View Full Version : Why didn't Barcelona go for Eden Hazard?

16th September 2017, 20:26
I don't understand, they didn't even try...

16th September 2017, 20:29
He was injured for all the close season.
Chelsea would have asked for 140 minimum and u can't risk that with a player that has been on the treatment table for 3 months

16th September 2017, 21:57
Why do you think he would have left?

Also his game is totally different to Barcelona style

17th September 2017, 04:58
Chelsea would've demanded another World Record fee for him, which he's definitely not worth. Dembele's potentially Hazard's calibre of talent - still a downgrade on Neymar, but half the price.

18th September 2017, 23:55
I don't think Chelsea would have allowed him to leave and in any case, I'm sure Chelsea would have wanted a crazy amount of money for him.