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waqar goraya
29th August 2017, 19:19
A scathing letter allegedly written by Abdul Basit, the former ambassador to India, addressed to Aizaz Ahmad Chaudhry dated July 5, 2017 has surfaced online, in which the former lambasted the latter's tenure as foreign secretary apparently over a number of foreign policy gaffes made during Chaudhry's time in the office.

"The more I think the more I am convinced that you have been the worst Foreign Secretary ever," Basit wrote in the letter, a copy of which has been circulating on social media. Sources in the Foreign Office confirmed to DawnNews that the letter is authentic.

The former envoy to India, who was replaced after opting for an early retirement earlier this month by Sohail Mahmood, had written the acerbic letter in response to Chaudhry's farewell letter which he wrote after being appointed the ambassador to United States.

Basit also expressed concern in his letter that Chaudhry would end up being "the worst Pakistan Ambassador in Washington D.C".

The ex-ambassador then went on to list the reasons behind his critique of Chaudhry: while alleging that Chaudhry was not made for the "delicate profession of diplomacy", Basit cited two incidents as example the joint statement issued after a meeting in the Russian city of Ufa between ousted prime minister Nawaz Sharif and his Indian counterpart Narendra Modi in 2015, and Pakistan's failure to get re-elected to the United Nations Human Rights Council (HRC).

The Ufa joint statement had been criticised at the time for being the first prime minister-level joint statement in which Kashmir was not specifically mentioned. Later in 2015, Pakistan suffered diplomatic humiliation after losing in a bid for re-election to the UN HRC, forcing the Foreign Office to do some introspection and look for the causes.The defeat was shocking because it was the first time that Pakistan had lost a major election at the UN.

Secondly, Basit wrote in the letter, "it is more worrisome [that], your heart is not in the right place".

The former ambassador said it was in Pakistan's interest that Chaudhry is removed from his post as the envoy to US. Failing that, he said, Chaudhry should not be given an extension beyond his superannuation in 2018.

"May God help Pakistan when people like you [...] are at such important positions," Basit said.

Despite repeated attempts by DawnNews, Basit did not respond to telephone calls made to seek a comment on the letter.


Gabbar Singh
29th August 2017, 20:32
Didn't realise that Pakistan even had a foreign secretary these last few years. Wasn't Sartaj Aziz de-facto foreign sec' up until Nawaz exited?

29th August 2017, 22:11
Didn't realise that Pakistan even had a foreign secretary these last few years. Wasn't Sartaj Aziz de-facto foreign sec' up until Nawaz exited?

Foreign Secretary, not Foreign Minister. Foreign Secretary is the chief bureaucrat of the Foreign Ministry, and there is one even when there isn't a Foreign Minister.

29th August 2017, 22:12
Also we've had a number of foreign secretaries, i.e. ruling party members serving as secretaries for companies in foreign countries, so there's that. They have the aqamas to show for it too.

29th August 2017, 22:30
lol who writes letters these days, these old people are so out of touch.

waqar goraya
29th August 2017, 22:55
The letter itself. Aitzaz Chaudhry was foreign secretary then and now serves as ambassador to USA. 76005

29th August 2017, 23:37
Rauf Klasra revealed this like a week ago. Incompetent people in important positions sums up Pakistan's current misery.