.

-How big do you feel PP can become and what has changed since you first joined?

Well I first joined in 2003 when we were still at Sportnetwork, so that would have been the biggest change. It was much smaller then and I was probably among the younger members at the time. Since then there has been a massive increase in posters and we have gotten a lot of younger ones. Thanks to the efforts of everyone involved - both the mods and the posters it does have a lot of potential. I do know a number of people who arent really posters but leech so to speak in the video forum so if we can capture people like that, there is room for even more growth. There is a risk however of a shift from quality to quantity so a balance is necessary though, but that isnít to say that growth will lead to PP becoming too big.

-What are the most important qualities in a girl?

As long as she doesnít get in the way of me and cricket, everything else can be worked out ;)

-Are you in favour of pre-marital relationships? If so/not why?

I am fairly conservative on this - certainly not for me, but I wont necessarily see people who do have such relationships as immoral. Obviously my view comes from the Islamic viewpoint, but Iím fairly open and non-Judgmental

-Pontificate the meaning of human perception of life after death

We die, and what happens next - I.e. life after death is a resultant of how we lived our lives

-Is MIG a badmaash as he is on PP or kind hearted soul in real life ?

He is pretty much the same in real life as he is on PP Ė both a badmash but underneath that Mr Burns exterior there is a kind soul somewhere

Lead, Bass or Drums? Why?

Lead for sure. Bass is very much a secondary instrument, unless itís a rare bass solo but even then it doesnít match a guitar. Drums influence the tempo but not really the mood. OK, someone like Danny Carrey with his octopus like drum solos nearly reaches the level of lead, but the diversity in lead guitars does set it apart. Looking purely at the instrumental side, Pearl Jam is different to Metallica who are different to RATM, primarily due to the sound of the riffs and solos.

Socialism, capitalism, or some other concoction?

I do lean towards socialism but am more than aware of its flaws. No system is perfect and no political system will be perfect.

-Your interests in heavy metal/alternative music may be unique but quite annoying to others....How did you get into that genre of music ?

I first started listening to metal/alternative music when I was in Year 8 (about 13) where most of the bus I traveled on to and from school listened to commercial pop which I found myself despising. There was one elder kid who listened to metal and that was where I first started liking it. Although it wasnít until I was in year 10/11 when I really got into it. Started off with stuff like Metallica and Nirvana but it spread quite a bit

-A 'Bentra' Question - How many jars of cotton have you produced from you belly button ?

Such a question warrants a simple chubbay

-Does the younger generation make you feel good about the future or cringe at the thought of them?

A lot of them seem to be better academically but not so much in terms of manners and respect . So some aspects of the future will be better while other things will be neglected and they are things that may well cause the next generation to be completely worse off.

-In the movies who do you root for the good guys or bad?

Varies on the movie but to pick a rule, bad guys in Ďrealisticí movies while good guys in fantasy/comic book movies

-Imagine Arnold, Steven Seagal and Sly Stallone are the lead hero's in a movie directed by you who would cast as their love interests from Pakpassion.

Despite Arnie being a Republican and hence probably anti-gay Iíd still give him our Bentra. You lot can work out why
Seagal, well probably the next person who annoys me cause it isnít the sort of punishment Iíd inflict on people without good reason
Stallone - who ever wants to be with him

-Which conspiracy theories do you believe in?

Definitely believe in economic conspiracies where the west for a multitude of reasons benefits from so called 3rd World countries suffering and having inept leadership. Yes GasherBibi, that Economic Hit-men book does influence me a lot. There are a few others but Iím more sceptical or not AS convinced about such as one about a Zionist regime.

2nd August 2006, 01:42
Great interview Daoud, enjoyed it a lot and thanks for answering my questions.