View Full Version : Do you trust your family/members of the household to help & support you?

9th January 2018, 23:24
Sounds like no-brainer but families are complex organisms!

9th January 2018, 23:26
Morally, most of the time they would support me. Financially, its not always possible.

10th January 2018, 09:39
I feel that family bonds come under stress within similar age groups as people get older. So the answer to this polll will change accordingly

10th January 2018, 10:01

10th January 2018, 12:04
Talking about immediate family (parents, siblings) or extended family (uncles, aunts, mamus, chachus, phuphis, khalas, cousins etc)?

Parents would always support you as long as they're in sound senses. Siblings? Yes when single, depends on the spouse for future. Most of them do support anyway.

For extended family, things get complicated. They may or may not sound supportive. They can be much supportive in early days of if they got their interest vested in yours (like kids marriage), they may even support financially at times but not expecting them to do it regularly. But with time, with the deaths of binding people or weddings they are expected to fade away.

I used to live with my cousins and uncles (mamu, chachus, phophos) throughout my childhood and teens, but we barely see one or two after months for couple of hours, and hardly visiting anyone's home in years.

10th January 2018, 19:22
Since this is a poll - would be good to see some votes!

10th January 2018, 19:38
I can completely trust members of my household i.e parents and siblings.However I cannot trust most of my extended family.Sad but true.

10th January 2018, 19:44
Completely , if you mean immediate family . Been lucky that way !

10th January 2018, 21:05
Completely, but maybe that'll change in the future when I'm older. Who knows.

12th January 2018, 21:11
Completely, but maybe that'll change in the future when I'm older. Who knows.

You should ask your elders thus question as answers can be completely different!

12th January 2018, 21:22
Completely agree. I am lucky to have my family.

Most of the time there will be one uber rich person in my extended family who will be helping and supporting it's weakest members. It's a village and the relationships are very strong.e

13th January 2018, 14:47

13th January 2018, 14:51
yess if they are immediate family memebrs.